tagMatureMrs K and Me Ch. 03

Mrs K and Me Ch. 03


Following the realization of my teenage dream, to have sex with an older woman and a brief encounter with her even older neighbour my relationship with Mrs K continued into new areas.

At the end of the last chapter Mrs K asked if I would be delivering her groceries on the following Saturday.

I dutifully arrived at her kitchen door at 9.30 am on that day. I was nervous; as I was not sure what would happen today.

"Would she invite me into the downstairs bathroom again, or maybe her family are away, or perhaps a time and date would be agreed for a meeting," were the thoughts running through my mind.

She came to the door looking beautiful. She had a floral summer dress on and her hair and make-up were perfect. She looked as though she was going out for the day. She took the box of groceries from me, then placed a folded piece of paper discreetly in my hand and then formerly said, "thank you and goodbye."

I suppose her husband was around. His car was in the garage.

I wondered if she was wearing that new bra and those lovely little white knickers or maybe her plain old underwear.

I left the property and walked with my bike to my next stop. As I approached the house I stopped and looked at the piece of paper she had given me. I opened it with trembling hands and a raised pulse. It might have been bad news. The note read, "Meet me at 9 pm tonight in Mrs M's garden shed at the bottom of her garden, they are away on holiday."

Mrs M was also known to me as Auntie P, a family friend, and is the neighbour of Mrs K; with whom we had an encounter in a previous chapter.

The day seemed to pass really slowly, but as usual I went to the pub where I met my friends at around 7 pm and had a couple of pints. I left at 8.45 pm on the pretext that I was meeting a girl for a date. Questions were asked who the mystery girl was, but I declined to tell.

I walked along the lane towards Mrs K's house and noticed that the lights were all on in the house, but there were no lights next door. It was an early summer evening and getting quite dark. I slipped quietly through the front gate and crossed the front lawn avoiding the gravel drive. I just walked along the path beside the house and down the length of the garden till I arrived at the shed.

Their garden was large and amongst its features were a tennis court, vegetable garden, a terrace, and many more including this large shed.

I approached the shed with caution and found the door to be closed, but not locked. I opened it carefully and looked inside. There was a window to let in the moonlight, but it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. There was no-one else in the shed, so I just stood and waited for Mrs K.

About five minutes later I heard the sound of water, and looked out to see her watering vegetable plants with a watering can. She was wearing that floral dress I has seen her in, that morning. She eventually came to the door and looked in. She whispered "hello," and told me that the Ms were on holiday and she was responsible for taking care of their plants while they were away. Her husband Ken was in her house tired and half pissed after their day out at relatives.

"He should be asleep by now," she reassured me.

We embraced and kissed passionately. Her body was soft and warm beneath that dress. There was something different about her. I ran my hands over her back and felt no bra strap, and then around her bottom and felt no knickers or suspenders. I looked at her legs and there were no stockings.

"Yes," she murmured, I have nothing on under this dress. I thought it would make things easier for us as I don't have long."

She went to my pants and undid my belt. I just fondled those wobbling tits inside her dress. She dropped my pants and briefs to the floor and got my cock out. It was hard already; and she took it in both hands, and rubbed it as if she were rubbing her hands together on a cold day. The feeling was sensational, but she was in danger of me ejaculating too early.

I asked her if I could see her naked and she lifted the dress up to her chin then dropped it again.

"I want you to fuck me from behind while I put my hands on this work bench over here." She said.

She turned around and placed her hands on the workbench and leaned forward so that her ass stuck out.

I approached her with my pants around my ankles and lifted her dress over her ass, and placed my rigid cock against the crack in her ass. I rubbed it there briefly until she reached between her legs to point my cock at her fanny.

I was determined to feel her tits again from this position as it really was very sexy. They hung down loosely inside her dress and I cupped them, one in each hand. I squeezed gently, but she wanted it firmer. I obliged, but was afraid of hurting her. She told me when I was being too rough. She liked the rough treatment. I took each nipple in my fingers and thumbs, and rubbed them gently at first and then harder under instruction. I wanted to feel her belly as well. This was an activity which I had not considered in my fantasies. Women did not have the after effects of child birth in my dreams. I loved the feel of her soft belly and the path to her pubic bush, then her clitoris and the parting of the moist slit leading to her vagina. I felt around her thick thighs and her ass which while large, it was still quite firm.

She insisted on me of getting up close. She rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. I soon entered her and it slipped in easily as she was, as usual very wet. I could smell her gorgeous sexual odours.

She made me rub her clit and whispered instructions on the speed and firmness of the massage. I pumped my stiff rod gently and she manoeuvred herself so that the knob of my cock was hitting a spot just inside her fanny at the front. My free hand groped her left breast.

She soon shuddered to a long and stifled orgasm. She shook and gasped during the many seconds it lasted. I was then about to climax, but she quickly moved to allow my cock to withdraw from her fanny and she got on her knees in front of me to suck the knob and masturbate me to my climax. She squeezed my balls with her left hand. I shot my load into her mouth and she swallowed the lot.

There followed a cleaning up session; Then she adjusted herself, "just in case Ken was a wake," she murmured.

I wanted to see under her dress again and she allowed me to lift it and stroke her legs, her thick thighs which she opened for me to stroke inside, and then her soft round belly and her gorgeous tits which hung without her bra containing them. Her nipples were still as hard as bullets. She was willing to allow me this indulgence, but she was satisfied sexually now and anxious to return to her house before she was missed. I asked when we could meet again and she replied that Ken would be away this week for a few days and that we could have an evening together, but she would let me know when. She said that Auntie P. would be returning on the weekend and so the garden shed would not be an option next time and we would have to wait till Ken was away.

She slipped away into the darkness and I left soon afterwards.

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