tagInterracial LoveMs. Jiggles' Big Surprise Ch. 02

Ms. Jiggles' Big Surprise Ch. 02


About 4 months later, Beth had to go out of town again for one of her business meetings. After telling her that Tyler and I hit it off last time, she suggested that he'd stay at my place this time around. Before that, I didn't know when I was going to see Tyler and that enormous dick of his again, seeing that Beth lived about an hour and a half away. Visiting her wasn't a problem, but getting a quick dicking from the young stud was a bit more challenging.

"Yeah girl, the white boy with the big ass dick is staying at my place for a few days! He should be here any minute," I said to my homegirl Sheryl as I chatted with her on my iPhone, walking down the hallway in my house.

"You mean Beth's' son? The one you fucked a few months back?"

"Yes that's him," I giggled, "She needs to go on these business meetings more often, like seriously."

"How big did you say he was again?"

"Girl, that thing was a legit 13 inches, I swear!" I pleaded, "I couldn't believe this boy had such a monster of a cock.

We chatted about Tyler's penis for another 15 minutes just as the doorbell ranged. I ended the conversation, and pranced toward my front door, wearing a wife beater and black leggings. I loved the way my huge ass sat up in them, making my butt appear higher and wider as it bounced wildly when i walked.

I opened the door and there he was, standing beside his mother. "Hey girl!" I cheered, as me and Beth cheek kissed.

"Hey! Thanks again for watching little Tyler here!" she said, rubbing his head playfully.

I stood in my doorway with my hands on my wide hips, making eye contact with him as a little devilish smirk curled on his face when Beth said, "little." He wore these grey sweatpants, that barely hid the long object snaking down his leg. I was surprised Beth didn't even notice it. It was so long.

God damn, did it get bigger? I thought as I blatantly stared at it..

"Well have fun baby! Connie, give me a call if something comes up. I'm running late!" she said before she kissed Tyler on the forehead and went about her way.

We immediately smiled at each other. "Come on in," I purred, twisting my self around to led Tyler in. My huge ass swung his way with a giant wobble, and with no time wasted, he took a swat at it.

"Don't mind if I do!" he said, hoisting his bag over his shoulder. My fat ass jiggled from his slap for a few seconds, wobbling itself back into it's natural form as I giggled, looking back over my shoulder at him. "Damn, did your ass get bigger!?" he asked excitedly, following me in.

I stopped in my tracks, standing in my natural pigeon-toed stance with my arms folded across my chest, "Why don't you see for yourself, big boy?"

He dropped his bag to the floor, and kneeled down on one knee before my massive booty. He reached up, hooking his fingers in the waistband of my spandex, and tugged downward. Looking over my shoulder watching him, my giant ass bulged out from the top, as he was only able to nudge my yoga pants down a few inches.

"Holy shit! How did you even get into these?" He asked, staring directly at my ass. Beth's car headlights shined through my front window as I guessed she had just reversed out of my driveway, and left.

"Yeah, it took me a minute," I giggled innocently.

With one hard tug, Tyler managed to yank my tights down past my ass. My huge, jello-like ass jumped out with a big bounce, jiggling and settling into place as it sat out in all it's beauty.

"FUCK ME! Holy shit, dude!" he yelled, quickly groping my two big ass cheeks in his little hands, "Fuck!"

"Big enough?" I joked as I watched him fumble around with my huge, bare ass. His hands sunk into the doughy flesh of my cheeks with ease. The excess ass meat bulged through the spaces between his fingers as he groped it.

"Big enough!? This thing is freaking huge! I just have to measure it!" he said, squeezing on it with playful slaps here and there. It jiggled massively with each slap. Every inch of my ass shook in one motion, progressing into big ripples.

"It definitely looks bigger than before! I didn't know this thing could get any bigger, holy cow!" he continued.

"Well, let's find out. Look in the drawer right there," I pointed out.

He did so and hurried back to his kneeling position, straightening the tape out and aligning it around my hips and ass.

I stood with my feet close together, peeking down over my shoulder at Tyler as he measured my bodacious curves.





"Holy fucking shit! 58 inches! 58 fat fucking booty inches!" he said, rewarding my 58 inch badonkadonk, with swats and intense groping.

He stuffed his face right between my jello-like buttocks, moaning and licking as his hands held my tiny waist, "Oh damn, big boy..." I moaned, feeling his tongue lick the crevasse of my big ass. I reached back, palming the back of his head, pushing it up my butt further. His moaning got louder, and the licking more passionate as he reached my asshole.

