Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 05


"Well," said Nikki, "It's true that Jeffrey has already admitted to you that he's been a naughty little slut, and that he should have a spanking..." Nikki's hand joined Karen's on my other cheek, "And we'll definitely be warming his bottom nice and pink..." Nikki's hand slid down between my cheeks, just grazing my anus before cupping my swollen testicles in her palm, "but as you know, I'm quite experienced with prostate milking – which I do professionally at Dr. Jordan's clinic for Male Genitalia – and I thought we'd do everyone here a favor by making sure we put Jeffrey to bed completely and utterly emptied. You know, give him a full milking. He may have ejaculated a couple times already today, but a boy his age produces a lot, and I'm sure his prostate still has plenty to give."

"Oh! My, that sounds interesting, tell me more," said Karen in mock surprise.

Nikki said, as much for my benefit as for Karen's, "You see, Karen, this contraption to which we have bound our young man, is call the 'milking bench'. It is specifically designed to expose his rectal area so that we can access his prostate gland to massage and stimulate it properly. With his penis poised over the collection bowl and his body unable to wiggle free, this position allows us to take our time and extract every drop of semen from him."

She paused for effect, and then continued, "Additionally, this position with his bottom spread nicely open for us, also allows us some extra sensitive areas to spank. So when we spank him, we'll be able to land swats on his most sensitive areas – his upper thighs..." her fingertips traced across the areas of my body as she spoke, "this nice crease where the thigh meets the cheek...the lower-inside quadrant o each cheek...and in this special position, we also can swat between his cheeks and even right on his anus." Her fingers tickled delightfully as they made their rounds on my exposed bottom.

"So, in summary," said Nikki in her tutorial voice, "The milking bench is uniquely suited to apply swats to a boy on his most tender and vulnerable flesh – right where it will sting the most and make him beg for mercy... You'll see..." she said.

"Oh, and one other thing this bench is really good for..." giggle Nikki.

"What's that?" asked Karen.

"Taking a boy with a strap-on."

"Oh, my," said Karen, "Can we do that?"

"Not tonight, dear," said Nikki consolingly, "That will have to wait, because Jordan has forbidden it, at least for now. She said something about Jeffrey being a 'virgin front and back', and it must stay that way."

"Oh, ok," said Karen, "Please let's get started! Seeing him like this, and hearing you talk, is getting me wet!"

"Understandable, my dear, which would you like to start with first? The spanking or the milking? It's hard to do both at the same time."

"Let's swat his bottom. Seeing his dad's cute but all pink and with red stripes made me so hot for it. I want to spank Jeffrey's bottom red!" Karen looked over and saw my shocked eyes, big as saucers, in the mirror, and said "oh, don't worry Jeffrey; my bark is worse than my bite. You have such a cute little bottom, I just want to smack it a little and make it pink, that's all."

Nikki laughed and said, "We'll see about that. Let's get started."

Nikki went over to another wall and took a bunch of implements down which had hung by thongs on hooks. She returned with an armful of items and laid them out on a nearby table for Karen to see.

"These are the usual things that a boy is spanked with, besides the bare hand," she said. "I personally enjoy the bare hand the most because it feels more intimate with the boy. You can feel the sting in your hand and you can feel the heat of his bottom, but spanking with implements is also very enjoyable, particularly in the way that the boy will moan and cry and beg and whimper and scream – which is of course the fun part of the spanking!"

Nikki pointed at each implement in turn, explaining to Karen. "Here we start with a little soft flogger. It has many strips of leather we call 'tails' that are about 30" long. The leather is soft and this makes noise but doesn't hurt too much – it's good for giving his bottom a warm up to prepare for the more severe swats to come. Next to this is a small wooden paddle, similar in size and shape to a wooden hair brush. Next is a 'tawse' – a 2" wide leather strap with a split in the end. And last, we have a 36" cane, made of bamboo, and about a half inch in diameter.

Karen listened carefully and picked up each implement in turn, feeling it's weight and swishing it in the are giving a mock swat to get the feel of the thing. She smiled each time she put one down and picked another up. "The cane feels so light, does it hurt much?" she asked.

"Oh, very much," said Nikki smiling, "The can is considered the most severe punishment. Because it is long and thin, if you swing with your whole arm in it, the can travels extremely fast and bites like a wasps' nest. It leaves nice red raised welts on a boy, so you have to learn how to use it carefully."

