tagMatureMrs Lacy the Naughty Mum

Mrs Lacy the Naughty Mum


This is a cuckold story, with a fair bit of lactation thrown in.

* * *

Rick knocked on the door. He quickly looked around to see who might be looking at him and didn't notice anyone on the street. He was anxious for Mrs Lacy to open the door. He'd been thinking about her pretty much all day.

Finally he heard hurried footsteps coming to the door, then the door being unlocked. It opened and he finally got to look at his goddess again. Mrs Lacy was only about 35 he thought. He looked at her, dressed in sheer black hold-up stockings, black pumps, black, lacy knickers that he knew were G-string style, as he'd never seen her in any other style, a sheer, short, black robe and finally, her two enormous treasures were barely held in by a black, lacy, 44EE cup demi-bra, that just barely covered her nipples, leaving part of her areolas in view. She'd obviously been waiting for him.

She'd moved to the neighbourhood about 6 months ago, already 8 months pregnant. Rick lived down the street, and had seen the moving trucks.

Rick had met her one day a few weeks ago, he'd been driving home from University classes when he had seen her struggling with some shopping bags while trying to hold on to her new baby daughter, so he had pulled his car over and got out to help. He'd learned she'd gotten quite lonely. Her husband was quite a bit older than her, and they'd moved here so it was safer for her as he had started a new job that had him travelling all the time.

They'd gotten talking and he'd immediately sensed her loneliness. Later, when her daughter started crying she had excused herself to go and get her from her crib. When she returned, she absentmindedly started to feed her daughter and Rick's jaw had dropped. She was so used to being home alone she simply hadn't realised. She unbuttoned her blouse and opened the flap of her maternity bra. Rick had been mesmerised by the creamy, white tit flesh underneath, broken only by the dark pink, thick, prominent nipple. He snapped out of it as quick as he could, knowing that it wasn't 'proper' to be caught staring at her tit. It was soon covered by her daughter's mouth anyway. By the time she'd looked back up he was pretty composed, but she did look at him a bit strangely, and he'd seen her look down at the prominent tent his hard cock created. It was only then she realised what she'd done and tried to apologise, but Rick assured her it was fine.

About 10 minutes later she'd excused herself to put her daughter in her crib and told Rick to go make himself comfortable on the couch. When she came back, she hadn't bothered to put her tits back in her maternity bra, and Rick's cock managed to get even harder. She'd sank to her knees in front of him on the couch, ripped open his jeans, and given Rick the most fantastic blow job he'd ever had. Her lips were soft and the suction was incredible. Her tongue worked the underside of his shaft fanatically and it had taken him very long at all before he was firing a load down her throat.

That was about three weeks ago.

Rick walked through the door with a hungry look, kicking the door closed behind him, while a dirty, sexy grin spread across Kathryn Lacy's face. Part of Kathryn had always known she'd married her husband not out of love, but for the security she'd known he could provide. The day she had met Rick though, she'd found lust, and possibly love.

Rick leaned down and mashed his mouth against Mrs Lacy's, while he reached down and around her to grab both luscious arse cheeks with his hands, confirming that her panties were in that delicious up-the-arse-crack style. He gripped them hard, mauling them in his hands, and slipping his fingertips up to rub against her pussy-lips through her G-string.

Their tongues danced wildly, first in her mouth, then in his, sliding around the other. They darted back and forth out of each other's mouths, tickling the roof of each others mouth.

Their hands were busy groping one another. Kathryn had reached down and spanked Rick as hard as she could, and wrapped her arms around his chest and grabbed his shoulders. His hands roamed all over her arse, and up the small of her back, marvelling again at how a butt as big as hers could balloon out from her tiny little waist. He caressed her hips, running his hands down to the top of her stockings, then back up to her big luscious arse again.

As Kathryn felt him hold her arse again, she jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist and humping up and down against him, grinding her mound against his stomach. She could feel the tent in his trousers, and rested her pussy lips on it, grinding against it through her G-string and his pants.

Her massive tits pressed tightly between their bodies, and overflowed her bra. Her nipples felt rock hard, and she put a hand over one, rubbing it in to her palm, before squeezing and twisting it between her thumb and forefinger.

He broke their kiss to say, "You sexy little fucking bitch, I'm going to pound you into next week with my big fucking cock!"

