tagMatureMs. Jiggles Ch. 04

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 04


Halloween was approaching, and Ms. Jiggles could not wait to play dress up. Whenever she showed up to a costume party, women kept a close eye on their boyfriends. She always found that funny since their men would always make their way to her anyway, trying to sneak in some conversation.

One Halloween she was dressed as an "Ass Goddess." One person, thought her butt was a part of the costume. They assumed she brought some butt pads to help make her ass look bigger, since the size of her rear was far past the imagination. When she lifted up her dress and showed them that it was real, they stalked her for the whole night.

With Halloween just days away, she decided to start decorating her house. She did not have many things to work with, but she had enough to get the job done.

Long time no see! What's up? Can I come by? Read the incoming text message from Jalen.

Hey stranger lol. Yes you can help me with these halloween decorations. Maybe you can help with something else too *wink* Hurry. She replied, plugging her phone to the charger.

She went outside carrying a box full of Halloween decorations and went right to work, placing fake cobwebs along the handrail on the steps, and some jack o'lanterns along her walkway.

About 20 minutes into it, Jalen's black, sports car pulled up in front Ms. Jiggles house and he got out. "Trick or Treat!" he laughed.

"Hey, baby," she said with a smile as he let himself in the yard. They met and hugged each other, his hands grabbing and bouncing her fat ass as if on instinct.

"Damn! It's always good to see you and this big, fucking ass of yours," he said peeking around at it as he playfully bounced and jiggled her plump ass cheeks with his hands, "And this thing actually looks like it got bigger! What the fuck..." He studied it, his face dumbfounded.

She looked back over her shoulder at her ass as Jalen held it, her mouth curling into a smirk. "Mmm...maybe it did."

"Fuck..." he moaned, "This thing clearly got bigger. You got a tape measurer laying around?"

"Yes, follow me inside, sexy. We can do the decorations later." He followed her inside, staring at her big, donkey booty as it shook in her booty shorts, which had the word 'PHAT' printed on the back in caps. The two entered into her kitchen, and Ms. Jiggles retrieved a unravelled tape measure from a drawer. "I was 52 inches when we first met," she said, handing the tape measure to him.

Jalen squatted down beside her, beholding the massive mounds of ass. "52?! Damn!" said the 21 year old as he aligned and wrapped the tape around her hips and butt.

Then he paused.

"God damn! 55 inches! 55 fucking inches!" he said, instantly holding and shaking her monster booty in his face.

"Mmm...it did start to feel heavier lately," she smirked, looking back at him bounce and worship her booty. Her ass was indeed bigger, and more wobbly.

"I didn't think it was possible for this ass to get any bigger, fuck..." he said.

Before Ms. Jiggles knew it, he had her bent over the counter.


"Fuck, that dick is big," she said, looking back into his eyes as he pushed it up her asshole.

"That's only the head," he said with a sly smirk.

"What? Are you serious?"

He chuckled. "Yes, I'm serious."

Her face turned grimace as he pushed his way in further, "Jesus! Oh my God Jalen!" She moaned, his long, young cock sliding in inch after inch.

"Mmm...take this dick bitch," he moaned, "This ass needs a big dick. No smaller than 11 inches." He did not bother to stop as he spread her cheeks wider, getting a clear view of my outstretched asshole.

"You like that big dick in your ass?" he grunted, slapping her big ass as he pushed in deeper.

"Fuck," she also she could say as Jalen slapped her big booty from slide, causing it to wobble about.

He suddenly showed no mercy and shoved his juicy cock right up her rectum, catching her by surprise. She screamed in response, feeling his hardening cock plugged up her ass.

His then slow strokes had gotten a little faster as her big, round booty began ricocheting off his stomach, causing him to grunt in pleasure. He grabbed both her shoulders to use as leverage as giant booty collided with his body. Each time they're bodies made contact, a thunderous clap sound vibrated through the room.

Jalen's thick cock started to slide in and out her ass with ease as it gaped wider. Grabbing her by the 26-inch waist, he started pumping his hips faster, ramming that fat cock up up her ass. When Ms. Johnson looked over her shoulder, it looked like her massive butt cheeks were gobbling his cock, each time he shoved his way in.

"Oh Yes! Fuck that ass!" She grunted through gritted teeth. She bent over until she was able to grab her ankles as Jalen continued his anal onslaught.

"Fuck! You're going to make me cum!" He yelled as his thrust got faster, his pelvis bashing against her gelatin-like backside. Ms. Jiggles whimpered as she tried to keep up, bouncing her wobbling booty into his washboard abs, getting him closer and closer to his climax. "Damn this ass is too much!" he said.

