tagMatureMs. Jiggles Ch. 04

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 04


While Sherry and I chatted, I could not resist but to help myself to some delicious honey buns. I wobbled over to my kitchen as I picked out a deep wedgie.

"I'm telling you," I muffled as I chewed, "This boy had a dick that was out of this world."

"You are such a whore!" Sherry replied.

"Call it what you want, but at least I'm getting laid."

"Hmm I see...and wait a minute, what are you eating?" she asked.

"It's a honey bun, why?"

"I thought you were supposed to be on a diet?"

"I am, but everything I eat goes right to my ass like I told you before!" I said as I licked the icing off my fingertips.

About 2 weeks later, Halloween was approaching, and I just could not wait to get all dressed up in my costume. I pretty much wore the same costume as any other woman, but mine was always was a few sizes too small.

Whenever I showed up to a costume party with Sherry, I could see the women clenching on their boyfriends. I always found that funny since their men would always make their way to me anyway. I know my name is around town, but who cares? When I come around, men cannot help themselves but to look at my round ass, no matter what I was wearing.

One Halloween I was dressed as an "Ass Goddess." I remember one person who I did not know, thought my butt was a part of the costume. He assumed I brought some butt pads to help make my ass look bigger, since the size of my rear was far past the imagination. When I lifted up my dress and showed him that it was real, he stalked me for the whole night.

Not only him, but also many people thought my rump was a fraud that night. My costume had a crushed velvet v-neck style dress with attached veils & gold trim, and a matching gold trimmed headpiece. I walked around that party teasing and enticing all the men with my giant ass.

A few days before Halloween, I decided to start decorating my house. I did not have that many things to work with, but I knew I had enough to get the job done. Before I went out, I slipped into some snug fitted jeans and a sports bra since I only was going to be outside for a quick minute.

I then walked out my front door barefoot carrying an arm full of Halloween decorations. I started first by putting fake cobwebs along the handrail on my stairs. Next, I sat some good-sized pumpkins that had scary faces cut out in them along my walkway.

As I was about to walk in the house to get some more decorations, I heard someone from behind say "Trick or Treat!" I turned around quickly out of surprise, and Rodney was there leaning on my gate with a big grin on his face.

"Oh Rodney, you scared me honey!" I said holding my hand over my chest.

"I didn't mean to scare you Ms. Johnson," he said with a laugh, "Do you need help putting that stuff up?" When I walked up to the gate where he was leaning, my thick thighs jiggled and my tits bounced up and down rhythmically.

"Oh could you? I would really appreciate that sweetie!" I then walked over to my gate entrance and let him. As he walked in, I gave his butt a little pinch. "Mmm...I might need you to help me with something else after we're done with this."

"Oh yeah? I wouldn't mind helping you at all ma'am." He then gave my big fat ass a good slap, and I moaned sexually in response.

"Ok wait baby! Let us get these decorations up before things get out of hand!

"I see something is already out of hand," he said while looking at my butt.

I laughed. "Oh you're a comedian now? Help me with this before it gets too late ok?" I jabbed him softly on his cock, and then led him up the driveway to my porch.

My jeans were so tight, that the top of my underwear were showing. I tried my hardest to pull them over my huge ass shelf, but it was no use. I knew Rodney did not mind.

As we decorated the front of my house, Rodney was peeking at my massive ass every 5 seconds. My large, plump ass bounced around the yard as it was incased by outstretched fabric. Every now and then, I would tease him by bending over slowly to pick something up. As I came back up, I looked at him and winked.

"Are we done with these decorations now?" he asked while grabbing his crotch. I could tell he was horny.

"What's the rush hun?" I giggled. "We still have a little more to do."

"I want that big booty! That's the rush!"

"Hmm...maybe I should make you wait," I pondered,

"You slapped my butt kind of hard earlier."

"Huh? I did not even hit it that hard! I'm surprised you can even feel it with all that meat back there."

"Come here and rub it," I said, "Make it feel better." I demonstrated by rubbing one of my butt cheeks, which was too big even for me to grasp.

As he came up to rub it, I gripped his cock, which was already hard from all the teasing I was doing. Anymore and his dick would of burst out of his jeans.

"Fuck me in the ass," I whispered in his ear.

"Mmm...That's what you want?" he whispered.

"Yes," I moaned as I gripped his cock harder.

