tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMs D Sees The Doctor

Ms D Sees The Doctor


For Deb (an old story recycled)


'Come in, come in' gushed the doctor. 'Please sit yourself up on the bed Ms D' he smiled to her.

She was a little dumbstruck. The receptionist had mumbled something about her usual female gynaecologist being taken ill at short notice. And now here was this man, admittedly charming, inviting her into what normally was a very safe all-woman environment.

The doctor took a short history and engaged in a little small talk. If that was intended to relax her then it didn't work. She remained confused and tense – and definitely feeling vulnerable in the face of his strong, confident personality.

'Well, Ms D' he said abruptly and stood to indicate the padded examination table behind her. 'If you'd be so kind as to strip completely and climb onto the table for me then I can begin'. It wasn't undressing or disrobing – it was 'stripping'. And he didn't exactly ask – that voice, that tone. He was comfortable issuing instructions and accustomed to having them followed. This produced a stirring somewhere deep inside her. Mild outrage, she decided – especially since he made no effort turn away or draw the curtain around her.

Slowly, with a tightening in her gut, she removed each of her garments. It was odd for a doctor to expect her to be totally naked. When all her clothes were folded on a chair she looked for some kind of gown but couldn't see any. 'Come along Ms D' he smiled at her as he adjusted the stirrups at the bottom of the table. 'I'm sure we'll be warm enough in here this afternoon'. Well...yes, she thought – but that wasn't the point.

Soon enough, too soon, she was lying flat on her back with her legs spread in front of this stranger. Gently he guided her feet into the stirrups. As each leg was positioned he gave her thigh a couple of firm pats. It was as if this new doctor was testing, feeling. For what? Most definitely his manner was far too familiar. She thought about voicing a complaint – but he was the doctor after all. Doctor Franklin obviously had chosen him to act in her place. She was confused, but un-nerved all the same. 'My God', she thought to herself. 'What have I gotten myself into here? And what on earth is he going to do to me next?

Moments later she felt his fingers running through the thick hairs which covered her sex. She wanted to jam her legs tightly together...but all she could do was shut her eyes in fear. 'Hmmmmmm' she heard him now. 'I normally prefer my patients to be shaven in order to make my examination a little easier' he said, as if to no-one in particular. 'I am sure you don't mind, Ms D'. And with out waiting for an answer he called out for the nurse.

She entered, another stranger to Ms D. 'I'll need this patient shaved' said the doctor. 'Would you be kind enough to prepare her for me'? The nurse (female, as it happened, but no less embarrassing for that) quickly fetched a pair of small surgical scissors from a drawer. To D's horror she set to cutting away her pubic hair. D felt herself turn a bright scarlet colour and it seemed that small room was filled with the snip of the silver scissors. The nurse worked quickly, roughly as she cut the once lush bush back close to the skin.

The doctor moved to the side of the table. 'Why don't we inspect these breasts of yours while we have a moment'? His warm hands were immediately on her breasts...caressing, kneading them. His touch was soft but strong. This was like no other breast examination D had ever experienced. Despite her confusion, however, D realised she was enjoying his more than she should.

'Hmmm' he murmured. 'Put your arms above your head please' instructed the doctor – which was precisely what it was - an instruction. 'Hmmm' he murmured once more as his fingers deftly manipulated the flesh of her breasts.

D felt suddenly self-conscious about her breasts. They were still full, a nice C-cup but they were no longer as pert as she'd like. He was only a doctor, after all, and such things shouldn't matter to him. But it had been some time since her husband had truly appreciated her tits. Soon it seemed he had finished looking for lumps (or whatever it was he had been doing with her tits). 'You may put your arms down now' he smiled at her.

The doctor's hands still hadn't left her tits. This was not right. She should call out, protest. But she could not – something about his hands...and that voice...

He kept on kneading and squeezing her breasts. 'And how are your breasts Ms D' he inquired. 'Still sensitive to your husband's touch I take it'. She didn't know what to say. What could a woman say in answer to such a question, from her doctor? Of course, she wanted to tell the doctor her husband had hardly taken the time to find out for these past long months. Her mouth must have opened and closed several times, but no sound emerged. 'Yes, I understand Ms D' he said. 'I am sure that won't cause us any problems today'.

