tagBDSMMrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 03

Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 03


As with most stories on this site this story contains elements of many of the categories in the index. Many readers have suggested that this series should be classified as BDSM because of its strong femdom story line. In deference to those comments the remaining installments will be in the BDSM section. The style of CFNM that is portrayed is but one take on that life style. If you have different opinions I would welcome a conversation on the topic. If you read the entire story please take the time to vote and express your opinion. The CFNM genre has seemed to stagnate recently and a lively give and take might help to revive interest!


Mrs. Swanson's early history is explored.

"Susan, dear." Mrs. Swanson was waiting at the foot of the stairs. "I need a word with you."

"Yes, Mrs. Swanson?"

"I'd like you to dress for super tonight. I want the boys to practice presenting themselves for the tea on Saturday afternoon."

"That sounds like fun!"

"I'm sure it will be. Mr. Morton has never experienced a tea party so he needs to learn the proper etiquette."

"It will be my pleasure to help you, Mrs. Swanson!"

"Thank-you, Susan, I knew I could count on you. By the way, the tea is for the two young ladies that I'm interviewing for the part-time maids position. I hope you are available to help me pick the right one."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

"I kind of thought you might say that." Mrs. Swanson smiled as she turned to return to the parlor. "I think little Larry might be getting impatient."

"I'll make the wait worth it!" Miss Bridgeway grinned.

One more thing, Susan,"

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Did you start Carl's imagery re-enforcement?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Very good, Susan, it's of the utmost importance to keep their little male minds focused on a mythical female until they can be dedicated to one of the Sisters'"

"Very well ma'am."

Mrs. Swanson left Miss Bridgeway and returned to the parlor.

"I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long, Lawrence." Miss Bridgeway greeted Larry as she entered the kitchen. "Is little Larry still distracting you?" She took hold of his penis and pulled gently. "I should say he is! What do you say we give him a little fresh air and exercise him on the porch?"

"That would be nice, Miss Bridgeway." Lawrence knew it was always best to be agreeable; the ladies of the Sisterhood knew how to get their way.

Miss Bridgeway took a fresh apron from the pile in the closet and taking Lawrence in hand led him out to the porch. On nice days she liked to masturbate the boys in the fresh air. Her favorite spot was by the railing near the end of the porch where Mrs. Swanson could watch if it pleased her.

As Miss Bridgeway donned the apron Lawrence took his spot against the railing. He knew the position well; buttocks resting on the railing and his feet spread wide he gave Miss Bridgeway maximum access to his throbbing penis.

"Tell me about your sweetheart, Lawrence." The Sisters believed that every young man should fantasize about a special woman when they were masturbated; conditioning them to dedicate themselves to one special woman while at the same time acknowledging their subservience to all women.

"She's tall, Miss Bridgeway, with long lovely legs. She has a narrow waist." Miss Bridgeway had moved an ottoman between Lawrence's legs and was stroking his chest, teasing his nipples. She watched his penis twitching as his heart rate increased.

"Go on, Lawrence." She cooed; taking his penis in the palm of her hand and squeezing gently as she pulled. With her other hand she formed a loose ring around the base of his penis and pulled gently all the way to its head where she tightened her grip causing it to pop out of her hand and bounce lewdly. Her free hand repeated the process alternating over and over stimulating him as if she were milking a cow's teat. "What about her ass, Lawrence, tell me about her ass!" Her voice was low, almost a whisper, urging him to reveal his secret fantasies to her.

"Her ass is round and firm with two dimples just above the cleft of her cheeks. It's the most beautiful, kissable ass I've ever seen." He was panting as she increased the pressure on his cock.

"Oh, Lawrence, you naughty boy; Do you kiss your sweetheart's ass?" Miss Bridgeway knew that Lawrence had a special fascination with the female derriere.

"If I'm good she lets me kiss her cheeks and lick between them."

"Oooo, Lawrence, That's so naughty!"

"You're going to make me cum, Miss Bridgeway, I'm going to spurt!"

"Spurt on my apron, Lawrence, nice strong spurts."

"Yes, yes, oh fuck, fuck yes." Lawrence shot spurt after spurt on Miss Bridgeway's apron.

Miss Bridgeway squeezed the last few drops of cum from little Larry and then left him leaning against the railing. She returned with a warm washcloth and as she washed Larry's now sated genitals she asked, "Are you all better now?"

"Oh yes," Lawrence sighed, "Thank-you, Miss Bridgeway."

"No, Lawrence, thank-you, really, it's my pleasure. Now off you go. See you at supper!"

