tagToys & MasturbationMs. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 03

Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 03


Becca and Erin stood up and took my hands again, gleefully leading me back down the hall to a door at the far end of the house. As I walked a little behind them with my hands in theirs, I was very aware of my nakedness. I could feel my penis and testicles swinging with every step. I felt sort of 'slutty', if that's the right word, and sort of 'free' in being naked and accepted as such. The girls seemed completely at ease with my body's complete exposure, and they were taking me somewhere with the promise to make me even more exposed. They said they were going to shave me, and it was a scary thought, but at the same time I liked how 'extra naked' my dad looked without pubic hair, and hoped I would also look as good.

They opened the door and turned on the light. It was a normal sized bedroom that had been equipped and converted into a medical exam room. The room was complete with supply cabinets, a sink, a little desk for charting, a screened changing area, a couple of stools on casters, and in the center of the room was a large padded examination table, complete with paper sheeting. It was like all the other doctor's exam rooms I had been in, except for a couple things.

First, the exam table was outfitted with large stirrups, not just the ones for your feet, these stirrups were leather-padded and designed to give support to the back of one's thighs and knees. I noticed the stirrups had leather straps with buckles to 'strap-in' the patient's legs. Secondly, I noticed that there was a large leather strap hanging down from the middle of the bed, and also there were leather wrist cuffs affixed at the top corners of the bed.

The bed was actually bent -- meaning that the head of the bed was lifted about a foot or so at an angle from the base, approximately where a person's waist would bend.

I also noticed that there was a medical tray on wheels next to the bed. It has a small white sheet over it, hiding the contents of the tray, but you could see the bumps and bulges of the items under the sheet.

As I was looking at this, I didn't notice that Erin had let go of my hand. Once I had surveyed the room, I turned to see Erin walking back toward me with a clipboard and wearing a white lab coat. She pulled a stool up in front of me as Becca gave me a kiss on the cheek and left me to get her lab coat on.

Erin looked up at me and said brightly, "So, Jeffrey, I'll need to fill out this intake form before we can begin to do the procedures we have planned. You need to answer honestly, so that we'll know how best to treat you. Is that ok?"

"Uh, yes, I guess," I said, swallowing hard. It wasn't cold in the room, but it had such a 'clinical' feeling. The familiarity of the doctor's office was sort of comforting, but the exam table with all its restraints was kind of ominous and foreboding. I knew they planned to put me on the table, and I knew that they would use the straps and restraints on me. And then I would be really helpless and completely at their mercy. I felt my penis throb, and I couldn't help feeling aroused and excited by the idea of losing all power over my body, and being completely in their power so that they could do whatever they wanted with me.

I was completely aware of their eyes on my penis each time it throbbed; I wanted them to see my excitement and nervousness. I felt my whole body shiver.

"Let's begin, then," said Erin. I watched Beth run the sink until the water was hot, and prepare a large metal bowl, towels, an electric trimmer, and disposable safety razors on the counter.

"In order to know exactly what treatments and procedures will be best for you, we need to get some information about your past. This is a very long form, and it will take us a long time to take your complete genital history. But today we'll begin with a few quick questions, and then a simple story. I'm going to read you a question, and you'll give me the honest and complete answer, and I'll take notes for your chart, ok? "

"Yes, Erin," I whispered, wondering where this was going. Her words made me understand that she expected that there would be future trips to the 'exam room', and I liked that idea very much.

"Jeffrey, can you remember how old you were the first time you began to play with your penis just to feel pleasure?"

Ooh, that was embarrassing. "Maybe 8 or 9," I guessed.

"And did you have an orgasm or peak in pleasure before you had your first spurts of semen?"


"When you had your first spurts, what did you think?"

"I thought it was bad and messy and I tried not to do it."

She grinned, "But you didn't try for long, did you Jeffrey?"


"How many times per day do you masturbate now, Jeffrey?"

I struggled with whether or not to give the correct answer.

Erin said, "This is an important question, dear, please tell the truth."

"2 or 3 times a day," I said quietly.

"What is the largest number of ejaculations you've had in a day, between the time you woke up and the time you went to sleep?


"My, that's a nice number," said Erin with a smile, "Can you do that often?"

"I don't know. I haven't tried to do it so much that often."

