tagBDSMMs Coney Ch. 02

Ms Coney Ch. 02


Read Ms Coney first as this story follows directly on from it. Enjoy!

As her excitement mounted, she began to mash her pussy onto his face. It was covered with her juices now and her legs held his head possessively as her orgasm came on and she let out a yell of passion as he took her towards a zone of quivering pleasure. After a few minutes, Evelyn gingerly released her hold on his head and moved off him, lying on the bed to recover.

"Phew. Kiss my bum while I recover" she said breathlessly and felt his lips move over her ass cheeks, kissing them almost reverently.

After a few minutes, Evelyn felt a bit more alert.

"Not the cheeks, I said kiss my bum" she told him and this time he moved his mouth between her ass cheeks and sought her ass hole.

"I'm sure you didn't kiss girls at school like that. C'mon now, I said kiss. Now do it properly" she insisted, not letting up.

This time, he began to french kiss her. Dominic's tongue teased her ass hole and licked around it gently, suggestively trying to dart in before covering her anus with a big sloppy kiss. Then he repeated this. Evelyn relaxed again as his oral work did it's magic. She would have loved to have him under her desk at work but although the idea was wonderful, she wouldn't want to be caught. Then she remembered one older woman who sought her help about memory and how to practice memory techniques. It was always a boring hour of therapy and Evelyn wondered if that might be worth having her stud make the hour pass faster.

"Listen, you're going to have to use your common sense. You should know what I mean when I say kiss. I'll let it go, but I could have ended up annoyed and then who knows maybe denied you sex or something. So all I'm saying is, stay alert and listen to what I say" Evelyn chided him while he rimmed her ass deeply.

"Sorry Ms Coney, it won't happen again" he said apologising before returning to his skilled work.

"I know it won't. Now I know what a perverted oral slut you are, so I'll let you really do some proper asslicking now. Don't hold back, that's it. Don't say I'm not generous" Evelyn stated, implying she was allowing him rein to be as filthy as he liked as if she were granting him a favour.

He didn't hold back either. His tongue worried at her asshole until almost as an afterthought it welcomed him in and he thrust forwards a little. Gaining momentum, he withdrew and repeated the manouevre. Gradually, his ministrations relaxed her and Evelyn opened her thighs a little more for his oral efforts. After a while though, she was becoming frustrated at not being able to see much, lying on her front. With a thrust of her hips, she butted against his face and turned over, before plumping the pillows up on the bed. Dominic knelt on the floor and began to continue licking her ass. This was better and she could watch him at work, which was much more of a turn on. Soon though, Evelyn thought of how it could be even more enjoyable.

"Go deeper. And I'll know if you're going deeper because your nose will enter my pussy, won't it?" she challenged him.

"Yes Ms Coney" he complied and she watched, fascinated and aroused as his tongue thrust into her asshole, bringing his nose against her pussy until it slipped between her wet lips.

"Deeper" she said insistently and Dominic tried to comply, using his neck muscles to propel his face against Evelyn's crotch, driving his tongue deep into her ass and his entire nose into her pussy.

Evelyn was revelling in her state of enjoyment. Her mind, already aroused began to think up more ways to have fun with him. Perhaps she could fit him with some sort of device around his cock so that she decided when he came. She could use his tongue plenty whenever she didn't want his big cock. Giving him a harsh rebuke about not going deep enough, her enjoyment increased as he kept up his selfless efforts. Well I have a bottomless appetite for this thought Evelyn as he kept going.

Lounging back, she barked out the odd disparaging comment but was mostly content just to enjoy what her stud was doing for her. Evelyn wondered if having control of his pleasure, which purely involved fucking her and was something she enjoyed immensely anyway, might be a good idea. She could purchase one of those cock and ball rings or some sort of device and let him out whenever she wanted a good stiff cock ready to fuck her. That would definitely be every week but exactly when would be up to her. And of course Dominic would strive even harder to please her and follow her instructions; which would in turn arouse Evelyn no end being aware that he would pretty much be under her full control then. His tongue was just amazing and all the ideas were turning her on; it was time for another orgasm.

"Okay, that wasn't bad but you'll need a lot more practice. Now then, move up and you can make me cum, I think I deserve a good orgasm don't you?" Evelyn asked.

"Yes Ms Coney, whenever you wish" he solemnly declared then moved gratefully up, his tongue gaining some respite from the constant rimming by licking her much more moist pussy, which greedily welcomed his tongue inside it.

"Cuntlicker, you know what you need? A finishing line. A goal to work towards. This is all well and good and will help with your treatment but I think you are always reaching for that finishing line. What I mean is, when you feel you've achieved or conquered your obsession you will have attained the freedom to not be burdoned by having to do it all the time. But it will take a lot of patience so I am prepared to be patient with you and help you reach a level of understanding in order to free yourself of your sordid thoughts and desires" Evelyn stated to him.