Later that evening, at the appointed hour, the young men who lived at Mrs. Swanson's rooming house came down stairs dressed in suits and ties, hair combed and shoes shined. It was tradition that each evening they would have supper in the dining room. During those meals Mrs. Swanson would help them practice their social graces, especially conversation. They were expected to be able to converse on a wide variety of topics but to avoid controversial topics, especially religion. Normally they would be naked but on special occasions when being dressed would help in teaching a lesson Mrs. Swanson would ask them to dress for supper. This was one of those evenings.

As the eldest, Thomas Murphy led the entourage and knocked softly on the parlor door.

"Who is it?" Mrs. Swanson inquired, knowing full well it was "her boys".

"It's Thomas, Mrs. Swanson, and Scott, Lawrence and Carl. May we come in?"

"Of course, dear! Please come in."

The young men entered the parlor and each in turn greeted Mrs.Swanson. They engaged in small talk about the events of the day until Miss Bridgeway called them to the table. Supper consisted of a light salad, soup and home made bread. Miss Bridgeway joined them at the table. The women sat at either end with the boys on the sides. There was lively conversation throughout the supper and the boys were disappointed when the meal drew to a close.

"Thomas," Mrs. Swanson directed.

"Yes, ma'am?" He replied.

"Would you and Scott please clear the table?"

"Yes, ma'am." Thomas said as he quickly stood and gathered up some of the dishes. "Bring the serving dishes to the kitchen, Scott." As the eldest it fell upon him to take the lead when ever Mrs. Swanson asked them to help around the house.


"Yes, Mrs. Swanson?"

"I believe it is your turn to help with the dishes tonight?"

"That's right ma'am."

"Please wait a few minutes to get started; I have something to tell you boys."

"Very well, ma'am."

When the table was cleared Mrs. Swanson began. "On Saturday afternoon I will be entertaining two young women for the position of part time housekeeper. As you older boys know, Miss Grzyziewicz our part time housekeeper last year and Omar Gonzalez were married this past summer. It was a shame to see them go but the position that Omar was offered at the U of M was just too good to pass up and Carol assures me that she will be spreading the CFNM doctrine as soon as they can find a suitable home. As is my custom I limit the choice of part time housekeeper to young ladies who are already familiar with the CFNM lifestyle and my rather conservative views on the subject so these ladies will not be shocked in the least by the way we conduct our affairs. I expect each of you to be courteous and respectful."

"No need to worry, Mrs. Swanson." Thomas assured her.

"Thank-you, Thomas." Mrs. Swanson continued, "I intend to demonstrate four of the techniques that I like to use when masturbating you boys. I will, of course, start with you, Thomas, in the parlor. You will come down dressed, of course."

"Yes, ma'am."

"I will introduce you to the young ladies and we will spend a few minutes getting to know them before I give you your cue."

"Yes, ma'am, when you ask me if I would like to make myself comfortable I'll ask the young ladies to excuse me and I'll disrobe at the clothes tree."

"That's right, Thomas. When you are naked you will rejoin us and continue conversing. We are going to forego your usual Saturday morning milking session so that you will have plenty of semen for the young ladies, I hope you won't be too uncomfortable."

"It will be a pleasure to wait for your guests, Mrs. Bridgeway!" Thomas actually looked forward to being introduced to the ever expanding circle of Sisters. Their fascination with male genitalia in general and providing men with sexual relief in particular made him happy to be a devotee.

"I'm sure the wait will be worth it, Thomas!" Mrs. Swanson smiled as she continued; she knew each of her boys loved the attention they received. "When we have concluded with Thomas Scott, it will be your turn. I want Miss Bridgeway to give you your regular milking because you will be demonstrating the morning 'quickie' that you boys so often need. I hope you will not be too disappointed, Scott."

"Not at all Mrs. Swanson."

"Thank-you, Scott." Mrs. Swanson almost purred. "Now as for you, Lawrence, you too can have your morning milking because we will be masturbating you on the porch!"

"Yes, ma'am"

"That leaves you, Carl. You too will not be milked in the morning. I'm saving you for the milking demonstration because it will be your first milking and I want it to be special for you."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank-you ma'am." Carl had never been milked and could only wonder at what might be more intense than the masturbatory sessions he had already experienced!

"Good!" Mrs. Swanson exclaimed, "Now, who would like to be first to demonstrate for Carl the proper way to present yourself to a Sister?"

