Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 04


She came to think of herself as having a 'stable of stallions' that had to be kept properly serviced. She loved how easy the men were to wrap around her finger, giving her raises and gifts, and treating her with the utmost respect lest they be dropped from her circuit. For her part, she loved that all these penises were a renewable resource -- she would milk them until they were dry and soft, only to return in a few hours or a day and find them easily made erect again, and easily made to spurt once more.

She prided herself on skipping lunch since she had so much healthy, protein-rich semen to ingest each workday as she made her rounds to the delight of all her boys. She loved to be seen wiping her lip as she exited an executive suite and entered the hallway, making the other women jealous and making the boys sweat just a little.

Then the next year, she began to attend classes lead by the famous Dr. Victory Andre, PhD., and she began to have her eyes opened to what she was missing. Nikki heard a new point of view from Dr. Victoria, about a new way for a woman to live, and she found it very exciting.

Over the course of her college years, Nikki changed her major to Women's Studies, and received her degree under Dr. Victoria's tutelage, becoming her star student. Victoria introduced Nikki to male strip clubs, CFNM parties, and taught her how to change the way she related to the men she dated. By the end of her college career, Nikki lived with two boyfriends in her apartment, which was full of nude male art, and she enjoyed the beginnings of her female-dominant lifestyle.

In the subsequent six years, Nikki had added a third boyfriend to live in her 3 bedroom house. She took them to bed each night in turns, or sometimes taking two or even all three boys in a night. She was always cognizant of her boys' ejaculatory needs and kept them well-milked and drained, as well as using her skills to bind them tightly to her through the practice of 'post-ejaculatory stimulation'.

This is the technique of manually making a boy ejaculate, and then continuing to stroke his over-stimulated and sensitive penis to keep it erect for as long as possible. This is best done, with the boy properly restrained so that he can endure the process completely. This procedure, along with Genital Stimulation with Ejaculatory Deferment Therapy, is the most powerful way to make a male become completely devoted to a female -- and Nikki really likes her boys' devotion. She now kept her boys in pouch-panties at home, and all three of them had jobs as well as assigned chores at home, so she didn't have to clean, cook, or do laundry.

While managing 3 boys in her home was pretty much a full time job in and of itself -- especially since she was 30 and her boys were 19, 22, and 24, all full of young and virile male hormones that needed her regular attention to keep her boys simmering without bursting -- she enjoyed the company of other male 'friends'.

On top of seeing to her three boys, her Saturday nights were nights out with the 'girls', and she would often be out late if she took a lover from one of the clubs. It was on these Saturday nights that Nikki could, if she wished, fulfill any desires she might have to be fucked hard by a fresh young boy, and she particularly enjoyed having virgins whenever the possibility presented itself. In other words, Nikki enjoyed more stiff penises more often than any other woman Victoria knew.

Nikki was one of the first of what Victoria called, 'the next generation' of women, who were turning social norms upside down and enjoying men to their fullest. Nikki had started as a submissive woman, had found that she enjoyed the feeling of using her feminine power to manipulate and control men, and found that she enjoyed having a variety of penises to play with. She had evolved into what Dr. Victoria was calling "Femme Nouveu" -- the new woman -- intelligent, sexual, and dominant while maintaining her femininity with perfect grace and charm.

On top of all this, Nikki still was able to work as a clinical technician at Dr. Jordan Andre's Medical Clinic for the Treatment of Male Genitalia, where she regularly performed prostate milking procedures to help men keep their semen evacuated to promote prostate health. Nikki had a long list of clients, usually men in their late 40's to 60's, who had standing appointments a few times per month at the clinic, to receive a 'milking procedure' to ensure that their semen was flowing properly. Nikki milked at least 30 men a week in the 20 hours that she worked -- a very hectic schedule indeed!

Nikki had always been, like Jordan and Victoria before her, fascinated by the male body, and particularly the male genitals. She loved to touch and play with penises and testicles, and to make penises erect, and make them ejaculate, all on her terms. And she pursued this passion with single-minded purpose, using her very ample feminine charms to arouse her boys with jiggling cleavage and a swaying ass under her white lab coat. She was also quite adept at the verbal skills so integral in finding a boy's fantasies and hot-buttons, pushing them, and making him spurt because of it.

