Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 06


In no time, the boy was panting softly and Dr. Jordan dipped her finger in some lubricating jelly on the tray and swirled the lubricant on Craig's swollen pink glans. "I'm glad he is circumcised, Irene," she said, "It is much better for the boy..." She stroked a little faster, and said, "Now Craig, when you're ready, I want you to be a good boy for me and give us a nice big come of semen. We all want to see several strong healthy spurts from your penis. Can you do that for us?" He nodded, his breathing getting shallower and his hips beginning to squirm involuntarily.

After stroking him efficiently to a height of arousal, Jordan continued to imprint the boy's mind with carefully designed words and phrases as she slowed the pace of her hand to hold him at a plateau of excitement. "How are you feeling, Craig? Are you experiencing how stiff your penis is as I stroke you? I want you to focus your attention on your penis, and think about how the stirrups are spreading your thighs nice and wide, baring your shaved genitals completely for examination and treatment. I'm going to slow down a little bit to give you time to experience increased arousal so that you can make a nice big ejaculation. We all want to see a lot of semen ejaculate in big healthy spurts as we watch carefully."

Jordan smiled to herself, knowing that her technique was excellent, being so well practiced, but she was also very pleased that her specially chosen words were having their desired effect on the boy's mind. She was intentionally causing the boy to connect sexual pleasure with his own submission to female authority, which was a foundational component or all her treatments. She needed to make sure he had a new and powerful experience of an intense ejaculation that would eclipse all previous fantasies, and set his submissive nature free to grow.

Jordan knew how to redirect the boy's sexual nature and fantasies, turning on his submissive feelings and creating a foundation for his Aunt Irene to build on. She knew Craig's aunt was one of her sister Victoria's students, and that she wanted to bring Craig's submissive nature to the surface. She turned to Irene and spoke. "Irene, do you see the involuntary responses to stimulation occurring in Craig's body, as his arousal begins to peek? Watch carefully as the pink head of his penis turns purple, and he squirms in anticipation of release. His body needs to ejaculate and the continued stimulation of his penis will bring his semen spurting out. I'm sure he'll be a good boy for you as you put him on a schedule."

The boy couldn't help it any longer, and a soft moan escaped his lips and his head turned side-to-side as his hips wiggled helplessly, much to the delight of the three women watching intently. He opened his eyes just long enough to see his Aunt Irene standing close to Dr. Jordan, between his spread thighs, and that all three women's eyes were fixed on his penis, watching his penis as the doctor stroked him. He closed his eyes and moaned again, louder this time.

Dr. Jordan slowed her strokes to keep the boy on edge, but not allow him to climax as she said, "Craig, once you're on a masturbation and ejaculation schedule, you'll be very cooperative with your Aunt Irene, won't you dear?" He didn't respond right away, so Jordan slowed her strokes even more, letting her thumb ride up and over the crown of his glans with each upward stroke. "I didn't hear you, Craig. I'll ask again. Will you be a good boy for your Aunt Irene and cooperate with your masturbation schedule?" The boy was so desperate to ejaculate that he shivered and finally whispered "Yes!" through gritted teeth.

"Good boy," Jordan said, resuming faster strokes. "Now Craig, I want you to open your eyes and look down here between your spread thighs. I want you to see how I am stroking and stimulating your penis and see how Nikki is holding the sample cup to capture all your semen when you spurt like a good boy." He opened his eyes and looked, gasping softly as he did so. "Good boy. Now I want you to see your Aunt Irene standing next to me, helping to supervise your treatment. She's watching very closely and helping us take good care of your penis. This is how, in the future, she will help you with your ejaculation schedule, and take your semen samples for you. She loves you and wants to make sure your penis is healthy. Isn't that nice that your Aunt Irene is going to help you, Craig?"

He nodded, gasping as Jordan gripped a bit tighter and began to stroke more slowly to extend the session and continue to imprint powerful submissive thoughts into his young mind. "Now I want you to keep looking at your Aunt Irene's face, and tell her when you're getting close to spurting. A boy must never spurt without warning, and it's important for you to be a good boy and ask permission before you spurt for your Aunt Irene. I want you to be a very good boy and say these exact words when you're ready to spurt, Craig. You must ask, 'Aunt Irene, May I please spurt my semen for you?' You can do that for your Aunt Irene, can't you dear?"

He nodded emphatically, looking into Irene's eyes as she smiled lovingly at him.

"Good boy," said Dr. Jordan, "I'm sure you'll be a very obedient and appreciative boy that your Aunt Irene will take the time to help you with your ejaculation schedule. Now I'm going to rub your penis faster, Craig, and I won't stop until I've taken all of your semen, and you've spurted everything into the sample cup. When you ready to spurt for us, you know what to say, Craig, so be a good boy..."

He nodded again, gasping and wiggling his hips and thrusting his penis in her experienced hand as Irene watched intently to study his every response. Jordan said, "Irene, would you please massage Craig's testicles for him? It will help him to have a good ejaculation."

"Certainly," said Irene as she smiled and reached out her hand, taking the boy's big testes in her hand and rolling them with her fingers.

