tagMatureMs. Jiggles Ch. 06

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 06


She walked into BA Fitness, the new state of the arts gym that recently opened downtown. Dwarfing the competition, the gym had 3 floors, and was filled with machines and cardio equipment that other gyms wished they possessed.

Trendy pop music echoed through the ceiling speakers as gym goers walked in and out of the doors in big numbers. The sound of weights clanging and folks grunting came from every angle as Ms. Jiggles approached the main desk, sporting a gray sports bra and matching yoga pants with the letters, "NCU" printed across the butt area.

Other gym members stared and looked in awe at the big, round ass that Ms. Jiggles carried, and her spandex barely contained the bulging ass cheeks. Murmurings came from every direction as the spotlight was on her and that enormous booty:

Damn that ass is huge! Look how far it sticks out!

Dude, I never seen her or that ass before. She must be new.

No way is that real...MY GOD!

There's nothing like an older woman with a big booty. Just look at that shit!

Her big butt took seconds to wobble into place as she stepped before the main desk and handed the clerk her 1 week pass.

"Hi! I received this in the mail yesterday. I figured I'd give it a shot," Ms. Jiggles said. She never really had to exercise to mold her body or grow her booty. Her hourglass frame was pure genetics, but because of the growing popularity of surgery, people always questioned if it was real.

"Sure!" The young lady replied, typing the code from the flyer into her computer, "This is good for 1 week, so you can have time to decide whether or not you want a full membership."

"I see. I never joined a gym before, but I drive past this place everyday on the way to work, and the parking lot is always packed. Since it's free, it won't hurt to try, right?" She asked with a chuckle.

The girl smiled. "No ma'am.it won't hurt one bit! Oh, and we have some personal trainers available also, if you'd like a nice workout with some professional assistance."

"Really? Lets go for it."

"Awesome! Give me one second..."

The gym clerk left and went behind one of the gyms cubicles, returning with a handsome, Latino male wearing a BA Fitness t shirt and sweatpants. With his slick hair and chiseled face, his model-like features paired well his athletic body. His deltoids were heavily capped, and they lead to some vascular arms most guys could only dream about. His pectorals were flat, yet muscular enough to see through his shirt, and his tapered waist sat above two tree trunk quads.

Mmm god damn. He damn near looks better than Darius, Ms. Jiggles thought, sizing the young stud up as he came before her with the clerk, And he's built like statue! Wow!

"Ms. Johnson, this is Alex, one of our incredible trainers," the clerk said, and they shook hands.

Alex smiled, stealing a peek at Ms. Johnson's hourglass shape. "Nice to meet you. I have a workout already planned out. I think you'll enjoy it."

Ms. Johnson smirked. "Oh I think I will too," she replied, "I need a good...hard workout." Alex raised his eyebrow as they held eye contact longer than necessary.

"I'll let you take it from here, Alex," said the clerk, "Enjoy your workout, Ms. Johnson!"

"Thanks hun!" She smiled as the clerk went back to the main desk. "So...Mr. Alex, how long have you been working here? This place is huge!"

He smiled with his hands on his hips. "Well...I came on board when the facility first opened two months ago. Prior to this, I was working at Muscle Body Fitness down the street from here."

"I bet they were mad when you left," she said with a laugh, her eyes scanning up and down his body chiseled body.

"Yeah well...they offered me more money here. So I couldn't refuse. The bills need to be paid."

"Make that money, baby. There's nothing wrong with that. I have to ask though, do you play any sports? You're are built!" Ms. Jiggles grinned and squeezed his left shoulder, amazed by its sheer size and density.

Alex laughed it off and shook his head. "I played some football back when I was in HS and college, so I guess the training for that crossed me over to bodybuilding."

"Bodybuilding? You mean like posing on stage in those little undies?" She laughed.

Alex blushed and laughed with her. "Yes ma'am. I ended up winning my first 4 competitions, but I haven't competed since. If we have time, I'll show you some of my pictures after our training session."

"Oh my God I would love to see! What kind of workout are we going to do today anyway?"

Alex folded his thick arms, and pondered as he looked her over. "Hmm, I think we'll do a full body workout. Nothing too intense because you have to ease into exercising, or you'll injure yourself."

"Well thanks for the tip, and you sure look like you know what you're doing!" Ms. Jiggles said, playfully squeezing Alex's bicep this time.

