tagMatureMs. Boone & Mr. Stone

Ms. Boone & Mr. Stone


I couldn't decide on the category for the story, mature or romance. All characters are over 18 years of age and all sex is consensual. Your feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for reading. - NYBoss


"Don Stone, please report to the Main Office," echoed the familiar voice of Mrs. Benson, the Administrative Assistant to the principal, at Lincoln High School.

The message was addressed to me while I was sitting in my boring English class, as our out of date teacher, Mrs. Alberts tried to lead the class in a discussion on Dickens' "The Tale of Two Cities."

Why anyone had to read this in high school was beyond my comprehension. Still, in 2000, it was required reading, boring or not. And why was I being summoned to the main office?

I was a senior, straight A student, math wiz, accepted to Stanford University, star 6' 2" basketball player, good looking and in great physical shape and all around nice guy. For whatever reason, math came naturally to me. In fact, I probably was smarter than the teachers who were trying to school me on honors calculus.

"Okay, Mr. Stone," Mrs. Alberts said, "get going, but hurry on back as the discussion today is key to understanding the novel."

"You got it" as I winked to my friend Keith, who knew full well that I would milk the time in the office that the period would be long over before I attempted to make my way back to the English class.

I walked into the office and Mrs. Benson, without a word spoken, pointed to the Principal's office, that being Mr. Reed. As President of the school Math Club, Mr. Reed always came to our matches, offering words of encouragement. From that, and from the times I saw him at my basketball games, he seemed to be a pretty decent guy, not a stuffy administrator.

As I entered Mr. Reed's office, I also saw a familiar face, Ms. Marlene Boone and two men I did not recognize. Ms. Boone was in her second year of teaching math at Lincoln. She was also the assistant to the faculty advisor of the Math Club. Ms. Boone also happened to be the fantasy of every one of her students, male and probably some females as well. No one knew her age, but it was speculated that she was about 30 years old, built like the proverbial brick shithouse. About 5'6", black wavy hair that fell below her shoulders with a figure that stops traffic. A natural beauty, makeup always perfect, accented by thick eyebrows and usually red lipstick, her curvy figure emphasized her most valuable asset, her perfect breasts. Riding high on her chest, easily a 36C or perhaps 36D, Ms. Boone did nothing to hide her charms. As usual, she was wearing a short, just above the knee, skirt, with a sweater top, which did nothing to hide her charms. In fact, at times during the year, when the weather was right, we were granted the exceptional view of her hard nipples.

The other two men introduced themselves as the local representative and regional director of the educational testing service. Yeah, that organization that administered the SAT tests.

Mr. Reed began. "Don, do you have any idea of why you are here?"

"No idea, but I would imagine it has something to do with my SAT scores" as I pointed to the two guys is suits.

"It does, Mr. Stone," one of the suits said. "Specifically, it has to do with your Calculus honors test."

"What's the problem?"

The suit continued. "Normally, I would congratulate you on achieving a perfect score on the exam."

"But..." I said.

"There is no documentation on how you got your answers. You were given paper to use to calculate the answers but your work sheet was blank, except for your name, when it was reviewed first by Ms. Boone and then by our organization."

"There is an explanation for that." I continued, "I didn't need to use the paper. I did all the calculations in my head" as I pointed to my skull. "Math comes easy for me, as Ms. Boone would agree, so there was no need to put anything to paper. Are you accusing me of cheating?"

As the two ETS guys turned to Ms. Boone, she remarked, "He does have the ability to do the problems in his head. He is the most gifted student I have ever seen. He is capable of doing what he said he did."

After a few more minutes of discussing this with Ms. Boone, Mr. Reed and the two guys, the ETS guys told us that they would review this information and get back to us and let us know if they would validate the test.

"Hey," I blurted out, "I'm heading to Stanford, primarily based on this test. You can't screw me because I'm smarter than the people who put the test together."

I don't think that sat well with the ETS guys. "We'll get back to Mr. Reed in due time. Have a good day. With that they walked out of the office.

Mr. Reed saw the concern on my face. "Don, let's not get bent out of shape until they get back to us. Then we'll address anything that needs to be addressed.

