tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMrs. Mills' Predicament Ch. 12

Mrs. Mills' Predicament Ch. 12


I had tried to get over the initial disappointment of my conversation with Mrs. Mills, and I tried get on with my life... At least a little bit. I went out with some friends, hung out with my high school best buddy Jay, did a lot of drinking, and just tried to stay busy... Mainly, to try keep my mind off of Mrs. Mills. But, I did find myself watching, actually spying on Mrs. Mills' house whenever I was home alone.

Unfortunately, though, after four weeks of keeping my eyes peeled, looking for a way to get Mrs. Mills to take me back, I had nothing. I had seen Mrs. Mills from my window a number of times over these last four weeks. But most times, when she left her house, or arrived home, her kids were with her... And, when she was alone, she would quickly go straight into her house, or straight to her car, always looking down at her feet, and not once glancing in the direction of my house.

Local schools had just let out that week, and I was losing hope. Though Mrs. Mills would now be home for the rest of the summer, so would her kids.

But, my break finally came late on the Saturday morning after Mrs. Mills' summer break began. I was in my car, in my driveway, getting ready to drive over & hang out with my friend Jay, when I noticed a car I didn't recognize pull into Mrs. Mills driveway. I quickly shut of my engine, slid down in my seat, and watched.

When the vehicle's door opened, I saw Mrs. Mills' ex-husband Bill step out of the car. He went to the door and knocked. After a few seconds, the door opened, and he stepped into the house.

I continued to sit and watch, and finally, after about 15 minutes, Mr. Mills came out of the house carrying several pieces of luggage, then went back in for several more bags. His daughters, and Mrs. Mills were following closely behind. As he loaded the luggage in the trunk, the kids went over and gave their mother hugs. Then, after talking for a few minutes, Mr. Mills led the girls into the backseat of the car, then got in the car himself, and drove off. Mrs. Mills watched them drive away from her front yard before going back inside.

I figured Mr. Mills must have custody of their kids for at least for a week. Or based on the amount of stuff he loaded into the car, maybe several weeks... This could be my chance... I would go over and try to talk to Gloria on Monday, while my parents were at work.

After an uneventful weekend, and a restless night of sleep Sunday night, I woke up Monday morning just as my parents left for work. After a shower and breakfast, I nervously sat around trying to figure out what I would say to Mrs. Mills. I decided to simply go talk with her and remind her about how great a time we had together, and if it came down to it, I'd plead with her to take me back. I might even mention the photos I still had. I guess I'd just have to see where it went from there.

After working up my courage all morning, I started on my way next door shortly before noon. But, just as I rounded the corner of our house, I noticed another car in the driveway, and it wasn't Mrs. Mills' car. I quickly retreated back into my house and returned to my window to see if I could figure out who was at her house.

After not seeing any movement at the front or side of the house, I went to an upstairs window at the back of my house, one that overlooked Mrs. Mills' backyard and pool. What I saw surprised me... Mrs. Mills was sitting, eating lunch at an outdoor table with a man. They were smiling while they talked, occasionally laughing at what one or the other was saying.

Mrs. Mills was wearing a white cover-up, and I assume a bathing suit underneath. The man, who looked to be at least a few years older than Mrs. Mills, had on what looked like a blue bathing suit and a t-shirt. I found myself getting angry wondering who this guy was. But, then I thought to myself... This might give me a way in.

I quietly crept into my back yard, and snuck along the fence line. I settled in at a spot against the tall, wooden fence that I could watch and listen to what was going on in between two fence planks that were separated by several inches. It was a spot that I could not be seen, unless someone came right up to the other side of the fence.

Mrs. Mills was in a chair facing the fence and looking toward the man seated across from her. I had a clear view of her, but I could only see the back of the balding man's head sitting across from her.

