tagBDSMMs. Cane's Game Ch. 03

Ms. Cane's Game Ch. 03


Author's Note:

For those that have read the original stories when they were first uploaded years ago, it's worth noting that the previous chapter is an all-new version uploaded late 2017 to replace the original second chapter. This of course follows on directly from that, so if you missed it please give it a read.

Sorry this one has taken so long, but I started and finished another series in that time, and always feel like I need to spend a lot longer with Harriet's story...


'Today will be different,' Harriet thought to herself, as she took her morning walk to Ridgemont on Tuesday. 'I won't let her beat me'.

Harriet felt like she had gone through a lot of changes in just a few days of her contract with Ms. Cane, far more than she should have in less than four days. She'd been spanked for the first time in her life, she'd been touched in a way she never had been, and she'd found out what it was like to give another person pleasure with her mouth.

When it was put that way - even with the spanking involved - it sounded far more pleasant. Harriet had been curious about a lot of things for a long time that she was beginning to discover, and the idea that this was all happening with another woman brought a new level of confusion. She'd spent her life assuming she was straight, but now she was starting to reconsider things - surely she wouldn't feel anything at all, if she wasn't interested?

Regardless, It was a little hard to look on the bright side of it all, when it was all wrapped up in a blackmail plot. Her teacher had a way to get under her skin, not just in the tasks she made her perform, and the orgasm she kept just out of reach, but in the way she spoke to her, the way she surprised her - but not today.

Harriet's new attitude was to go with the flow, do as she's told with some strong boundaries, and get through one more day of her week-long pact to get her teacher to grade and mark her coursework. Whatever humiliations she has planned, she can deal with them, and she knew she'd make it far worse for herself by resisting.

So Harriet, struggling not to become overwhelmed with the unique situation, planned her day ahead. There were a few classes, but knew that they were revision sessions that needed little preparation. The other, secret side to her sixth form life, was quite different.

She would meet Ms. Cane before the start of the day in her office, where the teacher would check she's wearing panties, maybe tease her a little bit, then send her on her way. At break and lunch it would be more teasing, maybe a little spanking, topped off by a session at the end of the day with even more teasing and spanking, and an order to crawl between her teacher's legs and finish her off.

Knowing the routine beforehand made it far easier to psyche herself up for getting through the next few hours, but that confidence turned into nervous energy by the time Harriet turned up at the door to Cane's office.

Hesitating for a moment, she collected her new plan of action, then knocked before she could over-think it.

"Come in."

Harriet took a deep breath, opened the door, and entered the room. Striding across the room to the desk, she wasted no time in assuming her morning position. Cane watched with a curious expression as Harriet bent over the desk in front of her, placing her hands on the desk and keeping her head down against the desk before she needed to be asked.

This was her small victory, surprising the woman who had tricked and blindsided her before in this very office. 'I don't need to be pushed around, I know what you want from me,' she thought.

However, the first word spoken after she had entered the room cut any internal celebration short. It wasn't what was said that caused Harriet's eyes to widen, but the fact that it didn't come from the woman in front of her.

"Wow," Harriet heard from her right hand side.

After a moment of panic, Harriet shot back upright, turning around to see a complete stranger sat on a chair by the window.

"You weren't kidding," the woman said, her face showing a gleeful surprise as her eyes shifted from Harriet to Cane. Harriet had no clue what to do with herself, too overcome by the shock to offer any believable excuse as to why she had just bent over the desk and stuck her ass in the air.

"Harriet, this is Naomi," Ms. Cane said, her voice unchanging even as she smiled.

"She's a very close friend of mine."

Not knowing what exactly to do, Harriet awkwardly held out her hand and said, "nice to meet you," hoping to forget about this moment as soon as possible. Naomi took her hand in hers, the softness of her dark brown skin at her fingertips distracting the student from the situation for a blissful moment.

Harriet's brain was on fire trying to think of a reason for why she would have done that. There was no excuse that made any sense, but both of the women seemed too relaxed - did Ms. Cane break their deal by telling this woman about what was between them?