The long and the short of it was that in two weeks, the ETS guys invalidated the exam. Told me I could take it again. Ms. Boone was adamant on my taking the exam again. I, on the other hand, had strong principles, and decided to say, "Fuck it, I'm not taking the exam again, regardless of the consequences."

"It may mean your acceptance to Stanford could be in jeopardy," Ms. Boone reinforced in the strongest terms. "What will your parents say?"

"I've already told them and they are very supportive of my principles. If Stanford backs out, then I'll find another school."

After this, I tuned out the rest of my senior year, with the exception of my continuing to work on Ph D. level math problems provided to me by Ms. Boone. Once a week after school, for about an hour, I came into her classroom where she always had a new problem for me. Ms. Boone did the research and came up with great problems for me to work on.

As a normal, 18-year old guy, who had dated and fucked a few girls in high school, my relationship with Ms. Boone was nothing less than professional, until the last week of classes, one week before graduation.

I had been working on an elaborate project and did not have time to bring Ms. Boone the paperwork during school hours. She told me to bring it to her home so she could review the work. This was going to be the last piece of my semester's work that was going to go into my portfolio, a portfolio that I could use in the future.

Ms. Boone lived in NYC, commuted by train to school. With her address in hand, I took the train on Saturday morning as I planned to be at her apartment by 11 am.

Ms. Boone who was dressed for summer greeted me. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, had a tank top and wore a pair of shorts that appeared to be painted on. She was barefoot.

"Thanks for seeing me on your day off, Ms. Boone."

"Don, I think it's okay if you called me Marlene. We are not in school and you are graduating next week."

"That sounds better than Ms. Boone," I laughed. Marlene joined me in laughter.

Marlene's apartment, I found out, was a simple one-bedroom co-op unit located on the Upper East Side. Very nicely decorated, she motioned for me to bring my work to her as she moved to the kitchen table. I hesitated for a minute only to let Marlene walk in front of me. As I hesitated, Marlene turned around and gave me a quick smile.

As she sat down, she motioned to me to join her. I asked for a glass of water and she pointed me to a cabinet where her glasses were kept. After getting the water I moved behind Marlene to look over her shoulder as she was beginning to review my work. Ms. Boone began to review my work. While I was supposed to follow her review I was really concentrating on the view of her cleavage from behind her. The top of her breasts was tanned and formed two perfectly symmetrical globes. The cotton top she was wearing exposed the tops of her breasts and plenty of cleavage. When Ms. Boone sensed that I was not paying attention to her work, she decided to address the situation.

"Ahem, earth to Don!"

Rather than say anything, I moved closer to her neck and then whispered "you have no idea how sexy you are, do you?"

The remark was met with silence.

"You don't have to say anything, but you have been the object of my fantasies for the past two years. I'm going to miss looking at you and thinking how you would look naked."

Ms. Boone turned to me and then stood up, her face getting beet-red. Rather than wait for her response, not knowing what to expect, I leaned forward, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closed to me.

"Thanks for looking after me these two years."

With that, I gave her the longest, sexiest kiss, parting her lips and gently placing my tongue in her mouth. I was surprised when she returned the kiss and even more so, when she pulled me closer to her. We lingered this way for a good minute, or two.

When we broke apart, I was about to say something when Marlene put her hand up and stopped me from speaking. She initiated the next kiss and the next one after that. I picked her up and carried her, her legs wrapped around me, to her bedroom.

I took my time, removing one piece of her clothing at a time. I started with her tank top and then her shorts. She stood before me in a very sexy, black lace set of undergarments. The bra accentuated her breasts and the simple lace bikini panty did little to hide the lush bush of black pubic hair.

She undid my shorts as I removed my golf shirt.

"My God," she panted, as my erection was evident as my under shorts tented dramatically.

I was blessed with a better than average size cock, with the diameter to match. I never had complaints from the girls I fucked, except when a few of them told me, "That they did not know if they could fit all of me into their cunts." Well, with some help, they did.

Marlene could not wait and yanked my shorts down and gasped again when she saw my cock standing oh so hard and oh, so big. She reached out and grabbed my cock and began to jerk me off. No words were spoken as she knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. Combining to use both her hands and her mouth there was no way I was going to last if she continued her onslaught.

