tagIncest/TabooMs. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 07

Ms. Andre Dates My Dad Ch. 07



The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed with the sun shining into my window. I moved a little and felt the sharp twinges in my bottom from the spanking, paddling, strapping, and caning I had received from my old schoolmate, Karen. All the memories flooded back, and I blushed.

I got out of bed and found a note on my dresser; it seemed to be in Ms. Andre's handwriting.

Jeffrey – be sure to put your pretty pink pouch panties in the laundry hamper before taking a shower. Once you're clean, you may put on the pretty blue pouch panties – in the new thong style! – I've left for you, and come downstairs to breakfast. Love – Jordan (Mommy)

I did as I was instructed, noticing that the house was very quiet. I showered and returned to my room without interruption and put on the little blue pouch. I looked in the mirror to see the inch-wide blue waist-band riding low across my hips and abdomen to the sheer pouch. I could clearly see the pinkness of my shaved genitals peering though the fabric. The elastic band around the pouch's opening made it fit snugly, capturing my penis and testicles, but nothing else, with little thin band to help keep it in place.

The nearly complete lack of coverage on my pubic mound highlighted the fact that all my pubic hair was shaved. I felt a little stubble, but my light brown hair was so sparse anyway that it hardly showed. I was surprised that I felt so 'normal' wearing basically nothing, and that I would wear only this downstairs into the house, in front of women. I guess my modesty had become a thing of the past for me.

I turned to see the back, where a small swath of narrowing fabric started at the low-riding waistband and disappeared downward between the still-red cheeks of my bottom. I blushed again at the redness and marks still visible on my bottom from my spanking... I'd never worn a 'thong' style before, and found it surprisingly comfortable.

I walked downstairs and through the expansive living room, glancing at all the paintings and sculptures featuring male nudity, which were the hallmark of the Andre Estate. I wondered if I'd ever be painted or sculpted, or at least photographed for posterity. It would be neat to be 'immortalized', especially naked, I thought.

I stood in the kitchen doorway and saw Ms. Andre sitting at the kitchen table with coffee, looking at a laptop computer. She smiled at me, looking at my little blue thong, and motioned that I should sit on her lap. She made room for me and settled me in. With her arms around me, she manipulated the keyboard and images started to appear on a slide show.

There were many women, perhaps six, arriving into a private lounge, under low lighting, dressed in evening gowns of many colors. They were all beautiful and seemed to be any age from 30's to late 50's, though it was hard for me to tell. As the women entered, they were given a small tag with a number on it, which they put on the bust of their dresses, often in a tantalizing fashion right at the juncture of their exposed cleavage. They were smiling and hugging in greeting and soon settled themselves down in various chairs around the room, anticipation on their faces.

The next few slides showed boys entering the room. They all seemed to be young, about my age of 18 or 19, and they were all completely naked in sharp contrast to the well dressed ladies. The boys each reached their hand into a box to withdraw a ticket, and looking around the room, found the lady with the matching number and went to stand before her. One thing I noticed was that each boy had good sized genitals and all were shaved completely bare, just like me.

The women all began to talk to their assigned boy, and took the liberty to touch and examine his genitals as they did so. In short order, the boys began to get erections to the obvious delight of their mistresses who happily stroked penises and fondled testicles as they spoke to their boys. Then things began to develop into more intimate things.

There was probably music, because some boys were now wiggling and dancing lewdly in front of their Ladies with little or no inhibition. There were pictures of individual boys doing lap dances now, rubbing their bottoms in the lap of their Ladies, bending over and wiggling as small hands reached out to explore the boy's bottoms or fondle dangling testicles. Boys straddled the women's laps, rubbing their penises and testicles against ample cleavage or soft cheeks.

The Boys' hands remained at their sides or in the air, or at most on their Mistress' shoulders for support as they writhed to tantalize and entertain their ladies; while the ladies' hands busily touched, felt, and explored the boys' bodies unashamedly. I noticed that the women's faces were all filled with happiness, wonder, and delight as they watched their boy perform for them, while the boy's faces seemed in a lustful trance as they slithered and writhed all over their women without inhibition.

