tagBDSMMs. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 05

Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 05


This story picks up right from the end of part 4.

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The story continues.....

Jordan stroked with fast, even strokes. Pulling long and hard on his engorged penis and making the head swell and start turning purple in arousal and need. His hips began to wiggle slightly, and little whimpering moans escaped his lips. "Shush, now, honey," said Dr. Jordan, "Just hold still and be a good boy. I want to see some big spurts from you because I want to show off how much and how well you can come for me."

"Yes, dear," my dad whispered between gasping breaths.

Jordan was using her left hand to stroke his thick, hard cock, and with her right hand she massaged his testicles firmly. She liked to play with a man's testicles, his most precious and delicate parts, with a gentle but firm hand so that he knew she was in complete control. She smiled at his gasps and his struggle to be quiet and hold still. She knew she was driving him quickly to the edge; such was her skill which she had honed over more years than she'd care to mention, with more penises than she could possibly remember...

The 'attendants' – Nikki and Karen – knelt and scooted closer to Jordan's sides as they observed her legendary technique, looking for tips and tricks that would improve their knowledge of male genital control and stimulation, of which Dr. Jordan was an acknowledged master.

"Do you see how the head of his penis is turning from pink to purple?" said Jordan, "That means blood is flowing into and filling up his pretty glans, which will make it very sensitive when I do this..." She let go of his testicles for a moment, and put her soft right palm over his penis head, slowly rolling her palm around. She held his shaft still with her left hand, regardless of the way he wiggled against the new overwhelming sensations he experienced. This caused his eyes to shoot open and his head flailed back as he moaned in torment.

Jordan continued, "And don't you girls love all the drippy pre-seminal fluid escaping the open slit? I like to rub these precious juices all over the glans with my palm – as you can see it is quite effective and reduces a boy to jelly instantly. And the best part is," she grinned wickedly, "rubbing his glans like this is very stimulating, but this technique won't make him to come. You could do this all day and he'd never be able to ejaculate as long as you don't stroke the boy's shaft – he'd just writhe and moan and go out of his mind. Isn't that wonderful?"

All the girls giggled at that, since Jordan showed no sign of stopping soon...

"Oh, yes!" said Karen, "This is quite fascinating!"

Nikki grinned at her new friend knowingly, and then turned to Dr. Jordan, "How long has it been since you allowed poor Edward to spurt? He seems quite in need of release, which makes this technique extra delicious!"

"Oh, I don't know..." said Jordan with false modesty (for she knew exactly the answer), "Perhaps 5 days, maybe a week? In any event, we've been enjoying a variety of sexual stimulations and activities these last few days, and I have had a lot of very wonderful orgasms. Edward is so cooperative and understanding when it comes to that. He knows that all things sexual are for the woman's pleasure, not the man's. But I've decided to have mercy on him now, and I'm going to make him come for me...eventually"

She smiled lovingly down upon her man, happily watching him sweat and wiggle and whimper as she stimulated his swollen and oh-so-sensitive penis head. "Men and boys are so easy," Jordan said, "it makes them so cute and desperate when you withhold their ejaculations, and Edward is certainly all man. He mostly thinks with his penis, like all males do. But with him it's not as frustrating as with some other boys, in fact, with him it is positively charming."

Nikki asked, "So, you're going to reward him with his first ejaculation in a week? That's awesome!"

"Not just yet," said Jordan, "he's been such a good boy for me today and so many other days, I want to give him a few more minutes of my attention to his pretty penis before we see how much he can spurt. I'm quite proud of him, you know, he's a very good creamy boy-mess maker, I suppose that's one of the reasons why I love him so." She smiled in approval and looked lovingly at her man as he continued to writhe in equal parts ecstasy and torment, being obedient to keep his knees clutched to the sides of his chest no matter what excruciating torments she inflicted upon his helplessly-offered genitals.

The ladies smiled at her confession of love, they all knew the feeling well – of loving a boy whose naked body was writhing as her hand merely touched his organ. Such a wonderful feeling of closeness...