Despite the situation she was in, she couldn't help but look Naomi up and down, trying to take in who this woman was before she made any move. She was black, a little taller than both her and her teacher, and dressed a little less elegantly than Cane. She wore a pair of jeans and a cream jumper, with a grey bomber jacket on top. Her curvaceous hips, beautiful face, and piercing green eyes rooted Harriet to the spot.

Eventually tearing her eyes away from Naomi, who had begun to look amused, she turned back to Ms. Cane. Harriet leaned in slightly, knowing full well the panic and fear she was showing as she wordlessly implored her teacher for help. She reminded herself that this, like most things she had faced these last few days, was likely a trap set for her, she found her voice.

"Ms. Cane..."

"Yes, Harriet?"

"What's going on?"

Harriet tried to ignore the woman behind her as she chuckled, instead focusing on the one woman who had got her into this situation - and possibly the one to get her out of it. To think that she had thought she'd gain some control back this morning... it was already a distant wish.

"Well," Ms. Cane responded, leaning closer to her, resting her elbows on her desktop, "You were doing quite well before you got spooked."

Harriet responded with a quizzical look.

"Assume the position again. I won't say it a second time."

Harriet's heart sank. She had thought that if Cane shared their situation with someone else, it would be a break in the contract and she'd cancel the whole thing. Yet now she was here, Harriet knew she still didn't have a choice.

She was tempted to bring up the rule broken by her mistress, but instead accepted the command. For all her attempts to figure a way out of this situation, she knew she was at a disadvantage.

Slowly, Harriet took a step back and resumed her position, bending over the desk in front of her teacher. As she pressed her breasts against the wood, she felt incredibly self-conscious, knowing that this stranger was stood behind her as she presented her ass.


No sooner had she bent over, then she felt a blow to her ass. In her surprise, she let out a small high-pitched gasp. She was no stranger to getting spanked these last few days, but it was far more shocking to feel it from someone new.

Shooting up from her position, she stood and looked back to Cane.

"Sorry," Naomi laughed. "That was irresistible... does she always make that sound?"

"Most of the time," Cane drily replied, smiling before her face became stern once more. Harriet was humiliated that they talked about her this way, as if she wasn't even there, and surprised that her mistress had found yet another way to push her boundaries.

"Down. Now."

Naomi smiled at her friend's tone of voice, but didn't say another word.

Harriet, defeated, returned to the same spot once more. She hoped that this sign of submission would be enough, for Cane to show off and for the friend to leave, but she rarely got her way lately.


Hearing her mistress' voice, Harriet reluctantly rose her head from the table, looking ahead of her to the authoritative woman.

"Yes... Ms. Cane?"

"Oh, don't worry, Naomi and I are very close, so you can speak as if it's just the two of us."

"Yes, mistress?" Harriet said, gritting her teeth.

She couldn't see Naomi, but could see Cane share a glance with her, and could picture the expression. 'This is beyond humiliating,' she thought.

"I know you love me doing your check-up, but I thought we'd let our guest do the honours this morning."

Harriet's eyes shot daggers back at Cane, but with one piercing glance her rebellion was shot down. Accepting her fate, she bowed her head and replied, "Yes, mistress."

"Hurry up Nay, we haven't got long before the first bell."

"With pleasure," Naomi replied, and Harriet heard her trainers tap on the floor as she approached her.

Harriet felt those hands on her ass again, this time delicately squeezing her buttocks, as if evaluating her. Then, she held her breath as she felt fingers at her abdomen, trailing down to her jeans, which were promptly unbuttoned and dropped to her ankles.

"What do we have here then," Naomi whispered, as she began to trail her fingertips across her upper thighs, then across her bare behind. Gripping her ass with both hands, Harriet shivered, thinking she might have felt faint breath on her skin.

"Going commando are we?"

"Those... those are my orders," Harriet muttered quietly, not wanting this woman to get the wrong idea about why she was here in the first place. For all she knew, Cane could have told her this was all her idea.

"Were you also ordered to have a wet pussy?"

Harriet's closed her eyes in dismay. She wasn't aware she was at all - but was it that obvious? Her face turned red as once again her body betrayed her. Then, she felt a sudden sharp spank to her right cheek.