She licked her lips as she looked back at him, they locked eyes just before he gave his last few strokes. When he pulled out, her asshole let out a drawn out queef.

"FFUUCKKK!" He roared.

Jerking his shaft with speed, a long thick stream of cum squirted onto her trembling buttocks, trailing down to her gaping asshole.

"God damn, baby. You nearly killed me. My God..."


Halloween evening arrived, and Ms. Johnson got the candy ready for the trick or treaters. She held off on her costume and put on satin robe that she usually wore around the house.

The doorbell ranged. "Just a minute!" she called out. She opened the door and a group teens were standing there with book bags, but no Halloween costumes.

"Trick or treat!" they said in harmony, grinning at one another.

"Hey um...you guys are a little too old to be trick or treating, aren't you?" she asked, holding a big bucket of mini candies.

"No, not at all Ms. Johnson" one said.

"We just love candy," another said from the back.

She gave in and smiled as she bent over to dump candy in their bags. Her cleavage bulged out right in front of them.

"Would you guys like another kind of candy? I have some more in the kitchen."

They all nodded their heads in unison before she twirled around, giving them a clear view of her huge, round ass. The boys murmured among themselves and stare wide eyed at Ms. Johnson's large ass. It twitched upon each step, and her robe failed to hide its gelatin-like behavior.

"I see you boys are fans of my other snacks," she smiled as she returned.

A few hours later after she welcomed several trick or treaters, she decided it was a good time to get ready for a costume party that was hosted by a group of students from the school. Students and staff were all invited.

This year, Ms. Jiggles decided to go as a sexy belly dancer. She felt a lot of female costumes were too predictable. Everyone was either a nurse, a cat or a french maid. She wanted to be different this time around. Before she left the house, she gave herself one last mirror check.

She wore a gold, Egyptian style head chain on her head. Her top was a red bra with glittered patterns, and the hip scarf of the outfit was red also with coral beads hanging from it. For shoes she wore flat, laced up gladiator sandals that tied up her shins and calves.

The hip scarf of her costume was extra small, so it didn't have a chance of covering the amount of ass she possessed. The black shorts underneath often wedged up between her ass, resembling a thong.

When she arrived at the mansion, there were hundreds of people out front having some drinks and talking while music blasted from the inside. The location was huge. It's driveway was vast, and had two big lion statues at each post. Cars were parked everywhere, and it looked as if the majority of the school attended. The crowd was mainly students, but she did see many of the school's staff mingling around.

She parked and got out her car with her purse, reaching and pulling out the wedgie her underwear had formed up her ass. She tugged down on her short hip scarf as she came to the the gated.

The crowd of students seemed to part open when she walked through, her huge, round ass bouncing and wobbling like crazy. She smirked as commotion broke out behind her.

"Dude, is that Ms. Johnson?" One student asked within his group of friends, "That ass is unreal! GOD DAMN!"

"Man, for real!" Another chimed in, staring at Ms. Jiggles as she walked inside, "It look like that shit got fatter too!"

Hip-hop music roared from the nearby speakers as people dressed in Halloween costumes danced in the enormous room. Ms. Johnson stood in her bow legged stance holding her purse as she scanned the room.

"Bro, is that the big booty, secretary lady from school?" a student asked his buddy as he pointed Ms. Johnson out from across the room. His name was Lorenzo Dickerson, a young sophomore who was on the school's football team.

"Oh shit, that is her," the other replied. His eyes lit up.

"God damn!! Do you see that ass!?" he said, "I knew it was big, but not that big...that's fucking crazy. I'm going to go talk to her." Lorenzo made his way over to her, thinking Damn this lady is stacked, damn!

"Um, don't you work at the school?" he asked as the crowd of boys that stood behind her beheld her enormous booty.

"Yes I do. Lorenzo, right?" she asked in his ear, trying to talk over the music.

"Yeah that's me," he smiled, "And your costume is the best I've seen tonight!"

She smiled and twirled around, giving him a nice view of her costume, and judging by his facial expression, she knew he was enjoying the view.

"Since you're a belly dancer, why don't you show me a few of your moves?"

She smirked. "Mmm...come here baby."

She took Lorenzo by the hand and led him over to any empty spot on the wall as they maneuvered through the thick crowd. Ms. Johnson backed him up against the wall, and grinded her big ass on his crotch. The look of shock crossed his face, as he held her by the waist, grinding along with her.

"Holy shit," he moaned as she pinned him to the wall with her booty. She bit her lip as her hip scarf rolled and bunched up around her waist, leaving her big, round ass exposed in her black shorts.

