tagBDSMM's Property, A Present to Me

M's Property, A Present to Me


I had met Windy through a BDSM website, a new girl looking to learn about D/s, and her submissive side. After only a half-dozen chat sessions, we found we were very compatible, online. She followed directions quite capably, described her activities and her reactions very well, and had a great time doing as I directed. And she got wet like the proverbial waterfall when she got excited. And I seemed to get her excited.

But Windy needed real, she needed contact, she needed a physical relationship. I couldn't provide.

So one day, she disappeared. No messages, no explanation.

After a couple of weeks, a change on her online profile said she'd found someone to serve. I guessed I wasn't that someone.

I sent a simple "good luck and goodbye" message. Her handling of the situation wasn't so great, but her happiness was most important, and I couldn't provide all she needed.

Her reply indicated her embarrassment and shame at having disappeared that way, but there was no real reason to be overly upset. Wouldn't accomplish anything useful. So we became platonic online chat friends, as she was owned by another and my search continued.

I was her sounding board, her shoulder to cry on, through the ups and downs of her building relationship with her Dom, whom she calls "M". She was one of those successful women who'd gotten where she was by being what everyone needed her to be, strong, resourceful, decisive, and commanding. It was a difficult transition to being the sub of a very experienced Dom.

Then one day, she sent a message in chat..."M told you to ask whether you would like the opportunity to use me under his conditions." We'd talked, previously, about her Dom's teasing, saying her blowjob skills were just too good to be kept to himself. Perhaps he also felt she needed to have this particular experience to highlight her position...he could give her to anyone he wanted.

But he was a considerate owner, this first experience would be with someone she knew, someone she'd be pleased to serve, given permission--it was not something we were going to do without his acquiescence. She would enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate her skills to a muchly appreciative friend and confidant. And while she couldn't object to this if she didn't want to perform, I wasn't going to agree unless she was an enthusiastic participant. But if it happened, I planned to fully exploit the opportunity, which I knew to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

My agreement with her owner placed few restrictions on our activities. None of the things that were prohibited were of any interest to me anyway, so there were essentially no constraints. And the agreement on those limits were between he and I, she was to enthusiastically and skillfully perform anything and everything I directed.

We arranged to meet at her apartment. Greeting me at her door, Windy seemed perfectly at ease as she opened the door with a smile. I merely stood, admiring. This was the chance to examine my prize, and I wasn't going to miss it. She fidgeted a bit as I continued my examination, asked me in again, offered me a drink. She was clearly destabilized by my immobility. But finally, as if there'd been no delay, I entered, and accepted her drink offer. When she arrived with it, I directed her to sit in a chair opposite the couch on which I sat. She sat there, wearing a particular light blue summer dress she'd worn during one of our online sessions...the one with a hundred little buttons down the front.

It was amazing, being able, finally, to examine this woman openly, directly, and as minutely as I wanted. And she wouldn't, couldn't object. We chatted for awhile, letting her get a little less anxious. We were good friends, with plenty we liked to talk about, D/s or not.

While I could have sat and examined her for a long time, I was ready to look with my hands. And, of course, I could. I'd never seen her before today except for a few very interesting, and tame, pictures. So after just a few minutes, I rose, walked to her side, continuing the conversation as if I hadn't moved.

As I reached her, my hand simply reached to her chest, caressing the top of her dress. It was packed tight, firm, and round with her D-cup tits. They felt fabulous, and while I wanted to see them with eyes and hands, it would be more fun to get to that point slowly.

I reached to the neck of her dress, and opened a couple of those tiny buttons. This gave me some view of a marvelous cleavage. I stood and enjoyed the view, walking around her chair any way I wanted, looking from whatever direction improved the view. Having carte-blanch with her was fun.

So as I circled around in front again, I opened a few buttons on the bottom of the dress, spreading it to improve my view. As I came around behind her again, I slid a hand inside the top of the dress, to enjoy those tits through her bra. I continued a few more circuits, opening more buttons and exposing more of her. Until now she'd had her legs demurely crossed. I'd seen them enough in that position, so I simply pushed the crossed leg apart, and she immediately obeyed, spreading her legs. I could hear her breathing getting deeper with every circuit.

I had directed that she be wearing bra and panties, knowing I was going to enjoy their removal, by whomever I decided would do so. Turns out the bra I took care of...I reached around from behind on one circuit, and pulled her breasts from their cups. They were just like I'd have wanted...round, firm, with prominent nipples that were exceedingly stiff, but nevertheless managed to get still stiffer when I tweaked them.

Eventually, the dress was fully unbuttoned and opened to either side of her. I had done the bra, I had her take care of her panties. Upon direction, she without hesitation raised her hips and removed them, immediately resuming her seat. The scent of an aroused woman, perceptible already, got very much more prominent when she did. With her legs still spread at me previous direction, it was easy to see that her pussy was already spread of its own volition. And quite wet and deliciously aromatic.

On my next circuit, standing behind, my hands reached for her breasts. This time, however, I allowed the front of my slacks to contact her head...and I rubbed my hardon against her.

With an unconscious sigh, as if she'd finally achieved a long-sought goal, she began to squirm against my hardon, turning her head in hopes of getting more contact. I allowed her to nuzzle, but when her hands rose to try and get more contact, I simply backed away.

On the next circuit, I quietly unzipped by slacks and extracted my cock. This time, when I rubbed my hardon in her hair, and she turned toward the contact, she found my dick before her eyes. Oh how I enjoyed that gasp of surprised pleasure. But when she tried to get more contact, I backed away again. I wanted her whimpering, begging for the chance to suck me.

Cocksucking was her specialty. Her owner had particularly wanted me to enjoy her skill, expecting me to rave at her ability. I figured I'd have no trouble doing so, but I wanted her to want it. You see, all this wasn't about me. It was about her, his ownership of her, and her desire not to please me, but to please HIM. He wanted the pleasure of knowing that another was aware of just how spectacular a find she was, and that he had earned her submission. So she wanted to please him, and that meant pleasing me. So we were back to me and my wants. And what I wanted was a horny woman begging to suck my dick.

As I passed in front of her again, I checked her pussy...as I expected, running like that waterfall. I stroked her lips, feeling the nectar literally flowing out of her over my fingers. Two fingers inside, then three...it was easy...and felt fantastic. Her reaction was even better...throwing her head back, spreading her thighs even wider, pushing her hips forward on the chair, and moaning with lust at the penetration.

I pulled gently on her knees, spreading them farther and sliding her down the chair, further exposing her treats to my view.

Leaving her pussy again, I continued with another circuit...examining her in this new position. As I passed behind her this time, her posture put her head on the back of the chair, looking straight up. I lay my hard cock over her face from above. That prompted another of those fabulous moans of desire I was looking for. She could see what she wanted, she could feel it on her face, but she couldn't reach it with her mouth, which was deliciously frustrating for her. So when I asked...

"Tell me what you want."

her answer was immediate...

"Please, let me blow you Sir. Permit me to show my talent. Please let me suck your cock."

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