Suddenly his fingers were on her nipples. She tensed noticeably once more and her eyes flung open in surprise. His hands continued to knead the flesh of her breasts but his fingers deftly gripped and fondled her nipples. 'Hmmmmmm' she heard him murmur again. Then she heard the nurse preparing water and, she guessed, towels and shaving cream. 'Thank you nurse. Just put them on the end of the bed. If you would lather her pubic area for me please'.

The nurse continued with her task and D felt her soft warm hands work the shaving cream all over her labia and into the crack of her butt.

'Yes Ms D' he said to her, staring at her stiffening nipples. 'I am pleased with that response. Very healthy breasts and nipples'. Ms D did not know what to say although she noted, with alarm and curiosity, that the response was not confined to her nipples.

The nurse had finished with the lather and the doctor pulled a stool to the foot of the bed so as to take up position between her spread thighs. D saw him pick up a cut-throat razor, shining in the lights of the surgery. 'This won't take a minute or two' he informed her and began carefully to remove the lather. Throughout this procedure the doctor insisted on engaging in what he must have considered small talk, perhaps trying to distract her. It was to no avail...not surprising given the topics he chose to pursue while he scraped off the last of her pubes. 'You've never shaved here before? ...Really?!! ...Well, I hope you'll enjoy this ...Of course, many men do! Some women prefer waxing of course'.

On and on he went, working from her bikini line down between the cheeks of her bottom till at last he was finished. Those hands that had worked a kind of magic on her breasts had teased and stroked her labia. More than once D was certain he had deliberately brushed rubbed her still hooded clit. Her pussy was getting extremely wet. D knew the doctor could not have missed this 'symptom'. She was afraid to think what he might choose for a treatment.

The nurse was summoned back into the room and she carefully towelled off the last of the soap. For some reason the doctor decided he needed to take D's temperature. A thermometer was placed in her mouth and as the doctor waited for it to register he gave her breasts one last inspection. Just as the nurse was making ready to leave the room once more the doctor removed the thermometer from Ms D's mouth. 'Hmmm...better write this down for me' he said to the nurse. The whole thing had a coldness to it – the doctor seemed to talk to himself more than to D and when he addressed the nurse it was as if D was not in the room at all. But it wasn't over yet. As the nurse turned to the notes laid out on the desk the doctor returned to his place between her legs. 'We'd better just check down here as well' he said out loud. 'just to make sure we're getting the same reading at both ends'!

Of course D had no idea what the doctor was talking about. As a result she was more than surprised when the doctor suddenly plunged the small glass rod into her bottom. She couldn't help but flinch and somehow her legs must have started to close as a defence. His response was stern. 'Ms D! I need to complete my examination. I can't have you moving about like that. I'll have to get my nurse to help me'. He gave some pre-arranged signal to the nurse and from a drawer she produced leather cuffs. D was wide eyed – she was sure these were not standard equipment in Doctor Franklin's surgery.

The cuffs were used to tie D's ankles securely to the stirrups. This was all wrong. Doctor Franklin had made some monumental error. She surely could not have meant for this man to take such liberties with her patients. D was feeling more and more certain he was not even a doctor.

Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by the nurse producing two long leather straps. D's guts churned with a mixture of fear and...something she could not identify. She decided the best thing to do was shut her eyes against this assault. The last thing she saw was the nurse, apparently winking at her in a knowing way as she tied her knees to the stirrups so that her legs were held apart.

'Better', commented the doctor. 'I can begin now'. And with that his fingers began to prod and stroke the hapless woman's pussy lips. 'Hmmmmmm' she heard him murmur once more. Just that... 'Hmmmmmm'.

And that didn't start to tell the story of what D was going through. She was scared, highly embarrassed, certain she should be screaming in protest – and most definitely aroused!!! And her state was not helped in the least when the doctor moved his touch to her swelling clitoris. Again came that strange, low hum of his. 'Hmmmm' was all she heard but she clearly felt his fingers pull back the hood of her clitoris and begin to examine this most sensitive part of her body.