Things got hot, so I told him to follow me in the house. As we walked through the door, he yanked my jeans down, exposing my huge ass cheeks swallowing up a black thong.

"Damn!" he yelled.

I stood with my feet together and shook my body up and down, making my butt cheeks clap together. Deep, thunderous claps hallowed throughout my house as my cheeks smashed together. I stopped and laughed when I seen Rodney's face.

"You like that baby?" I asked. I then bent over arching my back in front of my wall and parted my butt cheeks. "You better come here and fuck me in the ass," I moaned.

With quickness, Rodney unbuckled his pants and pulled out his thick erect cock, which had veins popping out all over. He gave my bubble ass a hard slap when he got behind me, and slowly stuck his thick dick into my asshole.

"Oh...be gentle sweetie!" I said while looking back into his eyes.

"That's only the head," he said.

"What? Are you serious?"

He chuckled. "Yes I'm serious."

My face turned grimace as he pushed his way in further. "It's too big! Oh my God Rodney!"

He did not bother to stop as he spread my cheeks wider, getting a clear view of my outstretched asshole. I slapped my hand against the wall and almost begged him to take it out.

"You like that big dick in your ass?" he grunted.

"Yes baby," I moaned as my fingernails clawed down his six-pack. I could feel the girth of his shaft shoving its way inside of me.

"All this ass you got...this dick feel good?"

"Yes baby," I said as he slapped my butt again.

He suddenly showed no mercy and shoved his juicy cock right up my rectum, catching me by surprise. I screamed in response, feeling his stiffened cock deep inside me. As he pushed deeper, he put his hand around my neck, acting as if he was choking me.

His then slow strokes had gotten a little faster as my big, round booty then began ricocheting off his stomach, causing him to grunt in pleasure. He grabbed both my shoulders, and I planted both my hands on the wall as my bubble butt collided with his body. Each time our bodies made contact, a thunderous clap sound vibrated through the house.

Rodney's thick cock started to slide in and out my ass with ease. Grabbing me by 26-inch waist, he started pumping his hips faster, ramming that fat cock up my ass. When I looked over my shoulder, it looked my massive butt cheeks were gobbling his cock, each time he shoved his way in.

"Oh Yes! Fuck that ass!" I yelled though gritted teeth. I then started throwing my ass back at him, meeting his every thrust. I bent over until I was able to grab one of my ankles as Rodney continued his anal onslaught.

"Oh fuck! You are going to make me cum!" He yelled as his thrust got faster, his pelvis bashing against my gelatin-like backside.

I did not let up. I continued to bash my wobbling buttocks into his washboard abs, getting him closer and closer to his climax. I pulled myself back up, placing my hands back on the wall as Rodney tried to restrain his orgasm.

"Damn this ass is too much!" he said.

I licked my lips as I looked back at him. We locked eyes just before he gave his last few strokes. While he pulled out, my ass let out a drawn out fart, but I was not embarrassed by it.

Jerking his shaft with speed, a long thick stream of cum squirted onto my trembling buttocks, trailing down to my gaping asshole.

Later that night, I let Rodney stay for little bit. We cuddled on my sofa as we watched horror movies, and his hands groped my big fat ass the whole time. He made a joke by lying me down on my stomach, and then using my butt as a pillow. I thought it was so cute.

Halloween evening arrived quickly, and I started getting the candy ready for the trick or treaters. I held off on my costume and just put on my satin robe that I usually wore around the house.

The doorbell ranged. "Just a minute!" I called out. I opened the door and a group of 18 and 19 year olds were standing there with book bags, but no Halloween costumes.

"Trick or treat!" they said in harmony.

"Hey um...you guys are a little too old to be trick or treating aren't you?" I asked holding a big bucket of candy.

"No not at all ma'am," one said.

"Oh, we just love candy," another said from the back.

As I bent over to dump candy into their bags, my cleavage bulged out right in front of them. The looks on their faces told me that they liked more than just candy. I giggled when they murmured to each other while making a hint at my nearly exposed breast.

"Would you guys like another kind of candy? I have some more in the kitchen."

They all nodded their heads quickly before I turned around, giving them all a clear view of my plump ass. As I strutted down the hallway, I heard an outbreak of curse words and catcalls come from the group of juveniles. My rump wobbled upon each step, and my robe failed to hide its gelatin-like behavior.

