tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMrs. Taylor Made

Mrs. Taylor Made


Katrina Taylor looked out towards the pool with a frown, her blue eyes narrowing as she noted the miscellaneous debris floating on the surface of the water. "Damn it," she muttered in frustration, "now it needs to be cleaned again." It wasn't that Katrina objected to cleaning the pool, although it was far from her favorite chore, what really bothered her that Bill had just barely cleaned it before leaving for his seminar yesterday morning. The wind had really picked up over night, depositing numerous leaves and twigs in their yard and more frustratingly in their pool.

"So much for a morning swim," Katrina grumped as she pulled her robe tighter around her, cinching the belt tight as she turned away from the window. She had changed into her bathing suit, a very utilitarian one piece that Bill didn't like. He had never really said anything to her about her choices in clothes but Katrina knew that he would have preferred her to dress a little more provocative. "I'm 61 and the mother of four children," Katrina had explained to her friend once when they had been discussing Bill's obvious displeasure with the way she dressed, "there is no reason for me to dress like a girl in her twenties. I'm not some young sexpot trying to find a man," she had concluded despite her friend's protests that Katrina still had the body to dress sexier. Katrina had to smile as she thought of the compliments she got on her body. She was in great shape for her age but she put a lot of work into it, going to the gym 6 days a week and taking fitness classes. I don't do it for the looks or to attract attentions, Katrina assured herself mentally, I exercise like I do because it makes me feel good. I'm proud of my body, she thought, remembering all the times that younger men had tried flirting with her at the gym, hitting on her like she some teenager.

"Well, I'd better get cleaning the pool," she muttered, running her fingers through her short blond hair as she eyed the mess in the backyard with contempt. This sort of thing only happens when Bill is away. Her hand was on the handle of the backdoor when she heard the front doorbell ring.

"Hello?" Katrina asked, peering through the peephole at the young man standing on the front step. He looked familiar but she couldn't place where she knew him from as she opened the door.

"Hello, Mrs. Taylor," Seth Robbins smiled as the attractive older woman opened the door, a look of uncertainty on her face as she regarded the young black man. "You don't remember me, do you?" Seth asked with a laugh, "I'm Seth, one of Von's friends from school."

"Oh, yes, hello," Katrina smiled as she finally recognized the young man. "Von doesn't live here anymore," she told him simply as she began to close the door once more.

"Oh, I know, Mrs. Taylor, I know," Seth assured her quickly, hoping to stop her from closing the door on him. "I'm just back from college for the summer and well... I was hoping that I do some odd jobs for you. Cleaning or repairs?" Seth offered, his eyes running over the slender woman as she stood in the door, admiring what he could see of her legs beneath her robe. He had always thought Von's mom was hot even though or maybe even because she never really spoke to him. There was something in her distant attitude towards him the few times he had visited the Taylor household that had turned him on, and made him want her more.

"Well," Katrina paused, uncertain about hiring a young man that she could barely remember. "The pool needs cleaning," she announced finally, letting the door swing open wider so that Seth could enter. "If you do a good job on the pool, I might have more for you to do," she told him, turning to lead him through the house.

"Thank you, Mrs. Taylor," Seth smiled, his eyes dropping down to admire the older woman's ass as she led him towards the pool. Damn, I'd love to hit that, Seth thought to himself, barely lifting his eyes from her body as Katrina stopped and turned to him.

"The net and everything is over there," Katrina informed him coldly, pretty certain that he had been ogling her body. "Have it done in half an hour," she told him strictly, mentally vowing that after he cleaned the pool she was going to ask him to leave. Eyeing me like I was a piece of property, Katrina fumed mentally as she turned and headed back towards the house.

Seth shook his head as he gathered the equipment and started to clean the pool, fantasizing about Mrs. Taylor and what he would like to do to her. Bet I could warm that ice queen up a little, he laughed mentally as he skimmed the leaves off the top of the pool, probably make her melt in my hands. While Seth was young, just barely 21, he knew how to please a woman, a skill that he tried to utilize whenever he could. Mr. Taylor must be out of town, Seth thought to himself as he finished cleaning the last of the debris out of the pool, His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Katrina calling out to him.

