tagMatureMrs K and Me Ch. 04

Mrs K and Me Ch. 04


Chapter 04

Auntie P employs a gardener.

If you have read chapters one to three of "Mrs. K and me" you will be aware that Mrs. K seduced me, her grocery delivery boy who was the son of an acquaintance of her own age. Mrs. M or Auntie P. as she was known to me, a neighbor of Mrs. K. had got involved in chapter two. She was a close friend of my mother but a little older, maybe in her fifties. She had, it seemed inadvertently stumbled across us two petting in Mrs. K's living room and spent the afternoon watching us make love and eventually rather shyly joining in.

It was a school day about a month later and I had just returned home to find my mother preparing the dinner. She told me that she had just delivered another bottle of gin to Mrs. K and had this time collected the cash so there would be no need for me to visit her later. I was disappointed as it might have been an opportunity to spend a little time satisfying my ever eager need to ejaculate.

Later that evening my mother mentioned that she had seen Auntie P at the shops and she had asked my mother if I was looking to earn some pocket money during the upcoming school holidays. She needed some help in the garden as Uncle F; her husband was suffering from a back stiffness and the gardens were becoming overrun. I was to telephone her if I was interested and arrange to visit her and organize a regular day to work.

I was visibly excited by the prospect of spending time with Auntie P as we had briefly made love in Mrs. K's house, but had no contact since. She had, on that occasion sat on my cock and worked herself up to a guttural climax but done little else. I had not seen her rather large breasts enclosed in a white stiff bra or corset, or her pussy excepting a brief glimpse as she guided my cock in to her sopping wet pussy beneath her skirt and only whilst pulling her knickers gusset to one side.

Mother noticed my reaction but assumed it was the thought of the money. I duly phoned Auntie P. and arranged to visit her in her garden and to start work on the next day.

It was around 10 am when I ventured around the back of her house to find her bending over a flower border. She was revealing her rather large bottom and the backs of her thighs were exposed as the dress was half up her thighs. It was a bright summer day with a slight breeze and the floral sleeveless summer dress was yellow. I called her and she stood upright and smiled a broad "hello."

The dress had buttons all down the front and was a little longer than knee length and the neck was a "v" shape revealing only her upper chest and no cleavage. She was made-up and her hair was permed as was the fashion in those days. She led me around the garden and asked me to work on some flower beds, weeding, tilling the soil and edging the lawn. She leaned forward to show me which were weeds and I looked down the top of her dress as she leaned forward. She was wearing a pure white bra beneath. It was substantial and only revealed the very top of her breasts, just the slightest mounds and her deep cleavage. As she walked away to get me a drink I looked at her figure from behind. She was tall and as one would expect from a middle aged woman a little over weight. Her waist was full and her hips had spread. Her bottom looked large, but firm. She was not a small woman. Her legs were quite slim and rose to fairly thick thighs. They were clad in light tan stockings.

She soon returned with my glass of fruit juice and bend over again to place it on the ground revealing the slight swell of her breasts again. This time I noted the slight wrinkling at the top of her cleavage. She then proceeded to join me in the gardening but in another flower bed across the lawn some twenty feet away. She stood with her back to me and hitched up her dress so that it was above knees and tucked it under her belt. I assumed this was so that it didn't get soiled when she knelt on the grass. She was working away and I was able to observe her from behind. I admired her bottom and her legs. She stood and bent over quite often and revealed her thighs about half way up between her knees and her, not visible, stocking tops. I kept a close eye on her movements especially as she bent over, as her bottom was clearly outlined through her dress. Then the moment not to miss arrived. A sudden breeze lifted her dress. It was only brief, but my eyes were delighted at the sight of her thighs, dark stocking tops, white flesh, white suspenders, and white knickers gusset. She was wearing, it would appear, a corset and beneath that white silk knickers. She carried on as if nothing had happened, just brushing her dress down over her bottom again, looking around briefly to see where I was.