"I see you boys are fans of my snacks," I said when I returned. They stood their dumbfounded, and I could tell that they were not familiar with who I was. I gave them the candy and sent them on their way, since I was expecting a lot more people to stop by.

About 2 hours after the sun had gone down, and after I gave out loads of candy, I decided now was a good time to get ready for the party. The party was going to be at a mini mansion about 20 minutes from where I lived. I invited Sherry, but she chickened out.

This year, I decided to go as a sexy belly dancer. Before I left the house, I gave myself one last mirror check. I wore a glittered black bra, and a pair of silver, ankle strap sandals. My hip scarf was black also, and had many silver coins hanging from it.

Underneath that, I just wore some regular black underwear, but they kept wedging in between my ass, resembling a thong. My hip scarf was so small, that it did not have a chance of covering the amount of ass fat I was hauling behind me. My cheeks bulged out from the top, making my wedged underwear clearly visible, and the bottom of my cheeks peeked out from underneath.

Arriving at the mansion, I noticed there were many people out front having some drinks and talking while music blasted from the inside. The crowd seemed to be mix, some young and some old.

Walking up to the entrance, the coins on my scarf jingled every time my sandals clicked against the ground. My gigantic ass bounced from side to side, and I kept hoping that my scarf would not untie and fall off.

As I walked in, I instantly became the center of attention. Men dressed as ghouls and goblins whistled at me through their masks, and the others followed me up the stairs into the house.

Walking up, I knew my buns were in plain sight, so I looked back at horny mob and stuck my butt out even further. Commotion broke out when I sexily bent over while holding the side rail of the stairs, exposing my underwear swallowed up by my plump ass.

Southern style hip-hop music roared from two nearby speakers as people dressed in Halloween costumes danced in the enormous room. The house was completely dim, which made it a little hard to see a person's face.

I stood bowlegged just inside the door as I scanned the house. The crowds of men that followed me inside were still going crazy over my barely covered behind.

"And what are you suppose to be?" a man asked as he lifted his mask on top of his head. He was attractive, and did not look a day over 22.

"Oh I'm a sexy belly dancer!" I said in his ear trying to talk over the loud music. I twirled around giving him a nice view of my costume, and judging by his facial expression, he was enjoying the view.

"Since you're a belly dancer, why don't you show me a few of your moves?"

I took him by the hand and led him over to one of the walls as we maneuvered through the crowd. I then pushed him against the wall, turned around, and began shaking my jiggly ass, making the coins on my hip scarf jingle wildly.

When I bent over to touch my toes, my flimsy scarf flipped up, revealing my bouncing rear end in all its glory. I stood myself up and backed into him, pinning him against the wall with my monstrous ass. As the music continued to thump, I started grinding my buns all over his crotch.

From a distance, it probably looked like this stranger was fucking me from behind. As he tried to balance his drink in his hand, I moved my hips in a slow winding motion, smothering his crotch with every inch of my wide rear.

As we danced, I then felt his dick starting to arise. When I felt it hardening in between my butt-cheeks, I looked back at him and smiled. I turned around and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for the dance hun!" I walked off and left him there with his dick on hard.

"Wait!" he yelled. He ran up behind me and grabbed me by the arm. "How are you just going to leave me without giving me your name?"

He stood in front of me with the imprint of his boner in clear sight. "Call me Lula," I said with a smile, "I see I made you a little happy down there!"

"Yeah I think he likes your butt!" he said, "That thing is huge!"

"Oh stop it!" I joked, "Maybe me and my ass will pay you and your friend a visit later!"

Seconds later, another person grabbed me, whom I assumed saw me grinding on the previous guy.

"Dance with me!" he said in my ear as he held me from behind.

"It'll be my pleasure!" I shouted back with a smile.

I then backed him back into the wall, and began grinding up against him. I saw other guys staring at us, which let me know that they were awaiting their turn. It did not take long for me to feel his cock stiffening in his jeans, as I had my hands on my knees, rubbing my ass up and down his groin.

"Damn you got a fat ass," he said.

I leaned back with my hand on the side of his head while my hips moved to the beat. "And you got a big dick!" I felt him lifting of my hip scarf, revealing my bare ass cheeks. I reached back and touched the imprint of his dick, which seemed to be a very big one.

