tagMatureMrs. Roundtree Pt. 03

Mrs. Roundtree Pt. 03


Do I know what you're thinking? Are you thinking this is all preposterous, and couldn't have happened? Even as it was happening, I felt the same way. Who'd have thought that stealing a pretty neighbor's bra many years ago and then violating that same wife in the hospital would lead so far?

Months have passed since the Roundtrees and Mrs. Hedgeworth initiated me into their little group. It seemed fantastic at first, but I soon discovered that for women "of a certain age" and experience, this sort of thing is exactly what they want. They do not want a man in their lives. They do not want to serve a husband any longer. They enjoy their independence and free time. But, on occasion, they do like to be fucked by a discrete man who makes no demands and who goes away when he's no longer needed.

That's where I come in.

Before the Roundtrees found me, Mr. Roundtree had done his best, discretely and respectfully, to service Mrs. Roundtree, Mrs. Hedgeworth, and two other of their friends, one divorced and the other a widow. I understand that he did his best, and the ladies were satisfied. They especially were pleased that he was the husband of one of their friends, and that he could be counted on to do the job when asked.

After that first amazing encounter with Mrs. Roundtree and Mrs. Hedgeworth, we all took a break and relaxed with wine. The ladies dressed, and met Mr. Roundtree and me, still naked, on the patio by the swimming pool. Mr. Roundtree's cock had retreated to a little button below his round tummy. My cock was still in a semi-turgid phase, hanging over the deck chair and swinging when I moved.

Before the ladies joined us, Mr. Roundtree confided that he was glad that I had undressed his wife in the hospital. When he got to her room that day and saw her in a state of undress with me leering at his wife's breast, he thought that perhaps I might be the man they'd been looking for to help in their little escapades.

Frankly, he told me, "It's a bit much for an aging guy like me."

I smiled, "You didn't act like an aging guy just a few minutes ago."

He chuckled and told me, "This whole thing started a year ago, and at first I was thrilled to help my wife's friends. Who wouldn't? But I've probably screwed Mrs. Hedgeworth ten times, and the others were added gradually. I'm getting more sex now that ever in my life."

"You must be a happy man," I told him.

"Well, yes I am. The other two ladies are real lookers, just like these two. My wife met them in exercise classes, yoga, and stuff like that." "But to be honest," he said, looking down at her shrunk pud of a cock, "I was never the cocksman that you are."

I smiled and thanked Mr. Roundtree. He had just watched me fuck his wife, so I considered his words a great compliment.

He continued, "I've never had the endurance to do two ladies in the same day, much less two at the same time."

"Well, my time will come to slow down, but now I'm probably enjoying sex more than ever, and I hope you won't be offended if I tell you that I've jerked off thinking about your wife more times than I can count. After seeing her pussy in the hospital, I was aching to see it again. But my God, you scared me about the security video."

"Sorry about that, son," he said. "That night, Mrs. Roundtree and I talked it over and decided that might be a way to entice you to cooperate, at least until we knew how you felt about being a partner to help me service these gals."

Just then the ladies joined us, looking smart in their outfits. It was especially nice to see them dressed since now I knew what they looked like naked. As Mrs. Roundtree handed me a glass of wine, I felt another drip of cum plop on the patio.

"What have you boys been taking about," she asked, "as if I didn't' know."

Mr. Roundtree said, "I've just been filling him in on the arrangements, at least a little bit. But why don't you explain things?"

She and Mrs. Hedgeworth took chairs where they could study both our cocks.

"Well, the two of us," she said nodding to Evelyn, "began this as a fluke." "Evelyn confided in me that she had not had sex for some time, and that she missed it. But dating was out of the question since she did not want to start another serious relationship. She wished there were a way to have sex safely and without guilt and commitments, and definitely without paying for it, with a discrete and understanding male." She continued, "When I told my husband what Evelyn has said, he calmly suggested that he do it for her."

"How thoughtful of him," I interjected.

"Well, the first time was a bit awkward. Evelyn came over, and I let the two of them have privacy in our guest bedroom. When they came out, both were smiling."

"In chats with our other friends, I asked them if they missed sex, and they expressed much the same feelings. My husband was willing to do his best to help them, too, and here we are."

"Why change anything?" I asked.

"This has all worked out so well at first, then one of our friends let me know that she Mr. Rountree, as gentle and kind as he is, could only satisfy her so much, you know, with his little thing down there."

"Oh, I see."

"Your audition today proved that you have what she, and I think all of us, prefer." Mrs. Roundtree looked at her husband, "No slight intended, dear."

"None taken," he said.

Another drip of cum hit the patio surface. This talk was getting me into the mood again. My cock was tired and wouldn't get truly hard again until a long rest, but the ladies' eyes on my dick kept it puffy and chubby and flowing.

Mrs. Roundtree added, "Also, if the group should expand, it's more than Mr. Roundtree could truly handle. He has enjoyed the variety, and now you can provide variety for us."

What seemed like a wild situation involving single older women, except for Mrs. Roundtree herself, actually turned out to be a rather sane and calm arrangement. When called, I would be invited to attend to business. I tried to be polite and professional, never assuming the ladies wanted anything other than discrete service.

I dressed professionally, shined my shoes, always wore a coat and tie, arrived on time and did not overstay my welcome. After the adventure of the first fucking, the entire process became rather matter-of-fact. Mrs. Roundtree would call me with the request and an address. Sometimes it was in a home. Sometimes it was in a hotel. And sometimes Mr. Roundtree did the work.

I did make one arrangement that became part of our agreement. In between fucking these wonderful ladies, I insisted on fucking Mrs. Roundtree again. My passion for her never failed, and screwing her, especially if her husband were watching us, recharged my batteries.

We've added a few new ladies to the group. One is still married but heard about our arrangement and wanted to try. Being a gentleman, I allowed this exception.

I cultivate conversation with each of them so that they will feel comfortable. The first time, of course, I try to fuck them as thoroughly as I can, paying attention to learn what they enjoy and don't enjoy. And the first time it takes them a while to get used to my cock size. Apparently, they all had mates with average to substandard equipment.

Once the fucking becomes routine, I engage them in long conversations while screwing them. Usually my endurance holds out, and we can chit chat for an hour while continuously sliding my dick in and out, me on top, them on top, sideways, on all fours. They seem to like the informality, and they come to regard my visits as just part of their routine. But it's a routine that insists on orgasms for all.

Presently, I'm having the most fun with the married wife. I always tease her that her husband is hiding behind a curtain and watching us or that he's just outside the door listening. I like to ask her if she wants him to watch us and to see a real man's cock fucking his wife. So far, every time I ask her that question, she shivers and goes over the edge of climax. Works every time.

All this has come my way at a perfect time in my life. I wasn't dating anyone seriously. I had fantasied about Mrs. Roundtree for so long, and now they came true and then some. Last weekend I was with our newest member of the group, so that means Mrs. Roundtree is next. I think I'll send her a text now and ask her when she and her husband want me to come over.

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