"Are you finished?" Katrina called from the back door of the house, frowning at the young man's slender back. While she had no solid proof, the attractive wife and mother couldn't shake the feeling that Seth had been ogling her, checking out her body when she wasn't looking, and that offended her. I'm old enough to be his mother, Katrina thought angrily as she watched the young black man quickly and efficiently stack and organize the tools he had used, he's friends with my son! He should be ashamed of looking at me in that way, would he expect someone to look at his own mother like that?!

"Just finished, Mrs. Taylor," Seth assured her with a friendly smile as he walked towards the house, his eyes running over her once more, imagining what was hidden behind the billowing folds of her robe. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"I don't think so," Katrina replied with a firm shake of her head, not liking the way this young man was smiling at her, his expression of cool confidence making her uneasy somehow. "Here's fifty dollars," she told him, holding out a folded bill towards him, "and thank you."

"Oh, okay," Seth nodded, a little crestfallen as he accepted the money from her. He had hoped that she would have a few more chores for him to do, something that would allow him to spend more time around her, but it seemed that she was summarily dismissing him. "Well, thank you, Mrs. Taylor," he said with false cheerfulness as he tucked her money into his pants' pocket, "if you think of anything else you need done around the house while your husband is away, just let me know" Seth offered, guessing that Bill Taylor was indeed away on business or else he would have been cleaning the pool.

"I will," Katrina assured the young man with a curt nod as if dismissing him, "I would like to take a swim now if you can show yourself out..."

"Of course, Mrs. Taylor," Seth shrugged as he offered, "I'll just leave my phone number in the kitchen in case you need any more work done."

"That's fine, Seth, and thank you," Katrina said with faked gratitude as she headed towards the pool, determined not to call the young man no matter what happened.

"My pleasure, Mrs. Taylor," Seth laughed, his eyes dropping down to the older woman's ass as she walked away from him, admiring the curves of her body that were evident even through her concealing robe. "My pleasure," he repeated softly to himself as he moved towards the house.

Katrina waited a few moments, well after she had heard the back door of her house open and close before she untied her robe, loosening it as she glanced back towards the house checking to see if Seth had truly left. Seeing no one, the mother of four let the robe slip off her shoulders to fall to the ground.

"Damn, that suit doesn't do her any favors," Seth muttered to himself as he watched Mrs. Taylor , his lip curling at the totally utilitarian and frumpy bathing suit the older woman wore, "although it can't hide her smoking body." He admitted, feeling himself beginning to get aroused as he watched Katrina slowly enter the pool. I wonder how often Mr. Taylor gets to tap that ass, Seth mused as he watched his friend's mother step into the water. Probably not as often as he'd like, Seth laughed silently, thinking of Katrina's cold and distant attitude.

Katrina sighed in contentment as the cool water washed over her hips, her body arching forward as she dove into the water, swimming under the water for a few yards before coming up for air. There was something liberating about swimming, Katrina thought as she treaded water for a few seconds before starting to do laps around the small pool.

"Let's see if Mrs. Taylor would like some company," Seth chuckled to himself pulling his tee-shirt off over his head as he approached the pool, seeing that Katrina was fully absorbed in swimming laps. Stripping out of all of his clothes except his underwear the young man slipped into the pool, hugging one wall as the attractive older woman swam by him, oblivious that she was not alone in the water. Seth waited until Mrs. Taylor had made a complete circuit of the pool, was just passing him when he reached out, his hands pressing the back of her head down into the water, holding her there.

Katrina panicked, her eyes opening wide, her mental count of her strokes and the distance covered disappearing as she felt the sudden weight against the head, her arms flailing wide as her mouth opened in a silent, water filled scream. Her hand brushed against something, someone, but her mind was so filled with horror, with the thought that she was drowning that nothing else registered. She felt her lungs burning, her mouth filled with water as the hand on the back of her head held her there. Her sight began to dim, her brain screaming for oxygen as she was held beneath the water, her heartbeat sounding loud in her ears as she started to lose consciousness.