I bit on my bottom lip, petting the top of his head as he cleaned my huge ass up. From my view, it seemed like my booty was trying to swallow his head whole as I wiggled it on his face more. He responded by shaking his face widely in the deep cleavage of my ass, moaning and lapping at will.

With a loud PLOP, he pried his head out of my monstrous butt, breathing hard, and then holding onto my cheeks. "God damn! This is a big mother fucker!" He yelled.

"Had fun?" I laughed, looking back at him. My leggings stayed rolled up under the cuff of my ass.

"I thought this thing was going to swallow me whole!" he chuckled, slapping at it, "It's just so jiggly! Look how long it takes to stop wobbling after I smack it!"

He slapped it hard and started his count.

1 Mississippi...

2 Mississippi...

3 Mississippi...and my ass slowly wobbled back into place.

"You are just in love with it huh?" I laughed, "But come on, I got to see that big dick now! I waited 4 months for this," I said, grabbing him up by the shirt, and leading him into my living room. My massive, light brown ass shook and wobbled with each step, slightly slapping against it self as I led Tyler on.

I pushed him back onto my plush leather couch, kneeled down on the floor and moved up between his legs. I could clearly see the long, fat outline of his dick.

"Hell, you're talking about my butt, did your dick get bigger?" I giggled, fitting my hands around the bulge, highlighting the size of it even more with one hand at the top, and the other at the end near the head. The head of it slightly surpassed his knee.

"Mmm...maybe it did.." he said as he laid back on my couch with his hands locked behind his head and a smirk on his face.

"Oh my God...." I spelled out with my lips, rubbing the long dick with an overhand grip. Tyler grinned slightly as he watched my hand caress the fabric covered horse dong, the girth of it comparable to a soda can.

Biting my lip, I started pulling the top of his sweats down, showcasing a completely bald pubic area. He lifted his t-shirt up some, showing his lean torso with some ab definition. "Oh fuck yeah..." he moaned, with the look of pure lust on his face.

With one hand holding the waistband of his pants downward, my other hand reached inside, grabbing a handful of thick white meat. "Oh my goodness! It feels like a log!" I said with a hint of laughter, giving the massive limp meat a few pumps. The head of it was still not in view.

I began pulling it out inch by inch. The heat of excitement grew in my body..

"Damn hon, you got a fire hose in here!" I said as I kept pulling it out.

With a sturdy yank, I pulled and freed what was left of the fat, long cock from his trousers. It flopped out, flipping upward, and lewdly smacked against his chest. The tip of it touched up near his right shoulder. Still in it's soft state, it was easily a foot long.

It was certainly longer than before..

"You got to be kidding me!" I said in a drawn out moan, chuckling lightly under my breath as my tongue immediately met with the 12 inches of meat. Holding it at the bottom of the shaft, the huge, snake of a cock limply leaned toward Tyler as my big tongue lapped against the underbelly of it.

"Mmm...FUCK Ms. Johnson...," he groaned, leaning back on the couch with his skinny legs wide.

I got into better position, resting my forearms on his quads, with my off hand on his stomach. He repositioned his butt on the cushion, causing his big, white dick to fall back towards my face.

"God!" I moaned out, as his fat cock slapped against my face with a powerful THUD. The long dick slung up across my face, and hung down the back of my head.

Balancing the meaty, flaccid beast on my face, I lowered my head to meet a large, shaved set of balls that rested on the cushion like two regulation sized baseballs.

Without hesitation, my mouth attacked the huge nutsack like an animal after it's prey. My big, full DSLs smooched and worshipped the enormous set of balls, leaving a bridge of saliva every time I pulled away from them.

"Here, let me help you..." he said, gathering his big cock in his hands, and peeling it from my head and face. He pumped it slowly. The smooth, limp donkey-prick stretched and wiggled as he jacked it before my face.

I moaned and hummed to myself as I smothered my face in his nutsack. Sucking and wet popping noises filled the room as sloppily devoured those balls.

I pulled my wet mouth from his balls again, sitting back on my heels, admiring the huge phallus as he pumped it.

He sat up, holding on to his long prick so it bent back right at me. His dick was so long, I didn't even have to lean forward to meet it. I sat upright, sitting on my heels as I slowly sucked the soft meat into my mouth.