Jordan looked pensive as she removed her palm from his glans, returning her free hand to massaging his plump testes. Dad let out a huge sigh of relief as she returned to stroking his shaft, giving his over-stimulated glans a needed rest.

A look crossed her face as though she had made a decision, and then smiling, she spoke with a sultry and affectionate voice... "Edward, my dear, can you talk now?" she asked.

He nodded and gasped, "Yes, dear."

"My sweet boy, do you think you can answer some questions for your Mistress?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered.

"Do you want to always be my obedient faithful man, and never look at another woman with love in your eyes?"

"Oh, yes, never," he gasped.

"Do you want to always do as I say, accept my discipline, and to love, protect, and defend me forever?"

"Yes, dear," he whispered, struggling to pay close attention even though Jordan's manipulation of his penis continued and intensified, making her stroke a little slower, but very long and full from root to tip.

"Do you respect my authority as the head of my house, and clearly understand that I am the leader of our relationship? If so, I want you to tell me the way we work together to make decisions, Edward."

Between gasping breaths, my dad said, "We discuss...you decide...I obey."

"Do you understand that while I demand your fidelity, you must respect my freedom to enjoy other men, other lovers, and that this won't in any way diminish my love for you?"

"Yesssss," he moaned, trying not to ejaculate, and trying to take deep breaths to relieve the pressure building inside him.

"And you know that your body and all its precious fluids are my personal property to do with as I please? And that you may never, ever, ejaculate without my permission and supervision?"

Victoria was suddenly at my side as I watched and listened with amazed fascination. She gripped my hand firmly and whispered in my ear, "Oh, jeffrey, this is so beautiful. Pay attention, dear, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity." I looked at her face and she was smiling, a tear in the corner of her eye.

I looked back and saw that Nikki's jaw had dropped open and her eyes were smiling as she sat back on her knees as she clutched her hands to her chest between her enormous breasts. Karen was looking back and forth between Jordan and Nikki in surprise, as if not sure that what she suspected was actually happening!

"Yes, Ma'am," my father gasped, writhing on the table top uncontrollably.

"Then, Edward, I have a question for you...do you want to hear it?"

"Yes, please, Mistress....urghhhhh.....please!"

"Edward," Jordan said in a formal, willful voice, "will you marry me and be my sweet, precious husband? You may answer with your penis, dear."

"Oh, God, yesssss!!!" he cried, as he began to ejaculate, spurting a huge gob onto his chest as Jordan smiled in laughed in delight with a look of triumph on her face.

"You make me very happy, my boy," she said quickly, as she dropped her lips to take just the purple head of my father's penis in her mouth. She began to suck him as she stroked, swallowing noisily and gleefully as she rode him through his climax, spurt after powerful spurt. She pinned his pelvis to the table with her weight and right hand as she forcefully relieved him of every last drop of his seed and kept every last drop for herself, save the very first spurt that puddled on his chest.

Nikki and Karen giggled and clapped and hugged in surprised happiness as Victoria hugged me to her warm, voluptuous body and kissed my cheek. "My nephew!" she said, "I've never had a nephew before, Jeffrey, welcome to the family!" She hugged and kissed me again, and I hugged back, happy to have been here to see the astounding proposal, and completely confused as to what it might mean for my future life! But somehow, I was happy too!

Jordan stroked and sucked my dad until he had collapsed in a spent heap across the table. Then she raised her head slowly while her hand continued to gently ply his shaft, keeping the intimate contact with her man and watching his breathing begin to slow and calm down.

"I'll take that as a yes, my dear," she said with a grin, licking her lips languidly and seeming to savor the texture and flavor of the offering she had taken from her lover, now husband-to be. My father merely nodded, too exhausted to speak. Jordan smiled at Karen, still sitting in shock, and whispered conspiratorially to her. "Isn't he precious like this? I've always thought a well used and spent man just looks adorable..."

"Oh, yes, Dr. Jordan," she whispered back, "I guess I owe you congratulations on your nuptials."

"Mmmm...'nuptials'..." said Jordan, "I do like the sound of that. It sort of sounds like a delicious meal, which of course my Edward truly is."

