tagFetishMrs. Thompson's Proposal

Mrs. Thompson's Proposal


"How long until Chris comes back?" Lindsay asked her best friend's son.

"An hour I think...maybe more," Jonathan replied, sitting at the kitchen table.

"I see," she smiled, walking barefoot toward the eighteen-year-old.

Jonathan tried to keep from staring but couldn't—Lindsay had the most beautiful feet he'd ever seen. Lindsay had been aware of Jonathan's fetish for some time, but it wasn't until now that they had the house all to themselves.

"Jonathan?" she asked, sitting in the empty chair beside him.

"Yes, Mrs. Thompson?"

"Lindsay," she corrected, placing her hand on his thigh.

"Sorry. Yes, Mrs. Lindsay," he stuttered. "I mean Lindsay."

"Can I be honest with you?" she asked, leaning back into her chair.

"Of course."

Lindsay glared toward Jonathan. "Can we cut the bullshit?"

"I...what do you mean?" Jonathan replied, confused. Lindsay crossed her ankles atop the kitchen table. Her slightly dusty soles sent Jonathan's pulse into a frenzy.

"I've seen the way you look at me. The way you secretly try to peek at these bad boys," she smirked, scrunching her soles in Jonathan's direction.. "I see everything."

Jonathan began to blush as blood surged toward his cock. "I, uh..."

"Shhhhh..." she comforted. "I think you're cute. Have for quite some time."

"Uh, thanks Misses, I mean Lindsay. I think you're really pretty too," he replied, staring toward the ground with embarrassment.

"Jonathan, can you look at me?" she asked.

Jonathan lifted his gaze upward. Lindsay met his eyes with hers.

"Can you do me a favor?" she asked.

"Uh, sure Misses...Lindsay," he said with tempered excitement.

"I've been cleaning the kitchen all day, and I seem to have dirtied the bottoms of my feet," she said, wiggling her toes.

Jonathan's heart skipped a beat. "I can see that."

Lindsay removed her feet from the table and placed her soles atop Jonathan's groin. "Can you help me clean them?" she asked.

Jonathan didn't know what to do and quickly began to stammer. "I, I, uh..."

"Clean them," she instructed.

"But Chris—," he started to explain. Lindsay quickly interrupted by gliding her soft, silky soles over the denim covering Jonathan's crotch. His eyes quickly rolled into the back of his head.

"Yes, Lindsay," he chirped, kneeling directly in front of her. Jonathan rabidly began sucking and licking the dirt from Lindsay's feet until her soles and toes glistened with saliva.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "That was nice. Was it good for you?"

"Better than I ever imagined," he panted, trying to catch his breath.

Lindsay couldn't help but notice the erection bulging against Jonathan's jeans. "Looks like we have another problem to solve," she smiled, unzipping Jonathan's pants.

"Lindsay, I—"

"Shhhhhhh," she interrupted, removing Jonathan's jeans and underwear.

"But I—"

Lindsay pushed against Jonathan's chest, slowly coaxing his torso onto the kitchen floor. "Shhhhh..."

She sat between his legs and smothered her feet across his face. Jonathan experienced ecstasy. Lindsay leaned forward and began to suck his penis.

"Uhhhhhnnnnnnn," he moaned.

"Mmmmmmmm," she replied, rocking her head back and forth.

"Lindsay...Lindsay..." he continued to moan.

"Mmmmmmmhmmm," she replied, using her hand to gently twist around the shaft of his rock hard erection.

"Misses...Misses...Misses!!" Jonathan whimpered. Lindsay only increased her intensity.

"Luh, luh, luh!!" Jonathan trembled. "LUH!!" he screamed, ejaculating straight into the back of Lindsay's throat.

"Mmmmmmm hmmmm mmmm," Lindsay moaned, extracting every ounce of come from the teenager's penis. "That's a good boy," she smiled, wiping her mouth. "Just a few more sniffs," she instructed, still rubbing her creamy soles across Jonathan's nose and mouth. "There you go..."

"Oh...Lindsay..." Jonathan puffed. "Lindsay..."

"Very good, Jonathan. Very good. Now Chris will be back in a little bit, so go get yourself cleaned up fore dinner."

"Yes, Lindsay," he replied, still lying on his back. "Anything you say."

"Oh, and just so you know, Chris is headed out of town next weekend for work, so if you want to drop by any time, I'll just be here, waiting."

Lindsay pulled her legs toward her body, sensually dragging her soles across Jonathan's cheeks, then chin, then chest, then cock."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhnnngg," he moaned as Lindsay's toes grazed past his softening erection.

Lindsay stood up from the floor and headed toward her bedroom. "And just so you know," she stated without turning around, "I'm not a lady who likes to wait."

Jonathan remained on his back, catching his breath, as Lindsay softly closed her door.

To Be Continued...

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by Anonymous

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by FemaleFeetLover12/22/17

I Like..

Need a part 2 to this particular story...

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by Anonymous09/23/17


nicee beginning , please continue

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by BrockRockhold09/20/17

Re: YES!

Thanks so much for your comment, KidG! Your enjoyment is what makes all this worth it. I hope you enjoy my future stories as well.

All the best!

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by KidG100009/20/17


More of THIS!! I really hope Jonathan becomes more and more her little foot slave. sucking her toes all of the time. I could picture this perfectly, and really related to Jonathan. I can't wait untilmore...

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by BrockRockhold09/19/17

Re: Anonymous - Decent Start

Hey Anonymous!

Thanks so much for your feedback. I completely agree with your assessment, This story was originally part of a flash fiction contest, so I had to conceptualize and write the entire storymore...

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