Mrs. Sonnet

byL.A. Wicker©

Pete just sat there returning her smile and he didn't care what she said. It was hot the way she so quickly thought it up. 'So, I can just touch you and make you orgasm?' he said in a low voice, making sure to look into her eyes, enjoying the slight embarrassment on her pretty face.

'Oh yes!' she replied with a big smile, thinking this guy was going to end up getting her in bed. She needed to be loved, but he was just a boy. A boy she'd seen grow up and even changed his diapers when he was a baby, how in the world could she fuck him.

'How do I make you cum, orgasm?' he asked, but this time Eva didn't turn red, she just looked into his eyes and Pete felt his cock growing hard. 'I want you so bad!' he thought enjoying the sparkle in Eva's eyes, wondering if it was for him or if he was just imagining it.

Eva thought for a second, wondering if she should let this game go on or if it should stop now. It was fun, but there was no way she wanted to hurt Pete or give him any misleading ideas about them. 'If I did and this wasn't just a game,' she paused to caress his hands, thinking of how she wanted to be held. 'I'd like you to come up behind me, wrap your arms around me as you kissed my neck and,' she stopped, feeling her face getting red, her heart racing and more wetness flowing from between her legs.

'And,' he teased watching the beautiful woman's face turning bright red. 'Come on girl. Spit it out!' he smiled wondering what in the heck she was thinking to get her get this red.

Eva didn't know if she could say it or not. This was getting out of hand very quick. She hadn't been this excited in so long and it felt so wonderful. 'I love it when I'm wearing panties and a man is holding me, pressing his hardness in my butt.' Eva whispered in that same soft voice she used at her kitchen table and had no idea of how hard she made Pete.

He just sat there, feeling his cock growing out of control, wishing he could hold her that way. Pete would love to be against her body, his cock pressed to her shapely ass and kissing her neck. 'I'm not sure about any other guy, but I think that would be very nice,' he smiled, as his cock grew more, thinking of holding the woman of his dreams. 'It would be with you, that is.'

Eva knew this should stop, but it was so fun and if she did make it with Pete, he'd know how she liked it. 'Wouldn't you like doing that to a girl your age?' Eva asked watching his eyes and from the look on his face, she knew that wasn't the thing to say.

'No, I'd rather have an older lady, like you,' he said looking down to the table, hoping she didn't slap him or want to go back home. He was only telling her the truth. 'I've always had a thing for older women.' Pete mumbled in a low voice as he looked up to see her smiling at him.

'Oh really?' she smiled at him, remember he never brought any girls around or talked about any either. 'This isn't fare, you've haven't told me what you like a lady to do to you.' Eva added, wishing she hadn't asked Pete that. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know what her young admirer liked or not. It was bad enough he knew one of the things that drove her crazy with lust and now she asked him this.

Pete wasn't sure if he should tell Eva or not. He was just a normal guy that loved his cock to be sucked for hours, but it would be to embarrassing to tell her. She was expecting something more, something erotic, not just having his cock sucked. 'I'm like any other normal guy,' he said feeling like his face was on fire. 'I umm...I like to be pleased...umm... orally.' Pete added watching a little smile covering her beautiful face and from that moment on, he knew that he could tell Eva anything without the fear of being embarrassed about it.

She couldn't believe Pete told her. She was so sure that he'd just make something up, but her guy had the balls to tell her the truth. 'I bet the ladies just love you,' Eva smiled, wanting to tell him her other secret, but how could she tell him that she loved sucking a nice, hard cock all night. 'This has certainly been an enlightening afternoon of conversation and secrets,' she said feeling her panties covered in juices and her nipples were as hard as little rocks, wishing she could find out more things Pete loved. 'But, I think we should be off. We still have an hour before we get to the beach,' she added, hoping talking this candid with Pete, wouldn't ruin their fun.


'It's so beautiful here!' Eva said with excitement rushing over her as they walked arm in arm along the river, enjoying the sites. 'Bill won't do anything like this with me,' she added looking at Pete and his handsome, young face, knowing it was going to be so hard not falling for him. 'Thank you,' she whispered caressing his arm, wishing he'd make a pass at her.

He just held her arm, enjoying the occasional feel of her slender hips touching his. 'Thank you for asking me to come with you,' he replied walking towards a bench that was perfectly positioned under a large tree. 'It sure is warm today.' Pete said wiping some sweat from his face as he sat down and that's when he noticed that Eva's blouse was near transparent from her own perspiration. He tried not to look, but it was so difficult to keep his eyes off her large, excited breasts.

