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Mrs. Loving


I was 17 when my family moved from Denver Colorado to Houston Texas. And I was NOT happy about it. Leaving my lifetime friends, everything I had ever known, moving into a 2-story house in a Hot as Hell place called Houston. I knew no one, only a month from graduation. My life sucked! I did graduate late at 18, but not from the School I had wanted to, my friends and I stayed in touch through the Internet and sometimes phone calls. What I missed most though was my girlfriend Misty. Damn she was beautiful, Long Blonde Hair, Deep Blue Eyes and the hottest body in our town, well, their town now. I was a Houstonite now. Shit it sounds like a Space Rock or something.

The only good thing about Houston was our new neighbors wife, and she was in her mid 50’s. But she had a body that would make a dead man’s dick hard! The best thing was, she loved to sunbath in the nude next to their pool. Fortunately my room was on their side and my window overlooked it

Mr. And Mrs. Loving were a really nice couple, offering me some odd jobs around their house since he worked construction and would be out of town for weeks at a time. Little things like mowing the yard, cleaning the pool that kind of stuff.

She always offered me a cold drink after I finished my work. Which I readily accepted just to see her tan body, and since she almost always wore shorts and a tight top, there was a lot to see. Her breasts were the size of grapefruit, well rounded, her nipples always standing out, her legs long thin and tan, and an ass just the right size on her. She is really pretty for her age, blonde hair with streaks of gray and big dark brown eyes, and the moistest looking full lips. And the sweetest smile, Needless to say I beat my meat a many a night and day thinking of her.

Well one afternoon around 3, she went to lie out in the sun and I just happened to look out to see her. She took her towel off that she had wrapped around her, stretching her arms over her head Standing on her toes as she did, with a slight bend in her back. She looked like a model. My dick had started to get hard already. Just thinking about her hot body, no tan lines and a nice furry pussy. She was One Hot Older Woman without a doubt. I stared at her as she oiled herself up and turned on her stomach showing me her sweet ass, her legs spreading a bit giving me a view of a hint of her pubic hairs covering her thick lipped pussy.

I was rubbing my dick as I enjoyed my private showing. She turned over in about 10 minutes applying some oil to her front, taking extra time on her tits making sure her nipples were covered good, then I watched as for the first time since I started watching her sunbath, she slid her hand between her thighs and rubbed the oil on her pussy lips continuing as her finger slipped into her hairy pussy opening it wide. I could see how deep pink it was inside, and started jacking off even faster.

My eyes were wide open as her fingers held her pussy open and fingered her hairy pussy. I was jacking off like never before. I was fixing to Cum, And then, She looked up at my window, right in my eyes! OH FUCK! I was busted, she had to know I was jacking off, I jumped away from the window, wondering what in the hell was I going to do now? How could I ever face her again? Later that evening she called and asked if I could help her out tomorrow. I stuttered some lame excuse and she said she understood and hung up.

I felt like shit, I knew she had seen me, but she didn’t sound mad or anything, so the next morning I figured I should get this over with and face the music, and went over saying my plans had changed. She smiled.

“Great, I really need some one with some muscles today!”

I figured she had some heavy boxes to move or something, but the work wasn’t that hard rearranging her living room. I was done in no time, and as she offered me a cold drink she sat down next to me, gave me a stern look saying we needed to talk.

Well I knew what was coming next, a good ass chewing for being a peeping tom or some shit. I just hung my head and said,

“I guess so Mrs. Loving.”

She began by telling me “You know it was wrong to invade her privacy by peeping at her, and even though my window overlooked her property it was still wrong.”

I could only agree with her. She then surprised me by asking.

“Did you like what you saw?”

I almost choked on my drink and stammered an embarrassed

“Yes Ma’am!”

A smile came to her face,

“What do you think is my best feature?”

“There is no ONE best feature, you are the most beautiful, sexiest lady I have ever seen.”

“I have known about you watching me all along, and I only did that to give you a show, then, I found that it excited me more than I had thought it would.”

She put her hand on my leg looking into my eyes.

“Have you ever had sex before?”

“Yes, but only a couple of times.”

“Do you want to have sex with me?”

Well if she hadn’t seen that my dick was hard, all she had to do was move her hand 6 inches up to find out.

“What about Mr. Loving?”

“I know he sees hookers when he is on the road and it was only fair that I mine too. Don’t you think I should be able to get mine too?”

I was dumbfounded, and all I could do was shake my head yes.

She lustily told me “Stand up!”

And she pulled my shorts off. Taking my throbbing erection in her hand, cooing,

“Oh, it’s so hard and so thick”

She wasn’t expecting it to be as large as it is, then put her mouth on it, sucking it like she was starved. My eyes rolled back in my head and I held her hair as her head bobbed on it, her mouth making loud slurping noises. Her hand jacked it as she swallowed as much as she could into her mouth. A couple of minutes later I felt my balls start to tighten up and told her I was Cumming, she took it out of her mouth and jacked me off in her face as I shot my load all over it. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen as she licked the head of my dick saying how good I tasted and wiping her face with her fingers licking them clean.

