tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMrs. Patel Tricked by Fake Doctors Pt. 05

Mrs. Patel Tricked by Fake Doctors Pt. 05


Lakshmi turned on her knees to make eye contact with Raj. Her face was covered with Don's cum, her left eyelashes coated as it dribbled down her nose.

"Raj, I am Doctor Don's...I am his...his...cum rag."

Don and Paulie started hysterically laughing at the pathetic scene and that's when Preeti walked down the hall and turned absentmindedly into the living room.

"What...what is...?" her voice trailed off into a tremble at the humiliating scene.

"Preeti, we're glad you could join--wait! Where the fuck is your collar?!" Paulie shouted.

She visibly flinched at his words and her hands instinctively went to her bare neck.

"What is...what is happen--"

"He asked you a question, dummy! Where is it?" Don joined in the verbal abuse.

"I...um...I tok it off. Mom...what is that? What is--"

"I told you to keep it on all weekend. You broke the rules. Now you need to be punished or you'll never learn." He barked.

"What? What? I don't understand what's..."

Paulie stood up and wrapped his big hand around her arm and tugged her forward.

"Did you remember to leave the bra at home?" Paulie said as he grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt. He yanked it up to her chin exposing her big, meaty tits.

She reached up to cover herself, but Don walked over and slapped her hands away.

They both reached down and groped her luscious tits.

"Lakshmi, get her collar now!"

Lakshmi quickly stumbled over to the counter where here collar was resting and grabbed it.

Preeti looked over at her father trying to understand what was happening. She was in shock, just like Raj except she was bent over at the waist with her shirt around her neck and her massive tits out. Paulie was gently pinching her nipples and he turned to Raj.

"I can't decide who has softer tits, your cocksucking wife or your about to be spanked daughter."

Preeti heard what he said and she clinched her cheeks together.

"Put it on her neck so she looks like a good little dog." Don ordered the submissive Lakshmi.

She crawled over and started fixing the dog collar on her daughter's neck.

"Good, now both of these bitches have their collars on."

Don reached down Preeti's back and slid his hand down her pants, squeezing her plump brown ass cheeks.

"We're going to spank you in front of your parents to show them how they should have raised you. You're 19 years old already and you don't know how to apologize, do you?"

"No, I do, I do!" she pleaded.

Paulie tugged her pants down to her knees and held her by the neck firmly as Don got behind her.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she cried, hoping to please them and prevent the humiliating spanking.

"Sorry for what?" Don asked.

"I'm sorry for not wearing it!"

Whack Whack Whack!

Her ass cheeks rippled with each spank.

Whack Whack Whack!

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she begged.

Whack Whack Whack!

"For not wearing what?"

Whack Whack Whack!

"The collar! I'm sorry for not wearing the collar!"

"Your dog collar?" Don helped.

"Yes, I'm sorry I didn't wear my dog collar!"

Whack Whack Whack!

"I'm sorry!"

Whack Whack Whack!

"Are you going to make it up to us?"

Whack Whack Whack!

"Yes! I'm sorry, yes I will make it up to you?"

Whack Whack Whack!

"How? By sucking our dicks like your mom does?"

She froze.

Whack Whack Whack!

Whack Whack Whack!

The humiliation and pain were competing in her mind and she finally broke.

"Yes, I will suck you! Yes, I will"

Whack Whack Whack!

"Ask like a good little whore now!"

Whack Whack Whack!

"Please, let me give you a...blowjob...please!"

Don and Paulie still had their dicks out from the previous round of head from Lakshmi and they were both getting hard feeling her body and hearing her submit to them.

Don stopped spanking and she collapsed to her knees.

She looked at her mother's cum covered face and closed her eyes as Paulie's dick brushed her cheek.

She opened her mouth and took him in.

He slid it in half way and she gagged.

She didn't know what she was doing and she started sucking it like a candy but not bobbing her head.

The boys laughed.

"You're horrible at cocksucking. Lakshmi, she needs help."

Lakshmi crawled over and started moving Preeti's head back and forth for her.

Paulie closed his eyes and leaned back, feeling the smooth, wet mouth gliding over his thick pole.

"Now she's getting it, Raj!" Don chided.

Don turned towards Preeti's face and started rubbing himself on her face.

"Double dick duty for you, dummy" Don laughed.

She opened her eyes and watched him rub his cock where he liked.

Paulie pumped faster but she pulled away so she could take Don inside her mouth.

She did what she was taught and he patted her head.

"Good little cocksucker. Taste that dick."

They took turns, grabbing her hair and forcing her head onto their dicks.

