tagMatureMrs. Smith Ch. 01

Mrs. Smith Ch. 01


Chapter 01 -- In Search for Mrs. Smith

- She is ENORMOUS...

I got more attentive, as I was half participating in a group conversation among fellow students.

Since as long as I can remember I have been attracted to large ladies. Any mention of "enormous", fat, chubby, corpulent, huge, big, voluptuous, rotund, full figure and obese immediately gets my attention. So I was very interested...

- She is enormous, her arms are like my thighs, each of her buttocks is bigger than my own ass; her calves are bigger than my thighs; I couldn't see her thighs hidden by her long dress, but I imagine they were three times the size of mines; and her breasts!!... hidden behind a very respectable lady outfit but that I could feel when she gave me a hug as I left, they are very, very big!

Steve was taking about one of those host ladies. In this little college town, a bunch of nice ladies had decided to invite those who were not going back home on weekends, to a lunch on Sunday. It was the start of the program. Steve had staid this weekend and through the luck of the draw, he had ended with this lady.

- How was it otherwise?...

- Oh it was very nice, said Steve. This lady is a widow and her children are living far away. She is an excellent cook and a good conversationalist; very proper but fun in her own way. The only thing is that I was scared she would suffocate me when she gave me the hug I mentioned before.

... laughs from the crowd...

- So you will not go back?...

did I say.

- Oh yes I will, I don't think any other lady can match up her food...

Then a conversation ensued about the merits and faults of each hostess.

I was actually bumped as I was hoping Steve would give up on her, and I was ready to stay over the next weekend to enjoy meeting Mrs. Smith. It would have been an incredible opportunity for me who was used to spot any "large" ladies and take a reservoir of mental pictures but had never had the chance to actually be longer than five minutes with one.

It was particularly tough as Steve lived far away and was going to be on campus every weekend until Thanksgiving. So I was left with just dreams about Mrs. Smith, going to sleep with her imaginary figure.

Even back then, 40 years ago, it was not really cool to lust after old fat ladies, and I was not about to come out of the closet. So even though I wanted a lot more details, it was difficult to ask questions to give more reality to my dreams. Still whenever the subject came, I was trying to subtly probe Steve.

This way I learned that Mrs Smith was around 5.8; that she weighed in excess of 300lbs but with the information not coming from an expert, it could have been a lot less or a lot more. Still with the basic description he gave, it sounded like Mrs Smith was at least that much. He also estimated that she was in her early fifties.

Steve was the scientific type, observing and reporting on the topic of Mrs. Smith. It was the "Guinness book of records aspect" that interested him. Our other friends didn't have much interest in the topic, so he ended up confiding to me who was so willing to give him an attentive ear.

He told me about her hips overflowing 5 inches on each side of a regular kitchen chair. Her back which was 10 inches from the chair if she was sitting straight because of the space needed for her monstrous ass.

He didn't seemed to be aroused by her except maybe by her breasts. He would try to sneak a peak in her cleavage whenever she wore an open outfit; which didn't happen very often as she was more on the reserved side. He talked about what seemed to be an endless cleavage... chuckles... between two very milky white heavy breasts.

And there I was, taking Mrs. Smith to be with me at night, adding details as they came in, her big thighs, her thick calves, her round shoulders, her huge breasts...

He also told me of the very few wrinkles for a woman that age. That's probably what made him think her just a little bit younger that what she was as I later learned.

I desperately wanted to meet her, and it became my goal to do that. At first I didn't say anything to Steve, and managed to learn where she lived. I took the habit of walking around her place which was about 25 minutes away, but without any luck. I also went to the stores nearby; I saw several full figure ladies but they didn't seem to match Mrs. Smith's description.

Then as Steve kept talking to me about her, I managed to say that I'd love to see her to confirm what he had told me about her. We made it a conspiracy; and looked for a way to do that. There was no easy way which would have seemed natural, like knocking at her door and him saying "Hello Mrs. Smith, here is my friend Mitch who wants to check on the size of your chest and the amplitude of your rear end"... no that would not work!

He told me about the store also, same one I had checked before. We went together, at times when he thought she was there. That didn't work either. We couldn't really camp out in the store.

We had an idea of taking a picture of her. He could tell her that he wanted to take her picture to show her parents the very nice lady who welcomed him into her home and was feeding him great meals on Sundays. We got the camera, and the next weekend he was ready.

When we met again on Monday, I eventually asked him how it went as he was not volunteering any information.

- Well not too good actually. She didn't want me to take a picture of her full body. "I'm too... you know! I don't want to have a picture taken showing all this..." and she did a vague gesture showing the extent of her body. I pretended that the camera was not working and did some shots to check the camera while not focusing, but intending to catch her body. We'll see if it works when the pictures are developed.

- Did you bring them to get developed.

- No there are still pictures in the film and I don't want to waste them.

...frustrating wait again. Then I made up something.

- Listen I need to take pictures for my nature project. I could finish the film and then bring it to be developed.

- OK that works...

I took the camera from Steve, quickly did a bunch of random shots and brought the film to be developed immediately. I asked for two copies of each so I could keep one for myself.

Three days later, the pictures were ready. I couldn't wait. The store attendant asked me if I wanted to take a look; I told him it was not necessary. Instead I quickly went to my room to inspect my treasure.

First I carefully separated each picture to leave a full set for Steve and not give him any ideas. And then I looked. Unfortunately there was, as Steve has said, only two pictures of Mrs Smith's face and three pictures showing part of her body.

She had a really nice face, intelligent and agreeable; with nice full lips. You could see that she was fat but her traits were well defined. She would have been considered beautiful with 20 years and 150 lbs less. She had hardly any wrinkles indeed and her skin seemed to be lovely. As for her age, she could have been in her lower sixties instead of fifties. There was a shot of her legs underneath a dark dress; a shot of a side of her hips; and a shot of her upper bosom with her lower face. When putting those shots together, we could see indeed that she was big... yes definitely 300 lbs; and very voluptuous. I had to meet her so bad, it was almost hurting. How was I going to do that? I didn't want to do anything with her, just capture her image more completely to help fuel my erotic dreams... little did I know.

- Mitch...

I heard somebody calling me on a Thursday evening as the sun was setting on campus. It was Steve.

- Mitch I just decided to go away this weekend. If you're not, do you want me to ask Mrs. Smith if she will have you for lunch.

I was going away but I didn't hesitate.

- Please do ask her.

- OK... I'll stop by at your room later on to let you know.

- Thanks

He came back later on to let me know that it was all arranged and that she was waiting for me at noon on Sunday. I called my parents to let them know; they were surprised by my eagerness to stay and work during a weekend but didn't ask any more questions.

Friday I called Mrs. Smith.

- Good morning Mrs. Smith, my name is Mitch ... My friend Steve has told me that you were inviting me for lunch at noon on Sunday. I just want to confirm.

- Good morning, how nice of you to call. Yes indeed I will be delighted to have you. Steve has talked to me about you. Sounds like you will be an excellent guest. We should have an exciting time together

... (yes I'd love to have an exciting time with you)

Thank you for coming and entertaining an old lady.

... (oh yes let me entertain you)

- Thanks very much to YOU...

- See you on Sunday

- bye

Hooray I was going to meet the now legendary Mrs. Smith and see with my own eyes, her enormous figure, her fabulous chest, her huge hips, her thick calves, and with a little bit of luck, her endless cleavage; maybe even get the famous suffocating hug... and then keep all this mental shots and body impression for exciting erotic yet solitary nights.

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