"Yeah...I know a thing or two," he smiled, "Put your things in the locker room, and meet me by the squat rack over here." She nodded and walked off towards the locker room, leaving Alex staring at easily the biggest ass he ever seen pass through those gyms doors.

Whoa! He thought as Ms. Johnson's giant ass jiggled with every step, each cheek twitching up and down. The other gym attendees seemed to pause in the middle of their sets as they watched her large ass shake wildly into the locker room.

She returned minutes later and came before him. "You know what? On second thought, maybe we should use the private room over here," Alex said, "You know...we wouldn't want any distractions during our training session."

Ms. Johnson smirked, catching on to his obvious lie. "Hmm, ok hun. If that's what's best." Other personal trainers were giving Alex a thumbs up, and jokingly pointed at Ms. Johnson's rear as they passed behind her, snickering behind their hands. "Over here, right?" She asked while walking ahead, pointing to the door. His eyes were fixed on her ass, and she purposely made it bounce harder as she walked.

They came to a door with a sign out front that read "Private Sessions Only," and they entered. The room was equipped with a dumbbell rack, with weights as heavy as 100 pounds. On the opposite side were several medicine balls, positioned to where the ball's pyramided up in size and weight. The walls were covered with mirrors, and the backside of the room had 2 heavy bags hanging from the ceiling.

"Ok, I think we should stretch first. It's a little nippy outside, and we don't want to work cold muscles," said Alex.

"Whatever you insist, baby. I'm following your lead," she replied, standing double jointed at the knees with her hands on her hips.

"Ok great. Let's start with a basic leg and lower back stretch. Stand with your feet apart, and bend down to touch the floor."

"Like this?" Ms. Jiggles asked, bending forward right in front of him. Her spine arched, and her massive ass stuck out as she placed her palms flat on the ground with her feet far apart, holding the stretch for 10 seconds.

Alex gulped, and his eyes widened as she stood back up with a deep exhale. Her big butt jiggled around before settling into place, and her spandex wedged themselves deep in her crevice, hiding the N and C from the logo printed on the back.

"Da... I mean, wow that was good," he said trying to gather himself.

She looked back at him with a slight biting of the lip. "What's next, handsome?"

"Ummm, let's stretch out the arms a little bit. Put your right palm on your back between your shoulder blades with your elbow pointing upwards. Then, gently pull your elbow towards your head with your left hand like this," he said as he demonstrated.

Ms. Johnson followed along, stretching her upper arms as her glorious E cups protruded outward, and dared to tumble out of her bra at any giving moment. Alex tried his best to not his make his titty watching obvious as Ms. Johnson switched to her other arm.

"Wow! I feel a lot looser already!" She said, shaking her arms out. Her ample breast jiggled in response, and her bulging cleavage sat up just inches away from her chin, "Now what?"

"Ummm, I think we can get right into the workout." He reached over to the dumbbell rack, and grabbed two 20 pound dumbbells. "Let's begin with squats." He demonstrated the movement with the dumbbells at his sides, and performed 10 solid repetitions before handing them to her.

"How many? 10?" She asked, looking back him as he positioned himself behind her, his groin inches away from her massive ass.

He pondered. "Eh, give me 15..."

"Oh my goodness, 15? I'll try..." she said, getting into position. He spotted her from behind, holding her by the waist as she lowered herself down. Her enormous ass stuck out at him, stretching tightly against her spandex as she rose back to the top, completing the repetition. "How's my form?" She asked, looking back over her shoulder at him.

"You're doing good, keep going..."

She squatted again, moaning softly as she finished the second rep. Before going into the third rep, she bent over at the waist and planted her large ass against the bulge that was growing down his pants legs. "Mmm... how's this form?" She purred. Alex bit his lip and grabbed ahold of her round ass, groping it firmly.

"Mmm...that's real good," he said as she grinded her big butt against himself. She swung her long, bushy ponytail over her shoulder, and watched her giant ass smother him. "Damn, what are we doing?" He asked, coming to his senses. He felt a sense of guilt and eased away slowly.

"We're working out, silly," she smiled. She dropped the dumbbells, pressed her ass back on him, and rubbed it against the hardening shaft hidden in his sweatpants, "You know you want this. And it looks like I'm working your biggest muscle..."

"Fuck..." He groaned, his hands groping her ass again as they dry humped. She reached back and grabbed the back of his neck as he held her enormous ass, squishing and kneading it in his hands. "Mmm...I just don't want to get caught that's all..."

