tagMatureMrs. Roundtree Pt. 02

Mrs. Roundtree Pt. 02


The next day I was eager to visit my old and lovely neighbor, Mrs. Roundtree. I felt certain that both Mr. and Mrs. Roundtree viewed our friendship with appreciation, and my interest in exposing her further was known only to me.

When I parked at the Roundtree home I noticed another car parked out front, and my hopes dimmed for some possible trickery I might come up with to entice Mrs. Roundtree out of at least some of her clothes. On the drive over, my cock had started leaking as I remembered sneaking peeks of her secret places, but as I approached the front door my dick was no longer pulsing.

I knocked, then turned the door handle, "Anybody home?" I shouted.

"Hi, come on in," Mrs. Roundtree replied.

Mrs. Roundtree was in the livingroom along with another trim and elegant woman of about the same age.

"Hello, please come in and meet my good friend, Evelyn Hedgeworth." I held out my hand to greet her and nodded to Mrs. Roundtree.

"Evelyn and I met at yoga class a few years ago, and we've been friends ever since," explained Mrs. Roundtree. "She stopped by to check on me, too."

"And how are you feeling?" I asked.

"Oh, much better. The dizziness has disappeared, and I only have a few sore muscles. That's all. Nothing that soaking in hot baths and massage can't take care of."

My sense of excitement was returning at the sight of the lovely Mrs. Hedgeworth together with Mrs. Roundtree. But my spirits dropped again when I heard Mr. Roundtree calling out from the kitchen. Little did I know that a big adventure was about to start.

Mr. Rountree joined us in the livingroom and listened to our casual chat about trivial things. Then he walked to their television set and turned on the monitor. He loaded a DVD and said, "Why don't we all watch this?"

I was puzzled, but I had grown comfortable enough by then to let my fantasies grow again, thinking of my stolen glances of Mrs. Roundtree's breasts and pussy, and dreaming already about Mrs. Hedgeworth.

"Let's sit where we can all see this," said Mr. Roundtree. I looked at the screen curiously.

It was a but fuzzy, but soon I realized that we were watching the security camera footage from the hospital.

Mr. Roundtree spoke, "Now watch carefully," as I began to squirm.

Oh dear God! On the screen they could all see me enter Mrs. Roundtree's hospital room, walk to her bedside, sit, get up and lean over her bed as I peeked at her tits. They saw me look around to be sure no one was near, then I exposed her nipple.

"Isn't this interesting?" Mr. Roundtree said. "Keep watching.'

I thought about racing for the door and making an escape, but I was frozen in place. I was sitting next to Mrs. Roundtree, and her body was touching mine as we both watch my violation of her.

The video continued, and everyone sat silently as they watched me carefully uncover Mrs. Roundtree's pussy.

Finally Mrs. Roundtree spoke, "My, you are a brave young man."

As the video came to an end, her husband said, "When I got there yesterday, the scene unusual, and I asked the security desk if they had cameras in all the rooms. They were happy to provide a copy."

Suddenly, all eyes were on me, and I was sweating bullets. I'm sure I was red-faced and nervous.

"Well," said Mr. Roundtree, who was an attorney, "you, young man, committed a crime. I'm sure you enjoyed it, but this is very serious and could expose you to a heavy liability."

I stammered, "Oh gee, that was stupid. I'm so sorry. I don't know what got into me."

Mrs. Roundtree held up her hand and said, "We've known you for so long, and no one wants to hurt anyone or cause hardship. You said you were sorry, and I accept that. But still, we think you owe us some kind of repayment, some sort of making up for being so naughty."

I felt a small bit of relief, but I still was embarrassed and felt like a boy who was caught - the same way I felt when my mother found out that I'd stolen Mrs. Roundtree's bra off the clothesline.

"Sure," I said, "I'll do whatever you say."

"We've talked it over," said Mrs. Roundtree, "my husband and Mrs. Hedgeworth and I do have a first request."

"Anything," I said, "I feel so bad."

"First," asked Mrs. Roundtree, "Did you enjoy what you did?"

"Enjoy?" I asked.

