tagMatureMrs. Tyler Teaches Ch. 01

Mrs. Tyler Teaches Ch. 01


"Hey Mrs. Tyler," I said as I walked into the yard and saw her laying on the lounge near the pool.

"We were wondering when you would show!" she said in welcome as her son Tim walked out the back door of the house carrying a tall glass of ice water. He was my best friend since third grade.

"This is first thing in the morning?" he asked, sounding annoyed. It was almost noon and I was most definitely late.

"Sorry," I replied. "Late night."

"Betsy Warren?" he grinned, forgetting his ire. I looked at Mrs. Tyler in embarrassment.

"Are you and little Betsy Warren a couple?" she asked, but it sounded like she already knew.

"We've been dating for a few months," I replied, but then quickly added, "She's okay."

"That's not what you said yesterday," Tim laughed.

"That was before our date."

"She's grown into a beautiful young lady," Mrs. Tyler said thoughtfully. "What happened last night?"

"Not much," I replied, which wasn't entirely true, but I had no intention of telling Tim's mother that Betsy gave me a decent blowjob in the back of my car and then bounced her way to orgasm on my lap. It was the first time we had sex and it was okay. "She's just a little too perky for me."

"Don't all girls act that way at eighteen?" Tim's mother laughed.

"I'm beginning to think so," I sighed.

"She is a cheerleader," Tim put in with a grin. I shrugged and tried hard not to stare at Mrs. Tyler. It wasn't easy.

She was a full-bodied woman. Tim's mother looked good in the black one-piece bathing suit she was wearing. In my opinion she wasn't fat by any sense of the word, but then again, she wasn't what people would call 'bikini material' either. Not unless she was willing to let a lot of flesh show and she was too classy for that.

It was too bad really. I'd love to see her in a two-piece suit. Her ass was on the large side, but so were her breasts and her waist was still surprisingly slim considering she had two children.

"You do realize that you're the odd one?" Mrs. Tyler asked with her typical sexy smile. "Usually girls mature faster."

"If you say so," I shrugged, enjoying the sight of her lying there.

Tim's mother was forty-five. She was born with dark hair, but she started graying early on in life. For some reason she didn't dye it. It had a salt and pepper look to it. I found it oddly attractive.

"Don't worry, it will probably balance out in college this fall," she laughed. I joined her, but not because I thought what she said was all that funny. I laughed because I enjoyed her company.

'Oh brother!' I sighed to myself. 'Do you have it bad!'

It was the truth and I knew it. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't in love with her, but there was definitely something about her that got to me.

The fact that she was a beautiful woman certainly had a lot to do with it. Tim's mother had high cheekbones and dark, sexy eyes. Her lips were perfect and drove me crazy with desire. I wanted to kiss them so badly!

I also liked the fact that Mrs. Tyler took care of herself. Her hair might be salt and peppered, but it was always styled nicely. She sunned by the pool almost every day, but she always wore sun block and was very careful not to overdue it. Her skin was smooth and unblemished.

Yet, it was more than just her outward appearance that got to me. She carried herself with confidence and a sense of fun that were hard to resist. Her eyes always seemed to be twinkling mischievously.

"Hey bud, you're not eyeing my mom, are you?" Tim asked me.

'Damn!' I groaned to myself. This wasn't the first time Tim caught me looking at his mother, but it was the first time he mentioned it in front of her. He thought it was funny. I thought I was going to die in embarrassment! I looked at my best friend and swore silently, 'Tim, you are such a dick!'

"No!" I cried in denial. "I mean, she pleasant to look at and all, but..." I realized how I sounded and shut up, desperately trying to think of something to say that wouldn't offend Tim or his mother. Thankfully, Mrs. Tyler interrupted before I could get myself into more trouble.

"Timothy, leave him be," she said. "If he wants to 'eye' this old body then you mind your own business! It feels nice to have a handsome young man look at me that way again."

"Mom!" Tim cried in surprise.

"You're not that old," I interjected, and then winced at Tim's expression. Mrs. Tyler smiled. I couldn't help but look at her. She was now sitting more provocatively in the lounge chair. I couldn't look away if I wanted to.

"Oh man! Cut that out!" Tim cried with a forced laugh. "That's my mother you're undressing with your eyes!" I could tell it was bothering him a little, but not as much as he was enjoying my embarrassment. So, instead of remaining embarrassed I decided to have some fun of my own.

