tagBDSMMs. Lane's Master Ch. 02

Ms. Lane's Master Ch. 02


It has been a week since the incident in the office with Ms. Lane and Mr. Smith and she cannot help but hope that he has forgotten all about it. She sits at her desk grading her papers dressed in her short skirt still as to not let anyone notice there is a change. She adjusts trying to get comfortable but for some reason thinking about her boss makes her wet now.

When she thinks more into him forcing her it makes her more and more wet. How can this be? Yes, she has always loved a man in power but to get wet over him using that power to use her however he wishes seems insane. The wetness starts to spread down her legs from the thoughts and lack of panties.

She moves her hand down between her legs and starts to play with her clit. Her head falls back against the chair as she moans. Now she is not only aroused of the thought of him controlling her but she is masturbating from it? How sick and demented is she? She cannot help but continue to play with her wet pussy. She pushes two fingers into her pussy and starts to play with her spot she knows so well.

Her orgasm is building causing her to get out of breath and covers her in a sweaty glaze. The knock on her classroom door brings her back to reality. Her heart races as she wipes her hand off on the inside of her skirt.

"Come in" she says as calmly as she can. The door swings open and Jeremy is standing in the doorway. Her face lights with excitement and then remembering Mr. Smith she tries to calm herself quickly. "How can I help you Jeremy?"

He shifts nervously and says "I know you said we have to stop but can we just have one last time together?" The wetness between my legs is longing for some more attention but the lingering thoughts of Mr. Smith stop me from letting myself get out of control.

"No Jeremy. I'm sorry but I told you we had to stop and that will not be changing. What we had was fun but you need to find someone your own age to be with." she forces herself to say as he watches him standing there the wetness growing in her legs at the thought of rebelling.

He turns away disappointed and walks out of the room shutting the down behind himself. She breathes a sigh of relief because he did not try to push her into it. She turns back to her desk to start grading again when there is another knock at the door. Now she is getting irritated. No means no, Jeremy.

"Come in" she calls out again with irritation in her voice. The door swings open this time with Mr. Smith standing in the doorway. She quickly sits up straighter. "Oh I'm sorry Master. I did not know that was you, sir."

"That is fine my little pet. I just happened to see Jeremy leaving and I want to make sure you did not forget our little agreement and what it consist of."

"I remember Master. He asked but I turned him away immediately. Absolutely nothing happened, sir."

"I have been trying to think of a name for you to have when you are doing my wishes. Something other than Amber or Ms. Lane since those are what everyone calls you. This name will be how I call you when we are alone and want to declare you as my own. What do you think I should call you?"

She thinks to herself trying to run different names through her mind. She surprised herself to be considering a different name for herself. She loves her name and never wants it to change but the thought of him calling her by a different name stirs the wetness inside her even more. She clears her throat and makes her suggestion "How about star, Master?"

"Hmmm star" he ponders it out loud to see how it rolls off his tongue. "I like it. Stars are so big and seen from a great distance and viewed by everyone but yet very insignificant." He starts walking towards her "please stand, star." Even with him saying please she knew by the forceful way he said it that it was no request.

She quickly stood and place her hands behind her back with one hand grabbing the wrist of the other arm. Her Master stops as she does this and looks her up and down. "I like how you look standing like that. You look very submissive and it pushes your chest out slightly."

He ponders to himself for a moment. "For now on when you are in my presence I want you to stand like this. It will not matter if we are alone of in company. The only time you will not have to is if something in your arms hinder you such as books or papers. In that case you are to put your free arm behind your back. Understood?"

"Yes, Master" She holds the position waiting for him to make his next move. He continues to walk slowly towards her.

"star I now want you to go around to the front of your desk and bend over with your hands on the desk and your feet shoulder width apart." Leaving her arms behind her back, she walks around to the front of her desk and leans her body over placing her hands on her desk but clearly trying to not bend at the waist as much as possible. She then adjusts herself so that her feet are lined up with her shoulders and waits. He walks behind her and she moves her head to watch him.