Nikki picked up the flogger and walked toward me. She reached below me and pulled the stand with the glass bowl out from under me and set it aside. "The first goal of safety, when a boy is in this position, is to be careful not to injure his testicles. One full strike with any of these disciplinary tools on his unprotected testes could cause injury up to and including complete rupture and tearing of the testicle. We don't want that at all."

"Of course not," said Karen, cupping my tender testes in her hand, "I like these very much and don't want them harmed in any way."

"Agreed," said Nikki, "But having said that, there are good things that can come from a little bit of genital flogging with a nice soft flogger like this one." Nikki flicked her wrist slightly, sending the tails of the flogger rising swiftly from her side to slap gently upward against my penis and testes. Feeling the weighty thump of the tails against my testicles made me grunt deep in my throat, and fight for air for a moment.

"What I just did will not harm the boy, but as you can see, just a good healthy nudge on his testes produces a delightful response. When a boy experiences any sort of blow to his testes, it feels to him as though there are cords deep up into his abdomen that are wrung and pulled, hence the guttural grunts that they make. They also have a sensation much like getting the wind knocked out of them, so you'll see signs of this in their breathing after a little whack on their tender and vulnerable testicles."

Nikki flicked again, harder, and this time not only did I feel the debilitating 'kick' in my tummy, but the tips of the tails flicked sharply against the tip of my penis, stinging like bees on my already sore glans. "Rrrrhhhhggggg!" I cried, and panted like I'd lost my wind.

"In Dr. Victoria's upper division classes," Nikki continued, "you'll hear that she believes the reason that boys' genitals are on the outside of their body is so that they can be more easily controlled by us girls. Imagine if your ovaries were suspended outside your body in a soft little sack, able to be accidentally bumped or purposefully swatted. The kind of pain you'd feel is completely different than any other."

"Ah, I see what you mean," said Karen, unconsciously rubbing her tummy with her hand. "I got hit by a softball just there one time, it was absolutely horrible and I couldn't go to school for days."

"Yes, so imagine how a boy feels when I do...this." Nikki's hand flicked again, expertly laying the body of the tails up under my dangling testes again, and again making the tips of the flogger snap against the head of my penis.

"Ahhhhrrrrrgggghhhh!!!!" I screamed, "Please, Nikki! it hurts so much on my penis!!" The dull ache in my testicles was overwhelmed by the sharp pain on the head of my penis, making me buck against my bonds and cry out in the pain. The searing sensation in my glans lingered like a burning sting, making me pant and moan for seconds afterward.

Nikki said, "The reason he's screaming is because I'm making the very tips of the flogger's tails snap against the head of his penis, in addition to whacking his dangling testes. Just the little tips hitting his head will create a very sharp, immediate pain that quite overwhelms a boy. Notice how he writhes against the straps, trying to free himself, yet once the pain subsides a little, he'll calm back down. Let's let him rest and recover a bit."

"Wow," said Karen, impressed with Nikki's prowess, "It is amazing how little effort you apply to the flogger, compared to how much effect it has on Jeffrey." Her eyes were bright and her expression one of delight at learning all of these new revelations. "I can imagine how sensitive his glans is, because the flesh is so pink and tender there, even when a boy is hard. It's like velvet; so soft and sweet..." she mused.

Nikki set down the flogger and smiling, turned to Karen to answer. "As you know, at Dr. Jordan's clinic she specializes in just one area of treatment – male genitals. She treats erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, developmental issues, and the like. One of the things she also practices is circumcision. We probably do 3 to 5 circumcisions a month on boys of all ages, but not infants. Whenever she has a client that is found to be uncircumcised, she immediately convinces them of the need to remove the foreskin and uncover the pretty pink head."

"I once had a boyfriend who was uncut," said Karen, "I didn't like it..."

"As you shouldn't," said Nikki, "The Drs. Andre both espouse that circumcision is an integral part of freeing a boy from any covering. A male can't be truly naked if his glans is covered. Removing the foreskin removes the last vestige of male modesty, so that when he is undressed, his most intimate part is uncovered and clearly seen by all women. The fact that the procedure is painful and humiliating makes it all the more wonderful. In Dr. Victoria's writings, she suggests that circumcision should be performed as a rite of passage on a boy's 18th birthday, signifying his adulthood, and from that day on, the boy should wear only pouch-panties, or be naked while at home."