She sucked and sucked like she was taught moments ago.

Paulie felt his nuts tighten and he held her hair.

He started spewing load after load in her mouth.

She looked up at him with his dick firmly planted between her lips as his cum filled her mouth.

"Swallow that cum" he said, demeaning her.

She gulped down the hot loads, wincing as she did.

Don slapped her tits back and forth and held the sides of her face in his strong grip. He turned his hips back and forth quickly, batting his big cock across her face, laughing.

She made little whining noises in a pathetic protest, but it only made his dick harder. He positioned himself in front of her mouth and said, "Come get it"

She opened her mouth and tried to move her head forward to blow him but he held her head still and she couldn't quite reach. She stretched her lips and tongue forward trying to get it but he teased her with it.

"Look at her desperate to eat my cock, Raj. What a little cock whore. Just like your wife!" The boys laughed, but Preeti ignored it trying to focus on sucking his cock for her new master.

She managed to lick the tip and Don encouraged her, "That's it, show me how badly you need my cock in your little mouth."

She licked furiously, just barely grazing the tip.

Don then released her head and both of her hands flew up to his dick, gripping it and shoving it in between her lips. She sucked him in deeply and remembered what her mom taught her. She bobbed, coating it in her saliva. She was breathing heavy and she suddenly realized she was getting aroused.

Paulie grabbed her collar from behind and tugged her away.

She whined again and begged, "Please, please" as her lips reached out to get the dick back.

Paulie smacked the back of her head and said, "You might need another spanking first. Would you like that?"

"No! No, please! Please just let me suck it."

"Beg like a dumb whore."

"Please...please let me suck his big, fat cock...please!"

They laughed and Paulie smacked her on the head again. "Go ahead" he said as he released her collar from his hand.

She sucked and sucked and made eye contact with Don, hoping to read his face to see if he was pleased with her.

As she sucked, Paulie spanked her anyway.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

She groaned and sucked even faster.

"This is how we like to motivate whores like Preeti, Raj"

Raj was struggling to sit still and wanted to leap up and punch these boys but he was too intimidated to try. He just sat there watching his daughter's mouth get stuffed by fat cock while her plump ass rippled from each spank.

Paulie squeezed and pressed her fat ass cheeks together amazed at the softness of her cheeks.

Don grabbed her ears hard and shoved his dick all the way down her throat. She gagged and dropped her hands from his dick to his legs, desperate to push away and get her breath.

He held her still and told her, "Tell me you love me just like your mom did!"

She didn't hesitate the way Lakshmi did, because she was desperate for breath.

"Mmeye ub ooo!" she tried.


"Mmeye ub ooo!"

Don started cumming in her mouth as the humiliation and she swallowed all of it without being told.

He let her ears go and she backed up and tried catching her breath but coughed and gagged.

The cum was caught in her throat and as she coughed, some of it came out her nose.

"Look at this whore! She just sneezed cum! She must be all full!" They mocked and looked right at Raj when they did.

Lakshmi should have been angry with the boys, but instead she was actually jealous that Preeti was getting all of their attention. She crawled over to Paulie and put her face near his dangling cock. He looked down but he didn't say anything.

She slowly started to lick his tool, hoping he would give her some attention.

"She's back for more, Raj."

"Lakshmi, did you tell your daughter what you are? Why don't you tell her first, before we let you suck our dicks again?"

She turned to Preeti and said, "I am a cum rag Preeti"

"Tell her what that means!" he barked.

"Preeti, I am just a rag they use to cum on."

"That's right. Now Preeti, tell your dad what you just learned."

Raj finally had some courage to speak up and said, "Please, don't make her say it. She is my daughter."

"I understand, tiny dick. Maybe if you can admit to us what your wife is, we won't make your daughter admit it to you."


"Yes, you fucking idiot. Tell us what she is."

"Lakshmi is my wife?" he asked confused.

"No. What is she really?"

Raj realized what they wanted him to say and his hands started to tremble.

"Lakshmi is...your cum rag."

"Good. Now thank us for cumming on her"

"Thank...thank you for...cumming on my wife."

"Good boy. Now, Preeti, tell your dad what you are."

"No! You promised me!" Raj argued.

Don stepped to him and smacked his face. Both girls shrieked.

Preeti was so alarmed she didn't wait for the command.

"Daddy, I am a cum rag! I am a cum rag for these men!"

The boys laughed and told her she was a good girl.

"Before we have any more fun, why don't you cum rags hit the shower and clean all that cum of of you. Then we can talk about our plans."

They all marched down the hall to the bathroom and Don turned on the shower. They pushed the girls inside and handed them soap.

