tagInterracial LoveMs. Jiggles' Big Surprise Ch. 03

Ms. Jiggles' Big Surprise Ch. 03


I fell asleep on the couch that night, laying flat on my stomach as the flashes from the TV hit my face. I wasn't sure what time it was at that moment, but my pussy was still throbbing. Damn, that boy could fuck. The fact that someone of his stature could handle a woman, let alone ass like mine didn't make much sense.

Tyler literally appeared out of nowhere, wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers. "I hope you're ready for round two. You got me on the last one." He said, walking in front of me, pumping his ridiculously long dick slowly with both of his hands. The big, limp meat jiggled with each pump, and his own hands barely fitted around the girth.

"Oh my fucking God..." I gasped, my jaw dropping as he jerked his anaconda right in my face.

"Oh, you didn't think we were done, did you?" He asked with evil smirk, "We're just getting started, big booty."

I couldn't even find words. It was like his cock had me in a trance, or maybe I was dick drunk. I don't know, but whatever it was, it had me under subjection.

I willingly positioned myself onto the floor, squatting before him as he stroked his long, ropey dick. Still in it's soft state, it already looked a legit 13 inches.

"Fuck!" I yelled, staring up at the big white cock, watching it wiggle and flop above my face.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to fuck you all night with this dick," he said, his big dong casting a shadow over my face, "I'm going to make sure you tap out!"

His dick looked like it was getting even longer, yet it was still soft. "Mmm...this dick is just crazy...and I'm surprise you can go again. Let's see what you got, big boy," I smirked, placing my hands on his thighs as I ran my tongue up and down his long shaft.

He smirked back, putting his hands on his hips, letting his monster cock flop against my face. The weight of his dick carried over, making it slide off my face and land on my shoulder, lewdly hanging down my back. It was literally a snake.

"God damn, boy," I purred, grabbing and hoisting the monster-sized dong back to an upright position.

"Be careful with that thing, Ms. Johnson. It has a little weight to it," he said proudly with a chuckle.

And he was right.

I worshipped it, and worshipped it well. My tongue sloppily licked up and down the lengthy shaft, dragging over the big veins that ran throughout. It indeed was a hefty slab of meat, and in comparison to his short, slender body, it made it look that much bigger.

"God your ass is so big. It's just...crazy," he said as I flopped his donkey sized dick around, lapping every inch that I could. I was in heaven.

"Well with a dick like this, you're the right one that can handle it. I mean look at this thing," I said, holding his big dick upright with both hands.

He proudly smirked, and bent over, taking a swat at my huge, jello-like ass, which shook for a few seconds before settling into place. "Fuck!"

And he slapped it again, this time with bit more force. Big waves rippled throughout my incredible 58 inch badonkadonk, seeming as if it had a mind of it's own.

"Mmm!" I moaned in response, wiggling and slapping Tyler's horse cock on my cheek. It was like playing with a baseball bat.

"Ah shit, c'mon let's go to your room. Enough is enough!" he pleaded, his fingers curling up into a fist.

I gave the champion cock a few pumps. "You mean...like right now?" I teased. He bit his bottom lip and flexed his huge dick while I still had ahold of it, shockingly making it grow another inch or two. And he kept flexing it, making it bob and wiggle in mid-air as the giant cock towered over my face.

"Fuck yeah! C'mon!" he shot back.

"Mmm...with pleasure," I purred, rising to my feet, pulling him along by his snake of a cock towards my bedroom.

I could feel his dick growing longer in my grasp, yet still in a semi soft state. "Whoa! Slow down there boy! This thing is starting to look like a third leg!" I giggled, looking back at him as I pulled him along, his eyes fixated on my massive ass, that bounced wildly with each stride.

Without warning, he pinned me against the wall from behind in my hallway, pressing the side of my face to the wall, stroking his dick with the other hand. "God! You're like all ass! Enough teasing, bitch!"

I gasped as he guided that long cock through my mounds of ass, the head of his anaconda pressing against my pussy. He moved his hips toward me, pushing the head and several inches of that monster dong up my pussy as he pinned me to the wall.

He gave my big ol' booty a good slap, and I moaned in response. He was already killing me, but I knew it was still 7, 8 or 15 more inches to go.

Then he unleashed.

With a growl, he pounded forcefully into me. His slender, teen body collided with my monstrous beachball-like butt cheeks with repetitive thrust, causing deep clapping sounds to echo throughout my house.