Seth waited until he felt the fight begin to go out of the older woman, her flailing arms slowing as she struggled to lift herself out of the water. As her struggles slowed, he released his hold on her, letting her body rise to the surface, turning her over onto her back as her eyes fluttered closed. Damn, she's passed out, Seth thought to himself with a silent curse as he guided her body towards the shallow end of the pool, his hands caressing her shapely hips as he floated her towards the corner of the pool. Lifting her up, Seth positioned Katrina against the corner of the pool, bent at the waist, her upper body out of the water, her legs floating as her shapely ass thrust up out of the water. Perfect, Seth smiled as he admired the view for a few seconds until Katrina started to revive, coughing the water out of her mouth and lungs as she regained consciousness. "Mrs. Taylor?" Seth asked, his voice filled with false concern as he moved up behind her, his body pressing against her, the hardening bulge in his underwear brushing against her thighs, "are you okay? You almost drowned," he told her, his hands sliding up her body.

"Wha... what?" Katrina gasped, coughing as the fog cleared from her mind, her eyes blinking hurriedly as she felt the younger man press against her. "What happened?"

"You almost drowned," Seth repeated, his hands sliding up under her arms, his fingers brushing against the side of her breasts as he pressed himself against her, his cock now fully hard pressing against her ass. "You're lucky I was here to rescue you."

"Rescue me?" Katrina moaned, still groggy as she felt Seth's fingers brush against her breasts. "You... you left," she gasped, suddenly realizing what part of Seth's body was pressing against her.

"I came back to check on you, Mrs. Taylor," Seth assured her, "you're lucky I did."

"No," Katrina stated firmly, her mind finally catching up to what was happening, trying to twist away from Seth as she felt his erection pressing against the soft flesh of her ass. "You held me down, tried to drown me," she accused him as she struggled futilely against the younger man. Katrina was in good shape but Seth was younger and stronger than she was, so her attempts to break free only drew a condescending laugh from the younger man. "Let me go," she demanded, her voice filled with anger as she tried not to think about his hard cock as it pressed against her ass or his groping hands as they explored her breasts.

"I don't think so, Mrs. Taylor," Seth laughed as she twisted and struggled beneath him, her struggles only managing to arouse him more as her body writhed against his. "Not until I get what I want from you," he assured her, one hand sliding down the side of her body to caress her ass, his fingers tracing along the leg-line of her bathing suit until they were pressing against the soft mound of her sex.

"No!" Katrina protested, her heart beating faster as his fingers explored her crotch, outrage filling her at Seth's liberties with her body even as she felt a slight twinge of arousal at his knowing touch. "You can't. This is wrong," she insisted, still struggling against the younger man. I'm old enough to be his mother, kept running through her mind, her shock and outrage at her situation bringing tears of frustration to her eyes as his fingers stroked her sex through her bathing suit. "No."

"Yes, Mrs. Taylor," Seth murmured in her ear, his finger tracing along the cleft of her sex, toying with her body as he pressed her against the side of the pool, his hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass. "I've always wanted to do this," he confided to her as his hand slipped into the leg of her swimsuit, his fingers caressing the bare lips of her pussy.

"No!" Katrina almost sobbed as she felt his fingers on her sensitive flesh, her efforts to break free redoubling as she realized that she couldn't reason with this young man. "You can't," she insisted once more as she felt his fingers exploring her most private area.

"I can, Mrs. Taylor," Seth assured her, his finger stroking along the length of her sex, slowly working its way between the lips of her pussy to stroke the sensitive flesh there. "I can and I will," Seth assured her, his finger probing the tight entrance of her vagina as his thumb stroked her rapidly hardening clitoris.

"You can't," Katrina moaned as she felt her body responding to the young man's expert touch, her arousal growing from the light and teasing touches of his fingers even as she fought against him, fought against her own blossoming lust. "Please, I'll do anything," she begged, hating the weakness she heard in her own voice as she pleaded with the younger man, her normal confidence undermined by her body's desire.

"Yes, Mrs. Taylor, you are going to do anything," Seth assured her, his finger curling into her, sliding deeper into her suddenly wet sex, "you're going to do anything I want."

