Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 05


"Oh, delightful," said Karen, "How long will this take?"

"Only a couple more minutes," said Nikki, "and he'll start to flow. Give a little more pressure now as you massage his prostate, and reach under him and take his penis in your other hand." Karen did this. Nikki continued, "Now reach up high at the base of his penis and squeeze, then run your hand downward to the tip, just like milking a cow's udder. Once you reach the head, let go and get a new grip at the root of his penis and repeat. Just keep doing that slowly, and only in the downward direction, while you increase the pressure as you rub the gland. You'll get a flow soon."

Sure enough, in just a few milking actions on my penis added to the rubbing pressure on my prostate, I had a sensation not unlike urination. It felt like something warm and thicker than urine was 'peeing' out of my penis. "Oh!" I whispered, realizing that I was being truly 'milked' for the first time. I was surprised that, given the day's previous activities, I had any more semen left to give.

"Ah-ha!" said Karen, "There's the flow! This is amazing! He's coming without coming!"

"Yes," said Nikki, "With this procedure, you can drain a man without giving him the pleasure of ejaculation. You'd be amazed how much semen a boy actually stores in there, as I can assure you from my vast job experience. Just keep at it until the flow slows to a dribble, and then we'll continue the spanking."

"Ok," said Karen, happily continuing to milk me. She bent over so she could watch my boy-juice drip and flow out of my penis into the glass bowl. She kept increasing the pressure on my prostate as she rubbed it, and she continued the milking action on my penis shaft.

For my part, it just felt humiliating to be bound on this bench and have my most private and intimate body parts manipulated like a barn animal. This whole process made me feel violated and used, and hearing them talk clinically about my body and how to make my semen come out with so little effort made me feel weak and submissive. They had all the power and I was just a toy for their amusement.

After a few minutes, Karen was only getting little drops and she stopped milking me. "I think that's it, Nikki."

"Alright," said Nikki, "That's enough milking for now. Let us proceed with the tawse. The fun part about the tawse is to line it up so that the strap lies across his cheek and the tip lands on the sensitive pink flesh in the cleft of his bottom, and right on his anus is perfect. You'll really see him jump then!"

"Sounds marvelous!" said Karen, "Are you ready for the tawse, Jeffrey?"

"Oh, no....." I muttered, helpless to do anything about my situation. And no matter how much I feared the pain of the tawse, I knew I had no choice in the matter and would have to grit my teeth bear it.

I think I was beginning to understand what it was to be submissive. There's more than just a 'slutty' side to it. Sometimes a boy just has to endure the hardships and make the best of the situation, regardless of his lack of influence over the matter at hand...

I knew it was going to hurt, but I also knew that in some deep dark recess of my soul, I was going to like it...

To be continued... more on its way, I promise!!!

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