Eva sat close to Pete as she continued holding his arm. 'I could come here everyday and never get tired of it,' she smiled looking to the far side of the river, watching a small boat slowing making its way up river. 'How about you?' Eva asked turning to see his dark eyes looking straight to her breasts, and that's when she realized her blouse was now see-through. It felt like fire was racing through her body as his dark eyes roamed over her breasts and she could see him sucking them, humping his young cock against her body with each gentle suck. 'You naughty boy!' she teased, enjoying his face turning red, knowing he had been caught looking at her.

'I'm sorry,' he quickly said hoping she wouldn't be mad at him for looking.

Eva just laughed at him and couldn't resist giving him a hug. 'I was teasing you, silly,' she giggled hugged him. 'I don't care if you look at me.' Eva whispered before she had time to think. 'Oh my God. I just told him it was ok,' she thought, but didn't care. It turned her on so badly she hurt. A boy of Pete's age was checking her out. She was thirty six years old and he was looking at her.

'Really?' he asked with a wide grin, feeling his cock growing again. 'I love looking at you.' Pete added running his hand over her long, black hair until it reached her smooth back. 'You're so pretty and...' he paused wondering if he should finish telling her what he wanted to say, or just make something up.

'What?' she smiled feeling his hand on her back, wishing that he'd move it lower, to her low-rise jeans. Eva loved her ass being touched, along with all of her many other desires. 'I told you before; don't be afraid to say anything. I'm a big girl I can take it.' Eva whispered to Pete, turning towards him, knowing he'd get a breathtaking sight of her breasts.

Pete still couldn't believe that he was here with Eva, sharing their lustful thoughts and when she turned, it felt like his cock would explode. Her gorgeous breasts filled his eyes and he savored every last inch of them. He took a deep breath, carefully slid his hand down her back until it was on the bare flesh of her back and he felt her soft panties against his fingers. He couldn't believe it. Touching Eva was a dream come true and now, he was feeling her delicate panties.

'Tell me,' she whispered leaning as close to him as she could possibly get without sitting on him and that thought had also filled her mind. He could really hold and caress her, but again, she didn't want to go too far with Pete and ruin this wonderful day or their friendship. 'Please,' she whispered caressing his chest, hoping he'd finish. She wanted to know everything that Pete thought and all of his sexual desires.

He looked over her body, her large breasts, her thin waist and the hottest set of hips he'd ever seen in his young life. 'You make me so...hard,' he smiled taking a chance, moving his hand lower, just under her jeans and when she drew in a breath of air, he slowly moved his other hand to her thigh.

Eva was lost in his loving touch, she knew it was wrong, but it made her feel so good. Her husband hadn't excited her in years, so she was going to enjoy Pete and his skilled hands all she could. 'You get hard all you want,' she whispered, giving him a lustful smile, feeling his hand moving up her thigh, only a few centimeters from her very lonely pussy. 'I like knowing I turn you on so much.' Eva smiled again as Pete's hand moved up her leg and touched her. 'Oh Pete!' she moaned, lifting her hips, enjoying him to the fullest.

Pete was in heaven when Eva moaned and he couldn't believe how hot she was. It felt as if there was a small fire between her legs and he hoped to put it out for her. 'You're so hot!' he moaned, caressing her most private place, hoping this wasn't a dream.

Eva just lay against Pete, letting him caress her or do pretty much any other thing he wanted. 'You've gotten me so excited,' she softly moaned, looking up to him. 'I'll be lucky if I can walk!' Eva giggled like a girl on her first date, trying to think this over. She wanted to be with Pete and his loving hands so badly, but there was no way she wanted to loose his friendship.

'You should feel me,' he laughed hugging her. 'I'm going to look like I have a baseball bat down my pants.' Pete added and felt her dainty hand slowly moving over his leg and to his cock. 'Oh Eva!' he couldn't help but moaning as she squeezed him.

'Oh my God!' Eva panted as his size filled her hand and she was shocked. 'I've never felt anything like you in my life,' she moaned, wondering what something so big would feel like deep in her lonely body. 'How big are?' she asked caressing down the entire length of his long and very thick shaft, trying to imagine it in her, but she couldn't. Something this big and wonderful would have to be experienced first hand, no dreaming allowed.