Nikki was a beautiful, voluptuous, soft and feminine, yet completely dominant woman. She was well aware that virtually all men had some level of female-dominant sexual urges, and she knew how to find them and use them for her pleasure. Femme Nouveu indeed!!

Needless to say, these amazing things that Ms. Victoria had told me had made my penis erect, not to mention the fact that through it all, she had continued to fondle my genitals. It felt so wonderful to be a naked, 18-year-old boy in the hands of this wise, 40-something goddess.

Victoria said, "Jeffrey, I see that learning about these things is arousing to you. What parts of my thoughts and Nikki's story strike a chord with your submissive nature? You can be open and honest with me, dear, you know that."

I tried to think hard, and prepare myself to confess all. I took a deep breath and said, "Well, there are so many things that pull me, I don't know where to begin, but I'll try.

"When you talked about the 'tree house' and 'playing doctor' when you were young, I thought of my experiences along those lines. I had a neighbor girl a couple years older than me, and she liked to be the doctor. So many times in so many places I played the patient, which always meant pulling down my pants and her looking at me.

"I haven't been on many dates, but if I had, I sure would have done anything to get my pants down. As to your '5 cornerstones', that seems really nice. But I haven't had a spanking yet..."

"Be patient, dear," she cooed, "All in good time."

I said, "I love the feelings I'm having of being naked and exposed and submissive, and I hope it continues the rest of my life."

"That's nice, Jeffrey," she said, slowly stroking my erect penis, "I'm sure someday soon you'll be swept off your feet by a dominant young lady -- and you'll live the life of your dreams. In the mean time, I think it would be nice for you to lie back and relax while I make you spurt for me. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes, Ma'am, very much!" I said, beginning to wiggle my hips a bit in response to her now-vigorous rubbing. My penis had been still sore from the GESDT treatment that Beth and Erin had given me hours ago, but now that I was aroused, all I could feel was the pleasure Victoria was forcing upon me.

"I want to make you come for me quickly, Jeffrey. I want to make sure you are properly milked before the girls get back home. Can you be a good, obedient boy and spurt for me, Jeffrey?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I whispered.

"Good boy, now wiggle for me and moan and make semen for Aunty Victoria." Her voice became a more firm command now, "I want you to writhe and gasp and make a nice creamy mess on my hand, Jeffrey, now you obey me and make your spurts! Come now, Jeffrey, come all over Aunty Victoria's hand!"

"Ooh....aaaahhhhh....Aunt.....Victoria.....ooohhhh!" I moaned and writhed under her powerful strokes. She was squeezing my penis firmly and stroking fast, rubbing her hand up and over my sore and now again-too-sensitive head. With no lubrication, the fact that her hand was soft and feminine did little to alleviate the rough sensations on the crown of my penis. Pain was mixing with pleasure and I was wiggling my hips uncontrollably and gasping with every breath as her hand expertly rode me without mercy no matter how I tried to avoid it. The sensations were so intense. Too much sensation. Too much!

"!" I cried.

"Yes, Jeffrey, I've got your penis right here and I am using it to make a nice creamy mess. Give me your semen, boy....obey your Aunty Victoria and spurt for me!"

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" I cried as the first spurt pumped forth. It didn't shoot high, it just sort of poured out of me, mercifully creating some lubrication for Victoria's dry hand, and lessening the soreness I was feeling. But only some of the soreness -- it still hurt, and as each ejaculation was lessening, the pain was returning.

I collapsed in a heap, completely spent and exhausted in her lap, only vaguely aware of my surroundings. But there was still sensation in my groin -- a feeling of being pulled on -- and now an urgency that the stimulation would stop.

"Please Aunt Victoria, please stop," I pleaded weakly.

"No, dear, I want to rub your penis a while longer. Now you be a good boy and hold still. I don't want you trying to stop me, just lie back and take it like a boy should. This is one of the things a boy has to endure because he has a penis and there's nothing he can do about that." She smiled and kissed my forehead.

I couldn't help but moan and gasp and struggle to hold still. It was so hard not to jump up and make the stimulation of my sore penis stop. I had to make myself submit to her and let her do what she wanted.