Her fear spilled over when the doctor found cause, at last, to comment on the wetness which was beginning to ooze from within her.

'Very wet here' he commented, again to no-one in particular. 'Better have a good look'. D couldn't tell if the nurse was still in the room. Her blood was pounding in her ears and all her senses were concentrated on the same place that the doctor was giving his attention. His hands left her briefly and she heard a drawer opening. The sound of latex gloves came next (at least this 'doctor' had not forgotten some of the more normal aspects of a pelvic examination) and then he seemed to have an instrument at the ready.

'Hold still please Ms D' he instructed her. Once more, that voice – commanding...as if knowing that she could not refuse. 'Relaaax' he intoned in response to her unconscious flinching. That was not as easy as he obviously imagined, not once she felt the cold lube being spread in liberal amounts on the inside of her labia and her vaginal opening. Having lube applied before an internal exam was not unusual. Still, the feel of his fingers, the way he touched her....

And then, seemingly without hesitation, she felt the pressure of the speculum against her pussy. A sharp ache went through her as the doctor penetrated her with a single, steady thrust forward. D wanted to cry out in protest...not for help, just as a reaction to the sudden mistreatment. But suddenly it had become vital that she hide from the doctor her feelings and reactions. Letting him know what was happening to her would only encourage him! And it wasn't as if she really wanted to complain about anything. It had hurt having that instrument shoved in there like that...and D knew it just what she needed to overcome the dull throb in her pussy!

Now the speculum was opened wide...that familiar but distasteful stretching. Oh God she had never felt like she needed it as bad as this! But the doctor seemed oblivious still. All he could say was 'Hmmmmmmm' as his fingers adjusted the instrument and then began to inspect her now spread labia.

'Yes' he commented. 'Rather wet in here. I don't suppose you're normally so wet are you Ms D?' he asked, perhaps not expecting an answer. The thought that realised just how aroused she was gripped D with fear...which in turn seemed only to cause her splayed vagina to ooze still more of her musky smelling wetness. 'Yeeesss, very healthy looking labia' he continued. 'We need to take a closer look inside I think'.

The instrument was forced open still further till she felt in danger of her vagina being split. One, then two rubber-clad fingers penetrated her now where surely she was supposed to feel some cold, hard medical instrument. Immediately she felt a distinct sensation of her insides being softly stroked, her vaginal muscles now being stretched and pushed the same as her labia. It was all like some terrible dream, or a momentous misunderstanding. Surely she could not be here strapped down to an examination table and having a doctor fingering her pussy in this way!!!

The feeling of his fingers in there...the captivating drone of his voice...then it happened. It was small, involuntary...she had been caught by surprise herself - but it was an orgasm, no denying it. The doctor appeared to be unaware, but surely that was not possible. 'Hmmmmmm' he uttered once more. 'Some muscle reaction there. Better check that out a bit further' he went on as his fingers were withdrawn briefly from her hole, now much wetter for his 'examination'.

'Let's see how your temperature is doing' he suggested and she felt the thermometer being retrieved from her bottom. 'Ah ha' came the answer. 'Warm. We might have to see what those muscles are doing as well'. And D, with her eyes still firmly shut in a kind of terror of arousal, heard him rustling in a drawer. There was the sound of a bottle of lube being lifted from the bench. 'We might start with this, I think' he offered, 'and then we can see about that wetness of yours'.

D had no idea what he was talking about. She didn't want to think about what he meant. Start?...with what?

She was, after all, tied down to the examination table. And the time was long past when she could call out for help. Nor would she get any from the nurse. Instead she found herself lying there stiffly while the doctor began to work on her rectum. D had rarely consented to having her tight hole stimulated or played with. The doctor gave no hint of being interested in her consent. She could do nothing more than lie waiting for him to begin...trying to relax herself as he slowly drove some new device into her rectum.

It was slender, seemingly long...and it felt cold with a coating of lube. He was careful with her and she was grateful that the stretching of these muscles stayed within tolerable limits. She was enduring a most horrible experience but somehow she just couldn't bear the thought that he might have to stop.

