tagBDSMMs. Marca Ch. 34

Ms. Marca Ch. 34

byMs. Marca©

Charles had called me and asks if I wanted do a trade show in New Orleans, In the spring? If so I had to meet one of his old friends. I knew that this must be one of the big shots with the company, some dirty old guy he wanted me to fuck. If I didn't I wouldn't get the job. He told me the place and time and asked would I wear something that showed a lot of me and my long legs. So I decided to wear a short skirt that would show my 5' 10" 40DD and oh yes my legs and if I bent over would show my ass cheeks off. I got to the hotel about 2:00 PM Charles and his friend Mr. Mike Hunt had wine and hard stuff for us to enjoy over small talk.

It looked like a party was ready to breakout!

After a few minutes of Charles telling Mike all about me and where I had worked and what companies I had done trade shows / convention for, Mike ask did I have a portfolio he might see. We all have our life history in pictures with us at all times. When he open it out and saw the different poses and setting, he began to go though the book fast as if he was looking for something special. "Honey you got some nude pictures in here?" No sir I didn't bring that book, but I'll be…He put his hand up to cut me off….Just take your clothes off and let me see what you got!" I looked at Charles and told myself, you better let Hunt know how this game is played. "Before I show you the goodies let talk deal!" "Honey all you got to do is get the customer in to our booth and our salesman will do the rest and all I need is a couple of tall cunts with long legs and tits for that."

I looked at him and said "You know Mr. Hunt I didn't go to the University of Big School, and I don't have a college degree, but I did go to University of FUCK. I know as will as you that I will end up sleeping with 40% of the customer and that will close the deal, Get this straight I'm the one that will close it, not that over paid undersize cock you call a top salesman!" The look on his face was one of shock and disbelief, I got up and picked up my book and turned to Charles and was about to say something when Mike Hunt said "Name your deal for 5 days and you got to deliver!" I looked down at him and smiled and said "You better watch it I'll have your ass working for me and you can't stand to have a set of tits like this running the show!" If he only knew the half of it, but I just smiled and let it all soak in for Mike to think about.

At this point, I figured things could only escalate from here, or go south. Being the whore that Charles wanted me to be I told them I was going to dinner, call me when you're ready to talk.

"Hold it Marca let's have dinner and talk about it!"

"Sorry gentleman, you will just have to get in line to have dinner with me my time is valuable." Most men call me a BITCH and some guys call me a FUCKEN BITCH! I wonder what Mike thought I was?

I got home from my dinner date around 1 AM and was not going to lose anymore of my beauty sleep than I had already. One thing you learn when in the modeling business your looks is what pays the bills and lack of sleep, drugs, to much alcohol and rich food will make you go down hill faster than you want. I was ready for 8 hours of beauty time.

My front door bell rang and I slipped on a robe to see who it was. Looking though my peephole I could see it was Mike Hunt the short little Napoleon ass hole. The President of the company was at my doorsteps at 1 in the morning and as if I didn't know what he was looking for. I open the door and gave him that look of WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT. I let him in and here he was standing in my living room looking me over trying to figure out what I had on under my robe. Just a pussy and two tits! "Marca I know it is late but I need to see you and talk with you about working for our company."

"You have not told me what the deal is, you talk money I'll listen, if not hit that door!"

"Let's talk deal, reason I'm here!"

Like fuck you are, this little 5' 5" fat middle age bolding slob was here to see if he could get some pussy and I was driving him crazy by not opening myself up to him. Your not even going to smell my pussy let alone eat or fuck it and you can take that to the bank. "Mr. Hunt I'm all ears what is the deal."

I could tell he had a few drinks and was letting his head do the thinking. When I say thinking, let me be perfectly clear about which head, the head on his cock was doing the thinking or else he would not be at my place at 1 in the morning.

His eyes were fixed on my breast area trying to see and visualize what they might look like, were they big nipples, were they rock hard ready to suck and with this silk robe on the outline of my nipples could be seen though the material.

All this time he had been rambling on about the company and how they were trying to move forward on extending the customer base and how he saw the company in 5 years, like I give a shit. Then he reached over and put his hand on my knee and squeeze in a play to make me feel relax, I guess or else he was trying to see if I would part my legs to tell him go for it big boy!