"I see. Very well, we shall have to work on that, but it shows potential." Both girls giggled as she made some notes and then continued. "Tell us about the first time you were caught masturbating by a female, Jeffrey."

I took a deep breath, the memories flooding back. It was a really embarrassing moment for me. But I felt compelled to answer and give a full account when Becca said, "Jeffrey, it's ok to tell us the whole truth. We are here to help you and you must consider us as medical professionals, dedicated to your genital health and well being."

I took a deep breath, nodded, and answered.

"I was fourteen years old. I was at the birthday party of a girl from school, named Jennifer. She lived with her beautiful mom and her beautiful older sister. There were about 12 kids there, 8 girls and 4 boys I think, and it was a pool party. Seeing all the cute girls in their little swimming suits was kind of exciting, and it was difficult to keep from being seen getting an erection, especially since my suit was sort of clingy when wet.

"About the middle of the party, right before lunch, I went to the bathroom because I was fully erect. Everybody else was in the pool, so I thought I would have a few minutes alone to take care of my problem, and make my penis soft again.

"I dropped my shorts and stood in front of the sink, and rubbed my penis. I quickly got close to ejaculation, and I reached the point of no return just as the door swung open. I must not have latched the door all the way. I turned my head at the sound and saw Mrs. Peterson standing in the doorway, holding some towels, and her eyes were big and her mouth just dropped open in surprise.

"I couldn't stop. I just stroked 3 more times and my first spurt flew out into the sink. I felt my second and third strong spurt as I rubbed like crazy -- my body completely separate from my conscious mind. I watched Mrs. Peterson's face in the mirror as she stood still with her eyes fixed on my penis. I didn't care that she was watching; I was too overcome with the sensations of ejaculation that I just kept rubbing hard and long. She probably watched me for a full 30 seconds as I kept slowly rubbing little drops of semen out that just kept coming. Finally, the spell was broken when I had milked out the last drop and it dribbled down my hand.

"I just stood there, letting go of my penis, and watched Mrs. Peterson gaze at my erection which was still throbbing as my erection slowly subsided. I had no real conscious thought about standing naked and messy in front of her, I just couldn't move and stop her from looking. It seemed right to be on display like that, to let her look. After all, she had watched me ejaculate so there was no reason for modesty.

"Finally, when I was limp, the spell was broken and she took a deep breath, stepped into the bathroom and set some towels down on the shelf. She said, 'Be sure to clean up, Jeffrey, and you might want to latch and lock the door next time, dear.'" Then she smiled and walked out.

"Once she left the room, I was flooded with fear at what I'd done, and couldn't believe what had happened. I cleaned up quickly and went out and jumped into the pool.

"I was so embarrassed; I couldn't look her in the eye the rest of the party. But when I was going home, she cornered me by the door, gave me a hug, and whispered in my ear. 'It's ok, Jeffrey, don't feel embarrassed. You were just being a boy, that's all, and I'm not upset in any way. You're always welcome in my house. So, are you ok?' She held me a moment at arm's length and made me look at her face."

"I said, 'Yes, Mrs. Peterson thanks for being so nice.' She smiled warmly and said, 'Any time, dear,' and she winked at me and let me go."

I stopped talking and noticed that my penis was fully erect, having just relived one of the most exciting moments of my life, and having shared it with Erin and Becca. I had never told anyone before, but I had certainly masturbated to that memory countless times.

Erin was pleased with my story. "Very nice, Jeffrey," she said, "So that was the first time you learned that women don't mind watching boys masturbate?"

"Yes, I was surprised, actually."

"Well, as you may be finding out in our house, there are lots of females that enjoy male bodies, and especially male genitals and their special needs and functions." She set down her clipboard and said, "I think we can work some more on your chart next time. It looks like Becca is ready to begin, and we have planned a shaving procedure and some genital treatment for you today, so let's get a move on."

I looked and Becca and she nodded and smiled happily.

Becca said, "Jeffrey, let's have you hop up onto the table and we'll get you nicely situated and as comfortable as possible."

"Uh, ok," I said, still fearing the table, but excited by the prospect. I never knew that the idea of being strapped down on an exam table could be so exciting. I liked how the females in this house were so interested in my genitals, and I was looking forward to receiving more of their attention -- and besides, they had said they would make me spurt!