"Clean each other and start with the tits" he ordered.

As the water cascaded over their soft, brown skin, they began to lather up the soap on each other's breasts. They couldn't make eye contact with each other and moved mechanically, trying to please their masters. Preeti was embarrassed to be naked in front of her father and ashamed at what she had just done and said. She gently soaped up her mother's huge juggs when she heard Don say, "Hey, Raj, why don't you help them? Girls, put your hands at your sides and stick your tits out."

They tried to protest, but Paulie slapped Raj across the back of his head a few times and they stopped. They obediently stuck out their tits, displaying them for everyone.

Don handed Raj the soap and he stepped forward reluctantly.

Paulie took out his phone to film this incestuous scene.

Raj reached for Lakshmi's ample tits first and rubbed them for the first time in ages. He got them nice and soapy and Don said, "Don forget the other cum rag. She needs cleaning too."

Raj hesitated and got smacked again. He slowly moved his hands up to wash his daughter's big full tits and the boys laughed at him.

"So obedient. Just like a tiny dick bitch!"

As Raj soaped up his daughter's heavy boobs, his dick started getting hard.

"Look at that! That tiny pecker is growing to almost 3 inches!" they laughed.

"She has great tits, doesn't she, Raj?" Paulie asked while filming.

His hands glided over Preeti's stiff nipples and along the sides of her voluptuous cantaloupe sized tits.

"Now soap them up with your tiny dick. No hands allowed."

Preeti glanced at Don imploring him not to make her dad do this.

"Raj. Get to it" he said.

Raj, gently pushed her down to her knees and took his little pecker in his hands and started rubbing it all over her soapy tits.

Don grabbed Lakshmi's hand and brought her fingers to Preeti's mouth.

"Suck on these" he told Preeti.

She opened wide and started sucking.

"Now, Lakshmi, I want you to play with yourself. While you watch this. They won't stop until you cum."

Raj was feeling hate in his heart, but his daughter's full chest was exciting him more and more. He loved the feeling of her huge tits sliding around on his tiny dick and he knew he couldn't stop without their permission.

Lakshmi started playing with her pussy, hoping to cum quickly. She was so turned on from the blowjobs in the living room that she was almost there already.

She circled her clit and fiddled with her wet pussy lips and she felt the orgasm rising in her belly.

As she watched her husband tit fuck her own daughter, she started orgasming loudly in the shower.

"Tell him he's a tiny dicked loser!"

"Raj, you have...oooo...ooooh.. a tiny, tiny dick. You are...oooh...oohh.. you are a los-oooh oooh...a loser!" she screamed while cumming hard.

Paulie slapped Preeti and said "You have a hard dick in front of you. Why aren't you sucking it?"

She felt her stomach drop and her heart was beating out of control.

"Pleattth...no...pleath nodd thatd" she tried saying around her mother's fingers.

He slapped her again and she complied.

She pulled her mouth off of her mother's fingers and leaned down to suck her father's tiny cock.

Raj was disgusted but he was also turned on and couldn't hide it. He reached to grab her dangling boobs and as his fingers touched her soft skin he was ready to cum.

Then Paulie grabbed him by the neck and pulled him away.

"You don't get to cum, tiny dick!" Paulie said.

"Lakshmi, get down on your knees like your whore of a daughter" he commanded.

Don turned off the water.

"You girls use too much water cleaning the huge titties. Unfortunately you are still pretty soapy. Paulie, any ideas?"

Paulie stepped in front of the girls and pushed their heads together.

"Why don't you girls kiss a little while I think?"

Lakshmi and Preeti leaned in and softly kissed each other but Don slapped both of their tits and said, "More tongue! Kiss like whores!"

They started tongue kissing while Paulie aimed his dick at their faces.

"Hey, Raj, why don't you film this and make yourself useful?" he said and handed Raj the phone.

Then Paulie started pissing on their heads while they made out with each other.

Raj almost dropped the phone but kept it steady and filmed the whole golden shower.

The piss splashed across their faces and down into their mouths.

"These girls are just a couple of toilets, aren't they?" Paulie laughed.

"My turn" said Don as Paulie's piss trickled to a stop.

"Girls, turn to me like baby birds with their mouths open. Daddy is going to feed you."

They turned with mouths open and Don blasted them in the face with his salty, warm piss.

He aimed for their mouths and said, "Swallow all of it"

The girls gulped and gulped, fighting for position to get the piss in their mouths.

When Don finished humiliating them he said, "Now, Raj, clean them both up again in the shower and then meet us in the dining room to discuss your new family rules.

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