Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 02


We went into the kitchen area and my dad was just finishing making sandwiches for us. He looked so natural, doing a domestic chore in a woman's house, completely naked and hairless. He made many trips back and forth between the counter where he had prepared the food and the kitchen table and bar where he had set places for us.

I sat with the college girls at the breakfast bar while my dad sat with the mature sisters Andre at the kitchen table. We ate sandwiches, as though it was all just completely normal for my dad to be nude in front of these women, and for me to be wearing a swimming suit with a sheer pouch.

When we had finished eating, Erin said to her mother, "Mom, Becca and I want to play with Jeffrey for a while, maybe hang out in our room and stuff. Is that ok?"

Ms Andre looked up and smiled, "That sounds ok to me..." She actually glanced at my father, who kept his head down, not reacting in any way. Ms. Andre and her sister Victoria smiled conspiratorially.

Erin then asked, with an innocent voice, "Is the exam room going to be free this afternoon?"

Ms. Andre grinned knowingly, "Yes, there is nothing scheduled." She looked at me, considering something important. Then she said, "That will be fine girls, just be gentle with Jeffrey, he's a sweet boy."

"Yes, Mom, we'll be very gentle," said Becca with her sultry voice.

This talk of "playing" with me, and the mention of an "exam room" started the butterflies flipping in my tummy again. I could only wonder what it meant, but whatever it was, it sounded exciting!

The two girls each took one of my hands and nearly skipped with me down the hall and then up the stairs and down another hall to a bedroom. My penis had gone soft again, while we had eaten our sandwiches. But on our trip to the interior of the house, I had the chance to sneak glances at both girls' jiggling bottoms and breasts, and was feeling the beginnings of arousal again.

We entered a doorway, "This is my room," said Becca proudly. I looked at the room, done all in pink and lace with white furniture and a white 4-poster bed. It was a big room with lots of space and many large mirrors on each wall. They guided me to sit on the bed and Becca sat next to me while Erin pulled a little chair close and sat in front of me.

Erin said, "So, Jeffrey, Mom tells us that you were a good boy for her a few weeks ago when you and your dad came over. She said you were polite and obedient. So, to test that theory, I would like you to stand up for a second and slip your swimming suit off. One of Becca's and my rules is that any boy in our bedrooms has to be naked."

"Yes," said Becca enthusiastically, "it's a very important rule."

They helped me to my feet and then they both sat back expectantly. "We're waiting," said Erin. "Be a good boy and take off your cute little suit, Jeffrey, we want to see how you look without anything on."

I felt trapped. I liked it. I could feel my hands rising to the waist band of the little swimming suit. My thumbs slipped inside the band and began to push down slowly, revealing my pubic hair and then my genitals in a slow, smooth movement down to my thighs. I let the suit fall to the floor and then stepped out of it.

All the while, their eyes were fixed on my groin. Their faces were smiling. They were happy. I felt proud to have made them happy. I felt liberated to finally be naked in front of my new female friends.

They were both very kind to me.

Erin said, "Jeffrey, you look just wonderful naked."

Becca said, "I just love the pretty pink color of your head, Jeffrey. And your testicles look so full. Is it ok with you if I feel your testicles?"

I nodded, and her hand slipped beneath my testes and gently cupped them. She began to carefully roll them on her fingers and feel their shape. With her other hand, she gently pushed against my inner thighs to signal for me to spread my feet. I moved my feet apart and Becca said softly, "Thank you, Jeffrey."

The girls smiled as they watched my penis throbbing and becoming erect. Erin said, "Honey, I'd like to touch your penis, would that be ok?"

I nodded again, and Erin's hand reached out slowly and took my penis, gently squeezing and feeling my throbbing stiffness increase in her hand. "Ah, that's very nice, Jeffrey. I like your penis," she said.

Becca said, "And I like your testicles very much, they are so full and manly. Does it feel good when I massage your testicles, Jeffrey?"

"Yes," I whispered.

She said, "Oh, good. I want you to feel good. I want you to trust me with your testicles, Jeffrey. I know they are the most delicate and sensitive part of your body and I want you to know I will always be caring and gentle with them."

I smiled and said, "Thank you, Becca." She looked up at me and grinned.

Erin said, "Jeffrey, I love how stiff your penis is." She gently squeezed the head of my penis with her finger tips. "You're like soft tender velvet on the outside, and firm as steel on the inside." She caressed my penis gently as she continued, "I would like to see you ejaculate, Jeffrey. Would you like me to make you spurt all your semen out?"

I nodded emphatically, overwhelmed with arousal.

Both girls smiled and looked at each other.

Erin said, "Well, Jeffrey, there's something else we want to do to you first. Would that be ok?"

I whispered desperately, "What do you want to do to me?" as my knees trembled in sexual excitement.

"We'd like you to let us shave all the hair off of your genitals. We think you'd look so much prettier that way. And then, after that, we want to make you to spurt for us. Would you like that, Jeffrey?"

I couldn't gasp any answer but "Yes!"

Both girls smiled gorgeously.

Becca said, "We thought that would be your answer, Jeffrey."

I had no response to that...

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