After I danced with him for a little longer, I butt bump softly on his hard cock and winked. He begged me not to leave, but I accomplished my mission; tease them then leave them.

I danced with about 15 different guys at this point, and left all of them with hard erections. As I walked through the party, men grabbed my jello ass at will. I felt at least four or five hands grabbing my buns at once as they all asked me to dance with them. As they fondled me, I had to keep picking out wedgies since my underwear kept finding a way to sneak up the crack of my ass.

Later that night, after being harassed and grabbed by nearly every guy at the party, a young man approached me saying he heard about me. Now I immediately knew that he was talking about my behind, but he knew something that no one else at the party knew.

"You fucked my homeboy Jalen right?" He said taking a sip from his cup," Remember we met you at Wal-Mart a while back?"

At first, I did not remember. "Oh, ok I remember now!" I said, "Is he with you tonight?"

"Nah, I came solo," he said, "So what's up? I heard you were letting niggas hit it!"

"Oh really?" I asked as I retied my hip scarf.

"Yes really. Jalen told me you know how to use this big ass," he said as he grabbed my half-naked bottom.

I giggled and moved his hand away. "Well, your friend is sure telling the truth. What's your name sweetie?"

"Oh, I'm Alex. I picked Jalen up from your house the day y'all met up. I was just wondering if I can uh...you know."

Alex had a high yellow complexion with cute dimples. He did not have much of a Halloween costume, which told me he was just there for the girls and alcohol.

"Mmm...I don't know if you can handle it," I said as I walked up on him closer, "You ever have been with an older woman?"

"Um no, but you can be my first!"

"Let's get out of here boo. I hope you can handle all this ass."

He almost spit out his drink before he agreed with haste. I gave him a little dance against the wall before we left out into the front yard, grinding and rubbing my monster ass in his lap.

"Where are we going to do this at?" I asked as we stood out by the curb. People in their Halloween costumes were still coming into the gate.

He pondered for a minute. "What about my car?" Now it has been a while since I fucked in someone's car. The last time I did, the man's girlfriend caught us while he was fucking me in the backseat.

"How about we just go to your place sweetie? Don't you want to hit this?" I asked as I turned around and showed him my tempting posterior. He bit on his lip and could not resist my curvy figure.

As I sat in Alex's car, I let out a deep, drawn out fart that vibrated against his leather seat as I sat with my legs crossed, aiming my ass right at him. He quickly looked at me with a surprised expression, as if he did not know how to respond.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby," I said fanning my hand near my fat ass, which was aiming right at him, "With an ass this big, you can't expect for it to keep quiet."

As the smell from my thunderous fart went away, I grabbed at Alex's dick, which left a huge imprint running down his thigh. I knew I made it hard for him to drive, but I did not care. I took it as far as unzipping his pants, letting his throbbing cock bulge out in all its power.

"Damn wait! Hold on!" he said as we stopped at a traffic light.

"Wow, look what we have here!" I said holding his meaty cock in my hand.

"Fuck!" he yelled as the back of his head hit the headrest on his seat. I then jerked his long, black dick a few times, as his foot hit the gas. Looking at the strong veins popping out all over his shaft, I licked my lips at it as if it was a lollipop.

"You better fuck me with this big dick, you hear me?" I asked seductively. His breaths suddenly got quicker as his thick cock grew a little more, which caught me by surprise. When we got to his apartment, the second we entered, he immediately took off his pants.

His apartment was junky and had the look of a bachelor pad. There were empty bottles of liquor on his kitchen table, as well as a huge plasma TV that connected to what looked to be a video game. Just by the look of his place, I knew he was still a youngster.

Before I knew it, I found myself bent over on a sofa being rammed from the back. The booty that Alex has been craving since he saw me at Wal-Mart that night, deflected off his crotch as his dick continued to lunge in my ass, making me moan in pleasure. He was so anxious to fuck me that he did not even bother to take off my costume.

The coins on my hip scarf jingled with each thrust as my butt, which ballooned out like two globes, wobbled with no control. To gain leverage, he grabbed me by my torso, which by the way was slender and fit, but my hips were up around 50 inches.

He pounded away as he cursed continually. "Oh yeah! I am going to make sure I fuck this big stinky ass real fucking good! You like that shit? This big, fat, fucking ass of yours feels so good!"

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