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Multiple Girl

byThe Winter Kiss©


"She keeps looking at us," Ray said as he glanced at the beauty nearby. She had been sitting at the table before they had, through both a meal and dessert. Now it was as though she was waiting.

"I've seen her before," Tara said. "She comes here a lot."

"Is she waiting for someone?"

"Every time I've seen her, she's alone," Tara responded.

"Well she keeps staring at us," Ray noted once more, a little discomforted by the situation.

"Just ignore her, maybe she thinks we're someone else," Tara suggested.

Ray nodded and smiled, returning to his drink before his heart skipped a beat. "And now she's on her way over."

As the woman drew closer, she became even more beautiful. She was very tall with long Auburn hair, thick lips, and a gorgeous figure that was complimented well in a tight little red sundress. Her breasts were small and pert as the couple could very clearly see her nipples through the thin fabric. Ray wrestled with his hard on as she smiled at them both.

"Hi, I'm Alicia Savmore," she greeted. She shook Tara's hand and then Rays. "Do you mind if I sit down?"

"Go right ahead," Tara offered, pulling out the chair next to them. Ray found it a little odd that Tara was being so polite to Alicia. It meant that she liked her, and it was rare that Tara liked someone right away. His comfort grew.

"I'm sorry this is so odd," Alicia apologized.

"No, don't worry about it," Ray said. "What can we do for you?"

"Actually, it's something you can do with me. Forgive me this seems forceful, but I'm lonely. My husband died over two years ago and I haven't been with anyone since, believe it or not."

"I don't know if..." Ray interrupted, suddenly becoming uncomfortable again. Tara put her hand on his.

"Let her finish," she said. Tara was sympathetic to the young woman due to a previous boyfriend's fatal car accident. Under any other circumstance, Ray would have ended the conversation. It wasn't that he was a timid man, just that he had problems trusting strangers. The lustful aura that Alicia presented however, made him curious as to what her request of them actually was. A few things came to mind, but Ray ignored them, considering them nothing more than fantasies.

"Charlie and I were always...well...very uptight about sex. Stop me if this gets uncomfortable."

"No, keep going," Tara urged, much to Ray's surprised once again.

"We were a lot of talk and not a lot of action. And one of our fantasies involved group sex." Tara's hand clenched Ray's, telling him silently to be quiet. The truth was, Ray and Tara had very briefly skimmed over the subject themselves recently, but passed it off simply as a forbidden fantasy. "I've been single and alone ever since Charlie died and ever since Charlie died, my needs have been growing and growing. Then I met you, Tara." Ray's heart skipped a beat. "Ray, I met her here and lunch one afternoon. She was kind enough to talk to me and sit with me and to listen, which is something people have surprisingly forgotten to do. She told me to talk to you about the possibility of having a threesome together."

"You're kidding!" Ray cried in both excitement and complete disbelief. He pushed his anger toward Tara aside for a moment and began thinking out loud. "I don't know if I can...if we can...Tara you agreed to it?"

"I told her we'd be glad to help her out in any way possible," Tara said. "And this is pretty possible, I think."

Alicia quieted her voice. "It's nothing fancy. Just three people casually getting together for some sex. We'll all have sex tonight; we'll make it a one time experience. Then I'll go on my way. No strings."


"You don't even like girls, Tara!" Ray cried from the bedroom, waiting for Tara to finish her shower. Alicia would be there any minute.

"I've never done anything with a girl before," Tara said. "She was just so nice and sweet. I wanted to help her out. I know how she feels. After Brian died I spent a year in a rut sexually. Until you came along. I want to do the same thing for her. Are you okay with it?"

"You're okay with me having sex with another woman?" Ray asked, ignoring her question. Tara stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. Her wet black hair hung to her shoulders, dripping. She always looked sexy when she was wet. Ray could barely keep his eyes off of her. Alicia was much different than Tara physically. While Alicia was tall and thin, Tara was a little more voluptuous and her breasts were bigger. Nevertheless, Ray's attraction to Tara was very strong. They had been together for six years, still waiting to tie any knots. As far as they were concerned, they were going to be together forever, so why rush into the stress of marriage? Sexually, they went through dwindling cycles. When they first met, they were sexual athletes, fucking every single chance they got. As time progressed, their appetites each disappeared, then reappeared, then disappeared. At this point, sex was a game of frustration. The impending threesome gave Ray chills of excitement.

Tara smiled at him. She hadn't always been fond of Alicia. In fact, she was quite annoyed when Alicia stared at her during her lunch a few weeks ago. Once she finally talked to her though, Tara saw the beautiful woman in a whole new light. They began with talking about Alicia's husband and Tara's boyfriend. The talk moved from love to life and then finally to sex, which was what sparked the threesome conversation. She was surprised when Alicia had mentioned it, but just the night before, Ray and Tara had been giggling about what it would be like to have a threesome. It was Ray's idea. Tara shot it down due to the fact that she felt no attraction to her own sex. She told him that the only way she would have a threesome would be with two men. Ray, of course, shot that idea down as well. But when Alicia brought it up, the tone in her voice and the sexual aura that she presented began to turn Tara on. To her surprise, she felt somewhat of an attraction to the stunning woman. As they discussed the idea, it became more and more of a reality rather than a fantasy.