"Oh that's it Rick baby, you can pound my pussy all day and all night! I'm gonna ride you until your cock dies of exhaustion!"

She ripped his shirt from his chest, the buttons flying all over. His hands worked her arse cheeks, kneading and groping them, while he slipped his fingertips deeper into the crack of her arse, playing with the thin strip of lacy material. He let one hand trail up her back, until it reached the clasp of her bra, and swiftly unhooked it, letting the demi-cup bra fall away, as she unthreaded her arms from it and the robe, letting both fall to the floor. Her breasts with their enormous, thick, leaking nipples were bared for his pleasure. He stuck his head into her cleavage, lifting her up with his firm grip on her arse. She pushed her breasts together around his head, feeling her full tits in her hands, overflowing through her fingers slightly. She could feel the pressure building, and knew she had to release some milk very soon.

"Rick baby, don't you want to suck on my big titties hmmm? I need to feed you or you'll waste away. That big, thick, thumping dick of yours needs its vitamins."

She pushed his head back from her cleavage and he carried her over to the couch, laying her down on her back. He quickly unsnapped his pants and reefed them down his legs, freeing his erection to bob up, tenting out his boxers, before he pulled them down too. He removed the rest of his clothes, leaving him naked with his towering fuck-stick bobbing before him and a hungry, frantic expression on his face. She looked up at him with a sultry look on her face, still wearing her G-string, stockings and pumps. He crawled between her splayed legs, laying down with his cock at the entrance to her slit. She pushed her right breast up toward him and he immediately took it between his lips and started sucking on it. She gushed into his mouth and he sucked down the sweet fluid.

He slid forward until his knob nudged her wet labia through her G-string. He quickly reached down and moved her panties aside and then pushed forward, slowly parting the lips enough to slip inside, eliciting a gasp from her. He puckered his lips around her nipple and sucked as hard as he could while slowly driving his dick into her love-canal. He felt the walls of her quim contract, trying to pump his member as she approached orgasm. The slow approach was best to start with during milking; it never failed to bring her off quickly. She came with a scream, her pussy fluttered its walls along his cock and he felt her squirt all over his shaft, slickening its length and even shooting out through the seal her lips made with the base of his shaft.

He slowly stirred her beaver with his fuck-stick, keeping it buried to the hilt, like it was a pot and he was a chef.

The flow of milk slowly died down, and he switched to her other teat, sucking it into his mouth completely and starting to pump his pole in and out of her quim. She was still in orgasmic bliss, but he could tell when she reached a new high, as she squirted again. She was so squelchy inside that the noise of his pumping was incredibly loud. He was forcing her juices out every time he pumped back inside.

She wrapped her legs around his back opening her flower even wider for him and then dug her heels into his arse, forcing him in as deep as he could go. He could feel her cervix against his knob, and he rubbed his head against it, forcing the head to tilt upwards, feeling great for both of them.

He blasted his first load right then, spraying it against the head of her cervix only to have it gush back out over the couch underneath her arse. His cock kicked with spasm after spasm, emptying his heavy balls, shooting all the spunk he had up against the walls of her muff.

Once he subsided he picked her up off the couch and carried her over to the wall by the stairs. Her bedroom was upstairs, but he couldn't wait. He pressed her up against the wall and pounded into her. He was still sucking hard on her nipple, though the flow was slowing. Her orgasm was finally subsiding, and she started trying to bounce up and down, but couldn't find enough grip, so she wailed, "Oh fuck Rick! Bedroom! Now!"

He carried her upstairs, still impaled on his prick. When he reached the bed he laid down with her on top of him. She wasted no time in starting to ride that fuck-stick for all she was worth. She started bouncing up and down, every now and then stopping with him fully impaled and just grinding around on him, stirring her pot, rubbing her G-spot against his shaft.

He looked at her big bouncing fun-bags. He'd always been a tit-man, and hers were tremendous. He craned his neck to feel them smacking him in the face and rubbing against his cheeks. She smiled down at him and lowered them down onto his face. He started licking them all over, collecting traces of milk that had escaped. Licking around the areolas he nipped at her teats, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. He rubbed his face all over her fuck-udders, poking her nipples against his closed eyelids. He grabbed them in his hands and caressed them, looking at how much tit-meat was left over even after his large handfuls.