"GET - THIS - FUCKING - DICK!" He shouted, emphasizing each word with a thrust.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Hit it baby! Hit that shit!" I cheered, putting a deeper arch in my back as he kept my head pinned to the wall.

Tyler's hips were a blur, pounding my giant booty like his life depended on it. I felt him growing longer and thicker too, stretching my pussy out more and more as he fucked me like a champion.

"You like this big white dick huh?! HUH!?" He asked through gritted teeth, my huge ass jumping, bouncing and jiggling like crazy as our bodies met with each others.

"GODDAMN! It's so big! It's so fucking big!" I yelled as I reached my hand back, trying to diminish the impact.

He didn't let up.

With his hand on the small of my back, he handled my big ass like a pro, rapidly pumping his donkey-sized dick into my pussy. I came, and then came again, my pussy juices acting as a lubricant to let him slide into me deeper.

"YOU - BIG - BUTT - BITCH!" He growled back, my big ass bouncing upward, hitting off of my lower back and slapping back on his abdomen repeatedly.

He fucked me all the way down the hallway, right into my bedroom without missing a beat. I tried to grab ahold of anything on the way to secure my balance, but his long, fat shaft forced me forward.

The pumping came to a hault as he gave me a slight push in the back, which caused me to collapse chest flat on my high bed. Bent at the waist, my huge ass sat up high before Tyler as he stood behind me, his long, white anaconda still deep within my walls.

"Shit..." I said with a sighed looking back at him, my enlarged ass eclipsing him from the neck down.

"Had enough yet, Ms. Johnson?" He asked with a proud chuckle. A part of me wanted to say yes, but I didn't want him to stop. He fucked me senseless. All my mouth could fix to say was ,"Damn..." That's it.

He smacked my wobbly ass, making it wobble like a bowl of gelatin. "Bounce this big ass booty back at me! C'mon your turn!" he demanded.

And I tried.

I sat up on my elbows and bounced my booty back at him. My face grimaced as his long, white phallus filled my womb. It's was just too damn long. "God damn!"

He slapped my big ass again, this time with more force. "Bounce this big ass! It's not even halfway in y-"

"Fuck!" was my immediate response. It felt like I was already working on 12 inches worth of dick, and based off where he stood, there was easily another 8 or so inches untouched.

"Oh, what's the matter? Tapping out?" he asked, swatting at my giant booty yet again. My massive, jello-like buttcheeks wobbled like crazy, clapping against itself as I twerked it back at him. He was destroying my pussy, but I didn't want to admit it. His third leg of a cock was bottoming out, the girth stretching my walls out as my big, round ass tried to fight. "I'll guess I'll get it myself!" he said, climbing up and standing on my bed squatting over me, the heels of his Nike's hanging off the edge of the mattress. His long dick was still deep in my pussy as he got into position.

He decided enough was enough...

His hands formed the shape of a diamond as he pressed them into my upper back, driving his hips down forcefully. His hips worked like a jackhammer, plowing my pussy with what seemed to be a never ending supply of cock.

"Oh SHIIITTT! Oh My God! Oh my God!" I screamed, my face changing into an intense grimace as he fucked the shit out of me. He made sure I got all of it too. Every inch of that snake of a cock punished what was left of my pussy. Stroke, after stroke, after stroke he was relentless. I gripped my comforter as tight as I could, and the bed rocked back and forth.

"FUCK!" He shouted, his massive, lemon-sized balls swung and bounced about, slapping on my pussy lips as he pumped that donkey sized cock into me with no regard. My massive booty clapped and slapped against his groin loudly, each cheek bouncing about with no control.

I came for the umpteen time. Pressed chest flat to my bed, he picked up speed, pounding into me every inch of that monster cock.




That along with profanity and lustful screaming was all that was heard as Tyler fucked me senseless.

"Tap out bitch! Tap out!" he yelled, his baseball bit of a cock pumping deep.

And that I did. Crying as I was tapping out, he didn't stop. The strokes got even more intense. More powerful. More forceful.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! STOP!" I cried, tapping out even harder as he fucked me.

"Bow to this big white dick, bitch! FUCK!" he said through gritted teeth, feeding my pussy more and more cock. Faster and faster, he worked that big white cock like a boss, making sure I ate my every word.

"FUCK! You win! You win! I ca- I can't!" I panted as he got his last few strokes in before he pulled out all that dick from my pussy and stood over me on my bed.

"I knew this dick would have you tappin'," he grinned as he stroked his long, wet cock with both hands, sneering down at me, "I was just getting warmed up, you big booty, bitch."

To Be Continued...

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