Alicia arrived ten minutes later, dressed in the same sundress that she had been wearing earlier in the day. When Ray answered the door, he was even more turned on by her presence. She greeted him politely and followed him into the living room.

"Tara is getting the bedroom ready," he told her. "Whatever that means. She's probably just warming herself up." Alicia giggled and he smiled. It wasn't often that someone appreciated his stupid remarks, especially a woman. His fondness of her grew even further. "Do you want a drink?"

"Oh no thank you," Alicia smiled. "But if you need something to drink, feel free. I won't hold it against you."

"I'll take you up on that," Ray said. She giggled again and he went into the kitchen.

"Room's ready!" Tara called from the bedroom. She walked out into the living room wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She smiled at Alicia fondly as she saw her. "Where's the man?"

"Getting a drink," Alicia told her. "How are you feeling?"

"Excited," Tara smiled, honest with her answer. "Very excited."

"Me too," Alicia giggled. "I've been wet since we all talked at lunch."

"Ah! Me too!" Tara cried. "I've never been with a woman before. Let alone watched one fuck my husband."

"Me neither. And you're sure it's okay with you?"

"Yes! Oh yes! Like I said, I'm excited." Her eyes kept scanning Alicia's body. She undressed her with her eyes, watching so badly to feel the touch of her soft skin on her own.

"Listen, if everything works out..." Alicia began, her voice at a whisper. Ray entered the room happily, interrupting them unknowingly.

"You ladies ready?" he asked. They both nodded with anticipation and made their way to the bedroom.

Upon reaching the bed, a moment of awkwardness fell upon them. Nobody knew where to start. Surprisingly, Alicia made the first move by kissing Ray. Her lips were soft and gentle, much like Tara's. She kissed him slowly and unbuttoned his pants. His cock grew instantly, raging with the blood within. His pants fell to the floor and he stood wearing his boxers and t-shirt. Tara pushed her way past Alicia with a playful jealous and removed his shirt. Ray then moved to Alicia's sundress and pulled it over her head. Just as he had anticipated, she was wearing nothing underneath. Her body was even more impressive exposed: Her pink nipples stood out from her small breasts. Her skin was pale and seductive. Her pussy was completely shaved except for a very small patch of auburn hair that matched the hair on her head. She enjoyed the lustful stares that Tara and Ray gave her before they continued their undressing. Tara was the final subject, undressed by both of them very quickly just before Ray removed his boxers to reveal his impressively hard cock. Tara and Alicia giggled as it bounced between his legs.

The threesome climbed onto the bed and began grinding into each other. For the first time, Tara felt a woman's soft hand gently touch her clit. She almost came on contact. Her pussy gushed with excitement and her eyes grew wide. Ray's hands explored the new woman's body, touching her luscious ass and her hard little nipples. She moaned softly and kissed him as her fingers rubbed between Tara's legs.

"How do you want me?" Alicia whispered seductively.

Tara moaned and giggled with pleasure as Alicia's fingers continued to rub her swollen clit. "This is your fantasy," she responded. "How do you want us to have you?"

"Mmm..." Alicia moaned. Her mouth fell to Ray's cock and began to suck lustfully. Tara followed her lead and began to share it. They licked his cock greedily as her groaned with pleasure. Soon their mouths pulled away from his cock and moved to each other. Ray watched, his hand on his wet cock as his girlfriend kissed another woman. His pre-cum dripped onto Alicia's thigh. After a few more seconds of kissing, Alicia sat up, straddling Tara still. The wet heat of their pussies met, giving Tara chills that ran all through her body. Ray watched, his cock almost ready to cum just at the sight. "I want..." Alicia began, moaning as Tara's hand moved to her clit. She yelped and began grinding into the hand willfully.

"I want...mmm...I want Ray's cock in me...oh...right now...and um....turn around...Tara...turn around and....mmm...oh! oh! Turn around and 69 with me while he fucks me from behind! Lick my pussy and his cock! Oh! Oh!" She grinded harder until Tara pulled away. Ray quickly moved behind Alicia, clutching her ass as he guided himself to her dripping hole. She pushed herself back into him, her ass-cheeks spread wide. Her puckered asshole made him shoot a small spurt of pre cum. His cock moved to her pussy and entered it slowly. Meanwhile, Tara had turned herself around and now had a fantastic view of her boyfriend entering Alicia. Greedily, her tongue began lapping at Alicia's very swollen clit as her entered her. Alicia threw her head back and screamed as she felt his big cock stretch her tightened walls. Tara's very forceful tongue on her pussy made her cum on contact, spilling her juices onto Tara's face. Ray felt the pulsating walls of Alicia's vagina tugging at his cock as it tightened around him.