"This is good training for you, Jeffrey;" she said lovingly, "a boy has to learn to surrender, especially when it's so hard to do so." She shifted her position under me, lifting me and sliding to the side so that now her lap was directly under my bottom, forcing my hips to be raised and putting my poor penis right under her nose. She could now easily use both hands on me, and while she continued to stroke my sore penis, she also was rolling and squeezing my testicles.

"Just relax now dear, and let it happen," she cooed, "I know this is very uncomfortable for you, and this position must be making you feel very helpless and completely at my mercy. That's good, dear, because that's how I want you to feel. Put your hands over your head, yes that's nice. Doesn't that feel even more helpless? Good. Just let complete submission wash over you and as you surrender your genitals to me."

She kept kneading my penis and testicles firmly as my head rolled side to side and I involuntarily whimpered in futility. In a way I felt completely alone, abandoned, and yet connected completely to Aunt Victoria. She had me in her power and I couldn't escape. The sensations in my penis were excruciating, it was so much more stimulation than I'd ever had, and there was no impending ejaculation to lessen the pain.

I just kept whimpering mindlessly, "Please...please....please..."

"Please may I have more stimulation on my penis? Is that what you're asking, Jeffrey?"

I shook my head.

"Oh, well, in that case, I'll just give you a little more," she said, giggling.

With my hands high on the arm of the couch, my hips slowly wiggling across Aunt Victoria's lap, and my thighs spread as wide as the position would allow, I was completely lost in surrender. I was no longer my own, I was hers. I was her boy-toy, her slut, her submissive. I had given myself in this house completely now. Even though her hands continued to amplify the soreness of my penis and the dull ache in my testicles, I was resigned to it. I needed it. I needed to be completely out of control.

I don't know how long this lasted, but what I do know is that when she finally stopped, my penis was somewhere between stinging, buzzing, and numb. I'd never felt anything like that before. When she let go, she wiped her hands on my belly and thighs, leaving semen all over me. I didn't realize she had milked so much semen out of me during my most painful ejaculation ever. My penis and testicles were wet with semen; I could feel the cooling air on them.

She let me lay there as she stroked my hair gently, saying, "You were a very brave boy for me, Jeffrey, I am so proud of you. You took that torturous stimulation very well, and I am most pleased how submissive and obedient you were to hold still, even though I know you didn't want to. That's just part of being a boy, dear. Sometimes you have to surrender and cooperate when a woman does things to your penis that don't feel only pleasurable. This helps teach you that your penis is for my pleasure -- a woman's pleasure -- not your own."

I nodded sheepishly; just glad the ordeal was over. I did feel very submissive. It was as though I couldn't move from her lap. I had no will of my own. I would only do something if she told me to. I was hers.

After more time, she started to pull my pouch panties up and I lifted to help her. She guided my sticky-sloppy genitals into the pouch and patted my tummy.

"I like a messy boy," she said, "a boy looks so cute when he's messy with his own creamy goodness. I want you not to wash, but to stay this way tonight. You can shower in the morning."

"Yes, Aunt Victoria," I said.

She gave me a pat and guided me to get up. She helped me to stand up on wobbly legs and walked with me to the kitchen, getting me a much needed glass of water.

"It's good for a boy to have a drink after he's been milked of his precious bodily fluids," she said happily and she hugged me tight, giving me comfort.

I melted into her arms and laid my head on her soft cleavage as she rocked me gently. "Good boy," she whispered, "My good boy Jeffrey."

After a few moments, I sensed another presence in the room. It was Ms. Andre, Jordan.

She smiled at me and asked, "How did it go?"

"Oh, he did so well for me," said Victoria, "He really was a good little submissive boy for me, and very nice and creamy too."

Jordan looked down at my groin area, "My, he is a messy boy. Very nice, Jeffrey," she said.

"Thank you, Ma'am," I said.

I looked at the clock and it was almost 11pm. I suddenly felt very tired.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Victoria gently guided me to stand on my own. "Would you be a sweet boy and answer the door for us, Jeffrey?" She asked.

"Yes, Aunt Victoria," I said without hesitation. I simply had to obey her. I didn't really wonder who was at the door; I just started walking to the front door, feeling very tired.

I opened the door and stood in the open doorway.

It was a big surprise.

Nikki was back early, without Erin and Beth.

But there was another young girl with her, a petite blonde.

I recognized her.

It was Karen, a girl from my school who had graduated the year before. She was probably about 20 now.