"Neither do I. You ever held a booty this big, baby?" She asked looking back into his eyes as she held on to his neck, her huge booty arched up high in his grasp.

"Hell no. Never in my life. This thing is huge," he replied, "Damn...you ever measured this?"

"55 inches," she smirked as Alex's expanding dick print wedged between her big ass cheeks.

His jaw dropped. "55 inches!? God damn!"

"Yeah babe," she giggled.

Alex shook his head and dropped down into a squat, and her monstrous, round ass was right at eye level. He beheld her enormous booty, groping and bouncing it up and down in his hands. He was amazed by how soft it was, and he playfully shook it around as she looked over her at the whole thing. Without warning, he pressed his face into her giant ass and smothered himself in it.

"Mmm!" She moaned, looking back over her shoulder at Alex as he stuffed his face between her huge ass cheeks. His hands came around to hold the front her thighs, and Ms. Jiggles hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her tights. "Let's get you a better view, baby."

As she inched her bottoms down, her ass bulged out from the top, revealing a portion of her deep ass crack. With another tug, more of it ballooned out before him, and it wobbled hard as he held onto her thick thighs. His face seemed to pause in time as he watched her enormous ass come into view. Inch after inch after inch.

"God damn..." said Alex as Ms. Jiggles' ass wobbled out freely with a big bounce, "This is a lot of ass! This by itself is a full workout. Sheesh..."

Her giant, doughy booty wobbled out as the top of her tights were rolled up under the cup of her ass. Alex slapped at it, causing her big ass to ripple back and forth.

"I know your sexy ass can handle it," she said looking back at him.

He nodded and his hands came up to her ass again, kneading the round cheeks like bread dough. Alex was in awe. "I hope I can. Damn, it's crazy how we ended up like this," he said, biting his lip.

Ms. Jiggles laughed, watching the muscle stud worship her massive ass from behind. "Crazy? We're just two adults that find each other attractive. It's a normal thing."

"I mean like...we just met. And you don't get an ass like this in front of you on just any day. You know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah I do. Consider this your lucky day." She palmed the back of Alex's head, and pulled him up to her ass, pressing his face in between the deep crevice.

She moaned to herself as Alex ate her out from the back, not allowing himself to come out for air. He muffled from within the confines of her beach ball sized ass cheeks, and the majority of his head was shoved inside.

"Mmm! Eat my ass out...YES!" She moaned, shutting her eyes in pure bliss as Alex sucked on her fat pussy lips. It felt like a never ending valley of ass to him as his face wedged between the colossal mass of her buttocks. He rolled his face around in between them, sinking his head in deeper as he muffled loudly.

Minutes later, he pulled his head from her booty with a loud BLOP, and sat back on his butt with with legs spreaded out.

"Fuck!" He yelled, leaning back on his hands catching his breath, "Goddamn that ass is serious. You got me hard as fuck!"

Damn, what are they feeding the boys in this city? She thought as she gazed down at the twitching bulge down Alex's right pants leg. "Mmm I see! I think we should begin the real workout. What you think, baby?" She reached back, and grabbed a handful of her own ass cheek, and wobbled it back and forth.

Alex's faces paused again as he watched Ms. Johnson wobble her own ass at him. "Y- yeah I think it's time we get right to it," he replied as he rose to his feet, his eyes never leaving the bouncing set of buns before him, "I still can't believe how big it is. I'm just...damn...," he said, shaking his head as he came up behind her.

Ms. Johnson leaned back into him as he came up from behind and hugged her. "Believe it, hun," she moaned in his ear.

Alex untied the drawstring of his sweatpants, and pulled them down passed his muscular glutes. He reached inside, and pulled out his semi-hard cock, big enough to challenge any cock she's had before.

"Mmm fuck...I bet you love shoving this big thing off, huh?" He asked, swatting her big ass hard as he stroked his lengthening shaft with his other hand.

"Yes I dooo..." she moaned as her giant ass wobbled behind her.

"You like teasing dudes with this big motherfucker, don't you?" He continued, his voice getting louder as he slapped her ass harder.

"Yes!" She moaned back as Alex stroked himself.

"I can't hear you!" He said with a powerful slap across her ass cheeks, causing it to shake wildly.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She yelled. He moved her to the dumbbell rack, and pulled her head back by her ponytail. His heavy cock flopped down from his grasp, and slapped against his shredded quads.