Soon the pictures showed a woman with a boy in her lap, gleefully rubbing his penis with purpose. Another woman had bent over to take a standing boy's penis in her mouth. Another woman had pulled the hem of her skirt up to allow a boy to hump his erect penis against her thigh. Several other women sat back in their chairs as their boys masturbated with their penises only inches from the smiling female face.

One woman had a boy across her knees, his penis trapped between her thighs, as she swatted his bottom with her hand and he thrust between the softness of her legs.

Then there were several pictures of the boys ejaculating – in a mouth, onto soft cleavage, onto white thighs, between soft thighs, or into a lady's hand. And then, each boy moved to the woman at his left, and began to dance again. Every boy was still fully erect!

A similar scenario played out, with the boys dancing and writhing against their Mistresses in lewd display of their young hairless flesh and fully aroused genitals. The progress continued and again, each boy gave his new Mistress an ejaculation in the way she wished it. Again, the lusty boys with still-stiff penises moved to their left, and began to entertain a new Lady. The boys never seemed to lose their erections, nor did they seem to have any trouble anointing new hands, faces, breasts, thighs or mouths with a fresh offering of their youthful and bountiful semen.

The slideshow continued in similar fashion until the full circuit of six had been completed, and each woman had enjoyed the charms of each boy in turn. The boys lined up, still with erections, and bowed as the women were all laughing and talking and clapping with delight at the evening's entertainment. For the final entertainment, the ladies sat and watched as the boys began to masturbate all at once. The slides showed the boys, 2 or 3 at a time, spurting semen onto the floor, as the ladies laughed and applauded and whistled.

The boys took a final bow and left the room, leaving the women to talk and smile with each other, obviously reliving the experience and comparing their preferences for the boys. As the ladies stood together, pictures showed how much semen they all had received. Faces, hair, bosom and hands all glistened with the boys' offerings. The evening gowns showed stains and dribbles, and it seemed that none of the women wished to clean off any of their happily received rewards.

The ladies donned their coats and filed out of the room, still seeming quite pleased with themselves and that was the end of the slideshow.

Ms. Andre had sat quiet and motionless, as I had, through the entire presentation, and she let the silence linger as I stared at the now-blank screen. I felt her hand slowly move up my thigh and tentatively feel my pouch, discovering my full erection straining at the sheer fabric. She whispered softly in my ear, "You found that exciting, didn't you, Jeffrey." It was a statement, not really a question.

I nodded.

"Do you know what those pictures are of?"

"No," I replied.

"That was what we call a 'Slut-boy party'. It's like a CFNM party, only more intimate. Instead of these boys being just young men off the street who have agreed to undress in a room full of women, these are special boys. They are special Slut-Boys who are enhanced to lose inhibition and to have increased performance." She paused to let that sink in. "Did you like seeing what those boys did for the ladies?"

I gulped, but couldn't help but whisper, "Yes."

"Is there a part of you, deep down, that wishes you could be that naughty, that slutty, and come like that for six ladies in a row?"

"Yes," slipped out of my mouth before I could think, but it was certainly true.

"Yes, I know, dear," she cooed softly, "there's a little slut in you that needs to come out, isn't there honey? There's a slutty little boy in you that wants to feel female eyes and female hands all over your body. You want to have women look at and touch your penis, your testicles, and your bottom. You want them to pinch your nipples and swat your bottom as you dance for their pleasure. You want to feel a lady's hand grab your testicles and mold you to her will. You want to thrust your stiff penis against her thigh and spurt again and again as she commands you. These things are in your heart, aren't they dear?"

"Yes," I whispered, filled with the 'falling' feeling of embarrassment in my tummy.

Ms. Andre smiled and said softly, "Of course they are, dear, because you're actually more than a submissive boy – deep down you're a slut-boy. It's alright, honey, to be your true self. Don't feel ashamed, you're a precious treasure, dear. Your dad is a truly submissive man, and I love him for it. But you are a little different. You're not only submissive, but you're a slut. A slut-boy just wants to feel the thrill of female attention, and will do anything for it – Anything. And that's a wonderful kind of boy to be. Wise women won't judge you, they'll cherish you."