“Follow me.”

And we went into their bedroom, as she undressed I looked at the pictures of her family on the walls and dresser. I smiled, wondering if they knew their Mom liked to suck dicks? She had me lie down on her bed.

“I want you to eat my pussy.”

I had never done that and told her so. She didn’t have a problem teaching she smiled as she crawled over my face pushing her pussy onto my mouth. She told me to French kiss it, so I did. Damn she tasted so incredible, as I licked her she started to hump her hips telling where to lick it, her breathing becoming ragged and her legs began to shake, shoving her hips in my face faster.

“Oh FUCK, I’m Cumming, Eat my cunt, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Eat my cunt you little peeping bastard!” she cried out.

Then her pussy gushed out a warm thick liquid all over my face and neck some even dripping in my ear. She fell off me, and started kissing my face and sticking her tongue down my throat.

“Oh God I needed that!”

Her leg resting over my waist on my hard dick moving it slowly up and down on it, her face basking in an after orgasm glow. We rested a few minutes, kissing, hugging and laughing. Me thanking her and her thanking me, both of us happy this had happened. She then put my dick between her legs telling me,

“Fuck Me Now, I’ve got to have your dick, now!”

As I slid my dick in, I thought to myself, there is no way she has had 3 kids, her pussy is a tight as Mistys is. Then I started fucking her, she is a wild woman and quite a nasty talker I soon found out.

“Fuck ME you little bastard, Fuck my cunt! Pinch my tits, pull my nipples you bastard!”

I did as she asked or told, it didn’t matter. Her hips bucked like I was a 2 ton bull and she was a Bullrider. Her pussy dripped on my balls as she screamed,

“Now, Fuck Me NOW, Give me that hard cock you nasty Mother Fucker, OH Now, I’m CUMMMMMmmmmmiiiiinnnnggggg!”

I never knew a woman could cum so hard and certainly didn’t know they said shit like that when they did. She kept pounding my dick with her pussy, playing with her clit as I pulled on her tits watching while they bounced in my hands. This woman was hot, I felt myself getting ready to cum, I told her and she said,

“Yes baby, cum for momma, Fuck me hard, fill mommas cunt with your hot cum, Pound mommas pussy with your hard cock!”

I started spurting my spunk inside her pussy, after having cum 2 times I didn’t think I had much left in me, but I did. She fell on my chest her breasts heaving as our sweat was mixing with each other’s, when our breathing became normal again her lips locked on mine in a deep wet kiss.

“My God, that was so good!”

“If there is a word that means better than good, then that’s what it was!” with a huge grin on my face.

We both laughed and hugged each other close. As she got up off me, huge globs of our cum fell on my belly and crotch, she leaned over licking it off me, all while moaning how good I tasted and she could eat this all day.

The next thing I remember was waking up around noon or so, she was sleeping next to me, her arm across my chest with her breast on my chest. I kissed her cheek and she opened her eyes smiled and kissed me on the lips. Her hand reaching down to my dick giving it a squeeze, then lowering her head and began to suck me until I got good and hard again. She got up, my eyes not leaving her sweet ass, grabbed a jar of lotion off her dresser, put some of the lotion putting some on me, then reached around putting it on her asshole. I looked at her in shock, woondering if she was doing what I thought she was,

“Yes! I am.”

With the sexiest look in her eyes. I made the comment,

“I thought women didn’t like that”

She just got on her hands and knees.

“You want to find out?”

I got behind her and stuck my dick against her puckered asshole, rubbing the head on it. Her hips pushed back towards me and my dick slid inside easily into her ass. It was so hot and tight, as I started pumping my hips Mrs. Loving started saying how good it felt and that she loved a mans hard cock in her asshole. She played with her clit and finger fucked her pussy as I fucked her slowly, not wanting to hurt her.

“Fuck it, Harder!”

As I pounded her ass and I watched as her ass cheeks bounced when my hips slammed against her. She started calling me names as she got more excited.

“Fuck my asshole you Little shit, That’s right, Fuck it you sick little bastard. Do you feel my shit on your dick you nasty bastard? Don’t you dare stop fucking my asshole!”

Who would’ve thought this beautiful woman would have known these words, much less use them. But she sure did, and it excited me to no end. She kept squeezing her ass on my dick telling me to fuck it, her Cumming all the while. I felt my orgasm starting as I pumped her ass hard as I could. Then I came for the 4th time that day. Her cries ringing in my ears as I did.

“OH GOD, I feel you shooting it in my ass, Oh Fuck, its Soooo hot, Fill mommas cunt up with your hot cum you little bastard!”

I did!

We took a shower together washing our afternoons sweat and sex off, I loved soaping her up and rinsing her, kissing her everywhere that I cleaned. She did the same thing to me.

When I was leaving, I turned and said, “Thank You Mrs. Loving!” smiling, thinking,

“Mrs. Loving!” It sure fits her, and so did I.

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up

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