"Yes, did you like what you saw?"

"Yes," I honestly replied.

"Tell us what you saw," she asked.

"Well, I saw your breasts, and they were very lovely," I said.

"Where they what you expected?" she asked me.

"Yes, I suppose, but better than I expected."

"Had you thought about seeing them before? Like when you stole my bra years ago."

"I'm so sorry about that, too," I said, "Since I was that age, back then, I've dreamed about your breasts."

"I'm flattered," Mrs. Roundtree said, shifting her position on the sofa. The she continued, "Tell us what else you saw yesterday."

I felt pressured go say things that would embarrass me, but she insisted. She repeated, "We're all going to sit here until you tell us."

"I...I..." it was hard for me to say it out loud, "I saw your vagina."

"Yes, you did," Mrs. Roundtree confirmed. "But a young man like you doesn't call it that word, do you? You saw my pussy, didn't you?"

Damn, to her this dignified lady who I'd known for so long talk about her pussy with me was pushing me over an edge. Cum was flowing again from the tiny lips of my cock.

"Yes, I saw your pussy," I said out loud.

"Good," Mrs. Roundtree said. "I was flattered that you wanted to see my pussy." Then she added, "Would you like to see it again?"

Holy cow! A full spurt of jism lept from my dick, and I was almost fully hard. "Yes!" I exclaimed, but I was deeply puzzled about what might be going on here. Why was Mrs. Hedgeworth present and apparently part of all this?

"Let's go back years ago to that time you took my bra. Tell us what you wanted to do with it," she asked.

"I took it home and hid it in my room until after dark." I told them.

"Wait, let me guess," Mrs. Roundtree said. "You used it to give yourself an orgasm, didn't you? You used my bra to stoke your cock, I bet."

I dropped my head down, "You're right."

At that moment, Mrs. Roundtree stood up. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, standing in her own livingroom with us all watching her in just a bra.

She looked a me, knowing that I must be excited, and said, "Show me."

"Show me what you did with my bra, and use this." As she spoke she reached behind and unclasped her bra, letting it fall away and reveal her breasts to us.

She handed me the bra, "Show me."

I was on the spot. In front of her husband and Mrs. Roundtree and Mrs. Hedgeworth, all in their 60s, she told me to jerk off with her bra.

I touched her soft bra and stared up at her lovely tits on display. She spoke, "Pull out your cock."

In no time, I pulled off my trousers and undressed below the waist. My cock was like a giant tent pole in my boxers. I lowered the boxers to let them all see my dick. It was like I was a movie or some fantasy story - here less than hour after I'd met Mrs. Hedgeworth, she was staring at my erection, and the Roundtrees who I had known for years and years were making me jerk off in front of them.

I suppose that they had no reason to suspect that my cock would be any different from Mr. Roundtree's or most other fellas. I hoped they enjoyed the sight of a very hard and thick eight inches, even if my balls were in a tight sack in that air conditioned livingroom.

I took hold of the bra and wrapped it around my dick and started up and down motions. Mrs. Hedgeworth recrossed her legs.

Mrs. Roundtree slipped her blouse back on but left it unbuttoned. Her nipples were visible now and then as she moved. She watched me playing with my own cock. Mr. Roundtree watched, too.

I could have spurted a load quickly, but it seemed that they wanted a show. I still didn't have a clue about their ultimate interests, but it seemed clear that there was much more to Mrs. Roundtree than I ever suspected.

I sat on the sofa and extended my legs, with my cock on full display. I unwrapped the bra and let it dangle by its straps from my dick as I swung it from side to side.

I looked at Mrs. Roundtree, "You said I could see you pussy again," I said, "Would now be appropriate?"

She smiled, stood, and unzipped her pants. Down they came, and I once again saw her in panties. My heart was racing as she pulled them down.

I wanted to cum right then and there, but I resisted and let my cock wave in the air, not touching myself, and staring at the perfect white orb of Mrs. Roundtree's clit protruding and so close that I could touch it. And touch it I did.