I looked down at his hand than back at his face and with a sly smile and said, "Be nice you're talking business!" He laugh out loud and said your right and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said low in my ear, "God you're a beautiful woman, you just don't know what you do to me."

He lowered his head and kissed my neck than he tried to put his mouth to my beautiful big nipples and I slapped his face. I pulled back and gave him a look that spoke volumes. I was going to be in control and I was going to enjoy it.

The look on his face told me just what type of man he was, where this was headed and I knew I was the one that would be running this show. I got to my feet and looked down at him setting on the sofa and he made a move to protest to what I had just done, his quickness of his breath told me he was excited and I had just found his hidden button.

"Don't you ever touch me again, don't you even think you can have me, you're not worth shit to me!" Than I slapped him again and all he did was look at me and his eyes gave him away, they told me do it again hit me again punish me. I reach down and took hold of him by his ear and pulled him up to his feet and looked at him with eyes full of fire and told him "Your ass his mind, do you understand?" He closed his eyes and in a low whimper voice "Yes I know. Yes!"

" I looked at him and said "YOU GET YOUR FUCKEN ASS UP TO THE BEDROOM AND YOU BETTER BE READY TO LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!" He did not say a word but followed me up the stairs and into my bedroom. "Get undressed and you better be setting on the bed ready to learn who is running the show." I left him in the bedroom and went to a room that I had kept special things for my enjoyment when I was in the mood for such entertainment. About 30 minutes later I came back into the bedroom, with him setting on the bed in his underwear. " I TOLD YOU TO GET UNDRESSED!" The look on his face was one of disbelief when he saw me in my black outfit, the thigh high 6" heel black boots, my black fishnet stockings garter belt no panties, my nipple-less black bra and long black gloves all if it in leather. He saw me place a leather black bag on the bed. Standing in my 6" heels I was over 6' 4" and with him just at 5' 5" he had to feel like the little man he was and I was going to make him into a little boy before this night was over. With my hands on my hips I gave him a look that told him I was here to hurt someone. "You will not forget this if you do, your just asking for more and I'll dish it out all day long, in fact we may see the sun come up before I let you rest!"

I get turned on when a man willingly submits to my authority. I love seeing the look in his eyes when I order him to strip down. I love seeing the fear in his eyes as I tie him down and he knows that he cannot escape. I love watching his muscles tense as he feels each new wave of pain. I love the look of determination on his face as he struggles to accept the pain. It is always a hot scene for me -- and I make sure it is a hot scene for my victim.

He sat on the edge of the bed trying to cover up his little cock. I looked at him and laugh "You were thinking you could fuck me with that little boy cock, you're not big enough to satisfy this woman, you're the fucken pussy in this room and I'm going to make you my personal pussy!" I than open my bag and took a pair of leather handcuffs and told him to get up and bend over and expose his butt and present it to me. When he bent over I told him to put his hands back behind his legs and I took the pair of handcuffs and put them on him and slip on a strap to his ankles. He was fastened to his ankles and both hands were tied. In this position his ass stuck up and out more for me to inflect a good spanking to. While he was looking up at the bag I pulled out the two paddles, a riding crop, two dildos, 2 vibrators, a ball gag and latex gloves the type doctors use to run a finger up your ass.

With my leather gloves on I smack his ass cheeks about 3 or 4 times and saw the glow form on his white ass. I slapped his butt with my gloved hand a good 10 or 12 times more to get a reaction from him. Wanted to see how much pain he could take. It left a red glow to his cheeks. I slapped my hand on his ass as hard as I could and the leather pop made him cry out. "Oh please that hurt!" "Hurt you don't know what hurt is."

Bent over like he was and with my left hand holding his left arm I kept him from falling or trying to move away from me. I picked up one of the paddles and used it on him for 15 or so whacks. I slid my hand down to his little prick took hold of it and moved in position to where he was going to lay over my lap. I looked at him and he had tears in his eyes, he could not look at me. I sat in a dressing chair and pulled him over onto my lap by his cock. I used the Ping-Pong paddle on him this brought tears to his eyes and he begged me to stop. The more he ask me to stop the harder I slapped that paddle on his butt. He kept protesting and that I can't do this to him, "hell I can't I'm doing it." He protested and I just kept coming down on his butt with the paddle.