This is the woman who would not reveal her breasts while making love and not allowing me more than the briefest of glimpses of her underwear on that occasion. She had told Mrs. K that she was not proud of her body and was not prepared to make love for that reason. However she had been tempted to join in the fun and I wondered if more fun for me and Auntie would be forthcoming. I adjusted my erection as I fantasized about her naked body. I had to speculate that she would look a little like Mrs. K. but fuller and a little droopier in the bosom and belly.

She stood and turned towards me. She walked past me slowly and I could smell her perfume and had a close look at her stocking clad legs. She went in to the shed. The same shed where I had fucked Mrs. K from behind only recently, but she soon returned carrying a garden fork. She went to the flower bed and proceeded to dig in the soil. It was a strange sight to see her lifting her foot to press the fork into the ground. Then she turned to face me and continued to dig but this time I could see her legs. She appeared not to notice but she was revealing a large amount of her thighs. I was becoming light headed at the thought of what was above those thighs. She then looked up at me. Her spectacles had slid down her nose as she was perspiring. She asked me to go to the shed and bring a larger fork for me to help dig that part of the garden.

I did as I was asked and went to the shed to look for the fork. The shed was dark and the fork was not to be found. She realized I was having trouble with the search and came to join me.

"Can't you find the fork John?" She asked sweetly in her stammering way.

I replied, "No Auntie P. It doesn't appear to be hanging where it should be and it's nowhere to be seen."

She said, "Look behind the bench, it may have been knocked down and be laying there."

I leaned over the work bench and tried to reach down the back. I then felt her pressing against my back. Her hands were on my shoulders and the first thing I noticed were her breasts pressing against my back and then her stomach against my bottom. Her breath was in my ear and her perfume in my nostrils.

She stammered again. "Can you see it John?"

"No," was my stifled reply. My mouth was dry and I trembled.

She leaned more heavily in to me as she looked behind the work bench, and I could feel the softness of her body as it crushed against my slim back. Her thighs were tight against mine and her hands held my upper arms and squeezed them, her breathing was shallow and her heart was racing as was mine.

She eased away and she gently turned me to face her. I looked into her eyes, her specs were slipping again and her lipstick looked very inviting. A second passed and then she pressed her lips against mine. The kiss was a peck at first and then longer and then lingering. Her mouth opened and so did mine. I let her take the lead. Her body pressed against mine, her breasts spread within her bra and my erection restricted by my pants now crushed against her lower stomach.

My arms encircled her and roamed her back. I felt the extent of her underwear. It was a full corset encompassing her bottom which made her feel very firm. We just kissed for some time and I could feel my cock seeping semen. I could feel her lipstick spreading around my mouth and her perspiring face against mine.

She whispered in my ear, "Could we make love here John, in this shed?"

I replied, but again with difficulty as my mouth was so dry. "Yes, but what if anyone comes and sees us?" "What about your lovely dress getting dirty?"

"I have got an appetite for sex with you after our brief experience with Mrs. K." "I want more, I have thought about little else since then."

"No-one will come, Uncle is away on business and my neighbors will not venture into my garden. My dress will be ok if we do it standing up. I will lean over the bench, you may lift my dress over my bottom and you can take me from behind. You must feel my breasts as you penetrate me and stroke between my legs with your fingers."

"But I will come as soon as I enter you and that will spoil your fun."

"Then we will do it again until I have an orgasm John. I know you will soon recover your erection." She replied.

She turned around and put her hands on the bench. I lifted her dress over her bottom and tried to pull her corset up.

"No John you will have to undo my suspenders and roll it over my bottom and then pull my knickers to one side to allow you into my fanny, but don't look at my big bottom."

"But I want to see your naked bottom and breasts Auntie."

"That will not be possible this time John, I am not proud of my old body, perhaps when we get to know each other better. Please don't ask again, I just want your beautiful young erect penis inside me again. It was splendid the first time we made love. I would do anything to experience you again, but not nakedness, as it might put you off me."

"Auntie, I can assure you there is no danger of that." I replied, showing her the bulge in my pants.