Jordan just turned back and continued to look at her new possession with eyes and heart bursting with love. She settled herself anew between his thighs, pushing them apart as his feet were now on the floor at her sides and his arms splayed out across the large marble table. She began to massage his testicles with her right hand, as her left continued to gently and slowly stroke his now half erect penis. Every few strokes, a little pearl of his offering would appear at the tip of his head, and she'd happily extend her tongue and collect it.

Nikki and Karen softly backed away and came to stand next to Victoria, whose arm was still around me. The room was now silent, as though the moment Jordan was sharing with her betrothed was sacred and the spell should not be broken by onlookers.

Victoria silently shooed us all out of the room and up the stairs, not speaking until we were down the hallway a ways, thus allowing Jordan and my dad to spend the rest of their intimacy in peace. She stopped us and turned to Nikki and Karen.

"Ladies," said Victoria, "I think you should take our Jeffrey into the obedience room and show him how a woman loves a man enough to make his bottom pink. I know it's getting late, and Jeffrey's already had quite a day, but it looks like he could still stand a little feminine attention and provide you girls some entertainment."

All three women looked down to see my erect penis pushing to escape the little pouch, and we all grinned. I hadn't realized that I'd become erect, though the scene downstairs had been surely arousing. I had forgotten about the promise to spank me, and now embarrassment and fear gripped my tummy. But having just witnessed my father's complete submission to his Mistress, and how she had so much affection in her voice and words, while tormenting and pleasuring he penis so expertly, I had to admit it was very arousing.

The thing that seemed to enticing and seductive to me was how surrendered and helpless my dad had been under Jordan's care, and how she had seemed to be forceful and commanding, but at the same was so nurturing and affectionate toward him... I hoped I would one day have a Mistress like her...

Nikki took the initiative, taking my hand in hers and saying, "Yes, that was such a wonderful experience for us to have witnessed, it makes me want to do things to enjoy a boy. And I'm sure Karen feels the same..."

"Absolutely," whispered Karen, still respectful of the couple downstairs, "I'd love to help you with Jeffrey in any way I can."

"Good," said Victoria, "then you girls take Jeffrey into the obedience room and just remember to be gentle with his penis, because I am sure he is quite sore from his....experiences....today." She had looked at me with a grin, reminding me how she had continued to rub my over-stimulated penis after making me ejaculate just an hour or so ago. I'm sure I blushed as I looked down, unable to hold her gaze with the memory that was so humiliating and wonderful at the same time.

Nikki pulled me down the hall, with Karen following behind. She called back to Victoria, "We'll be very gentle...with his penis!" and she giggled wickedly, making me gulp and start to worry again.

Nikki opened the door toward the end of the enormous hall. This house just went on forever, I thought. She turned to me and said, "Jeffrey, this is the obedience room," and she pushed the door open and drew me across the threshold. "In this room, boys receive special help and training so that they can learn to be very good boys for us ladies. Your father is a very good boy, and he's received quite a bit of guidance and help in this room, as I'm sure will you in the months and years to come..."

"Yes, Nikki," I nodded, looking around the large room. It was much bigger than the treatment room I had been in earlier, with its medical table with which I had been made so familiar. This room was at least 3 times the size and had many 'stations' for lack of a better word – pieces of equipment of various designed purposes. I swallowed and blushed as I saw that every appliance had one thing in common. They all had padded leather cuffs and straps, suitable for rendering the occupant (victim?) fully restrained and helpless to resist whatever was done to them.

"Oh, my," escaped my lips in a whisper, as I looked from item to item. Much later than this night, I learned the names of many of the pieces of equipment, but I'll list what I know here. There was a wheel upon which a person could be bound, set on a slight angle, and could be turned so that its occupant were upside down.

There was a whipping post with a ring at the top, with cuffs on a chain from it. There was a gymnastic-style horse, several spanking benches of various models, a padded table, a throne like chair, and a large wooden device that had too many chains, straps and cuffs to enumerate, and somehow gave the impression of a pirate ship with all the rigging.