Keep your head straight and do not watch me. She turns her head back to look at her desk and waits. She can hear him rustling with something behind her. There is a small sound of metal on metal. Next thing she knew there was a slap of leather on cloth and a searing pain across her ass. She cries out in pain trying not to scream from the pain. Just as she was trying to catch her breath she feels his hand lifting her skirt to look at her slightly reddened ass.

"star I would like you to stand and remove your skirt. This will be your first punishment. You are receiving this for two things. First when I tell you to get into a position you may not watch me you just stand and wait. The second reason is for not fully following instructions."

She stands up straight and removes her skirt and waits for further instructions. He feels his hand force her forward. She quickly puts her hands back on the desk to stop her face from smashing into it. He then moves her hands to her hips pulling them to himself making her ass stick out and her back arch.

"This is the position I ordered you into. Not that sloppy one you tried to give me." She hears him take a few steps back and to the side before there is a slap of the belt on her bare ass. She tightens her grip on the desk and clichés her teeth as she feel the third and fourth strike on her ass.

"Have you learned your lesson star?" He says in a mocking tone and waits for her to respond. When she does not answer he smacks her ass with the belt again. "I asked you a question slave. I expect an answer."

"Yes, Master. I have learned my lesson. I am sorry for not listening earlier." Tears start to leak from her eyes but even during her punishment there was a flash of hotness between her legs as her pussy gets wetter.

"Lets find out how much my slave is enjoying herself now." His hand goes directly between her legs and he slides two finger inside of her dripping pussy. "Very nice my slave." He rubs the side of his hand along her legs to see how far down her wetness has seeped. "Has my slave been waiting for me?"

"Yes, Master." She hears him fumbling with his pants behind her. They fall to the ground and he steps out. She feels his hand back on her pussy. He runs his hand through her wetness going from her clit and spreading it all the way back to her tight virgin ass. He makes a couple passes like this before stopping.

He steps forward and rubs his hard cock along her pussy and up to her ass in the same way her did his hand. He dips the head of his cock into her pussy and takes it back out and repeats the action. She moans with the second time he dips into her pussy. She pushes her pussy into his cock basically begging for more.

Knowing what she wants he pulls his hips making his cock pull away from her pussy. He lines his cock up with her ass without touching his cock on her ass. He thrusts forward fast and rough straight into her virgin ass. She is shocked to feel something in her ass and lets out a cry of pain.

Her knees weaken and she puts her forehead down on her desk trying to think as her ass feels like it is being ripped in two. He pulls his cock out a couple inches making her asshole sear with pain. He thrusts it back in deeper than before getting another cry of pain from her.

"please stop, Master, please." she starts to lose balance and is leaning farther forward than before. The pain searing in her ass consumes her mind and she starts to fall over. He catches her making his cock slide out of her ass. He lays her on the floor face down and gets on top of her.

"Are you ok star?" he asks with almost some compassion in his voice.

"Yes, Master but my ass was a virgin one. I am not used to it but anything to please you." she slowly drifts into a peaceful but still conscious state. "please yourself, Master."

He lines his cock back up with her ass and pushes himself back inside her relaxed body. He reaches around to her clit and teases it as he starts to loosen her ass with his cock. She moans with pleasure as he plays with her clit and it starts to give her some energy back but his cock in her ass still draining most of her energy. Her orgasm builds restoring most of her energy.

"Master may I stand again?"

"Yes star." He gets off of her and helps her to her feet. She returns to the position in front of the desk offering her ass to her Master. He thrusts himself back into her ass and reaches around teasing her clit once more. The faster he thrusts the faster he teases her clit until she is moaning loudly with pleasure. He stops humping her ass and focuses on her clit.

She is in so intense pleasure she has all but forgotten his cock in her ass. She stands on her tip toes as she hits her climax sending cum down her legs and dripping on the floor. Watching her orgasm his him a jolt of pleasure making him resume his motion. His cock swells and he releases his load into her ass.

"Now clean your Master, slave." He takes his cock out of her cum filled ass and pushes her to her knees on the floor. He pushes his cock into her mouth. The taste disgusts her as the taste of shit fills her mouth but she does as she is told and flick and licks his cock with her tongue until it is clean. He pulls his pants back and leaves the room without anther word.

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