As if he knew just what to do, Mr. Roundtree, a bit of a chubby and out of shape husband, undressed himself. As he relaxed in a chair across from me, Mrs. Hedgeworth arose and walked toward him. She lifted her skirt high enough to reach her panties, and then she pulled them down, stepping out of them and kicking them aside. She turned around and faced me, lifted her skirt to reveal a dense bush of black pussy hair. Invisible within were her pussy folds.

She straddled Mr. Roundtree and lowered herself on to his surprisingly thick pud of about five inches. She moaned as she fucked him. I moaned as I stroked myself. Mrs. Roundtree moaned as I touched her pussy. And I suppose Mr. Roundtree moaned, but I wasn't paying much attention to him.

"Here is the deal," Mrs. Roundtree started to explain as I toyed with her privates. "Among my friends are several who are divorced or widows, like Mrs. Hedgeworth. Beginning with her, I have allowed Mr. Roundtree to service those who desire it. Now, there are five or six women who enjoy this, and as you can see, Mr. Roundtree isn't getting any younger."

"Ah ha," I said, "And with this little hospital film of me, you've found someone you might recruit?"

"Indeed," she said.

Less than an hour ago, I was worried about going to jail, and now I was on cloud nine thinking about this situation that fell into my lap because I stole a peek of pussy.

"Is this my audition?" I asked her.

"You could call it that," Mrs. Roundtree said.

I tossed aside the bra. I told Mrs. Roundtree to lie down on the carpet. I keeled at her feet, took an ankle in each hand and lifted her legs upward. Her pussy was juicy and thick and waiting. Those folds and her little pearl clit were ready. I looked over at her husband, "Mr. Roundtree, may I have permission to fuck you wife?"

Mrs. Hedgeworth was still rising and falling on his cock as he answered, "By all means, you may fuck her."

In two seconds I was positioned with my cock gently kissing her pouting pussy lips, ever so slightly bumping against her lips and entry. Her blouse fell to the sides, and those lovely nipples were larger than ever.

"Would you like a kiss first?" I asked.

"You are such a gentleman," said Mrs. Roundtree. "Yes, why not?"

I leaned forward, allowing the slightest tip of my cock to enter between her slippery lips, and gazed into Mrs. Roundtree's eyes. "What is your first name?" I asked.

Her breathing was quick, and I sensed that she was eager to be entered. "My name, my name is Devon."

"Devon," I repeated, "That is a lovely name for such a lovely women."

"Well, Devon, do you want to be fucked now?"

By then, she could hardly speak. Mrs. Roundtree gasped, "Please!"

"Since you said 'please,' I suppose it's okay. And since your husband agreed, I suppose it's okay. And since it's something I've dreamed of doing for a long long time..."

No more words, I thrust into her. I started with sustained pressure to gain entrance, then gave her a chance to relax before pistoning out and in a few times to open her up more generously. Sure enough, her pussy adjusted as I repeated the pressure and pistoning, slowly inching deeper where she was much tighter than at first.

"How are you doing, Devon?" I asked.

"Don't stop," was all she could say.

I was good at taking those directions - my cock kept up the motions until I was fully embedded. Balls-deep, as they say. Had she been fucked by men other than Mrs. Roundtree? I had no idea, but from the trouble I had getting into her, I'd say that she hadn't been with a large cock.

By now, Mrs. Hedgworth and Mr. Roundtree were on the floor, too, with him entering her from behind and her screaming in pleasure.

I began to count my strokes into Mrs. Roundtree. "One, two, three," and so on. When I counted to fifty, she looked startled and asked, "How much longer will you keep this up?"

"How long do you want?" I asked her.

Then I kept counting. At "one hundred" I abruptly ceased and lay still on her. I laid on my back, and in no time she was on top of me, bending her knees until she made contact with my pole. Then descending down, but now she was in control, and she started counting. We both laughed.

Evidently, Mr. Roundtree lost control and filled Evelyn with his jism. The both sat and watched us fucking and counting and laughing until Mrs. Hedgeworth tapped Devon on the shoulder, "May I break in and dance with your date?" she asked.

Devon smiled and graciously but carefully dismounted, my cock waving freely in the air.