After what seemed like an hour (though it was probably no more than fifteen minutes) of listening to small talk, and a lot of talk about school being out, the man stood up from his chair. He peeled off his t-shirt, exposing a chubby mid-section, and pallad, white skin that looked like it had never been exposed to the sun. He looked to be a bit shorter than me, and he was definitely several years older than Mrs. Mills, or at least, looked to be.

He said, "I'm gonna take a dip, Gloria," then he asked her, "You gonna to take a swim?"

Gloria smiled at him, and replied, "Maybe in a little while. You go ahead," she continued, "I'm going to clean up these dishes & go in and get some iced tea. Do you need a refill?"

The man, still facing away from me, and walking towards the pool, replied, "Sure."

I needed to find out who this guy was. So, as Mrs Mills cleaned up the table, picked up the glasses full of ice, and headed for her back sliding door, I sprinted back through my house, out the front door, and straight to Mrs. Mills' front door.

When I got there, I quickly looked under the mat and in all the usual hiding places, looking to see if there was a key hidden somewhere. When I didn't find one, I hesitated for a moment, then held my breath. I lightly knocked on the door, stepping aside so I couldn't be seen through the peephole.

After a few seconds, I heard footsteps, then the door cracked open just a bit. Mrs. Mills peeked through the opening and saw me. She briefly froze, and had a shocked look in her eyes. Before she could respond, or shut the door, I put my hand against the door, forced it open and stepped in, gently closing it behind me.

Mrs Mills looked pissed, but also a little bit scared. Then she snapped out of it, and tried to regain control of the situation. In a hushed, angry tone, she glared at me and asked, "What the hell are you doing?"

I replied, "Gloria, I asked you several weeks ago if we could get together and talk, and you refused. But, I still want to talk, so I decided now was as good a time as any."

Mrs. Mills' face started turning red with anger. In a hushed, but heated tone, she said, "You can't just barge in here whenever you want. And... And... I... I... have company. You need to leave. Now."

Needing to show I was in control, I simply smiled, then asked, "Gloria... Who's the guy in the pool?"

"It's none of your business," she snapped.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me who he is," I calmly replied.

"God dammit, Shawn, what is wrong with you?" she asked, getting even more irate.

Again, calmly, I said, "Just tell me who he is, Gloria."

After a long hesitation, she replied, "He's a friend. Now, please, just go. He's expecting me back outside."

Still, in a low, even voice, I asked, "A new friend or a new boyfriend? How long have you been seeing him?"

Almost whispering she angrily replied, "I don't know, for a few weeks, maybe a month," she continued, "Now will you please just leave?"

"I'll tell you what," I said, "There are so many more questions I want to ask you. Why don't you go out and tell him you need to take care of something and that you'll be back out in about 15 minutes. Then we can finish talking."

Glaring back at me, Mrs. Mills started to raise her voice, "I WILL NOT," before dropping her volume down to an irritated whisper, "Now leave."

"Well, then maybe I'll go out back with you, and we can continue this conversation outside," I continued, "I'm sure your friend won't mind."

In a threatening voice, Mrs Mills growled, "If you show him, or anyone else the pictures you have, I WILL call the police and have you arrested!"

"I don't have the photos anymore," I lied, " I destroyed them when I went off to college. But he might be interested in hearing about our relationship... About how I fucked you... About how about how much you liked sucking my dick."

Mrs. Mills just stood and stared back at me, her face even redder than before... But the anger on her face slowly changed to a look of despair. After about 20 seconds, she simply turned and walked toward the back door.

I followed behind, staying several feet behind her, and out of the view of her guest. She slid the back door open and walked out, leaving the door open behind her. Then she took a few steps out onto the upper patio, and yelled down to her friend in the pool, "Rich, I need to brew a new batch of tea. I'll be back out in a little while."

"OK," came the reply from the pool.

Mrs. Mills came back in, shut the door behind her, and glared at me. Annoyed and angry she growled, "In the living room... Before he sees you."

"No, I want to see who this guy is," I replied, as I started to walk towards the back window of the dining room. Now, I could see Mrs. Mills was beginning to panic, as she followed me to the dining room pleading with me.

