tagToys & MasturbationMs. Kitty's Sex Shop

Ms. Kitty's Sex Shop


I entered the dimly lit shop and walked around timidly, trying to act as though I belonged. Posters covered the walls, strange contraptions littered the shelves, and patrons wandered around looking at the intimidating products. I had never seen such things before in my life. Leashes and cuffs, leather and straps, dominatrix gear and anal plugs. What was an anal plug, anyhow?

My girlfriends had given me a gift certificate to Ms. Kitty's Sex Shop for my birthday. I laughed along with them until I realized it wasn't a gag gift. I was 35 now, they reminded me. My sexual peak, they said. They had each been to Ms. Kitty's and had each purchased a dildo or nipple clamps, some sort of apparatus with which they could satisfy their growing sexual cravings. It was my turn, they said, and they assured me I wouldn't be sorry.

I wasn't so sure.

"Can I help you?" A pretty young girl of no more than 18, with pink hair and several facial piercings asked.

I jumped when she spoke. I didn't think anyone would *talk* to me.

"First time," she said. "Follow me."

She led me to the front corner of the store. "Looking for a toy? A dildo? Vibrator? That's usually what your kind wants."

I blushed crimson and nodded. My "kind". I didn't know if I should be offended or relieved. I was a "kind."

"Thought so." She began pointing to a large and embarassing array of plastic penises. "This one rotates. This one vibrates. This one rotates and vibrates." She turned toward me. "Do you want an African American model or a white guy's dick?"

I mumbled something unintelligent and she smiled. "Inflates, rotates, variable speed, one speed. Six inch. Eight inch. Ten inch." She continued to rattle off my choices.

I gasped. Ten inches. Was she kidding?

She grabbed a pink one from the shelf, put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Come here."

Not knowing what to do, yet feeling some sort of trust in my new comrade, I followed her behind the counter, past a girl in a leather bustier and red studded collar who was manning the cash register, and into a room lit by a red light bulb. There were at least five separate rooms with a purple velvet curtain on a bar at its entrance offering a modicum of privacy inside. My new friend went into one and beckoned me with her finger.

There was no way I was going in there. I had no idea who she was or what she intended to do in there, but I wasn't going in.

Never the less, my feet moved as if disconnected from my body and carried me into the small space until I stood next to her. She pulled the curtain closed.

I looked around, trying to breath, to remain calm. The room was only a few feet wide and a few feet deep. There was a wooden bench attached to the far wall so that it resembled a dressing room. There were hooks bolted on both side walls of the room and "U" rings screwed into the floor, but other than that, just like a dressing room at the Gap.

I realized I'd need to find my voice soon so that I could tell her I wasn't interested in girls and that I'd never done anything like this. I just wanted to get something, spend the gift certificate, and go home before I died of embarassment.

Before I could do that, I felt her hand on my shoulder again, then under my hair, then on the back of my neck.

"I've been curious about this one," she pointed to the pink dildo she'd taken from the package, "but I just had my clit pierced and it's too sore for this kind of work out."

"Uh huh," I managed. I felt dizzy.

"So," she giggled excitedly, "I thought we could try it out on you. That way we'll both know if it's worth, ummm," she flipped the box over. "$49.99"

I shifted and found, quite to my surprise, that my panties were a little wet. "I'm, ummm, I'm not a lesbian." Finally. My voice.

She laughed. "I'm not either, silly. I just want to try it out. So neither one of us wastes our money."

I nodded as if this made perfect sense.

"Get up on the bench. Stand on it."

Again, as if I had no control over my body, I found myself grabbing onto the hooks for leverage and hoisting myself onto the bench. I turned to face her. My cunt was now almost directly in front of her face.

"Pull your panties down. All the way." She fiddled with the dildo and put batteries from her pocket into it.

I was wearing a skirt; I'd come by Ms. Kitty's on my way home from work. In fact, I'd stopped every day for the past two weeks. This was the first time I'd made it out of my car and into the store. Anyway, removing my panties would be easy.