There was another kind of 'horse' – a wide wooden board set on its side, honed to a sharp blade-like shape across the top edge, with shackles hanging down from above and obvious footrests on either side whose height could be adjusted. I could see that a person would have to straddle the sharp board, and it looked painful!

Off to one side was a bench-like object, to which Nikki led me, and we stopped to look at it.

"Have you seen one of these before, Sweetheart?" she asked innocently.

"No, Nikki," I answered softly, staring at the device in fascination. It seemed to have a short 'table' with a downward angle from waist high, such that one could stand against and bend over, laying his torso down its length leaving his head about knee high. The table had two belts across it, and cuffs where a person's head would go. There, on either side where one stood, were padded supports with straps where one's knees and shins could rest, causing an acute angle between the occupant's hips and thighs.

After examining the object for a few moments, it became clear that the occupant would be restrained with his head down, his bottom high, and his thighs spread lewdly. It sent a chill up my spine to think of the things that person could be made to endure.

"Do you like it, dear?" asked Nikki, "I've had this little gem in mind for you ever since we met early this evening. Now be a good boy and climb into position so we can strap you in and then I'll explain what we'll be doing." She turned to Karen and said, "Karen, please help Jeffrey into position and go ahead and cuff his wrists for me."

"Sure!" said Karen happily, and she became 'helpful' quickly.

In moments I was bent over onto the table portion with my wrists securely fastened. As they positioned me, the edge of the table was just below my navel, leaving my groin completely unsupported and unprotected. Nikki seemed pleased and said, "Now Karen, if you would be so kind as to take down Jeffrey's panties. He won't need them, and you can hang them on that hook on the wall."

"Ok," said Karen, happy to help.

As Nikki was positioning and tightening the strap across my shoulders, and then the one across my lower back to finish securing me to the table, I felt Karen's hands enthusiastically lower my panties to my ankles. "Step," she said, and I stepped out of them. "Good boy," she giggled as she took my panties and hung them on the wall.

Next, the girls helped me get my knees onto the padded shin-rests, and applied the straps on my legs. Suddenly I felt completely helpless, just as I had felt strapped down in the stirrups on the medical table by Erin and Becca. The feeling of helplessness, being at the girls' mercy, being naked and so lewdly displayed with my thighs pushed toward my body and spread wide, made me completely erect again.

I tested my bonds and found that there was a little bit of wiggle-room between the strap at my lower back and the straps on my legs, such that I could move my hips side-to-side a few inches. I rocked my hips a bit to gain more comfort, but in terms of any real use of the available movement, there was none. I was surely completely helpless.

I felt embarrassed that I was so obviously excited by being bound and naked, as I felt my well-used penis pulse and stiffen in arousal. My penis felt heavy and hard and fully engorged. I thought it was one thing to be a submissive slut, because that's what I knew I was becoming, but it was another to be ashamed because of it.

Even though I loved the feeling of being bound and lewdly exposed naked, I still blushed at the thought that the girls would see me for what I am. An aroused, submissive, boy-slut, excited to be used for their pleasure and enjoyment! God help me, I couldn't wait to find out what they would do to me, what I would have to endure to please them!

"My, my," said Nikki in a sultry voice, "Isn't our Jeffrey a treat? His supposedly sore penis is certainly pink, but it's also stiff and already dripping..."

Karen giggled as she bent down to look. I couldn't see anything that they did, because the width of the table and the angle of my body made it impossible for me to look back or down between my legs. I really wanted to see her look at me.

I turned my head to the right and, bingo – I could see the girls in the mirrored wall, standing between my spread legs. I knew I would love watching them, even though I wasn't sure if it would make it better or worse to have some warning as to their intentions.

Nikki picked up a small glass bowl on an adjustable stand and placed it beneath my dangling genitals to hold the bowl about six inches beneath the head of my erect penis. "There," she said, "Now we'll be able to collect every drop Jeffrey can offer us...and I expect to extract a large amount of semen, since he is such a young buck and full of juices for us to enjoy and play with."

"Sounds wonderful to me," said Karen, as she casually slid her caressing hand over my bottom. "So, what, exactly, do his juices have to do with spanking him?"

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