Ms. Marca Ch. 24

byMs. Marca©

The cum being shot into my mouth and the pussy licking I was getting gave me a mind blowing climax that just kept getting stronger, "Oh god I'm ready to fuck."

The Bum licking and eating my pussy didn't need any further encouragement to pick up where the first one left off. I turned and rubbed my tits and pinched my nipples. I could see his cock was semi hard from his jerking he had been doing. I told him "let me get it real hard and you can fuck me good." He turned me around lowered his cock down to my mouth as the other bum fell on his back behind us holding his spent tool, and watching me as my tits bounce. I needed a new cock and was ready to suck.

She parted her lips and let the bum slide his cock down into her throat. She suckled at his shaft, feeling it grow harder in her mouth as he started moving his hips slowly against her. She could taste her juices and his cum on his cock as she licked and sucked at his cock.

Marca wanted to fuck god somebody fuck me I'm ready. He was already breathing heavy and she knew he'd cum before too long. She pulled off his cock and turned him around and slid her tongue up between his cheeks and licked at his asshole, her hand fondling his balls. Sufficiently lubricated, she turned him back around and was ready to have him fuck her. He pulled her back around and went back to fuck Marca's mouth faster and faster. She wanted a cock in her pussy "Oh I need a cock." With her saliva, Marca slid a finger easily into his ass and started to butt fuck him with it.

Hoping that he knew that was what she wanted. The sensation was more than he could bare and he let out a strained groan as he pumped his cum into her mouth. She gulped it down greedily, sucking harder and harder in an effort to get every drop out of him.

The bum pulled away and quickly feel to the ground on his back. Marca licked her lips taking in all the cum she could lick off her lips and face, licking cum that had fallen on her breast. She stood and rubbed her pussy and tits to keep the feeling that she had going. She put her hands on her hips, looks down at the two bums and said is that all you can do? With that she picked up her clothes and walked over to a large stump by the bank of the stream. She was going to dress and go home, theses 2 could not do a thing for her they were pussy whipped.

"That was the best blow job I've ever seen! "What about us?" Marca looked up and saw more bums. That was where she had heard the clapping coming from when she sucked off the first bum. She was hot, horny and her nipples were hard "hell yes I need a good fucken" She said in a low voice. Ill do it but just one at a time don't get rough and she smiled at them. How many were their 4, 5 maybe 6? It didn't matter she would do them all!

Marca turned and bent over the stump ready to take one of them dog style standing. Presenting her bare ass to one of the new bums "Come make it quick, before I'm missed," she hissed as one of the bums stumbled over to her, his pants around his ankles. While Marca loved her husband dearly, he just couldn't satisfy her insatiable lust. She of course kept her many toys and sex playthings a secrete from the older man. Though it seemed only a matter of time before he found out, as she was screwing every thing in the house that look like a Dick. But that is a different matter and the last thing on her mind.

She groaned in anticipation as one of the bums put his hands on her shapely hips. While she didn't know his name, she knew he had a cock. The tip of his mighty tool rested against her moist pussy lips nestled against her soft folds. With a considerable amount of effort he slowly drove his shaft its full ten inches into her. He held himself inside her as she slowly pumped her hips in little circles back into his throbbing pole. She loved how wonderfully filled she felt with him inside her. He planted his feet more firmly and held her hips tighter as he slowly pulled his meat from her dripping pussy.

When he had nearly pulled his cock all the way out, he grunted and brutally rammed it back in. She braced herself against the stump as he repeatedly impaled her on his Dick, her face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he slammed her open again and again. Her full round breasts shock violently with each mighty thrust. Her ass jiggled slightly as his hips smashed into her. She bit her lower lips to keep from screaming out in pleasure. Her pussy was dripping wet. Hurry! Cum!" she commanded she'd been away too long. Even though her husband was not home he'd call during the day so she could not be gone too long.

His cock all but turned into a driving piston, smashing into her soft folds over and over again with great speed and force. She tightened her hold on his prick, clinching down on it with her cunt muscles. With a loud grunt he started cumming, though he didn't have much sperm to offer her, she'd all but drained him and this was her first fuck: so far toady. Still her young body quivered and she pumped her ass back into him, savoring the moment as she too came.

Before he had compliantly withered away, she spun around and looked for one of the other bums to put into her hot mouth. She wrapped her full red lips around a semi-stiff prick that was next to her and sucked wantonly on it for a few moments. "Oh god I'm like a slut and that just made her cum and shake and want more. Her pussy needed all the cock they had. This guy was going to go off quick. He had been jerking his cock and was ready to shoot.

She began to moan and was screaming in pleasure, as the man she was sucking on started to cum. His cum splattered across her face as she wantonly pulled off and turned to sucking the other man's cock who was standing near by. She licked the man's prick as the first guy continued to blow his load all over her beautiful face. She got down on her knees in front of the men, admiring all their hard cocks. "Let me look at them you are all so nice and big and thick" She leaned forward and wrapped her wet lips around one of the long pricks in front of her. Taking two more shafts into her hot hands, she started slowly stroking them.

Marca had managed to whittle her men down to where only a few were left and only one of them had fucked her. One man got behind her was roughly squeezing her ass as he sized up her wiggling ass He found her pussy lips and pounded his cock into it. This gave her one more orgasm and just made her suck more on the cock she had in her mouth. She eagerly took on a second cock to lick and suck. She was doing two of them at the same time going back between cocks to suck. She loves the guy's hairy balls as she stroked his long pole.