Nikki reached into a small bag on the table and took out a little black flogger with thin plastic flails, perhaps 10" in total length including the handle.

Karen looked at it, "What's that, a key fob?" She giggled, "It's so little..."

"This is a penis flogger. It can be used on a boy when you want to be very close and intimate with him – and have his complete attention! It's really fun to use, but that's for later. I'm showing it to you to make the point that a boy should be circumcised so that his head is always naked and accessible to be looked at, touched, teased, and tormented.....whatever a Lady desires..."

"I see," said Karen smiling, "How interesting..."

"And now, back to discipline," said Nikki, handing Karen the little paddle, "Why don't you begin with some swats on his cute little cheeks with your hand? Then we can proceed with using the implements and you can get a feel for how they work..."

"Hmmm, that sounds delightful," said Karen, placing her hand on my lower back, just above my bottom. "You know, in Dr. Victoria's classes, I've sort of picked up references to spanking a boy in a very specific manner. Perhaps you can walk me through the process..."

Nikki followed her and said, "Ok, sounds good. First, it is a very wise and necessary common practice when spanking a boy, to talk to him all the time. To engage a boy in dialog while disciplining his bottom is most rewarding. It helps you to achieve your desired disciplinary goals by keeping his mind focused just where you want during his disciplinary session. You can scold him for his misbehavior, question him on any topic that interests you, make him count the swats, make him confess his naughtiness, and honestly you can pretty much get him to promise you anything just by pretending you'll go easier on him."

"Just pretending to go easy?"

"Oh, yes," said Nikki, emphasizing this point, "Never, ever, go easy with a spanking. If you don't make his cute bottom sting and burn like a fire, there is no point to it. Spanking a child is something completely different, and we're not talking about that at all! Spanking a submissive adult male over the age of 18 is an art and a science, and the first rule is this: the harder you spank him, the more he will love you. I know it makes no sense to us women, but boys are different and this is the truth. When you spank a man, you must spank him until his eyes tear up, and then you must continue for a time. So let's start with some hand swats to warm up his bottom nice and pink, and get him ready for the implements."

Karen took up her position to my left side so she could swing her right arm, reared back and fired. Her hand landed with a resounding SMACK on the lower half of my left cheek, her fingertips striking the sensitive pink flesh between my spread cheeks. "Ah!" I gasped sharply. Karen smiled and did it again, taking up a rhythm of a swat every second or so, all landing on the same spot and quickly building up heat on my bottom, causing me to begin to squirm in my bonds and to gasp with each swat. "This is fun!" said Karen gleefully as she swatted me. Nikki said to move the swats around and get my whole bottom pink, which Karen did, and after a couple minutes, my whole bottom was on fire.

"What's next?" asked Karen, satisfied that my bottom was nice and pink.

Nikki said, "Once you've swatted him with your hand to warm up his bottom and get him ready, you can move on to the implements to give him various punishments, scolding him and humiliating him as you make his bottom sting and burn. But always remember to add that you're doing this for his own good, and that you love him enough to give him what he needs, and you know what is best for him. These are important words to repeat in various ways from time to time as you spank him. Take your time and make an event of each swat – insist that he relax his bottom and hold it up to you in 'offering' to receive each swat. If he tenses up, the swat doesn't count and must be repeated. This is good training for him to embrace his submission and surrender fully to your discipline."

Nikki moved the little stand with the glass bowl back under my penis, "Let's make sure we catch any drips while you spank him, and also we'll be milking him during the spanking so I want the bowl ready.

Karen nodded to Nikki and then addressed me. "You heard her, Jeffrey," said Karen as she picked up the small wooden paddle. "Now I want you to stop squirming and relax your bottom for me. Rock your hips up a bit to show that you're ready for your next swat, and ask me for it. And remember, this is for your own good and I'm doing it because I care for you."

I took a deep breath, pushed my bottom up and relaxed completely. "Please give me a spanking, Karen," I said, "I'm ready..." My bottom felt the warmth and the memory of her brisk hand spanking, but it wasn't painful, just like a soft glow. I didn't know what the paddle would feel like, but I guessed it would not be pleasant. Even with that knowledge, I knew I wanted the spanking. I don't know why, but somehow being helpless and being spanked was arousing, and now that the flogging of my penis and testicles had worn off, my penis was erect with my excitement.