I climbed up onto the table, with one sister on each side. They helped me scoot to just the right spot, and each took one of my wrists and began to buckle the cuffs on me. When they were done my hands were as high as my head and could move on the chains pretty well.

"Are you comfortable, Jeffrey? Are the cuffs too tight?" asked Erin.

Becca said, "These are so that your hands don't accidentally interfere with a procedure during treatment, because that could be unsafe."

"Uh, they're ok, I guess." I suddenly felt the reality of being restrained; it hit me in the stomach with a mixture of fear and excitement. I felt something else -- a feeling of submissiveness that almost overwhelmed me -- it was like I wanted all choices to be someone else's. I would become merely the focus of attention without any say in what went on. My breathing sped up, my heart rate sped up, and I was filled with the feeling of surrender.

Both girls smiled, and moved down to my waist. They buckled the big padded leather belt low across my hips. Erin said, "This strap helps keep your hips from moving around too much, which could be dangerous sometimes, and we want to keep you very safe and secure, Jeffrey."

I nodded.

Next, each girl took one of my legs and guided them up and over the knee support pads. They strapped and buckled over my thighs first, and then across my calves, thereby immobilizing my legs completely. If the feeling of 'submissiveness' was to hold fear, anticipation, excitement and willingness all as one emotion, that is what I felt washing through me in powerful waves. I felt so completely helpless now that I was immobilized, and I felt shame and 'sluttiness' at how easily I had let them do it. Again, my breathing was quickened and shallow, and my heart was beating rapidly.

Then, I wasn't expecting it, but the girls started turning cranks under the table and the stirrups started to change position. My thighs started to lift back toward my chest, and then the girls turned other cranks and my thighs spread farther apart. I was now bound down and splayed open, my genitals so utterly revealed and displayed and vulnerable. I felt so naked; I closed my eyes and shuddered in voluntary hopelessness, willing submission, I was completely helpless now.

There would be no turning back.

I opened my eyes to see both girls standing between my lewdly spread thighs, glancing at my erect and throbbing penis and studying my face. Becca whispered to Erin, "Oh, he's going to be such a precious delight..."

Becca turned to me and said, "Jeffrey, when we are in this room together, you must remain mindful that you are our 'patient' and we are 'skilled practitioners' providing you with your needed genital treatments and therapies. Can you remember that, dear?"

"Yes, Becca," I said.

Erin said, "How do you feel in your restraints and the stirrups, Jeffrey? The angle of your hips isn't too unpleasant, I hope?"

"It's ok, I guess," I whispered.

"Good boy," said Erin.

I was surprised by the way the girls began to tease me as they let their hands softly caress my inner thighs and gently jostle my lewdly exposed testicles, it was amazing. I felt so naked and was completely at the mercy of these girls. They could do anything they wanted with me, and from the looks in their eyes, I knew they would. I shuddered again.

"Jeffrey," said Becca as she wheeled the trolley containing the shaving supplies to a position by my left hip, "The first procedure we will perform is the removal of all pubic hair from your genital region. There are three purposes to this procedure. First and foremost, we women like to see a boy's genitals, and we can better enjoy our view if the boy is not partly covered with unnecessary hairs. Second, being shaved will remind you constantly that you are more naked, and this is a good psychological effect for a boy to feel more exposed. Lastly, without hair, your genitals will feel more sensations, so that when we apply therapeutic treatments to your hairless genitals, the treatments will have maximum effect. So, now we will begin to shave your genital region, and I don't think I have to remind you that lying still and cooperating will be much safer for you, do I?"

"No, Becca, I understand," I said, breathless with arousal as my penis throbbed.

Erin giggled, "It seems our patient is excited to undergo his course of genital treatments today."

"Yes," said Becca, in her very clinical and professional voice, "and look, his penis is very stiff and rigid, and is dripping pre-seminal fluid. These are clear signs in the male of sexual arousal."

"Indeed," said Erin, "I think our patient likes being completely helpless, with his genitals and bottom fully and properly exposed for our treatments, trusting us to keep the best interest of our patient in mind."

"And of course," replied Becca, "when a patient is on the table, absolutely nothing else is on our minds!" They both giggled.