"Can you blame me?" I asked rhetorically. I was smiling now. "Look at the way she's sitting. What guy wouldn't be driven nuts watching her?"

"Dude! That's my mother!" Tim snapped. I noticed that Mrs. Tyler did nothing to change the way she was sitting. She was obviously enjoying my attention.

"Lucky you," I joked.

"Okay," Tim frowned slightly. "That's going a little to far. Stop looking at my mother that way!"

"Why?" I asked with a shrug. "She obviously likes my looking and it's not hurting anyone." I made it sound like I was still teasing him, but the truth was I just liked looking at Mrs. Tyler.

"Cut it out!" Tim growled, and then added in frustration when I didn't immediately stop looking at her, "You're starting to piss me off!"

"I know," I grinned. "That's half the fun!"

"Keep it up and I'm going to punch you in the mouth!" Tim growled. He was dead serious now.

"Oh no you won't!" Mrs. Tyler laughed. "I like hearing what he has to say."

"Mom!" Tim cried as if he'd been betrayed. Mrs. Tyler shushed him with a wave of her hand.

"So?" she asked, looking at me. "What feature of mine is your favorite?"

"If you say it, I swear I'll..." Tim began, but then stopped quickly at his mother's look. It was obvious he expected me to say her breasts. They were rather large and attractive, but they weren't my favorite. Tim was really upset, but I couldn't ignore her question.

"It's a toss up," I replied. "I love your dark eyes and perfect lips."

"Is that all?" she asked with a smile. I looked briefly at Tim and shrugged. This was going beyond my simply teasing him, but I couldn't ignore the challenge in Mrs. Tyler expression.

"Absolutely not," I shrugged. "You have one of the most sexy smiles I've ever seen." Mrs. Tyler's smile grew larger although I could see that she was blushing slightly now.

"Thank you," she said serious. I knew my next sentence was going to get me into trouble, but I couldn't resist.

"You also have curves in all the right places!"

I think her eyes grew big in surprise but it was hard to tell. I was already running when I finished talking. It was a good thing too because Tim was chasing me as fast as he could. He was bright red and pissed as hell!

"I'll kill you!" he cried. I knew he was serious, but it didn't stop me from laughing.

"Timothy!" his mother cried as we lapped the pool a couple of times. "Stop it this instant!"

He ignored her. I wasn't surprised. I really did deserve a punch in the mouth for what I said. I wasn't sure what came over me. I think I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell Mrs. Tyler what I thought of her.

I glanced behind me and saw Tim's expression. He wasn't calming down at all. I figured my comments on his mother deserved one good punch. I had just deciding to let him catch me and take my punishment like a man when I heard him cry out. His yell was quickly followed by a big splash.

"Timothy! You will calm down!" Mrs. Tyler demanded. She was standing by the edge of the pool and had obviously pushed her son in.

"But..." Tim cried.

"No buts!" she snapped. "You're the one who started all this by teasing him. You're just upset that he got the better of you."

"I'm sorry. I really did go too far," I said with a shake of my head.

"See," Mrs. Tyler said to Timothy. "He said those things just to tease you. No handsome young man would find an old bird like me attractive. Now lets forget this whole conversation ever happened."

I wanted to correct her assumption that I only said the things I did to tease Tim, but he was looking at me and I didn't want to make him any angrier. So I waited until everything calmed down and Tim went into the house briefly.

"Mrs. Tyler?" I asked, seeing if she was awake on the lounge. She was wearing sunglasses now and it was hard to tell. My pulse quickened as her head turned slightly toward me.


"I don't want to upset Tim or embarrass you," I said slowly, blushing slightly. "But I think it's important that you know that I wasn't just saying those things about you earlier to get to Tim. I was also saying them because they're true."

"Really?" she asked in surprise.

"You're kidding right?" I asked in reply. "You have to know you're beautiful." I still couldn't see her eyes, but it was obvious that she was now smiling. Tim came out before either of us could say anything else. I dove into the pool to hide my embarrassment.

Mrs. Tyler went inside a couple of hours later to make us all dinner. I wasn't surprise when Tim punched me as soon as we were alone. I let him. I deserved it. I couldn't help my attraction to his mother, but I shouldn't have said what I did, at least not in front of Tim.

"Are we okay?" I asked afterward.

"Yeah, I guess," he said slowly.