"No, please," Katrina pleaded uselessly as she felt his finger thrust deeper into her, a low moan catching in her throat. She hated her body then, hated its' reaction to Seth's confident touch, hated the sudden need she felt in her groin at the young man's thrusting fingers, hated the part of her that craved the hard bulge that was pressing against her ass. She sobbed as she felt his fingers slip from her pussy, unsure if she was afraid of what was coming next or disappointed by the sudden empty feeling in her sex. "Please, don't..." She moaned as she felt Seth's fingers pulling the crotch of her swimsuit aside, the cool air caressing the sensitive lips of her sex as she felt his hand slip between their bodies as he freed his hard cock from his underwear.

"I think you'll change your mind, Mrs. Taylor," Seth whispered in her ear as he pressed the large bulbous head of his cock against the wet lips of her sex, sliding it back and forth along her sex, teasing her with it before he slowly started to press into her.

"No," Katrina cried as she felt the young man's cock slowly push into her, stretching her as she struggled beneath him. The attractive mother couldn't believe how large the young man's cock was, her sex felt as if it was on fire as it stretched to accommodate Seth's large member. She moaned as Seth filled her, holding himself deep inside her as she got used to his cock, her body trembling with desire even as her mind was filled with loathing.

"Hmm, that's a sweet pussy, Mrs. Taylor," Seth murmured in her ear, his hips slowly beginning to pump his cock in and out of the older woman's tight grasping sex. "Probably been a while since you were fucked properly," he taunted her, laughing as small gasps escaped her with each slow thrust, his hands sliding under her body to roughly grope her breasts.

Katrina's eyes were filled with tears of hatred as she felt Seth's hands mauling her breasts, her hips rising up to meet him with each slow, delicious thrust of his hips. She hated him for taking her this way, but more, she hated herself as she felt her body betraying her, her mind beginning to surrender to the immense pleasure he was giving her. This isn't right, Katrina sobbed mentally, a low animalistic moan escaping her lips as Seth's fingers toyed with her hard nipples, I can't be enjoying this... I shouldn't be enjoying this, the conservative wife chastised herself as she humped her body back against her attacker's, thrusting herself hard against him as he filled her needful sex.

"That's right, Mrs. Taylor," Seth laughed as the attractive woman started thrusting back against him, her sex gripping his invading cock as his hands slipped into her swimsuit, his fingers caressing the soft sensitive flesh of her breasts as he fucked her. "You're a good slut, aren't you, Mrs. Taylor?" He taunted her as she moaned beneath him, her body moving in perfect unison with his, the thrusts of her hips becoming harder, more demanding, with each movement.

Katrina didn't answer, couldn't answer, as she surrendered herself to the pleasure of his cock, her body bucking back against him as she felt her passion building to a climax. She knew this was wrong, was ashamed of herself, but couldn't help it as she felt the pressure beginning to build within her, her moans becoming louder as she humped back onto Seth's cock, the sound of their bodies slapping together filling her ears as she came.

Seth moaned as he felt Katrina orgasm beneath him, her body trembling, convulsing in pleasure as she came. Her pussy gripped him tightly, almost painfully, as the older woman cried out. "God, Mrs. Taylor," Seth laughed as she shook in pleasure, his own climax building within him as her sex squeezed his cock as if milking him for his come. "Guess you were more turned on than you admitted," he moaned, thrusting hard into her once more, holding himself there as he felt his release wash over him, his cock bucking deep inside her as he came.

Katrina heard the young man's taunts, his laugh sounding harsh in her ears as she felt him burying himself deep in her, his hot seed suddenly flooding into her. She wanted to respond, to deny what he was saying, but she couldn't, the overwhelming pleasure of his cock sliding in and out of her hungry pussy had robbed her of her voice.

"That was good, Mrs. Taylor," Seth assured the older woman, releasing his hold on her as he stepped back, his cock slipping out of her flooded pussy as he moved away from her. "Thank you," he chuckled, patting her hip as if he was congratulating a prized pet.

"You... you raped me," Katrina managed to say, feeling incredibly empty as his large cock slid out of her, trying not to think about how her body seemed to suddenly crave him again. She was shaking as she straightened up, slowly turning to face her attacker. "You raped me," she repeated a little stronger this time, her hands moving down her body to fix her swimsuit, pulling the crotch back over to cover her dripping sex as she looked up at the younger man.

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