I knew they were teasing me, but their words were so exciting. I was their 'patient'. They were the 'practitioners' here to help me, and I was strapped to the table, completely at their mercy.

Erin pulled her little stool around to position herself between my spread thighs, and said, "Trimmer".

Becca handed it to her and she ran the electric device all around my pubic region and inner thighs, trimming the hair down to less than a quarter inch.

Over the course of time, Erin had said, "Foam", and "razor", and had asked for "Assist" many times, causing Becca to hand her the implements, and to hold my testicles or penis at various angles to help Erin complete the task of shaving me bare. Finally, they wiped me with a warm wet washcloth, dried me with a towel, and then rubbed soothing skin cream over all the shaved area. They took extra time on my genitals, each taking turns to play with my testicles and stroke my penis under the guise of "making sure that the skin cream soaks in properly."

They brought me to and kept me at the edge of orgasm for what seemed like an eternity, but probably lasted only 10 seconds. Then they eased me back down from the edge without letting me spurt. If only I'd known what they had in mind...

Erin said, "Jeffrey, we've finished with the first procedure of removing your pubic hair, and we agree that the procedure has been a total success. You look so pretty and bare between your legs! Now then, we are going to bring you through a course of 5 'cycles' of genital stimulation, known as 'GSEDT' in our field of practice." The two girls both grinned mischievously as Erin said, "Would you like to know what 'GSEDT' stands for, Jeffrey?" as she slid the palm of her hand slowly up and down the underside of my stiff and sensitive penis.

"Yes, please," I hissed.

Becca said, "It stands for 'Genital Stimulation and Ejaculation Deferment Therapy'. It is an important new therapy and in all the medical journals. It's very good for a boy to receive this treatment regularly. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Just as I tried to answer, Erin put the tips of her fingers on the head of my penis and rotated them back and forth like unscrewing a bottle.

"Ughrrr..." I moaned.

Becca giggled, "Sounds like the patient is eager to proceed!"

Erin began to stroke my penis in her gentle fist as Becca poured some lubricating oil on the head of my penis to run down all over my shaft and Erin's busy hand. Erin scooted aside to make room for Becca between my thighs, and Becca took a testicle into each hand and began to massage them with the pads of her fingers. She was firm so I'd feel it, but not so rough that it would cause pain.

I began to moan a little and Erin said, "Jeffrey, it is good for your therapeutic success if you to learn to be expressive during treatments. We insist that you make whatever noises seem natural as your body experiences the treatments. This room is sound-proof, so you should go ahead and make any and all noises, moans, gasps, groans and cries that you feel you need to. It is very good for you to be expressive and let us know how you're feeling, Jeffrey."

She sped up her stroking as I tried to answer, "O......K...." I gasped through clenched teeth.

She slowed, and then she sped up a bit, holding an even pace that I could feel was driving me inevitably toward climax.

She said, "Jeffrey, while you moan and writhe, it is very important that you try to use words to tell us when you feel your ejaculation approaching. We are trained to see and anticipate the physiological signs of impending ejacualtion, but it is your responsibility to tell us as well. Do you understand?"

"Yessssss," I hissed, "aaaarrrrhhhhhh......!" I moaned.

"Hmm, very nice, Jeffrey, that sounded wonderful," said Becca with a giggle.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh....ooooohhhhhh.....pleaaaaaaaase..." I whined.

"Please what?" asked Erin innocently.

"Please.....I'm.......close..........." I cried.

"Does this help?" asked Erin, slowing her hand's movement way down but not stopping. This had the effect of holding me at the edge, but not driving me over.

"Urghhhhh..." I gasped in agony and ecstasy, wishing she would rub my penis just a little faster and make me come. I writhed against my bonds, but could do nothing to either stop the stimulation of my penis, nor could I increase the stimulation to drive me to climax.

Over time, even the slow, steady stroking had its effect, and I thought she was going to let me spurt. Erin sensed this and slowed down even more. She said, "Jeffrey, you didn't tell us you were getting closer. We had to rely on our training to see the physiological signs of your ejaculation. Your testicles were trying to pull up into your body, so that gave you away. That was naughty of you, Jeffrey. We won't penalize you this time, but you must say warn us when you feel your semen start to move."

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