"Answer me."

"N-no," Harriet stammered, a little louder than she meant to. She was worried about being exposed before, but this was worse - now her arousal was on display, and all because of these rules she'd been told to follow.

"Ah, okay then. So if I were to touch you, there are no orders for you to like it?"

"...No," Harriet just about made out, unwittingly giving Naomi the permission she wanted. Harriet's body jumped as she felt a finger tip directly on her labia, before the other hand was placed on the small of her back, holding her still as the finger traced itself along her slit.

After a few moments of sliding across her wet folds, this finger found her hole and began to press itself inside. Harriet involuntarily tensed up, but the digit still slid inside her with ease, leaving her with faint pleasure she didn't anticipate.

"I'm not under orders. I'm choosing to touch you like this. And here you are, bending over, your wet cunt welcoming me inside. That doesn't seem much like a girl following orders, but a woman who... desperately... wants to be fucked."

As she spoke, Naomi continued to drive her finger in and out of her slowly, letting her words sink in alongside the sensation. Then, mere moments later, she removed it completely, leaving Harriet embarrassed, but glad she hadn't taken it any further.

With her left hand on Harriet's left cheek, she pushed the flesh to one side slowly. Harriet's entire body tensed up as she realised why she was doing this. 'She wouldn't,' her mind raced, as the finger, drenched in her juices, traced small circles around her anus.

This was a new line to cross, Harriet knew, and as she lay there, bent over the desk, allowing Naomi to push her lubed-up fingertip inside the virgin hole, she felt like she had submitted even further.

The finger inched further into her asshole, the pressure a little uncomfortable but nothing compared to the embarrassment she felt when she realised the entire finger was in her ass. Naomi drew it back, leaving Harriet relieved - it must be nearing the first bell by now. Then, to her surprise, it re-entered her, this time with a second in tow.

The strain was a little more palpable this time, as the two fingers pushed deeper inside her, fighting against her own involuntary clenching. Naomi's persistence, however, soon saw these two fingers gradually moving in and out of her ass. The feeling of discomfort was lost, and replaced with a strange feeling she couldn't quite place. The fact that it was anything but pain left her feeling deeply embarrassed over her own bodily reactions.

Naomi finally withdrew her fingers, taking a tissue from the table to wipe them down, while Harriet took refuge in the fact that she didn't have to show her face just yet, holding it against the table, her eyes shut.

Looking behind her, she saw Naomi grinning, shrugging her shoulders. Harriet eyed the clock, which showed that they just a few minutes left before the bell, and began to get up. "Not just yet," Naomi said, placing her hand on Harriet's back, pushing her back down.

"Just one more thing I have to try," Naomi added, leaving Harriet nervous again, bracing herself for more spanking.

However, the feeling she received instead was far different. She felt a sudden spark of sensitivity across her pussy, as Naomi's soft tongue pressed against it. Harriet's breaths shuddered out of her as she felt a tongue drift across the length of her vagina for the first time, slipping between her lips for a brief moment, before it was withdrawn.

Giving herself a second to hear otherwise, Harriet then stood up, her flushed face meeting Cane's on the other side of the desk, before she turned around to see Naomi, her jeans still around her ankles.

"You taste divine," Naomi said with a smile, touching her lips as if to savour the flavour.

Harriet blushed, then covered her crotch as she became aware of the fact she was half-naked. Then, she surprised Harriet by stepping towards her and planting a kiss on her forehead.

"Cat, you just have to try her sometime. Don't let her have all the fun."

Harriet was astounded that they were talking about her teacher tasting her pussy, yet this was somehow the first time she had heard her first name. Ms. Cane chuckled and waved her away, and Naomi took her cue.

"Nice meeting you," Naomi said as she turned to the door. To Harriet's sudden panic, she opened the door to the office, leaving Harriet's half-naked body exposed to anyone who happened to be outside of it. Fortunately no one was there, and Naomi left without further incident.

As the door shut behind the guest, Harriet realised she was now alone with Ms. Cane for the first time. With a new person in the room, Cane was her security to lean on, but alone, she was back to being the woman in charge.

