tagLoving WivesM's Naughty Surprise

M's Naughty Surprise


You turn your key in the lock, and open your front door. It's late already, 8pm, and you're exhausted from working since 5:30 that morning. You know your girl is going to be pissed off - it's Friday night, date night, and you've already missed the last three due to work. She's been understanding up until now, but you have a sinking feeling she won't be too pleased tonight.

You kick your shoes off, then guiltily place them neatly, side by side, on the shoe rack. She hates it when you leave a mess. Your jacket is next, and then your tie. You walk through to the study, but no one is there. Walking towards the living room, you call her name, but no answer. On the coffee table is a candle, and beside the candle a note.


Go to the kitchen, I've poured you a glass of wine.

There's also something else waiting there for you.

Follow my instructions and don't get impatient!


M xxx

In the kitchen, there is indeed a glass of your favourite red, with a little plate of bite sized brownies you know she's made specially for you. Also on the table is a brown paper bag, with a note in felt tip saying

"Take me to the lounge and open."

So with parcel under arm and wine and brownies in hand, you go to the lounge and make yourself comfortable. You open the parcel, and find a book worn by multiple readings. Leaning back, you open the book to the bookmarked page, take a sip of wine and begin to read...

"... Emily wasn't sure what was happening, but she knew she liked it. She'd watched John from afar, his muscles rippling as he plowed the land. She'd always thought of him as rough, a farmer's boy. But the way he was gently caressing her breasts was sending shivers down her body. She let out a soft gasp as John slid his hand down her body and slipped a finger over the wetness between her legs. He began to slowly rub her bud, causing her breath to catch in her throat. His other hand was gently making its way all across her body, from her lips to her breasts, down around her thighs, until it finally landed on hers. He took her hand, and placed it at his crotch. She could feel his member straining to break free of its cotton prison, could see his desire seeping through the cloth..."

Your own member is stirring now, as you read her favourite romance novel. You finish the last of the brownies, and pick up the napkin she'd placed on the plate for you. Under it, another note.

"Press play."

You're not sure what it means, so you turn on the stereo. Nothing. You try the DVD. The screen flickers to life, and you see M, sitting on the couch where you were, reading the book you were reading, with a glass of wine in her hand. She's biting her lip, her cheeks are flushed. She puts the wine glass down on the table and slides her hand over the bunched material of her little skirt directly to where her pussy is, and begins to absentmindedly rub herself as she reads. after turning the page, she once again drops her hand to her pussy, but this time lifts her skirt and you can see a white lace g-string underneath. She's massaging herself more purposefully now, reading more intently. You see her middle finger pull her g-string to one side, revealing a clean shaved pussy, her lips already swollen with desire. You can see a bead of her juice pooling at the bottom of her slit. She flicks her finger over it, and deftly slides a finger inside herself. She moans softly, biting her lip harder and briefly closing her eyes. She throws her other arm back, dropping the book, and pulls her finger out of herself before sliding it back in. Her hips rise slightly to meet it, and you are afforded a beautiful vision of her sweet pink juicy pussy. Your hand has already gone to your own crotch, and as you watch her pleasure herself, you unzip your pants and wrap your hand around your stiff cock.

You hear a noise, maybe the door, and you turn to look, only to whip your head back around to the screen as you hear a loud moan. It's a sound you recognise - she's getting close. You watch as she frantically rubs her clit with one hand and ravages her pussy with a dildo...

A dildo? Where did that come from?

"Let me help you with that,"

You hear, and look back up at the screen. But it's not the screen, it's M, and she's kneeling down before you. Her tongue flicks out and laps up the drop of pre-cum that has formed on the head of your cock. Smiling up at you, she leans forward and licks you from the bottom of your balls all the way up your shaft. Now it's your turn to groan...

She spits into her hand, and the thought of what's coming turns you on even more. Her hand lubricated, she gently trails her hand down from the head of your cock to your balls, spreading her saliva as she does. Her touch is light, fluttering across your swollen member, teasing you until your whole body is on fire. Slowly, slowly, she strokes your cock up and down, increasing and decreasing pressure with the rhythm she's created. Every so often, she spits into her hand again, keeping your dick slick, lessening the friction on your skin. You're moaning a little, breathing more heavily, groaning

"Oh god baby that's so good, fuck yes baby oh god don't stop, that's perfect baby, damn you turn me on..."

She's looking up at you, a sexy smile playing on her face.

Her head lowers, and she licks your shaft. Her hand goes to your balls and cups them, squeezing, as her lips encompass your cock and she sucks it right into her mouth, swirling her tongue around your shaft as she explores your length, lathering it completely. She continues for a while like this, using one hand to massage your balls, another to stroke your cock up and down, and her mouth to tease your head, now and then sinking completely onto your cock, impaling herself on it with her mouth. Your fingers are tangled in her hair, pressing her onto you. You can feel yourself filling the back of her throat, and you grow even harder, amazed and in awe of this girl's talent.