"May I, Mrs. Swanson?" Thomas answered quickly, eager to return to his studies but also eager to receive a possible extra masturbation.

"Go ahead, Thomas."

When Thomas had removed all his clothes and they were neatly arranged according to Mrs. Swanson's instructions he walked over to Mrs. Swanson and said, "Thank-you, Mrs. Swanson for allowing me to show you just how much I enjoy your company."

Thomas's penis was standing tall. "That's sweet of you, Thomas! Please take a seat next to Miss Bridgeway.

"May I, Miss Bridgeway?"

"Please do, Thomas." She took his penis in her hand as he seated himself. "You have a nice strong erection this evening, Thomas!"

"It's the pleasure of the company of such lovely ladies, ma'am."

"Do tell, Thomas," Miss Bridgeway cooed as she stroked his rock hard member.

"I think you'll be needing this soon, Miss Bridgeway! Mrs. Swanson said as she handed an apron to her housekeeper.

"Thank-you, ma'am."

After donning the apron Miss Bridgeway seated herself on the edge of the settee and asked Thomas to take his position directly in front of her. With his feet on either side of hers his penis was about a foot from her face. Using her left hand she cupped his testicles as she used the reverse stroking method for stimulating his penis. "Squat down closer to my lap Thomas, you may steady yourself on my shoulders if you wish!"

"Oh, thank-you ma'am." Thomas was beginning to pant and his hips twitched involuntarily. After over six years of training an accomplished Sister could bring him off in mere minutes or she could tease him indefinitely, whatever pleased her.

"Do you want to spurt for me, Thomas?"

"Yes, ma'am, please let me spurt for you, I want to make nice strong spurts for you!"\

Miss Bridgeway liked it when the boys were excited. "Not just yet, Thomas, hold it for me just a little longer." She could feel his penis beginning to swell to its maximum potential, the head was turning an angry purple, in just a few seconds she would let him cum. He threw his head back and tightened his grip on her shoulders; his hips thrust his penis into her hand. She pulled on his testicles and whispered, "Now, Thomas, make your cock spurt cum for me, spurt your nice creamy cum on my fresh clean apron!"

Thomas thrust his hips violently at her grasping hand and cum spurted out of his cock just as she wanted; hitting the apron where it covered her breasts. Thomas let out a satisfied sigh and released his grip. "Thank-you, Miss Bridgeway, thank-you!"

"Your welcome, Thomas! Now let me clean you up!

When Miss Bridgeway returned from the kitchen with a pan of warm water and towels she cleaned Thomas's sticky genitals and dismissed him to return to his room. He quickly dressed himself and asked, "May I be excused, Mrs. Swanson?"

You're excused, Thomas, thank-you, Thomas."

"Thank-you, Mrs. Swanson!"

Each of the boys in turn practiced presenting themselves. When Lawrence had cum Mrs. Swanson reminded him to go to the kitchen to wash the dishes. When it was Carl's turn Mrs. Swanson asked, "Do you understand, Carl?"

"I think I do Mrs. Swanson, even though I am naked I should behave as though it is perfectly natural."

"Which it is, Carl?" Mrs. Swanson interrupted.

"Yes, ma'am; and I should let the Sister take the lead."

"That's correct, Carl. In the end you will be masturbated if you are a good and patient boy. But we will do it at out pace and for our pleasure first and foremost."

"Yes, ma'am."

After Miss Bridgeway had put Carl through his paces and his genitals were washed Mrs. Swanson said, "One more thing, Carl, you boys will each be called downstairs to meet the prospective housekeepers one at a time by this little bell. When the boy before you returns to his quarters you should wait at the top of the stairs until you hear it summon you, is that clear?"

"Thank-you, Carl, now back to your studies."

Saturday morning came and Carl went down for breakfast. None of the boys would be masturbated during the meal this morning because of the tea party that Mrs. Swanson was holding for her prospective housekeepers.

Scott and Lawrence waited for the meal to end and their milking session to begin. Carl asked Miss Bridgeway if he could help her in any way so that he could perform his restitution duty. She was happy to have his help this morning because she needed to bake cookies for the tea so she sent Carl to gather the soiled bed linens. Milking the boys was an important weekly duty and she did enjoy it but this was an especially hectic Saturday! With Carl's help she completed her duties before lunch and everything was in place when the young Sister Initiates arrived.

Miss Bridgeway greeted them at the door, "Please come in, Mrs. Swanson is expecting you."

She knocked on the parlor door and waited for Mrs. Swanson to answer.

"What is it, Miss Bridgeway?"