She whined, "Please, no." As I walked to the window and peeked out.

Mrs. Mills approached the window and looked out to make sure that her guest didn't see me. When she did, I stepped back behind her and grabbed her, one hand on each side of her waist. Her whole body clinched.

Then, while still holding on to her, I whispered in her ear from behind, "Relax. He can't see us from there," I went on, and asked, "Are you fucking him, Gloria?"

No response.

"Does he fuck you like I used to fuck you?" I asked.

No response.

Still standing behind her, I wrapped my arms around her waist, and pushed myself forward, my growing cock pushing against my shorts, and into her backside. Then slowly, I put my hands under her cover-up and dragged my fingertips slowly and methodically upwards to her stomach, as we watched her friend through the window, still swimming, and completely ignorant of what was happening just 20 yards away.

I could tell from touching her that she was wearing a one piece under the cover up, as my hands continued upwards, to her ribs, just under her bathing suit-constrained boobs.

As my hands reached her tits, I noticed Gloria's breathing began to get heavier. I also noticed that her nipples were now erect, and I played with them. Gently, swirling my fingertips in a circular motion over the top of the bathing suit material.

Breathing heavier, Gloria let out a barely audible moan, and pushed her ass back into my groin just slightly, as my cock grew to full length. I let go her tits and dropped my hands down to the bottom hem of her cover-up and began pulling it upward. Gloria lifted her arms up willingly and allowed me to remove it. I dropped the cover-up on the floor beside us, then unbuttoned my shorts, letting them fall to the floor at my feet, before nudging her legs apart from behind with my knees.

I grabbed the bathing suit material that covered her ass, and stretched across her private area. I wrenched it hard to the left, leaving her ass and pussy exposed from the behind. Using my left hand to hold the bathing suit, I grabbed my cock with my right hand and guided it to her ass crack. Slowly, I rubbed my rigid, rock hard cock against her ass, slowly working it towards her pussy.

I teasingly rubbed the tip of my dick against her pussy lips for as long as I could hold out, then slowly began to enter her... Just the head of my cock at first, before slowly guiding myself into her just a little bit further, and continuing to push into her just a little at a time.

Gloria was now letting out low, soft moans as I worked deeper into her. When I finally drove the full length of my hard cock into her, she let out a high pitched squeal. I fucked her at a slow and steady pace for several minutes... Then, as I got closer to orgasm, I started to drive my cock into her with ever increasing speed and fervor.

Gloria held her right hand up to her mouth to muffle herself as she began to moan even louder. She put her left hand up on the window to support herself. As the sound of my groin slapping against her ass echoed across the room, I felt myself starting to finish, and pulled my dick out of her cunt. Convulsing with pleasure, I shot four or five huge loads of cum onto the back of her orange bathing suit.

I reached down and grabbed Gloria by the waist, as I thought she might collapse onto the floor. Once she regained her composure and straightened out her bathing suit, I let go of her and pulled up my shorts.

Glancing out the window, her friend was stepping out of the pool, but still completely oblivious to what was happening in the house. From behind, I guided Gloria, seemly in a shocked trance, back to the kitchen, where I handed her the two glasses of iced tea on the counter and directed her towards the sliding glass door.

Sarcastically, I said, "You need to get back outside. You're not being a very good host," I continued, "Oh, and you may want to hop in the pool when you get out there, because you've got my cum is all over you."

I kissed her on the neck and slid open the door from behind the curtains. Then I whispered in her ear, "We still have some things to discuss. I'll see you tomorrow. Leave the key to the house under the doormat for me."

She didn't respond, or even look at me, as I gently nudged her out the door and lightly patted her on the ass. I watched as she hesitantly walked out onto the patio before I left through the front door & headed home.

... To be continued

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Great you found time to coutinue the story - I read the first part a while ago and hope you'll find time for many new installments.
Really good written stuff...

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