"Good!" I sighed. "Then let me tell you what really happened with Betsy Warren."

"So then it wasn't a total bust?" he asked. I grinned and started telling him what happened in detail.

The rest of the day went by quickly and without incident. Dinner was enjoyable and I did my best not to stare at Tim's mother. Mrs. Tyler didn't make it easy. In fact, she was obviously having some fun teasing me whenever Tim wasn't looking. She didn't do anything really overt, but it was the little things like brushing my arm as she put a plate down in front of me that drove me crazy.


"Oh Mrs. Tyler!" I cried as she wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly took it into her mouth. Tim's mother was naked and on her knees in front of me. Her breasts drew my eyes to them. She was looking up at me with that sexy smile of hers. I just knew that this was going to be the best blowjob of my life!

"I want you blow your load on my tits!" she said as she stroked my cock.

'Blow your load on my tits?' I thought. 'Mrs. Tyler doesn't talk like that.' My mind felt foggy as I tried to understand what was going on, but I couldn't seem to think straight.

A moment later the door to my room burst open and Tim was standing there. I'd never seen him look so enraged! Somehow he looked twice as big as normal. He took a step toward me and threw a punch. His fist grew tremendous as it neared my face. It was at least twice the size of my head and only a hair's breath away when I started awake.

I was alone on my bed and breathing heavy. My heart was racing from my nightmare-induced fear.

"Some fucking dream!" I grumbled as I rubbed the sleep from my face. "I've got to get Mrs. Tyler out of my head."

I'd always had a crush on her, but ever since that day by the pool I was dreaming about her a lot. It was maddening. I went on a couple of dates with Betsy since and found myself daydreaming that she was Mrs. Tyler when we had sex. I almost called her by Tim's mom's name once. That would have been a fiasco!

"You're up early," my father said when I stumbled down to the kitchen for some breakfast.

"Nightmare," I replied as I poured myself some cereal.

"Bad?" he asked.

"I don't want to talk about it," I sighed. He nodded in understanding and changed the subject.

"Well, don't forget you agreed to stop by Tim's house later to check on the sump pump," he said. "I still can't believe Mike and Tim actually went camping despite the monsoon we've been having."

It was raining and had been since the day before, but it wasn't as bad as my pop was making it sound. My father just wasn't the outdoorsman type. Besides, Tim and his father were actually going a couple of states over to camp. They did it every year as a special father/son thing.

They normally invited me, but not this year. Tim said his father wanted this trip to be just the two of them. I was a little disappointed, but I thought I understood. Tim was off to college in a couple of weeks. Mr. Tyler probably thought of this trip as a goodbye to his son's childhood or something. Parents!

"I haven't forgotten," I replied. "I don't know what it is with that house and sump pumps, but they're on their third one in almost as many years."

My father and I chatted for a while until my mother came down and joined us. She always slept late whenever possible. Pop gave her a big kiss and I shook my head. It was nice to have parents who were still in love. Poor Tim's mother and father hardly said a word to each other anymore.

I finished breakfast, and then took a shower and went to work. It was a busy day and I was tired by the time my shift was over. I decided to stop at Tim's house on the way home so I wouldn't have to go back out later. It wasn't nighttime yet, but it was hard to tell. The sky was dark and rain was still falling.

"Hello," Mrs. Tyler said as she opened the door for me. I took one look at her and frowned.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She didn't look right to me.

"Nothing," she replied, opening the door wide and letting me in the house. "I think the pump is fine. I keep hearing it kick on when I'm in the basement."

"I should check it anyway," I smiled. "I promised Tim." She didn't smile back. That was an oddity in itself. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," she insisted. I shrugged and went into the basement. The pump was fine, although a little overworked.

I went up to the kitchen to tell Tim's mom and found her cooking. I thought she might have been crying, but she rubbed her eyes quickly and got rid of any evidence. I was tempted to ask her if she was okay again, but stopped myself. Whatever it was, she didn't want to talk about it.

"The pump looks okay," I said. "I'll stop by in the morning and check again."

"Thanks," she said, forcing a smile. "How about dinner? I've made more than enough."

"I should really be getting home," I replied. "I'm sure you're looking forward to some time alone now that Mr. Tyler and Tim are gone."

I couldn't figure out what I said, but suddenly Tim's mom was sobbing. I went to her and took her into my arms without thought. She was too distraught to do anything other than cling to me and cry. I did my best to comfort her.