"Your guests have arrived, Mrs. Swanson." Miss Bridgeway announced.

"Please show them in, Miss Bridgeway."

The young women entered the parlor and greeted Mrs. Swanson, "Good afternoon, ma'am."

"Good afternoon, ladies, I'm so happy to see you!"

"It's my pleasure to visit on such a fine afternoon, Mrs. Swanson." Miss Carol Conrad offered.

"It certainly is," added Miss LaToya Williams, I just love the way the sunlight plays on the stained glass panel above your window!"

"It is stunning," agreed Miss Conrad.

"Thank-you, ladies, won't you please be seated. We have much to do today and time is precious so let's proceed. First of all, I must ask you, is there any confusion in your mind as to what the duties of the part time housekeeper involve.

"May I answer that Mrs. Swanson?" Miss Williams asked.

"Of course, dear, please do."

"My understanding is that the housekeeper runs the house for you including being responsible for cooking and cleaning. In addition to those duties, the housekeeper may also be asked to assist the residents when they are too distracted to study."

"That is the job description, Miss Williams, but elaborate for me if you will."

"It will be my job to direct the young men who are your boarders in their duties to maintain the household." Miss Williams explained.

"And what about assisting when they are distracted, Miss Conrad?"

Miss Conrad's eyes twinkled as she answered, "That means I get to jack them off!" She exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Please, Miss Conrad, that's so vulgar. You must learn to control your emotions!"

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Swanson. It's just that ever since I was introduced to the CFNM lifestyle by my mother I just can't get enough of the lovely male genitalia.

"How about you, Miss Williams. As a young African/American woman how do you feel about masturbating white boys?"

"Mrs. Swanson, when I masturbate any male I am in charge. His ability to cum or not to cum is completely at my discretion. While I love to see and touch the male sex organs they must respect me or they will suffer."

"Well said, Miss Williams. I think it is time for you to meet my young men and to see how we do things in my house"

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Miss Conrad said.

"Please do."

"My mother has told me that you introduced her to CFNM about three years ago but that you have been practicing CFNM for almost twenty years. Who introduced you to the lifestyle?"

"Well, dear," Mrs. Swanson began, "I haven't always been an advocate of the CFNM lifestyle and no one really introduced me to it. It was a process. It developed out of tragedy." Mrs. Swanson rose and walked to her desk on the far side of the room where she picked up a picture of a handsome army officer.

"This was my husband, Dr. Jefferson Davis Swanson, Professor of Thoracic Surgery at the University Medical School. We met my senior year of nursing school and married when I graduated. I moved into this house, his house, and we started our lives together in 1950. He was fifteen years older than me and had already accomplished a great deal in his life. He had owned this house for just over five years and rented rooms to promising medical students as a way of giving back. As his wife I became head of the household and supervised his only employee Miss Bridgeway who was his housekeeper and cook.

Life was great until he received a notice from the Army that his services were needed to save lives in Korea. He accepted a commission as a major and went to Korea to serve on the front lines in one of the mobile army surgical hospitals.

"Was he killed in the war?" Miss Conrad interrupted.

"No, dear." Mrs. Swanson sighed, "He wasn't. When the war ended he was assigned to Walter Reed in Washington. He was due to be released from active duty in the fall of 1953 and was returning to his quarters when he was attacked and robbed on the streets of the Capitol. He was found, unconscious and bleeding, lying on the sidewalk. They rushed him to a hospital but he never regained consciousness."

"I don't understand," Miss Williams said.

"Jeff was a wonderful lover, Miss Williams. Before he left for Korea we would make love two or three times a day. He would do just about anything to make our sex lives interesting. He would try any position; he would let me do just about anything imaginable. He loved it when I took the lead and played 'cowgirl' while mounting him and riding his 'saddle horn'. When I got my period we were cuddling one evening and I got a little aggressive and began stroking his cock. Before I knew it he was naked and I was giving him a hand job. I felt a strange sense of power as I brought him to orgasm. It was almost better than intercourse!

"So that's how it started? Miss Williams wondered.

"No, but it laid the groundwork. After that night I would find any excuse to masturbate him and he went along by going naked once in a while and asking me to 'get him off'. Sometimes I would do it out on the porch, sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes in bed, sometimes right here on this settee where he might nurse on my breast as I stroked him. Later we would screw like little bunnies. It was wonderful, until he had to leave. We wrote every day and I was so excited to have him come home but I never saw him again. I loved him so much that I could not imagine ever marrying again; let alone letting a man touch me."

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