"Thank you Ms Coney. I won't falter from trying to get to that point" he assured her.

"Good lad. And to reach that goal, there must be no distractions. Leave it to me, but I aim to help you focus on the end result" Evelyn assured him.

"Thank you for everything you are doing Ms Coney" he said solemnly.

'I guess it's just my nature to be generous" she said with a straight face but inside she was laughing at the ridiculousness of that.

He was the one on his knees doing all the work but he was thanking her for helping him! Evelyn was enjoying herself but with a couple of orgasms already, she might struggle to reach another. Some mental stimulation might help.

"Oh and another thing, I did say you could be yourself with me. So if you love eating pussy so much, I don't mind if you tell me how much you love it. Don't bottle it up now, get it off your chest. I'm a good listener" she said.

"Okay Ms Coney" Dominic said.

He kept up his gentle tongue work then spoke up.

"You taste so amazing Ms Coney, I love the way my tongue just gets lost inside you" he said.

Evelyn said nothing; her mind was screaming in ecstasy but her face remained impassive.

"I like the way I get to lick your amazing asshole and smell you with the whole of my nose at the same time" he went on.

Evelyn held his head steady as he tongue fucked her a little, before complimenting her again.

"I love the way you help me by letting me eat your delicious pussy every day" he kept on.

Evelyn was beginning to lose it now. Her hands gripped his head to her.

"I love it when you fuck my face" he continued, moving up to her clit.

Evelyn began to grind herself against his face.

"Oh, um, I think you should address me with more respect. Mistress Coney. Call me that from now on" she gasped.

"Yes Mistress Coney; mhhmmfff. I mmhhmmff, love licking you out so much" he managed to say while she mashed his face against her.

"And from now on, I decide when you cum. Surrender to me" Evelyn continued.

"Yes Mistress Coney, mhhmmfff" he gasped as her hands kept pressing his face into her.

"And you will beg to do this to me. Every day, you will beg to do this" Evelyn gasped, a groan escaping.

"I will Mistress Coney" he gasped in return.

"And you will do anything I say. You will shower me with compliments and you will worship my body with your slutty tongue as often as I want" Evelyn moaned loudly.

"Anything Mistress Coney" he managed to say, but his response was muffled between her thighs, which locked round his head now.

That did it; her feet drummed a rhythm on his back as his tongue curled round her clit and he sucked it, bringing on her orgasm. Her moans reached a yell and her thighs clamped his head as at last she reached the point of no return. Her orgasm seemed to last forever but all good things come to an end and she reluctantly pushed him away after he had cleaned her asscheeks, pussy and thighs of juices.

"Okay, I know you're addicted to this, but I need a rest. Perhaps you could do me a favour though with all that energy for eating pussy. My garden really needs some work done on it and I have a shed full of tools out there. You could do that in the morning as it's a Saturday and you're not at work anyway. And um, well tonight, why don't you tackle the housework? I could do with a rest from your sordid yearnings anyhow. Oh, actually, bring me up a cup of tea then you can do the kitchen before you come to bed, okay?" Evelyn told him.

"Yes Mistress Coney, thank you" he said and went downstairs.

The next morning, Evelyn opened her eyes and spied him leaving the bed. She had been so tired the night before, she hadn't heard him come to bed but assumed he would have made a good job of her kitchen!

"Um, where are you off to young man?" she quizzed him.

"Just, erm, going to make a start on the garden. Mistress" he added at the end.

"Well, at least you remembered to do that. But how could I help you if I don't allow you to start the day off as you mean to go on?" she said, parting her legs.

Dominic stopped and instead slipped down to ease himself between her thighs, his tongue beginning to caress her slit.

"Don't ever leave the bed without wishing me a good morning" she chided him.

"Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress" he apologised before returning to the task at hand.

"Do you find me sexy?" Evelyn suddenly said.

"Um, yes Mistress! I love your incredible legs, the way your thighs hold me while I kiss you good morning" David immediately said.

Then he began to think of nice things to say, declaring them at intervals while he kept his diligent efforts on her pussy.

Evelyn was having the time of her life and before long, she was powering towards her first orgasm of the day. When she was done, she pushed him away.

"I"ll make a start on the garden Mistress Coney?" Dominic checked with her.

"What? Um, yeah, go on then" she muttered, collapsing back onto the bed and soon she dozed off for another hour.

When she woke, Evelyn showered and looked at her wardrobe. There were clothes which she never wore often but which now seemed appealing to her. Selecting a long sleeved top and a skirt normally reserved for holidays, she looked at herself in the mirror. Although good looking, the skirt was short for her age. It was a denim one, coming above her knee but it also meant easy access!! Mussing her hair up a bit, she went downstairs and found Dominic had almost finished the grass. She poured a drink of squash for him, laid out some cereal and fruit then took some herself and sat in the lounge. Soon, he came in and devoured the fruit and cereal, drained his drink then came through to the lounge.