I slid them down my thighs and shook my legs until they were around my ankles.

Oh my god, I'd just removed my underwear.

"Wanna be cuffed?" She asked.

The look on my face must have been incredibly funny because she doubled over in laughter.

"Kidding." She snapped the dildo on, the low, growling sound startling us both, and I felt the wetness between my legs grow.

"Spread your legs," she said.

She put her hand on my thigh and I shook involuntarily, goosebumps forming around her fingers.

"Relax," she said softly. "I'll be gentle."

As she stood before me, playing with the many switches on the toy, I took a good look at it. It looked like a penis, a huge pink penis, but a penis just the same. It had nubs up and down the shaft. At the base there was what appeared to be a butterfly, it's wings outstretched. I shivered again.

Her hand was so soft, so much more tender than my husband's, as she massaged my thigh, slowly inching her hand toward my pussy. I spread my legs further apart and bit my bottom lip. She continued, gently rubbing my upper thighs, still holding the dildo in her other hand. Then, in an instant, her head disappeared under my skirt.

"Oh, god," I moaned. She knew what a girl liked, that was for sure.

Her tongue licked my thigh in an upward motion until it reached my clit. She placed it on my pearl and lapped slowly and methodically, the ring in her tongue rubbing and teasing me, making me feel high. She worked me into a good sweat and then switched the dildo on. When it snapped to life, I grabbed the hooks in the walls with my hands and threw my head back.

She pushed my lips apart and inserted it slowly, each ridge bumping along my clit on the way in. It was on a lower speed, just enough to make its presence inside of me known, but not enough to make me cum. It was easily seven inches long and it took her close to three minutes to agonizingly enter me. Once inside, she increased the speed and began to pull it in and out.

Without warning she switched another button and I could feel the butterfly's wings begin to move, gently fluttering against my clit in a steady, rhythmic motion.

"Oh, god," I managed again.

"It's good?" She asked.

"So good. So good. Fuck me. Please. Faster. Turn it on faster."

She laughed and bit my thigh. "Patience."

She slid the dildo in and out, each time it was withdrawn, the heavenly wings left my swollen clit and I moved my hips for more.

"Please. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Push it in harder. Faster."

She turned both switches up another notch and my whole body began to move with it. She held it in place and pulled her head out from under my skirt. She stood on tiptoes and slid her hands under my shirt where she found my anxious tits, my nipples already hard, waiting for her touch. She withdrew her hand and licked her fingers and then went under again and circled them, round and round, before pinching my thick nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

"God damn it, mother fucker --- make me cum!" I screamed.

She worked it all harder, more intensely, pinching and pulling. And then the dildo, the fluttering wings, her fingers, were all too much and an orgasm wracked my body, sending me into spasms.

She held it against my clit until cum dripped onto her fingers. I shivered and shaked with the force of it for several minutes. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Then, when my shaking subsided, she slowly withdrew it.

I was panting and my knees knocked against one another as I stepped down off of the platform.

"So, is it worth the money? The $49.99?" She asked.

"Umm, humm." I reached down to pull up my panties and the blood drained from my head, causing me to almost pass out.

She picked up the box, drew the curtain back and said, "Let's go ring you up." Then she bounced out to the front of the store leaving me and my cum stained panties to follow.

I took my gift certificate from my purse and paid. I felt like I should give her a tip.

I could feel the eyes of the girl in the leather bustier boring holes into me, but I couldn't look at her. I was embarrassed and turned on and confused. Mostly I wanted to get home and check this thing out --- it had untested speeds and I was ready to try them out. All of them. It would be a busy night.

"I work on Thursdays. And Fridays," she said as she handed me my bag. "There's a few other things I've been thinking of buying. If you want to stop by and help me audition them. There's that vibrating butt plug. And those sheepskin cuffs..."

My knees buckled as her soft hand touched mine and I nodded. "Thursdays. And Fridays," I repeated.

I pushed the door open to the bright sunlight and walked to my car.

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