The other man she was sucking on seemed to like her licking his nuts so much; he blew his load of cum. It shot up into the air and splattered all over her face and hair. "I'm cumming!" the man behind her yelled as he pulled his throbbing cock from her pussy and shot his seed all over her butt and thighs.

The three men that were getting sucked and fucked were all cumming at the same time. She'd had been holding and gently stroke two others and they were ready, while vigorously sucking the ones that weren't. "Okay guys, on three," as she jerk two of them off. A third man was stroking his own cock, aiming it at her cute face. "One…two…" before she could say three, all of them started cumming.

Each of them did their best to coat her face with jiz. She giggled with delight as cum dripped down off her face and splattered over her tits. She saw a big black bum standing and holding his cock out and as she wiped cum from her face she bent over the stump and said "I'll make time give it to me" As she bent over and spread her legs.

The big black bum came up and told her to look at his PURPLE PUSSY EATER. Goddamn it was big! "Put that big thing in," was her cry. No you have been a bad girl and you need to be punished for it and with that he slapped her butt as hard as he could. The sting on her butt sent a shock thought her body and he slapped her again several times before she could cry out. Oh OH OH please stop don't spank me please no I'll do anything just don't spank me. "Good just what I wanted to here. "

This naughty little slut is going to get the best and hardest fuck she will ever have. What was he going to do? Reach back and spread your cheeks and he took his monster cock and ran it up and down my pussy, as if he was teasing me with it. I could feel his cock getting wet and slick from my juice and the cum that on my ass. Just as it was starting to feel good he slapped my butt 3 or 4 times more and sent pain up my back. "Please don't spank me I'll do anything."

Baby I just getting you ready came his reply. What seem like a few minutes, but was only seconds he place the big cock up near my pussy and slipped a little in and it felt good my butt was still hurting and I could not feel the full effect. He pulls back and ram into me with full force. "OH GOD NO NOT THAT STOP OH GOD HELP ME PLEASE NOT IN MY ASS!" The SOB had poked me in the butt," he entered my tight little asshole full length in one forceful push. He then let out a cry of pure bliss, or so I'd like to think, before he started sliding his throbbing meat in and out me.

"I had tears running down my face the pain was off the scale I could feel his 10" thick cock going in and coming out slow and easy and this SOB was going to make this fuck last. I was groaning and moaning telling anyone who would listen that it hurt. "Please stop for a minute please" Fuck you bitch and he just ram me harder and speeded up the pace.

After a minute of his pounding into my asshole, I felt the hurt slowing and no feeling was in my ass. I open my eyes and looked up and saw all the guys were standing around looking with theirs eyes wide open and a few were stroking their meat. Even the first two bums that I had sucked off were up watching.

The big black guy had taken his hands off his big tool and put them on my hips and was rocking me on the giant pole. I let out a low Oh Oh and a deep breath flowed out of my lunges. It was not hurting anymore. He felt me get in the motion with him and I heard him say as he laughs "I got me a butt fucken bitch, she is mine from this day on."

It was beginning to feel good and I could feel my ass walls expanding to take this big thing. I on the other hand was caught between worlds, on one side, his cock felt positively wonderful burried in my ass, and on the other hand he was a very big boy and my little hole was just that.

I heard him say just a few more strokes and she will be ready and in another poke or two I was. Between his naturally slippery cock and my messy butt, "Ohhh fuck, take it easy back there," I grunted, biting my knuckle as he brutally fucked my ass. Fuck it sweet I told him. Baby how is it? In a low voice I said " nice," with that he pulled me up off my knees and rolled me over where I was setting on his lap. He began to pump me up and down on his long thick shaft and I screamed from pain and pleasure I had one hell of a climax.

He pulled me back and I fell back against his chest and with my legs spread one of the other long cocks came up and put his big root in my pussy and this just sent me into space I was going off faster than I had ever. With the two of them rocking on me I look up and saw a cock and smiled at the guy and told him to bring it here. He stood next to me and I took the big long tool in my mouth and sucked it. I had guys on my tits pulling and sucking them and I jerked cocks when they were put in my hand and the big cocks still pounded into me.

I had one climax after the other my mind was in a daze from going off I was so turned on that my pussy juices were flowing like a river, my asshole had orgasms. I don't remember when they all went off but my ass got a full load of cum from the big black cock. We all laid in a heap for a few minutes and when I felt the big cock slide out, my ass let out air much like a fart.

I got up to dress but I could not stand. I was sore my legs were weak. The big black guy carried me up to the gate; his strong arms held me like I was a prize piece of glass wear. My full erect breast and hard nipples were just inches from his mouth. I wanted more of this big guy he had a tool to fuck with. At the gate I slipped on my heels and looked around to see if anyone had driven up to the house. One of the guys had gone up near the back to see, but it was as I left it. Quite!

I looked at all of them and said "this was some party" and smiled. Standing with just my shoes on and my other things in my right hand I shafted my weight to my left leg as I spread them a little, I put my left hand on my hip: I gave then that sexy smile to let them know I enjoyed it. I counted 8 men standing around me. "You guys live in the woods"? "Just during the summer we go south come September." I smiled and said I go for my walk every Monday early in the mooring. You think I should walk down here next Monday?

It was 8 to 0 YES. I turned and took a few steps and than I stop and said " come up to the gate Friday afternoon, you will find a sack of things for all of you. Goddamn it uses them before I get back. As Marca walked off she was making her list in her head to fill the sack. 8 bars of soap 8 tooth brushes 8 razors 8 deodorant. Etc.…etc.

to be continued... Ch.25

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