"Oh! I'm going to cum if you do that!" he cried.

"Well you're going to have to hold on, because I'm a multiple girl," Alicia groaned. She looked down to see Tara's wet, dark-haired pussy waiting for her. She dove into her, licking every inch of it. Tara humped her face with each lick. She was being eaten out by another woman. Just the though brought her very close to orgasm. She opened her eyes to see Ray's hard cock sliding in and out of Alicia above her. The sent her juices gushing out of her and into Alicia's mouth.

"Good, I was thirsty," Alicia moaning. She then let out a yelp as she felt Ray touch her most intimate parts. Tara cried out and wrapped her legs around Alicia's head, bringing her face into her pussy more. Usually, Tara was too sensitive to go any further after her first orgasm, but on this occasion, she was nowhere near finished.

"I'm a multiple girl too," she said between licks. Tasting Alicia was like tasting heaven. She could barely contain herself as she spoke. Alicia giggled with her face in her pussy, lapping at it more and more with each grind into her face. Ray was now completely covering Alicia's body with his own as he humped her furiously. While Tara's pussy had always pleased him, there was a forbidden feeling that came from fucking another woman that left him intense with lust. Tara and he had never been completely strict as far as an open sexual relationship was concerned, but neither of them had ever pursued it. As he fucked this woman with his girlfriend, he knew that they had both made a very good decision. With that thought, he felt a familiar tongue begin to lap at his cock as it slid in and out of Alicia. He could feel the cum building in the tip of his cock, ready to explode inside her.

Alicia continued to lap at Tara's pussy, feeling Ray's cock thicken and pulse. He was going to cum. She grunted wildly, her clit throbbing with anticipation as Tara's tongue took hold of it. Her mind began to spin. She bucked into both Ray and Tara, telling them with her lust that she was getting what she wanted. This was what she wanted. She wanted them both so badly. Ray exploded with a giant moan, his cock exploding with large spurts of hot cum into Alicia's pussy. It was a chain reaction. When he came, she came. Both of their juices spilled onto Tara's face and into her mouth. The taste alone made her cum. Her pussy gushed wildly into Alicia's mouth, squirting her juices down Alicia's throat. Ray panted as the last spurts shot from his swollen cock. He pulled himself out slowly, feeling Tara's warm lips immediately take him in. He moaned with approval and then fell to his side, the girls joining him in their exhaustion.


The moments after sex were spent in a daze. Everyone stayed silent, but understood the situation. Quickly, Ray drifted into sleep, leaving Alicia and Tara barely awake together.

"That was amazing," Tara whispered.

"Does he always fall asleep after sex?" Alicia asked.

"After good sex," Tara responded with a laugh. "You must have quite a pussy."

"You should know," Alicia teased. "And as do you."

There was a moment of awkward silence between them as they waited for the other to speak. Tara finally went first. "You said this was a one time thing right?"

"Right. Why?"

"I was wondering if...well, if you wanted it to be...it could be more than just a one time thing."

Alicia smiled, but the smile faded quickly. "Tara, I lied to you about something."

"Please say you really are on birth control," Tara panicked, her heart rate beginning to increase.

"Oh no, I am! Believe me, I am! It's just that...this wasn't my first threesome."

"Really?" Tara asked. "That's why you were so good."

"There's more," Alicia continued. Tara grew silent. "I have them a lot. And more than that. I do a lot of different things sexually. After my husband died, I spent a year sexually dormant. And then all of the sudden I got this idea where I would lure couples into...well...pleasuring me, which is what I did to you."

"Oh..." Tara responded, feeling somewhat betrayed by the seemingly nice woman.

"I've done it a few times, actually, with a few different couples as well as groups of men and women. I understand if you hate me for it. It's kind of why I said it'd be a one time thing."

Tara stayed silent for a full minute, making Alicia blush with guilt. When she finally spoke, she spoke softly. "I'm not mad at you. It kind of sucks how you lured us in, but it was good. Really good. You've opened a good door for us. I'd love to do it again."

Alicia giggled and turned to Tara, kissing her softly. "Excellent. Good. I'm glad."

"But I have one question."


"You said that you've done other things as well...is there anything...I can do."

Alicia's smile grew wider and her eyes began to show lust once again. "Oh really?!" she teased. "We can do anything you want. Ray and you with another guy and I. Sex with a group of girls. Threesome with two men. Even a gangbang if you want."

The thoughts rippled through Tara's mind. With this first door open, she knew that anything was plausible. "A gangbang?"

"Trust me, having a group of guys fuck you silly all night, filling you and covering you with cum..."

"Mmmm..." Tara moaned. "But what about Ray?"

"Ray can be one of them! And I've met so many people so willing to do these things. I've set up my own personal network. Consider tonight your invitation." Tara sighed with the though and cuddled into Alicia's arms. Ray turned over as well, still asleep from the fucking, and cuddled into both of the girls. Alicia smiled with satisfaction.

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