Pete just lay against Eva, enjoying her hand on him, wishing that he was naked. 'I don't know,' he moaned, hoping she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. 'I just know it's big and girls really love it!' he laughed, enjoying her giving it a very hard squeeze.

'Oh, I bet they do!' Eva moaned, wanting him more than anything she'd ever felt in her life. She continued squeezing and caressing Pete's wonderful feeling cock, loosing all sense of her responsibility of being a married woman. 'There's one other thing I love that I'm sure you're going to love,' she smiled, lying on her side with her head on his lap. 'If you play with my breasts,' she paused, took a deep breath and knew she was finished. She wanted Pete to fuck her until she died in his arms and didn't care. 'I'll suck you for as long as you want.' Eva whispered, reaching to unzip his jeans and felt his hand creeping under her blouse.

He watched her turning to lie down and wanted to scream when her head lay on his hard cock. Her words filled his young ears and he grew more. 'Like this?' Pete asked slipping his hand down her blouse, gently running his fingers over Eva's hot flesh, enjoying her faint moaning and the feel of her rubbery nipples on his fingers. 'I still can't believe this is happening,' he whispered, carefully rolling her nipple between his fingers.

'You better believe it,' she replied with a weak smile, reaching in his jeans and wanted to scream. 'Pete!' Eva moaned when the bare skin of his hard, youthful cock filled her hand. 'I want you!' she whispered, praying they could find a motel room really fast. She wasn't sure just how much more of this she could endure. She needed her young man as fast as she could get him. 'I need to suck this monster!' she growled leaning to him and sucked him to the back of her warm throat and gagged, but she kept on sucking, forcing him down her moist throat as far as he would go.

Pete held her head, listening to Eva gagging, but never once, did she stop sucking. 'This is fucking great!' he moaned, feeling her trying to swallow him completely, just like on his favorite movie, website. 'Suck it!' Pete moaned caressing her soft hair with one hand, while the other continued teasing Eva's nipples, just the way she liked it. But, now he couldn't wait to get her to a room and see what she could really do with his cock. 'We need to find a room!' Pete moaned, hoping he could hold out for a long time and truly enjoy this gorgeous, mature and experienced woman sucking his cock.

Eva kept sucking him as deep as she could, not hearing one single word he'd said. She sucked him deep, until the head hit the back of her throat and she would swallow, forcing it down, awaiting her gag to bring him back up. 'I'm going to suck you to death!' Eva moaned, sitting up as quickly as she could, flipping her long, hair back and knew it was way past time to get a room. 'Hurry!' she said standing up and was ready to run to the car and get the first available room they could find.


The door of the motel room opened, Pete pushed Eva inside and against a wall. 'I'm going to fuck you all night!' he growled jerking her thin blouse over her head and threw it somewhere behind him. 'These are what I've been wanting!' he smiled moving to his knees and starting sucking Eva's hard, excited nipples, enjoying her soft moaning with each passionate suck.

'Yes! Oh my God, yes!' she cried grabbing his head, shoving his face to her breasts, savoring the feel of his mouth giving her the pleasures she'd all but forgotten. Pete sucked as his tongue teased each nipple into a state of frenzy and Eva couldn't get enough. 'Suck them harder!' she growled to him, wishing she could get to his hard cock and knew young Pete was going to get the blowjob of a lifetime.

Pete sucked harder, hoping he didn't hurt Eva, but from the way she was acting, he quickly knew he had a tiger in his hands. 'You like it hard?' he asked, grabbing her right breast, lifting it up and he sucked with all of his might. Her moaning and grinding against his body, told Pete she loved it. 'I'm going to fuck you to death!' he moaned unbuttoning her jeans, trying to pull them down enough to get to her pussy. After a minute of tugging, he did it. His hand reached up and his fingers were quickly covered in her warm, sticky juices. 'You're so wet,' he moaned running two fingers deep into her excited slit, enjoying her low moans of lust.

She felt him pulling on her tight jeans and knew her guy was ready to claim his prize, her. She wiggled her ass with each pull, until Eva felt his fingers. 'Yes!' she whimpered as he gently touched her lonely pussy with such love and tenderness, she wanted to cry. 'How's it feel knowing you made me this wet?' she moaned as his young fingers roamed her body with the skill of a man twice his age. Eva had been waiting for this day for so long, but never expected it to be a boy of eighteen years that would free her from the miserable life of loneliness. 'I want it hard and fast!' she said with need, as she looked down to watch him ravishing her breasts, sending more pleasures racing through her than she could have ever imagined.