It was crazy how soft it was. Very lifeless and loose, yet fat. Though it was near 12 inches in it's flaccid state, I was able to fit most of it in my mouth, moving my head and rolling my neck around as I sucked on the big donkey cock.

He was literally feeding it to me.

He let go of his cock, placing his hands by his sides, giving me full control. I moved back up between his legs in the similar to the previous position. I slowly pulled my mouth up to the huge helmet of his cock, stretching the shaft out in the process before sliding my mouth back down over and over again.

"Oh my fucking God.." he moaned, looking toward the ceiling.

With a loud POP, I slid the long penis from my mouth, using my arm and hand like a kickstand to hold it up at a 45 degree angle.

I literally sucked it bigger.

"Mmm, look how big it is.." I smiled sinisterly. The fat cock flopped and hung over his thigh as I let it free. I lifted my tanktop from over my head, allowing my big tits to bounce out freely.

As if on cue, the donkey-sized dick began to twitch. The thick, tube of flesh hardened slowly, rising from his thigh, casting a long shadow along my wall. He grabbed the swelling meat, and cocked it like a double barrel shotgun as it grotesquely expanded above my face. A substantial amount of precum leaked out from big pee slit, sliding down the underbelly as the huge cock hardened to it's full capacity.

It looked like he had a yard stick for a dick.

I sat back on my heels again, admiring his massive cock in awe. It swayed heavily as he released it, and he interlocked his fingers behind his head again.

"Umm, Tyler." I asked innocently, batting my eyes at him.


"Just how big is your dick?"

"Shit, I don't even know..." he replied, his huge penis flexing and throbbing every so often to say elevated between us.

Fuckin' liar...

I reached over and grabbed the tape measurer he measured me with earlier that night. Placing the end of it near his balls, I unravelled it upward, watching as my heart beated faster with each inch that went by on the tape.

"God damn boo! Your dick is fuckin' crazy! 16 inches!? Seriously!?" I said, still holding the tape measurer to it like I was displaying a trophy.

"And they said white boy's ain't packin'!" he laughed, playfully flexing his penis for me, making it bob up and down in it's glory.

After teasing me for a while, he suddenly stood up with his long cock swaying every which way with a every movement. He instructed me to lay on the couch, flat on my stomach, with my legs close together.

He moved behind, got up and sat on the back of my thighs with his long cock protruded out in front of him. His cock was so crazy in length, it poked out past my head as I sat up on my elbows.

"I always wanted to hotdog this fat ass booty of yours Ms. Johnson! Holy God it's so fat!"

He grabbed ahold of his cock with one hand, as the other smacked and grabbed on my huge, doughy ass cheeks. He smacked and fondled with it playfully, testing the limits of it's softness.

He readjusted himself, moving away to sit further down the back of my legs as he took his cock, and slid it right between the crack of my enormous ass. Still sitting up on my elbows, I turned my head sideways some, watching the large, white cock jut in and out of my view. as he began thrusting his hips into me.

"Ah, fuck.." I moaned softly. My head rocked back, and I bit my bottom lip in pure pleasure as Tyler banged my big, 58 inch ass out. I felt the wet, slippery monster slide up and down back each time he thrusted into me. It poked out past my face at least a good 8 inches.

My huge buttocks shook and jiggled almost in a violent manner as he picked up speed. His hips ricocheted of my cheeks, not producing the usual "clap" sound, but more of a deep "Blop" sound, for lack of a better word.

And it sat up high. Two big, gelatin filled mounds of ass meat, and I loved every inch of it. Tidal-like waves rippled through my ass as he pounded away. The whole scene was just nasty.

Big enough to fill up his arms, he gathered my whole ass up as if he was hugging it. He squeezed it tightly into his stomach and chest, making my butt bulge out from every available space.

And then he began to fuck it rapidly. Pounding it like it was the last ass he was going to hotdog in his life.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! YESSS!" I screamed as he slid his long cock through my big ass cheeks.

Without caution, he began shooting thick ropes of cum. The huge cock acted as a torpedo, shooting off several ropes as it poked out from over my shoulder. He dropped my big booty from his arms and started jacking his big white dick, milking it for all it was worth.

"Fuck me," he panted, stroking the big white donkey back to it's soft state as the onslaught of come shooting came to an end, "Don't worry, I'll fuck that little pussy of yours later on, just like I know you want. Besides, you're watching me for 2 more days, right?

To Be Continued...

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