He felt her convulse again, knowing she was having another orgasm, and that he was quickly reaching his own. "I want to blow my seed on your big, fat titties Mrs Lacy! I'm gonna shoot it all over those fuck-udders!"

She quickly hopped off and lay on her back while Rick climbed up to his knees and gripped his shaft tightly in his fist. He pumped it two times before he started erupting. The first shot missed and hit her neck and chin, and she scraped it up to put in her mouth. The next one sprayed across both tits, connecting them with a strand of spunk. He concentrated on her left knocker, completely coating it as he aimed and sprayed. The next shot went into her cleavage, coating the beautiful canyon with his seed. The next coated her right orb, just as the left had been coated. Finally he straddled her chest and laid his cock in her sweet canyon of cleavage. She pushed her tits together and he helped, creating a tight tunnel for him to slide his cock through. He rocked his hips back and forth, enjoying the tight, slippery ride. His jism was leaking out the top of her cleavage, slowly heading for her neck, giving her the sexiest pearl necklace he'd ever seen.

Finally spent, he lay down beside her, with his initial horniness and frustration excised, he felt great, but perhaps a little tired. He relaxed on the bed.

He may have dozed, but he was wide awake as soon as he felt Mrs Lacy's hand on his prick. She was gently caressing it, trying to bring it back to life. He looked at her smoking hot body, huge tits, meaty arse, skinny waist, big, cocksuckers lips. His body started pumping blood into his cock and it slowly rose in time with his heartbeat until it was pointing straight up, before falling over to hover above his stomach.

She smiled at him, "Ready to go again?"

"Fuck yeah." He rolled over, throwing one leg over hers, before fondling her big right tit which she had done a great job of cleaning with her hands and tongue. He licked at her nipple, getting it erect as well. His cock was now satisfactorily hard and he said, "I'm going to fuck you like the bitch in heat that you are." Then he rolled her onto her stomach and got on his knees behind her, pulling her up by the hips until she was on all fours.

She was still wearing her G-string panties, so he parted her arse cheeks with his hand and stuck his face into her arse crack, biting her panties with his teeth, he pulled them down over her arse and off over her heels. He positioned himself on his knees behind her, wasting no time in slipping his erection back inside her love-canal. He quickly built up speed, pounding his long, thick fuck-pole into the depths of her silky, sucking pussy. His balls flapped below his cock, knocking into her clit, sending little jolts of pleasure through her. Her perfect arse cheeks were bouncing into his abdomen and rippling with each hit. He had a firm grasp on her hips as he pulled her back onto his rod. Her nipples were grazing the sheets, which were soaked with her milk, the pleasure causing her to refill quickly. Rick leaned forward and moved his hands to her fun-bags, squeezing them hard, forcing more milk out. She was in such an orgasmic daze that she barely even responded.

She'd never been fucked this hard before, not even during gang-bangs in college. She couldn't imagine her husband trying to stick his little prick in her again. He'd been put off her during her pregnancy and barely touched her. Now she didn't want him near her body anymore. She grunted as Rick gave a particularly strong thrust and she pushed back to meet him.

Her marriage was over, she just hadn't thought of how to do it while keeping his money, or told Rick. She was also a little scared that he'd leave her. All rational thought left as Rick pushed his thumb against her puckered little rosebud of an anus. He'd lubed up with her milk then slowly pushed it inside. She screamed as she came again. She'd lost count after 5, their time apart had done wonders for her sex drive it seemed. Her limp-dicked husband had left on another week long business trip, so she could fuck Rick into exhaustion.

She didn't realise her husband was home until he dropped his suitcase. She looked over at the door and there stood her husband, his mouth hanging agape. She froze, staring into his eyes, though Rick obviously had no idea, he continued ploughing her sensitive pussy with his massive dong.

Her husband appeared to be completely stunned, she couldn't see what emotion dominated him at the moment be it betrayal, anger, sorrow, pain or some combination. His eyes moved to take in the full scene. Her enormous tits rippled back and forth in rhythm with Rick's pounding. Then his eyes moved back to her arse, with Rick hunched over her, forcing his huge cock down into her little quim.