"Mmm...I bet you're the big assed slut in town too, huh?" He whispered into her ear.

"Y...yes baby," she replied in a submissive tone.

Alex picked up his cock and laid it between her butt cheeks. It was a scene she had seen many times, a huge cock wedged within her big ass. "Mmm...there's nothing better than a big assed slut."

Ms. Jiggles gasped as Alex removed his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it to the side. She had never seen someone so muscular. So dense. So ripped.

His torso displayed a perfect v-taper, and every muscle group flowed together in a complete aesthetic fashion. His 8 pack abs were as if they were made of granite, and his low body fat level showed the veins across his pubic area.

In awe, she reached back and ran the tips of her fingers from his pecs, down to where his dick started. "My goodness, sweetie. You're a freaking God!" She said as her hand came to grasp his dick.

He smirked and grabbed Ms. Johnson's ass up into his hands again, sinking his fingers into the soft flesh. "You like?"

"Like? I love it! The thing that muscles do to me..."

"Yeah? Well if only you knew what ass does to me!" Said Alex, "I'm in heaven right now..."

"We both are in heaven," she replied with a giggle as he groped her huge ass from behind, "But let's get this workout out started..."

"Oh fuck yeah..." groaned Alex, humping between Ms. Jiggles' massive buttocks with his long, fat cock. The look of shock covered his face as he squished her ass cheeks together, causing them to fit around his thick girth as he pumped his hips. "You have got to be kidding me...Shit!"

"Fuck that ass just like that! Get it baby!" she groaned as her wobbly ass slapped up against his washboard abs. The head of his long dick was almost to the middle of her back as he hotdogged her giant ass from behind.

"Oh my god...oh my god..." he moaned with his eyes almost shut and his mouth gaped open, "Fuck fuck fuck! So much ass!" He continued, letting the booty banging frenzy fully take him over.

Ms. Johnson bit on her bottom lip, and met his every thrust by slamming her big, round booty back at him as his big cock slid between the crevice of her ass. The clapping was getting louder by the second. "Handle this shit baby! HANDLE IT!" She moaned back, her gelatin-like ass bouncing wildly.

Meanwhile back at the gym's main desk, the young female clerk looked behind her, and quickly looked over the vicinity.

"I wonder how Ms. Johnson's doing with her workout?" She said to herself, her eyes scanning each area of the gym, "Hmm...where exactly are they?"

Back in the private training room, Alex was still pounding away at Ms. Johnson's massive ass, "AHH YEAAHH!THIS ASS IS CRAZY!" Alex growled as Jessica, the front desk clerk, wandered about the gym.

"Yeah beat this big ass up! YES!" Ms. Jiggles growled back, following up with a sinister laugh.

Several strokes later, Alex pulled his long, rigid cock from the crevice of her big, round ass, and pumped it in his hand with long majestic strokes. He shut his eyes for a moment, allowing himself to catch his breath as balls of sweat trickled down his pecs and abdominals.

Ms. Jiggles twirled around without warning, and dropped down into a squat before the young muscle stud, meeting his long, throbbing cock at eye level. "Such a big dick, I think I should suck it..." she said with a smirk before she licked her lips, and pushed his dick into her mouth.

Alex's head rolled back as the tip of his cock slid into her mouth, and several more inches followed after that while her dick sucking lips slid up and down his enormous meat. As she held him by his waist, Alex joined in, humping his hips back and forth slightly as sickening sucking sounds started to fill the training room.

With his cock easily a foot in length, Ms. Jiggles managed to work most of it into her mouth, sloppily sliding her mouth on it as she looked up at him. "Holy shit! Fuck!" He groaned, staring down at the big butted cougar soaking his dick in saliva. His face grimaced hard as he couldn't believe the way she was sucking it.

She moaned to herself as she felt his big cock flex in her mouth, and she had thought it couldn't have gotten any harder. Her hands then came to his shaft, and wrapped around it's impressive girth in a double fisted grasp. Her hands twisted up and down his cock with her mouth, bringing Alex closer to the biggest nut of his life.

"Alex? Ms. Johnson?" Jessica called out, just a few feet away from the door.

Alex looked at the door quickly. Fuck! It's Jessica! He thought as Ms. Jiggles didn't cease from her dick sucking, and he didn't want her to stop either. She giggled with his dick in her mouth as she kept sucking it sloppily, making sure to milk his cock for everything it was worth as Jessica was right outside the door.

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