Karen's smile was beautiful as her eyes surveyed me up and down several times, taking an extra pause when her gaze was on my groin. "I didn't believe you," she said to Nikki.

Nikki said brightly, "Guess who I ran into at a pub, Jeffrey -- your schoolmate Karen. We got to talking and she is taking courses from Dr. Victoria, and she mentioned her high school and one thing led to another and here we are! Isn't it great?"

"Yes, Nikki. Hello Karen, nice to see you again. Please come in, ladies." I stepped back to make room for them in a daze and felt no embarrassment in having Karen see me in my pouch panties, glistening all over with my own semen. In fact, I was proud. I was proud to be seen as a slut -- a boy for women to look at and touch and use. That was who I am.

Nikki took my hand and pulled me behind her as we walked to the living room. Karen kept looking over her shoulder at me, as though to confirm it was not a hallucination. She kept grinning and giggling and looking at Nikki, then me, then Nikki, still trying to get over her amazement.

As we stopped in the living room, we all turned to the stairway to see my dad coming down the stairs. We couldn't help but all watch as his big shaved genitals, including a thick semi-erect penis, jiggled in the tiny sheer blue pouch with each step. His face glistened, and I realized he must have been between Ms. Andre's thighs. Oh, my... I thought.

Karen looked at me and whispered, "Is that your dad?"

"Yes," I whispered back, feeling proud.

"He's hot..." she mumbled, mostly to herself.

I wondered how this would all unfold as my dad walked across the living room to Ms. Andre, and stood obediently waiting for her lead. This afforded Karen a full view of my dad from behind, showing his naked muscular bottom with only the blue string at his waist and disappearing between his cheeks. I'm sure the girls noticed the overall pinkness on his bottom, particularly low where the cheek meets thing. And there were some spots that were red, and some red streaks, caused by extra-powerful swats, I presumed.

So, my dad had been spanked today... I wondered what he had done to deserve it...

Ms. Jordan smiled, looking over at me and the two girls, Nikki and Karen. She walked over to us and held out her hand to Karen in greeting. "Hello, Karen, My name is Jordan Andre, so glad to meet you. Welcome to my home. This is my famous sister, Dr. Victoria Andre." Karen shook hands with Aunt Victoria.

"It's amazing to be here and meet you Dr. Jordan," said Karen, "Of course I have met Dr. Victoria in class."

"Yes, well, feel free to wander around and do anything you please. There is wine in the kitchen, if you wish I shall have Jeffrey bring you a glass."

Karen eyed me up and down and said, "Yes, please, I'd like a glass."

Ms. Andre glanced at me and I nodded and walked to the kitchen, wiggling my bottom just a little for their benefit, and quickly filled a glass. While behind the counter, I adjusted my genitals in my pouch, trying to present them as best I could so they'd jiggle when I walked back to the girls. Happily both Nikki and Karen were watching me as I returned, so I walked with my thighs squeezed together to force the sheer pink pouch forward to jiggle back and forth. I figured a boy's got to do his best with what he has.

I liked that they were looking at me, and I liked feeling 'slutty' when I showed off to them. I was still quite messy, though most of my semen had dried. Letting them see me like this made me feel lewd and naughty. I liked it!

As I looked back at them, I remembered that I really liked Nikki's enormous breasts, barely covered in her black, clingy, spaghetti-strap dress. Nikki had an amused smirk on her face, whereas Karen was having a hard time keeping her jaw from dropping open as she grinned madly.

I handed Karen the glass and she looked into my eyes as she took a sip. "Thank you, Jeffrey," she said. She grinned at Nikki conspiratorially, and whispered, "You're a mess, is that your semen all over you?"

I gulped. "Yes," and I felt a wave of humiliation wash over me. It felt good.

Karen leaned even closer, "Are those a pair of Dr. Victoria's pouch-panties you're wearing?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"You know I can see your penis and testicles right through the fabric, don't you?"

"Yes," I breathed.

"They look so cute on you. I can see you're circumcised; your pretty head is clearly visible. Do you like wearing your panties, Jeffrey?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"And it looks like your daddy's bottom has been spanked recently...have you been spanked today?"

"No, Karen," I said.

"Do you think you need a spanking, after spurting all over yourself and being such a messy boy?"

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