The boy was writhing on the table, panting for breath and moaning. When he felt his testicles being played with, he squeezed Nikki's hand tightly and gasped, "Aunt Irene may I please spurt my semen for you?" Irene smiled and said delightedly, "Yes, dear, you may spurt all your semen for me now," as she rubbed and rolled his testicles against his body with the palm of her hand, spurring him on.

His hips bucked and his muscles tensed, and then the first splash of semen hit the inside of the beaker as he moaned, "Arhhhhh......"

Dr. Jordan stroked his penis as it throbbed and spurted in her hand, saying, "Yes, good boy, that's it! Spurt for us Craig, that's a good boy; make nice big spurts for Aunt Irene! Yes, that's it, keep spurting, Aunt Irene wants to see what a big-boy come you can make for her! Show Aunt Irene that you can spurt out every drop! That's a good boy!"

Jordan gave Irene an encouraging look and she began to cheer the boy on as well, having caught the feeling of the type of language to use. "Yes, Craig, that's very nice! I'm proud of your big spurts! Spurt every last drop of your semen for me out of your pretty penis as I watch! Oh, yes, that was a good spurt, dear; do that again! Oh! Very nice! Such a good spurting boy, it looks amazing!"

Finally after about 7 heaves of his body, resulting in nice spurts, the boy collapsed breathing heavily. Jordan continued to milk his thick penis as he relaxed, coaxing additional pearly drops up his shaft and out of the slit in his purple pulsing head. Nikki expertly captured every bit in order to get the complete sample. Irene found it difficult not to break out into cheers and applause.

When the boy was fully spent, Jordan laid his softening penis on his belly, tossed her gloves into the disposal bin, and took Irene back to her office to await the boy. Soon after, Nikki walked into the office with the exhausted naked boy, holding Craig's hand. She helped him sit down in a chair next to his Aunt. In his spent state, he had no modesty and sat sleepily in the chair with his thighs wide apart, baring his shaved and naked pink genitals to the women's eager eyes.

Dr. Jordan spoke, "Irene, it is critical to put your boy onto this schedule, and to supervise his ejaculations. A boy of Craig's age needs a structured masturbation schedule so that he can keep his juices flowing properly and not do any testicular or prostate gland damage by allowing his semen to get backed up. Each time you take his semen, you can rub this special cream into his genitals to keep them healthy and fresh. Also, I will give you this newly-developed special kind of underwear for young boys, which is much healthier for their genitals than either normal briefs or boxers."

She took a pink pair of Victoria's pouch panties out of her drawer and handed them to Irene. "See that he wears these at all times that he wears clothing. It would be best for him to wear only these special panties around the house. The pouch is specially designed to provide minimum support -- so that his testicles can dangle safely in a healthy position without swinging too freely as to cause injury.

She turned to Craig and said. "It is important for you to wear nothing but these special panties whenever you are at home, and also wear them when you are dressed to go out of the house from now on. Aunt Irene can go on the internet and order more for you right away. I'll need you to cooperate completely with your masturbation schedule, and follow your Aunt Irene's instructions at all times for the good of your genital health. You'll come back to see me about every three days for a couple weeks and we'll do some more tests. Ok?"

Craig, exhausted but strangely accepting of these things, nodded his cooperation.

Irene helped Craig put on the pouch panties and then the little shorts and top. She thanked Dr. Jordan for the treatment and pouch panties and masturbation schedule, shook hands all around, and took her sated nephew home. She undressed him completely, experiencing no resistance, and put the exhausted boy to bed for a nap.

"Wow, that is an amazing story!" said Karen excitedly. I want to hear more about Craig and Irene -- how did things progress after that?

Nikki said, "Irene has become a good friend, and Craig is a valued patient at the clinic. I'll tell you more about them at another time, but for now, I think Jeffrey has had enough rest."

In the course of another twenty minutes, I had 6 fresh and stinging cane stripes across my bottom, and I had been milked the second time by Nikki, using the 'medical device' as she demonstrated its power for Karen's benefit. With her excellent medical skills, Nikki was able to extract an equal amount of additional semen from me to that which Karen had earlier done only by hand. I really felt empty when they finally unstrapped me and let me get up off the special table.

Nikki helped me put on my pouch panties, and bid Karen goodnight. Karen gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I was a good sport and that she hoped to see me again soon.

Nikki took me by the hand and led me to my room. She tucked me into bed and kissed me on the forehead. "You were a good boy for me and Karen," she said happily, "Now you sleep deeply, it's been a very busy day for you."

"Yes, Nikki," I said. And I went to sleep after a few minutes, even though my bottom was quite hot and still stinging from the spanking I had received and my penis and testicles were sore from all the milkings and testicle swats they had given me. I felt very drained and well-used. I liked how it felt.

Every time I noticed a sensation in my bottom, my mind would recall being on the table at Karen's and Nikki's mercy, receiving swats of all different kinds. And when I felt any sensation in my genital region, I would remember how helpless it felt to be milked by Nikki and Karen, or having my penis rubbed by Victoria after she made me ejaculate. I'd never had my semen taken by prostate milking -- without any real feelings of pleasure, nor had I felt the over-stimulation of my sensitive penis as Victoria had done to me. Both experiences were quite embarrassing, and I liked the feeling of being helpless and being embarrassed as my body was used by the women.

I slept very soundly that night. It had been a big day!

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