Karen rubbed the wooden paddle slowly on the lower-inside portion of my left cheek. "I'm going to swat on your sweet spots, Jeffrey, to make each one really count. Now stay relaxed and take the swat with gratitude..." She swung her arm, flicking her wrist at the last moment to land the paddle flat against my cheek, making a loud CRACK that surprised me. There was a half a second before the stinging sharp pain registered in my brain, "Ughhh!" I gasped, feeling the full power of the swat burn into me.

"Jeffrey, you were naughty to make all that messy semen all over your pouch-panties," CRACK! Again on the same spot, driving a new burning and stinging home... "And you have to be spanked so that you learn it's very naughty," SMACK! On the same area but the right cheek this time!

"I want to hear you admit that you are a naughty boy, Jeffrey," SMACK! On the right cheek again, amplifying the sting and now both sides of my bottom were competing to register the most pain.

"I am a naughty boy!" I cried. CRACK! The fire in my left cheek was renewed again.

"Good boy, that's what I want to hear," SMACK! "Now hold still, Jeffrey, and take your spanking!" SMACK! CRACK! SMACK! "I want to see a relaxed and up-turned bottom you naughty boy! You know this is what you need and I'm giving it to you!" CRACK!

"Arghhhh!" I moaned, "Oh, please, Karen, I promise to be good! Please stop spanking me!" I couldn't help flexing and wiggling my cheeks in an attempt to somehow lessen the stinging and burning I felt.

Karen and Nikki both giggled, and Nikki said, "Very nice, Karen, you seem to be a natural at this spanking thing."

"Thanks Nikki, I'm really enjoying it. I've wanted to spank a boy ever since it was first discussed in one of Dr. Victoria's classes. Shall I move on to the next implement?"

"Why don't you get the tawse ready, and lay it across his lower back while I show you how to being working on his prostate milking? That will give Jeffrey some time to absorb and really get the benefit from the paddle swats. Since he can't rub his bottom, all the nice stinging and burning will have a chance to really sink in." Nikki giggled, putting on a rubber glove and making the loud snapping noise as she did so.

"Ok, sounds great," said Karen as she laid the tawse across my back as an ominous reminder of what was to come. Nikki handed her a rubber glove and she put it on her right hand, making it snap just like Nikki.

Nikki handed Karen a little tube, and said, "Put some lube on your finger and slip it into his rectum pointing down. Once you reach in deep enough, you'll feel a walnut-shaped gland under the tip of your finger. That's his prostate. I want you to press gently and slide the pad of your finger back and forth across it slowly."

I felt Karen's wet index finger push against my anus. "Relax and let her in, Jeffrey," said Nikki. I took a deep breath and tried to relax, but it was difficult with my bottom stinging so! I let out another deep breath and felt the finger slip inside, and Karen wasted no time pushing all the way in as a soft "Umph," escaped my lips.

"I can feel it!" said Karen with delight. Nikki told her to push her finger in and out of my bottom, keeping downward pressure on my prostate gland, and Karen complied.

I could really feel it and it made me gasp for breath and pant involuntarily. It was such a new sensation, not exactly pleasurable, but not unpleasant. Somehow it made me feel very violated, and I liked it, and my bottom wiggled a little of its own accord.

Nikki explained: "A boy's semen is made in the prostate, not the testicles. The testicles produce the actual sperm cells – the little swimmers – and they are added to the semen during the process of ejaculation. By stimulating the prostate gland in this way, we will be able to force the semen held there in reserve to go into his urethra and dribble out of his penis without an actual ejaculation. That's what 'prostate milking' is all about – it's getting the semen out of a boy without giving him the pleasure of ejaculation. "

Nikki continued, "This process is not painful, but it's nothing like having a climax. He may or may not have an erection, and that doesn't matter. What does matter is that we want to completely drain him – make him empty – so that his body will hurry up and make more semen. The fun part is that if we do this often enough, we can train his body to produce more and more semen and he'll be erect and drippy and begging for release all day long. And, he'll be able to be made to come more often, and ejaculate more semen when he does. Isn't that nifty?"

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