From a distance, it looked like they were fucking. She felt Lorenzo's dick growing in girth and length as she bounced and humped her ass on it, his dick wedging between her soft cheeks. Bending over at the waist slightly, she looked back at him and rubbed her booty against his swelling erection.

2 songs later, his erection was throbbing, forming a big tent in his pants. "Thanks for the dance, babe," she smiled, pulling away as she reached back to fix her hip scarf, and pick out the deep wedgie her shorts made.

"Wait!" he yelled, grabbing her arm as her huge ass wiggled into place, "One more dance. Please!"

"I have to check the rest of the party out, sweetie. Thanks though," she winked.

She danced with about 15 different guys that night. They were grabbing her from every direction, one after another. As she wandered through the party, Ms. Jiggles had to keep tugging her hip scarf down, since it rose up whenever she walked.

"You fucked Jalen, right?" a voice said from behind, "Remember we met you at Wal-Mart a while back?"

She was startled. Her eyes widened as she quickly turned around, "Oh wow, I remember you. And yes Jalen and I have met."

"So what's up?" he said raising an eyebrow, "You know like between me and you."

"Hmm, I don't know if he would like that," she said, pulling her hip scarf down, "What's your name again, handsome?"

"Oh, I'm Terrance. I picked Jalen up from your house the day y'all met up. This could be just between me and you."

She smirked and pressed into him. "I hope you can fuck me better than your friend," she said in his ear, cupping and grabbing the bulge trapped in his pants.

Later that night, she found herself bent over Terrence's sofa. The big, round ass that Terrance was craving since he saw Ms. Johnson at Wal-Mart, bounced and clapped off his crotch as he dicked her down with her costume still on. The beads on her hip scarf jingled with each thrust as her big booty wobbled with no control, violently bouncing before him.

"Fuck! So much ass on you!" he moaned, placing his hand on the small of her back, the other on his hip as their bodies collided.

"Mmm fuck baby!" she moaned, looking back at him, "Fuck this big ass...I've been bad tonight..."

He did not bother to slow down as he thrusted faster, more intense. Large waves rippled through through her jiggly butt-cheeks as they smacked against his pelvis.

"Oh God! Fuck!" he panted, pounding into her like a madman. His huge balls swung and bounced around as he worked his dick, sliding it out to the tip, and then thrusting the entire length back in.

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!" She cried as pain covered her face, the hard shaft pumping in and out rapidly.

By now, he was stroking as fast as he could, trying to reach his long awaited orgasm. His face grimaced while his hips moved with timely speed, which made Ms. Jiggles almost beg him to stop.

Penetrating her with all his might, the sofa rocked back and forth, banging up against the wall. Her eyes slowly began to roll to the back of her head, and her facial expression spelled agony as she started tapping, meeting his every thrust.

"Fuck! Fuck!" he repeated as his meaty cock vanished into her giant buttocks each time he went in, "Shit! Fuck! Here it comes!" She felt his intensity decrease as he was about to reach his climax with every passing second.

After they both moaned, groaned and swore at each other while his cock plowed up her pussy, he quickly slid his big dick out, and jacked it with both hands.

"Oh fuck! Here it comes! Argghhh!" he yelled as he looked up towards the ceiling. He jerked his dick like a piston, gripping it tightly as Ms. Johnson arched her big ass up.

"Mmm...gimme that cum!" She replied as she licked her lips, waiting for his eruption. She looked back as Terrance hovered his long dick over her booty.

"Ahhhhh...Fuck!" he yelled as he came, stroking out big, ropes strands of cum, one short after the other.

She looked up at him and smirked as he jerked his dick until it became flaccid. "Damn, Miss! Jalen was right! You are a freak!"

"Damn you're a beast..." She said, "Remember this is just between us."

That Monday, as she went pass the school's gymnasium, Darius was on the court practicing his free throw routine.

"Hey, Ms. Johnson!" he called out as he stuck his head out the gym doors. She turned around acting as if she was surprised.

"Oh, hey Darius!" She said walking back to him, holding some folders in front of her chest.

"How are you today?"

"Oh, I'm fine dear. How's basketball practice going?"

"It's going good. I'm just in here getting some shots up," he said. At 6'1", he had impressive muscle size for a basketball player, yet he was lean and athletic.

"i think with you on the team, we're going to win the championship!" She smiled, "When is the first game?"

"It's actually in a few weeks," he said, holding the basketball by his side, "You should check us out."

"I most definitely will, Hun. Well...I have to get back to the office. Oh...and I know you still want it," she said with a wink, giving him her business card.

She went down the hallway with a devious smirk on her face as Darius stared at her large, round ass.

To be continued...

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