When I saw he was not going to give in, I made him get up on the bed on all 4's and had him hang his feet over the side and put his head down. I knew he could look to the side or in the bedroom mirror and see how I was going to give it to him. It was going to be hard and it would make him remember this night. I could see him looking up at the mirror as I brought the paddle down on him. My rock hard nipples were showing with the nipple-less bra on and with no thong on, my wet pussy, will I had juice running down my leg, I knew he wanted to touch me.

I would give him 3 or 4 whacks and he would wiggle his ass and toes, his feet would dance up and down trying to make the hurt stop. "Stop wiggling I'm just going to keep using this on you until you do as I say, you better hold still, you understand?" WHACK! I would bust his ass 2 or 3 times more with the paddle. I knew his ass cheeks felt on fire, and I was sure that he would soon break into a full blown crying and more tears would flow.

Between pops with the paddle on his red cheeks came a sobbing, crying, snuffling "yes ma..ma!" I knew what I was going to do next and it was time to show him what humiliation and pain is and he had to start somewhere, some time. I moved to where he could see me and I put down the Ping-Pong paddle and picked up the big paddle and slapped it into my left palm as if I was testing to see how it felt. The pop it made on my leather glove was loud and freighting. He watched as I removed my gloves and saw me grip and squeeze the handle of the big paddle. I moved back to his rear and place it on his cheeks as if to size up where I was going to place my first blow. I touched and rubbed it across his butt. I could see he was looking back at where I had the paddle placed and he saw the smile I had on my face as I told him this was going to make him remember my rules better than anything.

"Who is running this show?" WHACK! "You are Marca!" Who is going to be in charge? WHACK! "You are Marca, please don't hit me anymore!" "You don't tell me what to do!" WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! " "Yes ma..ma anything!" He was in pain and the tears were coming down his face. "I love humiliate, debase and using you like you never have been used before." "I got something for you, I just know your going to love this!" "I can't wait to see it shoved up your ass. It makes me wet just thinking about it." With his hands and feet still tied I got him into a dog style position with his head down and ass up, but I made sure he could see me and what was coming.

I got off the bed and took the strap on from my black bag. I slipped into the harness and adjusted the cock so it hung at the right angle. Turning back to the bed I caught my profile in the mirror. I paused to strike a pose, knowing he is looking at me. It was strangely erotic to have a cock sticking out in front of myself. I grabbed it as I had seen hundreds of guy's do and began stroking it. I wanted to scare him and turn him on at the same time, but I wanted him to know this was punishment and he had to be taught to behave I got on the bed with my 8" magnificent cock standing at attention and put it right at his ass.

I forced his legs open and slipped in between them. My hands grasped his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. My thumbs slipped against his hole and pulled it open. Slowly I pressed the dildo against his ass and pushed. I heard him grunt in pain but kept pushing. I watched his brown hole open and swallow the cock as it suddenly slipped beyond the rubbery sphincter. He let out a low moan as I slipped it slowly deeper. Every inch I paused to let him get used to the stretching knowing how much I loved the way it felt when a cock is in my ass. Finally the whole thing was in. With tears running down his cheeks he promised anything if I would just pull it out. I didn't believe the whole thing would fit in his virgin ass.

"Oh yes! I'm going to fuck you hard. " I began to relentlessly fuck his ass. He started fighting it, which just made my every thrust go even deeper and faster. My fingers gripped his hips and my butt moved up and down as I thrust my dildo in his ass. "Oh shit! Shit, shit, oh shit!" He screamed. Again and again I thrust my weight forcing him to stay on the bed. Suddenly with a grunt he shuddered and clenched down so hard on the cock I could barely move it in or out. He collapsed on the bed in a panting heap. I fell on top of him. Slowly I pulled the dildo from his ass and he moaned when it finally left his bowels. Damn his ass grip was strong! I rolled on my back next to him and undid the dildo. He turned to face me and I could see he was lying in a puddle of his own cum. He had a grin on his face as he leaned over to kiss me.

I reached beside the bed and pulled up a leather-riding crop, smacking it against my palm. "Do NOT make me repeat myself," I hissed.

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