tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMrs. Mills' Predicament Ch. 13

Mrs. Mills' Predicament Ch. 13


After getting home and taking a quick shower, I was still curious about Mrs. Mills' new "friend", Rich. I peeked out the back window to see what was happening. Neither Mrs. Mills, nor her friend, were anywhere to be seen... Not on the patio, not in the pool, nowhere in the backyard.

Moving back to my bedroom and looking out of the window, I found them. Mrs. Mills and her friend were standing on the front porch, where they briefly hugged, before Rich headed to his car and drove away. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and neither seemed mad, or upset, though Mrs. Mills looked a bit flushed.

One thing I was pretty sure about at this point? I could get Gloria back. Her reaction, and cooperation during our quick fuck was exactly what I was hoping for. She was completely submissive to me during sex, and I was pretty sure, that even though she was pissed off at me for barging in, she had thoroughly enjoyed my visit. It was also obvious that she still got off on my dominance. Now, I was ready to take it a step further... We'd have a long talk tomorrow before I decided what comes next.

After a really good night of sleep, I awoke to my alarm at 7 am Tuesday morning. I had set it to go off just after my parents regularly left for work. I wanted to catch Gloria by surprise with an early visit to show her that I had all of the control.

I was standing on Mrs. Mills' front porch before 8 am. I thought that she might not have left a key like I has asked. And, it was possible that she wouldn't answer the door if I had to knock. But I wasn't overly concerned. She couldn't stay locked up in her house avoiding me for too long.

I lifted up the mat, and there it was. The key was lying on the porch, right under the center of the doormat. I took a second to collect myself, thought once more about what I would say, then slid the key into the lock. As I quietly walked through the door, I felt an excitement deep in the pit of my stomach, and could feel my cock stirring under my shorts.

I gently shut the door behind me, and immediately recognized the smell of coffee and bacon in the house. As I entered the kitchen, I found Mrs. Mills standing in front of stove cooking up breakfast. She was barefoot and wearing a pair of black compression-style yoga pants and a loose, white t-shirt with half sleeves. My cock began to grow as I stared at her perfectly shaped ass under the compression material of the pants.

I quietly walked up behind her & put my hands on her waist, just over her yoga pants. She tightened up a, but she certainly wasn't startled. She had obviously heard me come in.

I said, "Wow, Gloria. Quite the breakfast. You must have known I was coming this morning."

After a few seconds, she responded, unenthused, "No. I wanted to get a good breakfast before I head out to the gym this morning."

"Ahhh," I responded, "You're doing the gym thing now. Well, it definitely agrees with you. You look amazing," I said, as I moved my hands to her backside, gently rubbing her ass over her yoga pants.

Gloria didn't outwardly react to my touch, but she didn't push me away from me either. Her body language, however, gave her away. I immediately sensed that her body loosened up just a bit, as I continued to softly rub & squeeze her cheeks.

After a minute or two of silence between us, Gloria asked, "Do you want some breakfast?"

"I'm not very hungry, but thank you," I replied, "Though, I'd love a cup of coffee.. black."

Mrs. Mills scooted out from in between me and the stove without looking at me. She went to the cabinet, pulled out a cup, and poured coffee from the pot on the kitchen counter, while I sat down at the small kitchen table.

She set the coffee cup down in front of me, then returned to the stove, where she used a spatula to put a small portion of eggs and bacon on her plate. She set the plate down on the table, across from where I was sitting, and sat down.

After taking a bite of her food, she asked, "Shawn, why are you here?"

"You know why I'm here," I replied, "I want to talk."

Gloria sat silently for a few seconds, before finally responding, "OK," then she asked, "What do you want to talk about?"

"Us." I replied simply.

After several seconds of silence, Gloria responded, "This can't continue... Look, I'm way too old for you... You... You should be seeing girls your own age. And..."

I quickly interrupted, "Gloria, I have seen girls my age, but I want to see you."

"Shawn, it's not only about that. I'm... I'm ," Gloria replied desperately, "I'm seeing someone else, the kids are getting older. I... I... Just need to get my life back after my divorce from Bill..."

"Look, Gloria," I replied, "I'm home until mid-August. It'll be just like it was when you were married. I won't come around when your kids are here, and we can just get together every so often... You know, have dates like we used to."

Mrs. Mills, looking frustrated, just stared at me.

Realizing I was losing some of what made this so exciting, I went on, trying to sound more assertive, "I'm not gonna take no for an answer. I'm home for the next two months, and while I'm home, I plan on seeing you."

There was no reply from Mrs. Mills, but I could see that the air had come out of her. She looked unhappy, but I was pretty sure that she was close to accepting that she didn't have a choice in the matter.

I smiled and continued, "Gloria, it's not that bad. I know you like being with me. Just think of it as having a boyfriend on the side for a couple of months. Some young dick to keep you satisfied."

Gloria abruptly stood up from the table with a look of dismay. In an irritated manner she responded, "Dammit Shawn... This just isn't right," as she walked towards the front door.

Sounding angry, she said, "I'm going to the gym. We can talk about this another time."

Reacting quickly, I emphatically, and firmly said, "No. We will continue this discussion right now. You can go to the gym later."