She hugged me close to her and helped me to stand up. She spread her knees and pulled me to stand between them, then carefully helped me out of the pouch, and let the thong fall to my ankles. She took a small bottle of lotion from the table and poured some into her hand. "This is a special lotion we've developed at the clinic that is very good for boys. Today we'll begin to give you 5 treatments daily of this special lotion from now on, plus one special pill per day. This is a very special treatment program that will help your genitals grow and develop fully, and help you overcome inhibitions."

She began to rub the thick fluid all over my erect penis and my scrotum. It was quickly absorbed into the skin and she began to apply a second helping. "My, you absorbed that very well," she said, "We'll just keep applying it until you can't absorb any more." She continued to a forth application before it seemed to just sit on the skin, and then she wiped me down with a dry cloth.

I could feel gentle warmth and tingling where the lotion was applied. It was nice. And my penis began to pulse a bit more and become even stiffer. "You're probably feeling the effect now, dear," she said.

"Yes," I said, "It tingles and is kind of warm."

She smiled, "That's right, that's what the boys all say. You'll probably feel that for an hour or so."

She reached down and pulled up my thong, carefully getting my erection and testicles back into the stretchy pouch, and adjusting it so that I would be comfortable. The stretchy material easily formed itself to allow my erection enough space not to hurt.

"There," she said looking up at me and patting my bottom, "That's a good boy. We'll give you another treatment in about 3 hours, and every three hours after that. You'll get used to being on the schedule."

I was a little disappointed that my erection was not going to be relieved, and I asked, "Um, Ma'am, what about, uh, my uh...my penis?"

"You mean you would like to ejaculate since you're erect?" she asked with mock innocence.

"Yes, Ma'am," I said bashfully.

"Jeffrey, I'm afraid that's not going to be possible for a few days as we have to give the lotion time to get settled into your system and begin to work." She smiled down at my erect penis and gave the head a little pat. "That doesn't mean your penis can't have some attention, but in order for the active ingredients to really take hold, we need to keep all your semen and your sperm cells right where they are for a while." She patted my testicles gently, "It's for your own good, dear."

"Oh my," I said, "But with the warmth and tingling...it's getting stronger...and it is really making me need to...uh....you know..."

"Ejaculate, dear?" she said coyly, "Is that what you mean?"

I nodded emphatically.

"Well, honey, I know it's going to be hard for you to be a good boy and not touch yourself as the treatment begins, and we need to keep all your semen inside you for a few days. That's why we have these pretty behavior ribbons for you, dear."

She reached into a nearby bag and produced a handful of light blue fabric strips, the same color as my little pouch. She unfurled the fabric and it had a ring of soft plush fabric in the middle and a smaller ring at each end of a long satin ribbon, perhaps one and a half inches wide. She fastened the large ring around my neck and the two smaller rings around my wrists, and locked them with little padlocks. The key was on a chain which she slipped over her neck, letting the little key sit comfortably between her large breasts, and sat back smiling at me.

I tested the contraption, finding that the ribbons were strong and that their shortened length precluded my hands from reaching below my navel. I looked at her, dumbfounded.

She smiled at my dilemma and said, "The Behavior Ribbons look very cute on you, Jeffrey, and we have them for you in all the colors so they will match all of your pouch panties – pink, blue, yellow, and white – won't that be nice?"

I still wasn't sure what the idea was, but then I felt the lotion affecting my genitals even more and I wanted to touch my throbbing penis. Uh-oh. I looked at her with realization in my eyes.

"Yes, dear," she grinned deviously, "The purpose of the Behavior Ribbons is to help you refrain from touching your penis, which will be very difficult as you endure the beginnings of the effects of the lotion. All of us ladies know how hard this will be for you, and we'll be very gentle and caring. But in order for the lotion, and the pills you'll also be taking, to have full effect, we'll need to keep all your semen inside you for a few days."

"You keep saying 'a few days'," I said desperately, "How long is that, exactly?"

"Four or five, or maybe more, honey," she said with concern in her voice, "let's just say for several day's we can't let you have an ejaculation, Jeffrey, no matter how bad you need it. And there's another thing, dear, that's going to be hard for you..."