I pushed her off of my cock and brought her to her feet. Very slowly, I reached for the clasp on her bra, and after fumbling for a few seconds, released her breasts from the constraints of the sexy undergarment. Her breasts, no, her tits were magnificent. Sitting high on her chest, standing at attention, easily a 36C, the perfectly shaped orbs were blessed with nipples that, at this point, stood erect, at least one half inch away from her tits. I bent over and grasped the right nipple in my mouth, sucking, teasing and biting it causing Marlene to moan softly. After a few minutes I did the same thing to her left nipple. I backed away and reached for her panty.

Before pulling the panty down on her legs, I reached inside and ran my hands through what I found to be a very tick pelt of pubic hair. Unlike the younger girls, Marlene was a natural woman when it came to keeping her bush nice a full. I found her slit and ran my finger up and down the wiry fur for a few minutes until I finally, shoved one finger into her very wet cunt. I started moving my finger slowly and after a few minutes of Marlene bucking against my hand, I thought it would work better if she were able to spread her legs. I pushed the panty down and she stepped out of her cunt cover.

While her bush was trimmed on the sides, it was thick and wiry all along her mons. Taking my hand I cupped her cunt, feeling just how wet she was. I placed my middle finger back into her very wet cunt and began to slowly finger fuck Marlene. As I thought, the sensations caused her legs to spread apart to the point that I was able to bury to fingers into her love box. I bent over and began to kiss her, exploring her mouth with my tongue at the same time I was causing her to react to my finger fucking.

I took my thumb and found her exposed clitoris. Gently at first, I maneuvered my thumb over her most sensitive nub while continuing my assault on her cunt with my fingers.

She broke away from my kiss panting, "Oh, Oh, Oh so fucking good. My cunt feels so fucking good. More, more, please work those fingers.........Oh!"

"I want you to cum on my cock."

With that, I pushed her onto her back, moved on top of her and gently pulled her legs apart. Nothing is better than to look at a very sexy, curvaceous woman with a full, thick bush. The bush framed her womanhood, but I was still able to see her very wet slit and her pink clit poking out from the mass of hair. Slowly, I leaned forward, Marlene grabbed her ankles and locked them around my back and I gently eased into her.

"Go slowly, you're so big!"

I did just that. Slowly I worked my cock into the furnace of her cunt, a few inches at a time, back and forth, causing Marlene's moans to get louder and more pronounced. Finally I suck my entire cock into the cunt, then after giving Marlene time to make the adjustment to the size of my cock, I began to gradually pick up the pace of making love, no fucking the Math teacher.

After a few minutes Marlene could not hold back. "Oh yes, oh yes, you're so fucking hot, your cock is amazing. Please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

I moved fasted and harder.

"Going to cum, oh I'm going to cum. Cummmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg. Yes, yes" and Marlene exploded on my cock.

I gave her little time to recover as I turned her onto her knees and quickly entered her from behind. As she was so wet, my cock made it easily into her cunt. I reached around and grabbed her tits, mauling them; pinching her nipples all the while I was sawing in-and-out of her cunt.

I felt my balls churning and my impending climax approaching. As I got closer to releasing my seed into Marlene's cunt, I moved my hands from her tits to her cunt. With one hand, I opened up her cunt lips and with the other I started stroking her very erect clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm cumming again," Marlene screamed.

And as she did, I joined her, "Me too, so fucking sexy, so fucking hot. Your cunt is so fucking hot."

I removed my cock from her cunt and we just laid on the bed, panting, recuperating, and being very quiet. I don't know if there were any words that needed to be said by either Marlene or me. We lay quiet for the better part of an hour before I left the bed to use the bathroom. When I returned Marlene was sitting up, the bedcovers drawn close to her neck. I was still bare ass naked, with my dick swinging between my legs, semi-hard. It would not take much for me to get hard again. The benefit of youth.

"You know I could get fired for doing this?"

"Who's going to tell the school? Technically, I have completed all of my classes and I am just waiting to get the diploma this week. And, I am over 18 years of age. This was just a meeting of two people who took advantage of the moment."