Once the implement was buried inside her bottom he resumed his commentary. Somehow his voice was itself a torture – a reminder of how helpless she was and yet how willing she was to let him have his way with her.

The doctor wanted to 'adjust' the probe in her arse – all the better to allow a proper inspection of her muscles. 'Hmmm...yes, about there I think' he said as he slowly moved the probe back and forth, occasionally twisting it round as if looking for a particular position or depth. D had always thought her sphincter muscles worked quite well, thank you! Though she was not unfamiliar with such stimulation there was no question this particular procedure was making her feel incredibly uncomfortable. She was almost trembling now – not with fear but with the deliciousness of humiliation and helplessness. If only the doctor has decided to test her temperature now he would have been able to gauge the fever pitch of her arousal.

Happy with one hole, the doctor returned his attention to the speculum. Almost sadly, she felt him release the speculum and the relief flow into her pussy. D could have relaxed where it not for her binds and the something wedged deep in her bum. She felt strangely empty – still aching for something more. Instead she froze as she heard him summon the nurse once more.

'I am going to need to perform a delicate procedure now' he explained to his assistant. 'I need her hands to be tightly bound so that I can concentrate on what I am doing'. And with that the other woman pulled her wrists above her head and used two more soft leather straps to fix them securely to the table.

'Now' the doctor went on. 'If you'd be so good as to pass me that instrument'. Ms D still was too terrified (of her own reactions at least) to open her eyes. But she immediately felt something new pressing against the opening of her sex. It was rounded, smooth, and warmer than her anal probe. He was rough now and she gladly accepted the force with which this new tool was forced into her gushing hole. Even without lube he only needed to work it back and forth twice before she was filled by this new thing – firm, wide...providing much needed relief.

As she heard the nurse leave for a last time the doctor moved again to the side of the table. 'Need to just check how you're responding to all this' he informed Ms D before he once more used his fingers to pinch and roll her stiffened nipples. The effect was immediate and again she was sure that her self-control would fail her.

There was no relief, either, once the doctor completed his 'check' because too soon he had returned to his position at the foot of the bed and was manipulating the thing in her pussy just as he had adjusted the tool in her backside.

'Now lets see about those muscles' he said. And with that he commenced a series of long, slow thrusts, drawing the instrument in and out of her passage. It was frightening to be so at his mercy...it was horrible...it was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. Now she really did want to cry out! Only this time she wanted to ask for more, to beg him not to stop. Please...she needed some relief now!

Soon it seemed the doctor was satisfied with what he found using this probe. Now he began to thrust into her pussy faster and faster. With both holes filled she felt incredibly stuffed. The stretching of her rear somehow made her cunt feel more afire than usual. She'd never had this experience before. Only a few minutes of thrusting were needed before D found herself in the throes of another wicked orgasm – involuntary once again but this time longer, harder...betraying her to this awful man who had her trapped here. D groaned, over and over – sounds of humiliation, relief, desire.

'Interesting' was all he said in response. He paused his movement. Again he inspected her now pulsating clit. She felt her hips threatening to buck off the table in response as he carefully exposed her little bud from within its hood. 'I see' he continued with that same calm voice. 'I think we need to check just how strong a reaction we can manage'.

And with that the thick tool in her pussy began to buzz as the doctor commenced a fresh round of thrusting. It tore a gasp from deep within her. She could hear her laboured breathing. D wished like everything she had that she could have kept these reactions from him. How could all this be happening to her?

After a few moments, and with her climbing inexorably to yet another orgasm, he slowed his thrusting into her cunt. There was no relief for D, however. Instead he increased the speed of the buzzing. She felt her muscles grip tighter around the implement as it was left buried in her hole. Now he moved to the other probe and D felt a new wave of fear wash over her as he began gently to force that one in and out of her bum!

He was slow at first but gradually began to work it faster and deeper. D had never, ever imagined a sensation like this. Before now she'd known nothing other than a cautious finger...that one time with her husband. This was so much more confronting and difficult. The doctor's assault was as much mental as physical. It felt like a kind of rape...except that she was happy for the doctor to be using her aching hole and willing him to take from her whatever he wished.

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