Cane got up from her desk and walked around to Harriet. "What's your number?" she asked as she appeared, phone in hand, before the student. Harriet hesitated, aware of the face she was only half-clothed, despite how nonchalant her teacher was being.

"Umm - " Harriet blanked her number completely, so crouched down and retrieved her phone from her pocket. Finding her number on the contact list, she handed it back to Cane, who copied the number into her own phone.

"I know we had a routine before, but this is a lot easier, don't you think?" she said as she threw Harriet's phone back to her. "Four times a day might be a bit much, especially when we still have lessons together - now you'll receive instructions from me over text."

Harriet nodded her head obediently, happy to be a good slave when it meant instructions like this, rather than more... vulnerable situations. She eyed the clock, which still showed a minute or so before the first bell, but didn't dare pull her jeans back on until she was given permission.

Ms. Cane advanced on her, closing the gap between them both until Harriet backed into the desk, her butt pressing up against the hard wood. Harriet watched her mistress with apprehension as she gazed back at her, inches away.

"I don't think it's lost on you how turned on you've gotten today, just from the lightest of touches," she said softly, leaving Harriet overwhelmed, both by that line of thinking and their close proximity. "Just think about how limited your view of sexuality was even just a few days ago."

Harriet did think back to the days before she had signed a contract with her teacher. She was a virgin then, and still was now, but she had gone from being nervous about boys to being someone who had pleasured another another woman. She had made another woman orgasm, been touched by another woman... other women. It was a lot to take in, especially since there was so much here that felt... normal, amidst the circumstances she knew to be so wrong.

Cane, standing on Harriet's bunched-up jeans on the floor, lifted her feet from their confines.

"See, today you'll find something new," she said as she grabbed Harriet's thighs and lifted her butt onto the desk. She stepped between Harriet's legs as they hung over the side of the desk, pushing them further apart.

"And the next day, and the next day..." she whispered in Harriet's ear as she lightly traced her fingertip around her anus, in much the same way that Naomi had done.

"Okay," Harriet managed to say. "But why can't you just use my... pussy?"

She couldn't believe that she had said those words out loud, even if she had meant it to stop things from escalating any further than they had already.

"I can."

With Harriet's legs now parted as she sat on the edge of the desk, Cane brought her fingertips up to her vagina. Harriet bit her lip as Cane started to play with her pussy, briefly grazing her clitoris as she did. These fingers then trailed back down to where they came from.

"But you don't give the orders, do you?"

Cane pushed a finger into her anus, this time a little more forcefully than Naomi had done - although in her relaxed state, she accepted it more easily. Still, with the thrust inside, Harriet grunted slightly, holding her breath as the finger pushed against her tight walls.

"Do you know how much any man would love to fuck you here?" she whispered to her as she fingered her again, pushing more of her finger inside. With one more thrust, she removed it completely.

"Lift your feet up onto the desk."

Harriet quickly did as she was told, feeling humiliated as this made her legs spread even further, opening her pussy to the room. Ms. Cane then left her to go back to her desk, and Harriet realised she was sat this way, facing a door she knew wasn't locked.

To make matters worst, despite the fact that the door's window was blacked out to the corridor, she could still see her wanton reflection in the glass. She was left looking at herself spread open for what felt like an excruciatingly long period of time before she heard some movement behind her.

Harriet had started to get nervous that someone would enter through the door, though she was scared that she would offend Cane if she hurried her in any way. Closing her eyes, praying that she could go soon, she heard her teacher speak.

"Close your legs, slut."

Harriet did as she was told, shamefully bringing her knees together, feeling her wetness slightly against her inner thighs as she did. "Go back to the position," Cane said, gesturing to the desk. Harriet, glad to at least turn her face away from the door, did as she was told.

After some drawn-out seconds waiting, she felt something cold being spread against her hole. Soon enough, she felt a now-lubed-up finger slide inside with relative ease, before it was withdrawn again.

It wasn't long before she started to feel something press against her ass again, but it felt different. With some panic, she soon understood that it was not a finger, but something harder, that seemed to get thicker as it penetrated her.

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