I rose from my chair and walked towards her. Trying to stay authoritative, I said, "I have more questions to ask you," as I grabbed her hand and led her onto the couch in the family room.

Sitting next to her, I softened my tone, "I have two questions, and then you can go to the gym."

She just sat and glared back at me.

"Where are your kids," I asked.

Completely resigned, but obviously irritated with my question, Mrs. Mills replied, short and direct, "Bill has them for most of the summer. I get them during the school year, Bill gets them during the summer."

I replied, "Have I ever told you how much of an asshole your ex-husband is?"

Mrs. Mills frowned & gave me a glare.

I ignored the glare and continued, "Second question... It's multi-part." I hesitated for a second, thinking about to word it, "Who is this guy Rich? Where did you meet him? Is it serious? And do you know that you are way out of his league?"

"Dammit Shawn," she replied again, as her face reddened, "I'm not going to answer any more questions," and she started to rise from the couch.

Before she could completely get up, I reached out, grabbed her hand, and pulled her back to the couch. I responded firmly, "Yes. You are. Now answer the question."

Tears welling in her eyes, she answered my questions, " Rich and I met a couple of months ago at a fundraiser. He's a good man and we've got similar interests.

"How old is he," I asked.

After a short pause, Gloria answered, "He's 45," she continued, looking down at her lap, and seemingly a bit embarrassed, "He's good with the girls. He's... he's financially stable. It's important that I have someone in my life that can help support us now that we're alone."

A bit irritated hearing her answer, I probably went too far. Maybe I hadn't matured as much as I thought. I blurted out, "You're seeing him 'cause he has money? That's BS."

"THAT'S IT" she said angrily, as she pulled away from me, and got up from the couch, "I'm done."

I rose from the couch as well, and intercepted her before she could leave the room. She had tears in her eyes.

Now standing in front of her, I said softly, "OK. No more questions."

We stood facing each other for several seconds. I reached up and wiped a tear from her cheek while I looked at her. I gently kissed her on the lips, then said, "Go do your thing at the gym. But first I want to see you... all of you. Take off your shirt."

Gloria was beaten. She barely hesitated before taking half a step back, and pulling the white workout shirt up over her head and dropping it on the floor.

"Those pants are pretty revealing," I said, smiling as I continued, "Take them off."

Mrs. Mills quickly peeled the pants downward. Not it in a way that seemed like she was anxious to take them off, but more to make her impromptu "striptease" as "unsexy" as possible.

"Take off the panties," I commanded.

She immediately rolled the panties down her thighs, off of her legs, and down to her feet, before stepping out of them and standing up straight.

The tears were no longer there, but her eyes were still red. She stood in front of me with her eyes straight ahead, but she was not really looking at, or focusing on me. Her sports bra was the only piece of clothing on her body and I could see her nipples were hard underneath the bra. Continuing my gaze lower, I saw that she was keeping her legs together tightly. The entire area below her waist was completely smooth, and almost totally clean-shaven. There was just the faintest wisp of brown pubic hair showing above her pussy.

"Goddamn," I blurted out, as I felt my dick now pressing firmly against my shorts. "You are so fucking beautiful."

Mrs. Mills just stood there. No response, no reaction.

"I see you are still shaving your pussy," I said, smiling to myself.

Still, no reaction.

"OK," I said, "I won't keep you any longer. You can get dressed and go to the gym."

Still no reaction, but I thought I had detected disappointment in her eyes. She reached down, picked up her panties and began to put them on.

I quickly said, "No. No panties. Just the yoga pants and shirt."

Hesitating for a moment, then looking defeated, she dropped the panties to the floor and pulled the black yoga up over her nakedness. Then, she reached down and picked up her t-shirt and pulled it over her head.

Smiling at Mrs. Mills, I said, "Now, pull up those yoga pants just a bit further."

Gloria looked at me quizzically and gave her pants a little upward tug.

"Higher," I said.

Now realizing where I was going with this, she gave me a glare, and pulled the yoga pants up even higher.

There was now a clear view of her pussy lips... the perfect "cameltoe" protruding from the crotch of her yoga pants... She was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

I stepped to her and gave her a quick peck on the lips, brushed my hand gently across her pussy, and said, "You can go ahead to the gym now. I'll let myself out and lock up. I continued, still smiling, "I've got a key now," as I reached into my pocket and held it up.

She stared back at me in disbelief, before grabbing her purse and keys from the coat hanger next to the door.

I said, "I'll be back tonight," as she walked out the door.

I watched as she drove away. Then, I went to the kitchen, dropped my pants, and began jerking off over the sink, as imagined Mrs. Mills cautiously walking around the gym in her yoga pants sans panties. After quickly shooting what seemed like endless load of sperm in to the sink, I ran some water from the faucet and left the house, locking the door behind me.

... To be continued

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Any divorce is very devastating for all partners

Hello dear. Any divorce is very devastating for all partners, and its families, and its kids. It can devastate the life of partners, of the kids, and the people around of these people that care for them.more...

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Thank, Wendy

Thanks for the comment Wendy. Stay tuned, more to come soon.

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by wendy5309/15/18

mrs mills

very hot
except for the bi parts

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