She had turned to look and I was now upright again. She stroked my cock within my pants and adjusted its position so that it was pointing upwards. She then undid my fly buttons and delved inside my underpants. She released it from its restriction and took it in both hands. She rubbed her thumb over the seeping semen and licked it off her thumb. She then turned around to her leaning position against the bench and asked me to take her. I again lifted her dress over her bottom and got on my knees to release her stockings. I unclipped one clasp and stroked her bare thigh. My cock was bursting. I then undid another and rolled her stocking down an inch or two allowing more of her thigh to stroke. With both hands I rubbed gently up and down her white soft thigh and let my thumb gently brush her knickers gusset. She opened her legs a little more as I pressed against that soft damp mound between her thighs. I could smell the aroma coming from that beautiful orifice.

She sighed as I allowed my fingers to stroke the silky material. "John, please, I want you inside me now." She hissed.

I undid the other suspender clasps and stroked her fanny again. I then gently lifted the corset to reveal her large French style, silk knickers. She took the gusset to one side allowing me to see the hairy mound. I had to feel the damp slit.

"Not your fingers, just your beautiful thick penis." She ordered.

I stood behind her, dropped my pants and pointed my cock at the large open slit. She guided it in with a shudder. "Now, take your time, I want it right in as far as it will go until your testicles are against my pubes, O.K. now, don't move." She manipulated her fanny until I could feel her pressing the upper part against the shaft of my cock. Her fanny was deep and very wet. It was quite slack as a result of age and childbirth, not to mention love juice.

I wanted to get at her breasts, so I reached under her body and took one in each hand though her clothes. My cock remained still as I was told, but I had a real problem as it was throbbing and semen was oozing from its eye. She just kept rotating her lower body on my cock very gently.

"John, put your hand between my legs." She demanded.

I squeezed my right hand down between her belly and the bench until it I was able to raise the front of her corset and feel for her pubic hairs. She told me to slip my hand lower.

"Lower John, until you feel my clit, that's it, that little mound, now stroke just below it and gently squeeze it between your fingers."

Now I lost control, and my orgasm took hold. I stoked her clit with one hand, felt a breast with the other and just gently eased my cock in and out of her soaking fanny. I filled her with semen. It was really sloppy, but I continued to stroke her now semen soaked clit. She shuddered and collapsed on to the bench, her knees buckled and she uttered a guttural sob and then a cry. I kept hold of her clit and held her with my left hand under her body. My cock remained erect as she clenched her thighs around it. She removed my hand from her clit and licked my fingers and then took them into her mouth sucking them clean.

We remained in that position for some time, maybe only seconds, but it seemed like minutes. Her specs had fallen off on to the bench top and her head hung low resting on her arm. I pulled away and my cock squelched out dribbling semen on to the shed floor. She supported herself now as I looked at her draped across the bench. Her beautiful yellow dress around her back, stockings falling down around her knees, she had lost a shoe, her suspender clasps hung there and her white knickers dragged to one side all soaked with hers and my juices.

I went to her and helped her upright. She looked drained. Her eyes were closed, her face was calm, but sweaty and her eyes looked strange without her specs. I leaned her facing me against the bench and embraced her. I kissed her gently and she responded slowly.

"John, please tell no-one about this. Will you want me again?" she asked. "It was glorious, I had an orgasm, and so did you."

"I will want you again, Auntie, and again and again."

"Right now?" She exclaimed in an excited tone.

"Yes if we can, please."

My fingers went to the "V" at the top of her dress, and I began to undo the buttons. Her hands covered mine in an attempt to stop me. I continued whilst she hindered my progress.

"O.K. Auntie P." I said, "You think that your body will put me off you, so then I will promise you it will make me want you more. I am desperate to see your breasts and stroke them and squeeze your nipples and even suck them if you will let me."

She reluctantly agreed and I went ahead undoing all the buttons down to her knees. I slipped the dress off her shoulders and there she stood in just the all in one corset and stockings. Both her shoes had gone now. I asked her to turn around and I unfastened the corset from the back at the top and then turned her to face me. Her hands went cover her upper chest and I slipped the straps from her shoulders. She continued to hide herself as I lowered the bra top of the corset. I then removed her hands and placed them on my hanging dripping cock.

"Please don't worry, Auntie, "I said," just make my cock hard again." I told her.