"Um, you look fabulous Ms Coney" he said quickly.

"Thank you. You've eaten?" she asked.

"Yes. Thanks for that" he proffered.

"Come here then" she asked him and opened her legs.

After a few minutes they settled into it; Evelyn explained that it was important they kept a degree of opposite towards each other. She explained that he had the problem therefore, he gave her oral, not the other way around. Another thing she pointed out were the compliments. She berated him as a reminder he complimented her and so forth. Then she added that as she was superior to him, it was good that he viewed her pleasure as immensely important. Evelyn added that she only considered her pleasure and if he actually got any out of it, that was purely circumstantial. Dominic had been licking over her pussy while she told him this. Nudging his head lower with her hand, he was soon rimming her and knowing she expected his tongue to go as deep as possible, his nose was soon slurping it's way into her pussy lips too.

"Obviously, I do have a heart and well I have needs as much as any other woman so I'm being pretty decent in actually allowing you to fuck me and I realise that is something you enjoy. I guess I'm just too good to people sometimes aren't I?" she declared.

"Yes Mistress Coney" he intoned in between his efforts.

"Oh and something else; asslicking is all well and good but I rather like the idea of ass worship. That's why I expect you to go deep every time and besides if I talk down to you a little, it's my way of encouraging you to greater efforts so again, I'm actually doing something for you. Again!" she added jovially.

"Yes Mistress Coney" he repeated.

"Do you like my ass and my pussy?" Evelyn asked suddenly.

"I love them Mistress Coney" he immediately assured her.

"Good. Well, you must have an endless list of compliments about how good it is, how you love doing it, you know just compliments about doing this and of course me" she added.

"I do Mistress, I guess" he offered.

"Well, when you do this, feel free to compliment away. I can always shut you up if I need to" she added with a dark smile.

Then she relaxed as the young man complimented her again, as he had done that morning.

"I love licking your asshole and sticking my tongue all the way inside Mistress Coney" he blurted out while he did just that.

"Ah you fucking dumb asslicker. Well get it in further. Or there will be no sex tonight for you" she warned him.

Of course he was rimmng her wonderfully but keeping him on his toes and having the threat of no sexual relief for him, had his wonderful tongue trying even harder to please her. The more he went down on her, the more Evelyn resolved to keep him as long as she wanted. She had every confidence her authoritarian stance towards him could sufficiently control him and her mind never seemed to tire of thinking up things he could do to please her now. His tongue was slick with her arousal, easily thrusting into her anus then withdrawing, only to plunge as far in as possible again.

"Wait, wait. There's no rush with this; why don't you do and make me a drink. A glass of cold lemonade would be nice. Then bring it straight back here. Oh and when you come back, you can remove your clothes, they won't be needed now" she told him.

"Yes Mistress" he said and rose, heading to the kitchen. Once gone, Evelyn looked around the room then spied the drawer in the corner. She rose and went to it, finding the silken cords she kept in there. Returning, she let her skirt slide off and sat back in her chair again. When Dominic returned, he was naked as requested. Depositing the glass down at the table beside her chair, he waited for an order. She beckoned him to kneel but stopped him from resuming his oral activities for a moment. Then Evelyn took the silken cord and tied it around his balls and cock before letting the rest of the cord free and taking hold of it. The 2nd cord she looped around his wrists, which tied his hands behind his back. Now that he was in position, she parted her thighs and he shuffled forward, beginning to lick her pussy.

"You haven't finished with my ass" she said and with a yank, she tugged on the cord.

This caused the cord to tighten on his genitals and he groaned in pain, but moved lower and immediately began to tongue fuck her asshole.

"Deeper" she said with another sharp tug and he began to respond.

His whole nose vanished in her pussy with each thrust forward while his tongue did the same inside her ass.

"I think we need to clarify some things young man" Evelyn suddenly announced.

"Yes Mistress?" he asked briefly but continued with his ministrations.

"Yes we do. Look, you are either clueless or maybe just haven't figured it out yet but you call me Mistress because I am your Mistress. You pleasure me because that is the way things should be and you do exactly as I say because you should do. And whether you are ever cured or not, nothing is going to change uniess I say so. If you suddenly find tomorrow that you are over your oral fixation, do you think that means you stop doing this?" she queried.

"Um, well, I guess not Mistress?" Dominic said hesitantly.

"Dead right. You will do this as long as I decide and if I decide to have you be my oral slut for years, you will be and you will strive to do better each and every time, won't you?" she added with a yank on the cord.

"Yes Mistress" he said with a groan.

"What was that?" she asked with a firm tug on the leash.

"Yes Mistress!" he groaned louder into her asshole.

Evelyn was so turned on and being so hard on him and what she expected of him just turned her on more and more. This was the life!!

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