Without warning, she stops, and stands. She motions for you to follow as she walks towards the bedroom, turning only once to smile at you, luring you to her. You stand, and let your cock lead the way. You step inside the bedroom door and see her, bent over with her hands flat on the floor and her gorgeous ass up in the air. You walk towards her, push her skirt up, put your hands on either side of her hips, and press into her. But that's not what she has in mind and she stands, your cock falling from between her firm ass cheeks. She climbs onto the bed and for the first time you notice the handcuffs, blindfold and rope on the bedside table. You look questioningly at her, but she's at the stereo. She turns it on, and some slow jazz fills the air. She asks you to lie on the bed, but you know you have no choice. You're powerless before her, your lust has full control of your actions and she is your mistress.

You lie on the bed, and she climbs on top of you, her pussy tantalisingly close and covered only by the same g-string as in the video. She reaches for your hands, and cuffs you to the bed, her breasts spilling from the red lacy bra as she leans over you. The music is picking up speed a little in the background, as she ties your ankles to each bottom bedpost. Last, she blindfolds you, and whispers in your ear

"Trust me baby... Te quiero..."

You let yourself go, and open your senses. You can feel her hovering above you, lightly trailing her fingers all over your body. She pinches your nipple hard, and you wince in pain. Yet your cock, still hard, gives you away as it twitches with longing. You take a deep breath in through your nose, and smell a musky sweetness in the air. Then, as you open your mouth to speak, she lowers herself onto you. Her lips meet yours and you kiss her between her thighs, venturing your tongue between her lips to lick at the juice already pooling there. She moans a little and lowers herself onto your mouth further. Taking this encouragement, you nibble at her outer lips before flicking her clit with the tip of your tongue. She moans again, and you feel the muscles in her legs tighten. Without warning, you plunge your tongue deep inside her, coating your face with her juices as you taste the sweet nectar within. She cries out in ecstasy, and you feel her spasming around you as she orgasms for the first time that night.

She crawls off you, running her hands down your body and engulfing your cock in her mouth once more. A few slow, luxurious sucks and she has you rock hard again. She climbs on top of you, you can feel her pussy lips brushing against the tip of your throbbing manhood. She begins to slide up and down your body, rubbing her hard nipples along your chest, then teasing you with her wetness as she glides lower. She's reaching behind, stroking your balls lightly with her fingernail, driving you insane. You have to have her, you need to feel your thick shaft spear her dripping mound. You thrust upwards, trying to penetrate her, but the rope she's tied around your ankles won't let you get the movement you need. You growl in frustration, but all you get in return is her cheeky giggle before she resumes her stroking. Her tongue starts to wander your chest, lathing you with her saliva. She bites gently on your nipples, your earlobes, licking your neck and whispering dirty little things in your ears. You're groaning, desperate to feel her pressed hard against you, but there's nothing you can do.

Her ministrations are having the desired effect. Your manhood is pointing skyward, pulsating with pure lust and longing for her velvety touch. And, at last, she slides down your body again and takes your cock in her hand, using it to get herself off as she rubs the head of your dick against her hard bud. Your cock is slick with her juices, and her breathing quickens as she comes a second time. Before her orgasm subsides fully, she lowers herself onto the full length of your shaft, her muscles contracting and squeezing you in. You feel as though you could come then and there, from penetration alone. She's so tight, so wet, so heavenly. Her pussy lifts just a little, and slowly glides back down. Again and again she slowly rises and falls, using her muscles to pump your cock in a way that soon has you begging for more. The level of pleasure is pure agony, too slow to get you off but enough to make your entire body tingle. She rides you like this for a while, before increasing her tempo. You feel her hand move to your balls, and then away, and her tightness increases again. You realise she's rubbing her clit as she bounces on you, and soon she's panting and crying out as a third orgasm engulfs her. Her quivering body collapses on you, your cock still deep inside her. You feel her hands reach under your head, and release the blindfold. You watch her as she unties you and unlocks the handcuffs. Her body is incredible, perky tits and smooth skin, sweat creating a uniform sheen all over her. Her hair is a little damp too, with curls stuck to her forehead. She's beautiful, and you pause for a moment just to look at her. She smiles at you, and says

"Whatever you want from me now, is yours. It's your turn, mi amor."

You want to prolong the end of this night as much as you can, but your body won't let you. You grab her, a little roughly, and flip her over. You pull her hips up, so her ass is pointed up to the ceiling. You slide your finger between her wet lips, and reach forward so she can taste herself. As she sucks eagerly on your finger, you ram your cock balls deep inside her, and she cries out at the sudden pain and pleasure. You pump your cock in and out a few times, rubbing her clit as you do, and you feel her orgasm again and again, wave after wave shaking her body as she spasms uncontrollably. You're barely able to control yourself, and you pull out of her before flipping her onto her back. You grab her legs and spread them high and wide, and plunge deep inside her again. You're breathing heavily, groaning each time you feel her pussy contract on your cock. Sweat is running down your face, and she reaches up and brushes it off, before lowering her hand to her pussy. She's flicking her clit furiously, screaming now for you to come, come all over her. Her moaning and panting is taking you both to the brink, and you feel her spasm again, tighter than you've ever felt, and she's screaming

"Oh god oh god oh fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuuck."

And you can't wait another second. You pull out of her as you blow, spurting creamy globs of semen all over her tits and face. She opens her eyes, licks a little bit of cream off her lips, and smiles.

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