Rick was taking her sudden lack of response as either a challenge or as a sign that she was cumming, because he stepped up his assault, using longer strokes and nearly withdrawing completely on the back-stroke. Her husband's eyes widened as he saw the size of the weapon that was attacking his wife's pussy.

Rick's assault upon her, coupled with the shame, excitement and release of being caught, combined to stir her body to new heights of pleasure, and she told Rick, "That's it big boy, slide that pussy-pleaser into my hot little box. Oh I've never had a dick this big Rick. You're so much bigger than my husband, and you can keep going forever." His eyes had darted back to hers and she stared back at him. He was a pathetic excuse for a man in the area it mattered most. She knew there was going to be a lot of trouble down the track, but right now all she cared about was the feeling of Rick filling her quim with his enormous erection, and humiliating her husband.

Rick started to cum again, his third time since he walked through the door. He fired a couple of spurts into her love box and she quickly crawled forward, taking a shot to her back before she spun around and grabbed Rick's dick. She aimed it toward her husband and the next shot arced at him, landing on his shoe. Rick saw the man standing there for the first time, quickly realising it must be Mr Lacy.

The man looked down at his foot, covered in the sperm of this stranger who was fucking his wife. His left arm was numb, and he had a growing tightness in his chest, but none of that mattered. He was going to ruin this woman, take his daughter away from her, and ensure she ended up living on the street. His humiliation was not finished yet though.

She started pumping Rick's cock, firing more shots at her husband. "Your little penis is never coming near me ever again. Rick's big dick is the only cock I'm ever going to need dearest. Look at how powerful it is." The excitement of the situation had sparked Rick's orgasm to new heights. The next spurt fired from his cock was the most impressive of his life, and managed to hit Mr Lacy in the face.

Rick watched as Mr Lacy clutched his chest and muttered, "Bitch... whore... slut... you'll get nothing... from me... keep your daughter... you'll... never see her... again... ah..." He collapsed to the floor. Mrs Lacy hadn't even looked at him after she'd started jacking Rick's cock. Even now she continued to do so, firing more spurts to land on the fallen man. Rick was sure he should do something, but he couldn't bring himself to stop her. The man had called Mrs Lacy some really bad names, and threatened some pretty mean things.

Mrs Lacy started sucking his cock as the spurts died down. He could feel that there was no way he was going soft right now. Her tongue worked the underside of his prick, lavishing it with saliva. He gripped her head and pumped his hips, fucking her face with forceful thrusts. Her lips were silky on his member, sliding up and down, caressing his cock.

He wanted to fuck her harder though, but didn't want to cause her pain by fucking her face with abandon, so he pulled her mouth off his cock and pushed her down flat on the bed, face down.

She knew what was coming, Rick really liked to pound her sometimes when he got really aroused, and she knew he had good reason to be right now. She looked down at her husband who seemed to have passed out when Rick fired his baby-batter at him. Her tits were pressed into the bed, like flat pancakes that spread out to the side. She could feel them leaking even now, wetting the bed beneath her, though the bed was already soaked in their various bodily fluids, mostly milk, jizz and her own juices.

Rick pushed Mrs Lacy's legs apart and pressed the head of his cock up against her wet labia. She was really horny, and he'd cum up her snatch earlier, leaving her as wet as ever. He pushed forward until the head slipped easily inside and her lips sucked tightly closed around his shaft, "Oh fuck Mrs Lacy, your box is so tight on my cock."

"That's because your cock is so fucking huge Rick. And from now on, you don't have to call me Mrs Lacy, my name is Kathryn or Kat, but you can call me whatever you want. Now pound me with your fuck-stick, hard!" Rick began to do just that. He started out with slow strokes, bottoming out in her pussy, pressing his knob up against her cervix, curving his knob upwards. He grabbed two big handfuls of her big, meaty arse, and used them as leverage to start really pounding into her quim. He looked down and watched as his cock sawed in and out of her, pulling the lips inside on the in-stroke, and blossoming them outwards on the out-stroke.

He'd never met anyone like Kat in his life. He was hoping they wouldn't have to stop now that her husband knew. He looked down at the man. He was probably dying, lying on the floor of his marital bedroom while Rick was on his marital bed drilling his wife more thoroughly than he ever could. The thought pushed him over the edge. He pulled his cock out of Kat's muff and started jerking it.

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