There was no need really as it was already stiffening as I looked at her upper chest and the mounds of her breasts. The bra top slipped down without my help and then became caught on her nipples. I gently lowered it to her waist and stopped to admire those gorgeous tits. They were large and they were a little wrinkled and they were also quite saggy, but beautifully shaped with large pointed brown nipples. Her nipples were erect as was my penis by now. I then pulled the corset gently and slowly down around her ankles leaving her knickers stranded around her knees. They had to go now as well.

I again stood back to absorb my fifty something year old auntie's body. It was a dream comes true. Mrs. K. had still looked sexy at forty plus, but this lady, some ten years her senior had a beautifully natural mature body. She had a little midriff a largish belly, which drooped a little towards her bush, and what a bush. She was very hairy with hair covering quite a large area of her lower belly. Her hips spread out from her waist and her thighs were solid and chubby as were her knees. I loved her pubic area which was and wild dark with flecks of grey. Hair hung down between her thighs and there were signs of my recent visit here.

My hands cupped her belly and stroked it. I stroked her large hips and felt around her bottom. That was quite large and yet firm. I slipped my fingers in to her crack, to which she did not object.

I looked at her face and her eyes were closed, she looked serene and calm. I now went for those huge tits. I just had to suck her nipples, which I did giving them equal attention over several minutes whilst she leaned back against the workbench with her hands supporting her. She opened her eyes and sighed as I sucked and tweaked her with my tongue. My cock was at its full length and girth again and stood out pointing to the roof. I lowered my lips to her belly and kissed her all over and then to her pubic area. I licked the hair around her mound and she then stopped me going further down. She wanted her tits sucked again.

I repeated the licking and nibbling on her nipples and tried to get as much of one of her tits in my mouth as I could. She liked that. I licked all over her tits even down to the part which was resting against her midriff.

She took my head in her hands and gently raised me to her face. We kissed passionately and she sighed.

"I need you inside me again, John, please, but this time I need to be on top, so that I am in control of my orgasm." She whispered.

"Shall I lie on the floor, Auntie?" I replied.

"Yes, but you need to find something to lie on first. You cannot lie on the shed floor, it's dirty. Pull your pants up and quickly go to the house and find some cushions in the living room."

"OK," I replied.

"Don't let Mrs. K see you, if she knows you are here she will come around to join in." She called after me as I left the garden shed.

I ran to the house taking care not to be seen. I found four cushions and carried them back to the shed. Auntie had put her dress over her shoulders but not fastened the buttons. I could see her pubic hair exposed and her nipples erect through the material. I laid the cushions on the floor and lay on them still fully clothed.

"Take all your clothes off John, I want you be naked." Auntie told me.

I did as I was told and stripped. My cock rose again and she felt it with both hands.

"John, can I rely on you to keep this secret?" She asked.

"Of course, Auntie." I replied.

She made me lay on my back on the cushions and then she removed her dress, got down on top of me and sat astride my thighs. She massaged my chest and shoulders, and then she went to my belly and gently stroked me avoiding my penis, feeling my soft body hair. Her fingers had a very light touch. My cock was bursting and I was sure I would ejaculate without her touching my cock. She moved her body back down my legs and stroked my thighs, and then she leaned forward. I could feel the warmth and moisture from her pussy against my leg and her pubic hairs course and wet. Her breasts swung in front of me, what a sight. Then she pressed them against my thighs and rubbed them over my thighs and then my balls and cock. Her next move allowed her to kiss and lick my belly and eventually she took my upright penis between her lips and licked my knob. It went further in and out. She sucked and I had to stop her or I would have come in her mouth. I knew she wanted my cock up inside her vagina. She wanted to ride me. I had only dreamed of this moment. We rested and calmed ourselves. I lay there looking at her in front of me.

Her hair once tidily permed was now untidy with moisture on her forehead. Her glasses kept slipping down her nose and her eyes were wild and watery. She was flushed from her cheeks to her nipples. Her neck was a deep scarlet. I looked at her hanging tits, as they lay upon her midriff and I reached out to touch them. I played with her nipples which were standing out and very hard and lifted her tits, one in each hand. They were quite a weight.

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