"Yes, it was the moment of weakness on my behalf," Marlene commented.

"Don't apologize. This was something we both wanted. It was unspoken during the year, but all the time we spent together, the innocent flirting we did, finally came to the logical ending given the opportunity. You have to admit, it was great."

"It was better than great. My ex-husband was abusive and any other men I've dated since my divorce were idiots, both in and out of bed. It's been a while since I was made to feel like a woman."

I moved back into the bed and reached around to cuddle with her.

"I can't do this again with you Don. You've leaving for parts unknown and I don't want to, or rather I can't get involved with a student with risking a whole lot. You understand?"

"Former student but I understand completely. I admire you too much to cause you any grief."

She reached around and began to kiss me violently on my lips. I returned the favor for a few minutes when I unlocked my lips from hers and moved down on the bed between her legs.

I gradually moved her legs apart and started to work my way up towards her cunt by planting small kisses all along her thighs. I reached the juncture where I took my fingers and gently began rubbing her inner than outer lips as her already wet cunt became even wetter. I lowered my face to her cunt, framed by that magnificent bush and used my tongue to part the hair on her lips locating her clit.

Short, small motions of my lips on her clit caused Marlene to shudder and let out a loud groan. I began to move my lips faster and at the same time inserted two fingers into her cunt. Marlene was now bucking up and down off the bed, speaking a language only known to those who have experienced similar ecstasy. She grabbed her tits and twisted on her own nipples, pulling them out from their source.

"You're making me cum again and again." I want to suck you off as I cum. She moved so quickly, that we were in a 69 position before I knew what was happening. To digress a little, there is nothing like having a cunt full of hair settling on your face. Nothing at all.

We got into a great rhythm and in no time, I was bucking my hips to meet her mouth and she was bucking her cunt all over my face when, for some unexplained reason, we came together. After taking a spurt of my cum in her mouth, she released my cock so she could signal her own climax by wailing and shaking.

My face was soaked with Marlene's cunt juices and her tits, heaving a few minutes ago, were now at rest. Once again, we rested and Marlene fell asleep. I quietly left the bed, got dressed and left her apartment.

For me the graduation ceremony was beginning of my life. Marlene came by to congratulate me and hoped I would stop back and say hello whenever I came back for any class reunions. She handed me my portfolio and said that it was her pleasure having me as a student and wished me luck. All with a brief smile and a handshake. I thanked her for her assistance but made no promises to return to the school for any reunions, as I had no idea where I was going to be and what I was going to do. Once again, I thanked her for her support and as other faculty members were with us, we just shook hands, looking at each other, lingering for an extra second before I released her grip.

As I had not applied to any additional colleges, I decided to travel around the country by car with no specific plans other than to enjoy life.


I had made my way to San Francisco after graduating from high school. Took me about two years to get there and when I did I bounced around from job to job, mostly waiting tables. Going to school was an option, and finally, I started taking a handful of classes, ones that held my interest in mathematics, first at a junior college, and then, with the support from an instructor at the junior college, who was able to secure an interview for me, and at Berkeley.

When the interviewing professor at Berkeley heard my story and looked at the portfolio Marlene had prepared for me, he offered me a full scholarship on the spot. I went on to earn top grades in math and graduated with honors with a degree in computer science.

During my time at Berkeley, I began to work as an independent consultant to computer firms and, at the same time, began to develop some software that would revolutionize the defense industry. Having the foresight to patent my software, I became a multi-millionaire before I finished college, selling the patent to the government.

When I graduated college I decided to work on projects for major corporations, taking those that I deemed worthy to benefit society. I was living very comfortably in the Heights section of San Francisco. There were some short-term relationships, but there was no one who lasted for more than a few months. The sex was great, but the emotions, the emotions I had with Marlene weren't there.

The invitation came. My high school was holding their 10-year reunion. When I left Yonkers, I did not come home. My parents came to visit me, but my Yonkers days were now just a blur. There was really no one to see as most of my high school friends had also scattered throughout the four corners of the country. We kept in touch but often were the case that we traveled to see each other. Out of my four best friends, two were married with kids living in Atlanta, one was single living in Texas and one was living in, of all places, Alabama married to the homecoming queen.

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