I looked at her with pleading eyes, afraid of what I would hear next...

She took me in her arms and molded her softness against me lovingly. She cooed softly into my ear, "Do you remember when Erin and Becca shaved you and then gave you the 5 cycles of Genital Stimulation with Ejaculation Deferment Therapy – GSEDT?" I nodded, remembering how horrible and wonderful it was. "Sweetheart, in order for the new treatments to really work well, and fully release your inner slut like the boys on the slideshow, I'm afraid you'll need to undergo more GSEDT treatments, a few times per day."

She held me and waited for my response. I whispered, "But...I won't be allowed to spurt?"

"No, dear, you won't be allowed to spurt. I know it will be so difficult, but we're all going to be here for you to help you get through it." She squeezed me tightly, "The more of the GSEDT we give you, the better the new drugs in the lotion and the pills will work. I'm sorry it has to be this way dear, but it's only for a week or so..."

"I thought you said, '5 days'," I asked in shock.

"Five days, a week, 10 days, whatever it takes, honey, we're here for you."

"Oh, my..." I didn't know what to say after that, so I just held her and whimpered a little, feeling the full effects of the lotion really kick in. My penis had never been harder – it was so stiff! – throbbing as I felt the enormous need to have my penis rubbed until it spurted. And it felt like it wouldn't take much stimulation at all to make me come.

"The effects of the treatment are both physical and psychological, honey, and I know it will be a trial for you. With each successive application of lotion, and each pill you swallow, your physical drive to ejaculate will become stronger and stronger. At the same time, your ability to hover at the edge of ejaculation will increase, even though the sensations are also increasing. Each time we play with your penis to give you the GSEDT procedure it will be more prolonged, but we know how to do the procedure very well and we will not let you spurt no matter how much you moan and beg and squirm. We know it will be best for you in the long run to have to hold all your semen in for the initial treatment period."

I just shuddered against her soft warm body, unable to respond.

"Now, Jeffrey, don't be afraid. You know we all love you; Victoria, Erin, Becca, and even Nikki have all made the commitment with me to see you through this special time with all the care and nurture we can give. We'll get through this together, honey. Now I need you to take the first pill."

She handed me a pill and a glass of water to down it with. In a haze of arousal, I took the pill, not knowing what my fate would be, but trusting that she knew best for me.

"One last thing, dear," she said, holding me at arm's length and looking into my eyes, "In order for the physical and psychological effects of this treatment program to come to their full powers, we'll need to try to keep you in a state of arousal at all times. We need to keep you horny, like the little slut you are, all the time so that your body and mind can stay focused on your genital development and the medicines will be free to have their full effect."

She gave me a kiss on the lips and whispered softly in my ear, "We're going to keep that delightfully pretty little penis of yours hard all the time, dear, no matter what it takes. Now you be a good boy and obey me, obey all of us, and we'll help you release your inner slut to full blossom, I promise."

"Yes, Ma'am," I said.

"That's my good boy," she said warmly.

She stood up and put her arm around me, leading me back upstairs. I didn't know where we were going. All I knew was that my penis was throbbing and my testicles were tingling and it was all I could do not to wiggle my hips overmuch, or try to trap my penis between my thighs to squeeze it. I was now in a constant state of arousal.

She took me into my bedroom, and had me lay down on the bed. She told me to lay my hands on the pillow above my head and keep them there, and she gently slipped my pouch panties down, taking care to treat my sensitive and aroused penis and testicles with loving concern. She had me lift my knees and spread them wide for her, and she shimmied between them and settled herself comfortably.

"Jeffrey," she said softly, "I'm going to stimulate your genitals for a while, dear. But to help distract your mind from the sensations, I'm going to tell you the story of our very first slut-boy, Craig. Would you like to hear it?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I whispered.

My penis was dark pink, swollen, and erect. It was pointing toward my head at a 45 degree angle and throbbing with every heartbeat. She placed her hand on my genitals, with the base of her palm on my testes and her fingers lightly touching the exposed under-side of my shaft, and began to move her hand in a gentle circular motion. Just a gentle, comforting touch and motion, but in no time I could feel my arousal increasing even more.

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