"What going on?" I asked once she calmed down.

"I don't think I should be the one to tell you," she finally said. "But Mike and I are getting a divorce."

"Oh," I said dumbly. I had no idea what else to say.

"Mike is going to tell Tim during their camping trip," she continued.

"He knows you guys aren't getting along," I said after a few moments of silence. Of course, that didn't mean Tim was expecting them to get divorced!

"We've only stayed together these last couple of years because of Tim. He's leaving for college soon, so we don't have to pretend any longer."

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Me too," she whispered. It was right about then she realized she was still clinging to me. "Sorry," she said, pulling away. I smiled sadly. Poor Mrs. Tyler.

"Does Leah know?" I asked. Leah was Tim's older sister. She went to college across the country and lived near the campus year round with her lover, Gwen.

"Yes," Mrs. Tyler answered. "We called and told her last night while Tim was out. She wasn't happy, but she understood."

"Are you going to be okay?" I asked.

"Eventually," she shrugged, and then changed the subject. "So, how about dinner?"


"Please," she interjected before I finished my thought. "I don't really want to eat alone tonight."

"Okay," I smiled.

Dinner was enjoyable, but Mrs. Tyler barely touched her plate. Instead, she focused on the bottle of wine she opened. It was empty by the time the meal ended and she was more than a little tipsy. I never saw her that way before.

We sat at the table for quite a while afterward. I let her do most of the talking and talk she did. I learned far more about her then I ever knew. I also learned about her and Mr. Tyler's failed marriage. It was sad really. They were both good people. They just grew apart.

I helped her to her room when it was time. She half fell into her bed and I fought to get the covers out from under her. One of her breasts was partially visible, but I did my best to ignore it. Tonight wasn't the time to let my perverted mind to wonder.

"Mrs. Tyler, get a good night sleep and you'll feel better in the morning," I said as I pulled the covers up.

"Call me Marisa," she mumbled already half asleep.

"Okay Marisa," I smiled down at her. "Now get some sleep." She was out before I left the room.


I stopped by the next morning as promised to check on the pump, but I was more concerned about Tim's mom. She was up and around by the time I arrived. The rain was finally over and it looked to be a very sunny day.

"How are you feeling Mrs. Tyler?" I asked.

"A little embarrassed and very hung over," she replied honestly, and then surprised me by adding, "And call me Marisa. After everything I told you last night it feels funny to have you call me Mrs. Tyler."

"You remember all that?" I asked with a grin. She blushed slightly.

"I was drunk, but not that drunk!"

"Are you going to be okay?" I asked carefully.

"Yes," she replied. "I was just feeling bad for myself and a little lonely last night. Thanks for being there."

"Not a problem," I shrugged.

"How about breakfast?" she asked.

"Okay Marisa," I said, trying out her name. She smiled.

I sat at the table drinking a glass of juice as I watched her cook. She was dressed conservatively, but that did little to hide her curves. My cock stiffened slightly as I stared at her ass.

'You dick!' I said to myself. 'She's got enough things going on without you leering at her.'

Of course, that didn't stop me. I think Tim's mom knew I was looking, but she didn't comment. We ate breakfast in companionable silence and I left an hour or so later.

The day went by quickly and I worked late into the night. I went home totally exhausted. My father was already asleep when I got home, but mom was waiting up for me.

"Tim's mother called a couple of hours ago looking for you," she said after we said hello.

"Is the sump pump giving her problems?" I asked.

"I don't think so," mom replied. "But something was obviously bothering her. She sounded close to tears. What's going on?"

I hesitated a moment and then told my mother about the pending divorce and what happened the night before.

"The poor thing!" mom cried.

"I guess I'd better call her," I sighed. "I just don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything," my mother replied. "Just let her talk. In fact, don't call her. You go over and make sure she's okay. She may need a shoulder to cry on again."

"Mom, it's pretty late. She may be sleeping."

"She's not," my mother said. I didn't know how mom knew, but I didn't argue.

I left the house and drove to Tim's house. It wasn't far. I knocked on the door gently and was surprised when it was almost immediately thrown open. Mrs. Tyler was even drunker than the night before.

"Mike told Tim today," she said without preamble. "He called me and let me know."

I walked into the house, closed the door and pulled her into my arms. She cried once again. She didn't sob uncontrollably like the night before, but she obviously needed it just as badly.

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