'Good! Because I plan on wearing this hot, little ass out!' he moaned reaching back to grab her ass with both hands and squeezed as hard as he could. 'I bet you need it real hard, don't you?' Pete teased and again Eva moaned like an animal in pain.

'I might just fuck you to death, buster!' she said through her teeth as she fought to pull her jeans all the way off. She needed to feel him touching her; it had been far too long since a real, loving man wanted her this way and she needed more. Eva managed to get her jeans off and spread her legs wide. 'Rub it!' she begged him with need, wanting to feel his fingers on every, last inch of her aching pussy.

Pete smiled as he cupped her moist pussy and gently began to caress her. Eva moaned and moaned as he gently rubbed and Pete couldn't wait to make this beautiful woman cum. 'Let's get on the bed,' he said with need as he stood up.

'No, I need a shower first. I've been wet all day and I really need to wash,' she smiled, shoving him down on the bed and sat between his legs. 'Now it's my turn!' Eva smiled as she slowly unzipped his jeans and slid them off. 'Oh my Lord!' she laughed fanning her face as his full hardness finally came into view. 'You're going to kill me!' she laughed reaching to hold his long and very stiff cock, thinking of how wonderful it was going to feel. 'Lift up a little,' she smiled reaching her hands under his back and was ready to give her young lover a treat that he'd never forget. 'It may sound like I'm dying, but trust me.' Eva paused, licking the tip of his extremely swollen cock, enjoying the salty taste of his cum in her mouth. 'I'm going to love every gag and choke,' she added opening her mouth, taking Pete all the way in and half way down her throat.

'Oh fuck!' Pete moaned lifting his hips, shoving it deeper, until she starting gagging and he was shocked when she pushed down more. 'Oh, you're wonderful,' he moaned again, enjoying her trying to swallow his cock. Her muscles tried forcing him down her warm, silky throat until Eva gagged and out he'd come, just to have her force it back down again. 'You should have been a fucking whore!' he laughed, hearing a long and very low moan coming from her and he wondered if his sexy lover liked it dirty. 'You're going to be my whore,' he whispered and Eva moaned louder, forcing him deeper than ever and Pete couldn't have been happier.

Eva sucked and sucked, trying her best to get him all the way down her throat. She hadn't been blessed with a cock half his size in her life and she planned on sucking Pete until he begged her to stop, but with him being so young, she figured that he'd die before that ever happened. 'I'll be your whore, but you have to promise to love me,' she thought, sucking him harder, deeper until she gagged, but she'd just force him deeper. 'I need to shower, and then I'm going to kill you!' she said to herself, hoping she'd be able to take all of him and let her young, energetic lover throat fuck her all he wanted.

Pete just lay helpless, watching Eva swallowing him to the root and loving every second of it. 'You're nothing but a fucking whore!' he moaned, not believing what she was doing with his stiff cock. How could she force something so big and hard down her throat and want more and more of it. 'You're unbelievable!' he smiled, caressing her long hair, wondering how long she was going to do this and hoped she'd want to do it a lot.

'Thank you.' Eva thought, knowing her young man was happy and she wondered what he was going to think when she sucked him this very same way each day. She sucked more, but she wanted to do him better. Eva carefully eased him from her mouth and moved up into his arms. 'I'm going to shower and then,' she smiled caressing the side of his face knowing he was going to love it. 'You're going to fuck my mouth all you want.' Eva smiled at his shocked look and knew that she'd found her dream man. 'I'll be right back,' she said standing up and ran to the bathroom.


Eva stood enjoying the hot water cascading over her excited body, wondering why in the heck she was here, about to fuck this young boy that she'd known since he was a baby. 'I feel so fucking dirty,' she whispered, thinking of the young boy that was only a few minutes away from giving her the most amazing pleasures. 'But, it feels so good to be dirty!' she added feeling a cool rush of air flowing over her body and Eva had an idea that she was about to have some company.

Pete opened the shower door and moved against her back, making sure his cock was pushed to her ass. 'I missed you,' he said kissing her neck as his hands reached around to hold each of her wet, excited breasts. 'Is this how you like it?' he teased knowing it was from her moaning and pushing her ass to his cock.

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