Mrs. Hedgeworth sat between my legs. She gripped my cock with one hand, then with both hands, and felt its slick and thick length. She was wondering if it might be too much, I think.

"Go ahead," I encouraged her, "try it."

She smiled and carefully assumed the position, lowering herself ever so slowly until first contact. Then the splitting of her pussy lips, which her hair concealed until her lips were pushed apart by my big cock. I lay back, and let her do the work. She only let herself be filled about half way, and then bounced up and down on my dick while half of it was still in the dry air.

She seemed satisfied, at least it seemed that she had either orgasm after orgasm or maybe it was a continuous sustained buzz that she was feeling and that I was hearing.

Finally, I spoke to her, "Why don't we take it all the way downtown?"

She looked puzzled by what I had said.

I shifted our positions and laid her on her back, pressed her bent legs up on either side of her still-covered chest - I was fucking her but hadn't seen her breasts yet. With Mr. Roundtree's cum in her, she was well lubricated for my attempt to enter her and find the key to her basement.

As with Mrs. Roundtree, I kept up the pressure and careful probing until she gave way and felt a hard cock slide deeper and deeper. "You've never had one this far inside you, have you?" I asked.

Mrs. Hedgeworth could only whisper, "No, for God's sake, no."

"You want it all, don't you, Mrs. Hedgeworth?" I said, knowing that calling her Mrs. would make her feel more naughty, as if she were doing something she shouldn't.

She didn't reply, and I just kept working to earn my place on the team. Apparently, I would become part of a team of wife fuckers, and I wanted to be a star player. Mrs. Hedgeworth was probably surprised with a full eight inches was totally buried to the hilt - and then we started to fuck.

I'd never considered myself an endurance man when it came to sex, but this occasion put me into a zone where I felt like I could go on and on. Usually, I'd have flagged by now, but the situation and surprise of the whole thing had got hold of me. My cock kept oozing cum but not getting to that over-the-edge feeling that signals when a dude is about to blow his load and hit the locker room.

By now, Mr. and Mrs. Roundtree were fucking beside us, he having recovered enough to give her what he could.

Mrs. Hedgewood was on all fours, and I was doing the honors from behind, penetrating fully on each thrust and toying with my cockhead on her asshole from time to time. Each time she squirmed and said, "Oh please no, not that." But I kept sliding my slippery dick over her bunghole and let her feel the zip of pleasure before she squirmed and protested. Of course, I'd never do what the lady did not want.

This could not go one all day, and it occurred to me that I had been asked originally to jerk off with Mrs. Roundtree's bra.

"Say, Devon, where is your bra?"

She found it and tossed it to me. "I was supposed to let you watch me jerk off with this."

I exited Mrs. Hedgeworth's lovely pussy and assumed a restful position on the sofa. "Mrs. Hedgeworth, Mrs. Roundtree, both of you come over here and help.

They took seats on either side of me, and I did not have to tell them what to do next. They took handfuls of my cock and began a delicious pumping. I asked Mrs. Roundtree to stand so that I could lick her pretty pearl of a clit, poised so perfectly on top of her pussy lips. She had to straddle me while Evelyn continued to play with my cock and balls.

As I gently licked Mrs. Roundtree, I felt Mr. Roundtree's hands on my cock, too. Everyone was getting in on the act, and I had no objections. Finally I could relax and feel the welling-up of pleasure as my balls started to send a flow of cum. With my eyes on Mrs. Roundtree's perfect pussy and my tongue feeling every fold that she hides in her panties, the gusher began.

Mr. Roundtree was an excellent cock wanker, and he kept the pace and pressure just right as each jet of cum raced toward launch then shot into the air. I didn't keep count, but I'm pretty sure this one was a record setter for me. I never asked how the Roundtrees cleaned up their carpet and upholstery after my deposit.

Months have passed, and I've been the "special guest" of Mrs. Roundtree's friends numerous times. All of them are not as desirable as her and Mrs. Wedgeworth, but one must pay attention to charity at times, and the community of fuckable mature women continues to grow.

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