tagLetters & TranscriptsMultiple Orgasms Through Fantasy

Multiple Orgasms Through Fantasy


As I sit in front of my computer, I wonder when the day will come when I will stop yearning for you. I wonder when my body will stop weeping for your touch, your kiss. I am dying inside not being able to be with you at this moment. I have already touched myself twice today, bringing myself to shuttering climaxes but they are not enough. I want you.

I open my email hoping to see a message from you. I smile as I see your name in the "from" line. Although I enjoy your email, I am frustrated and I want you to be as sexually frustrated as I am. I want you to be hard and unable to refrain from touching yourself. I think back to the fantasy I had when I caressed myself and made myself come and a smile spreads across my face. I know how to get you hard and pulsating to the point where you want me as badly as I want you. I hit "New Message" and begin to tell you my fantasy...

"I show up to do the audit and I stay late to go over things with you. You and I are the only ones left in the office...or so we thought. I lean in close to you as we both look at your computer screen at a file that I had emailed you. You turn your head to say something to me and I am so close to you that your mouth brushes the side of my breast. My nipple gets hard instantly and I suck in my breath sharply at the intensity of the feeling. But, I don't move away. You slowly move your head back and forth, rubbing your mouth across the hardness of my nipple and I start to tremble. You scoot your chair back so that I can move in front of you and stand between your legs. You put your arms around my waist and I slowly pull you back close to me until your face is buried between both of my breasts. You close your eyes and rub your mouth back and forth from one nipple to another, catching each nipple between your lips and pulling on it with your mouth.

I grab your head and press it hard against my chest as I moan and lean back on your desk because my knees have buckled and I can't standup. I moan how wet my pussy is and that I want you so badly. You whisper that you want me just as badly and that you too are dripping wet. I push your head away and get down on my knees and bury my face in your lap. I feel your hardness through your pants and I rub my mouth across it, lightly nipping you with my teeth through the fabric. I notice that your pants are not only wet from my mouth but from your pre-come. This really turns me on and, with shaking hands, I hurriedly unzip your pants, and slowly take out your hard, dripping dick. Starting at the base, I flatten my tongue and very slowly run it up the underside until I reach the ridge just below your head. I use the tip of my tongue and run it around the sensitive underside of the head and then around the whole head. I then flick my tongue across the now weeping "eye" of your dick, alternating between fast short strokes and slow circular strokes, loving the taste of your cum on my tongue.

Then, using your pre-cum and my saliva, I use my hands to firmly stroke your shaft as I draw the head in my mouth. At first, I suck gently on the head and I firmly stroke your shaft. Then I suck firmly on your head as I gently stroke your shaft. I alternate between the gentle and firm as you moan in ecstasy. You lightly grab my head and groan that you are going to come and that you can't last too much longer.

Just then, we both hear a sound. Somebody is in the office and heading our way. I quickly scoot under the desk, pulling your chair with me, never taking my mouth off your dick. As you try to carry on a conversation, I decide that I can't wait to taste your cum. As I remain under your desk unseen, I slowly lower my mouth onto your dick until your tip hits the back of my throat. I moan because I love the taste and feel of you so much that my pussy contracts and more of my juices soak my panties. The person you are talking to asks what that noise was and you distract them by asking them a question.

I begin working my throat muscles and tongue as I deep throat you and you stiffen up trying to concentrate on the conversation without giving us away. But, I am relentless because I have reached down and started stroking my clit inside my panties. I have become so turned on that I start sucking your dick harder and faster. I am loving it because your dick is spurting pre-come onto my tongue and I am swallowing ever drop.

I am on the verge of coming so I pull back on your dick until I am just sucking on the head. I suck and lick your head as I stroke your shaft In long firm strokes. I rub my clit with my other hand with slow firm strokes and I am stroking myself in the same rhythm that I am stroking and sucking you. You can't help it. You feel your balls draw up and you can feel your orgasm building and the come churning up your shaft. You wonder helplessly how you are going to come without the person you are talking to knowing. But then, I ram your dick into my mouth to the hilt because I am coming. You put your head in your hands as you feel yourself spurting uncontrollably into the back of my throat. At the feeling of your dick pulsating and spurting for the first time in my mouth, I come so hard that I can barely keep my mouth on you. But, I do as we both shutter and climax at the same time. I milk your cock of every last drop as you empty your balls into my mouth. I rub my clit frantically as I shudder and fill my panties with my juices. Finally tasting your come for the first time almost makes me climax a second time. I swallow the last of your cum.

As the person finally leaves your office, I softly and slowly suck you until you soften in my mouth, culling the last spasms being wracked from your spent cock. I rest my head on your thigh and kiss it as I slowly come down off of my climax. I then push you back, kneel in front of you and slowly kiss you, sucking your tongue into my mouth..."

My pussy is dripping wet after writing this. I reach down into my cum soaked panties and slowly and gently rub my fingers across my swollen clit. I press it hard, shuddering at the thought of your dick getting hard as you read my email. The thought of you sitting at your computer naked, stroking your dick slowly up and down, as your breath comes in shallow spurts, nearly drives me over the edge. I move my fingers from my pussy,smoothing my juices up the path of my flat stomach to my nipples and rub my come into the hard points.

My computer flashes, telling me that I have new mail. I open my email and realize you have replied to my fantasy. I am scared to open it. But yet, I am too excited not to. What will you think? What will you say? Will you be as turned on as I am and respond in kind? I shiver in anticipation and I click to sign in.

You write back:

"What a great story except the part you left out was that the person who came into my office was able to see your legs quivering from under the desk. Realizing this after they have left, I know there was no hiding anything. After you come up from under the desk, I kiss you passionately tasting my own come in your mouth. Pushing you down onto the desk, on top of all the documents that your job makes you produce during an audit, I pull your panties off frantically. They are soaked; I pull my fingers apart watching the moisture drag apart from finger to finger. Without hesitating, I dive into your pussy, licking up and down your clit and alternately licking and sucking on your clit. Three licks then a suck. Occasionally I slide down to your ass hole and run my tongue across it and then back up to your clit. Three licks and a suck. I can hear you beginning to come now, starting slowly as I lick and push my tongue into you. As I hear your climax strengthen, I suck on your clit bringing you to a powerful orgasm. As your climax begins to calm, I gently press my tongue against your clit and slowly bring my head up to yours to let you taste your juices on my mouth."

I hit "reply" to continue the fantasy:

"After you come and you are lying on top of me, I sit up and gently push you back. I drop to my knees and softly take your dick into my mouth, licking and sucking your juices and mine off your dick...."

I am so wet reading your email that I am nearly weeping. No man has ever been able to write back to me the way you have. Never have they been able to keep up with me; to keep the fantasy going as if we are of one mind in sync, creating the perfect sexual experience.

You reply back to me:

"You tell me that you are so excited and now have to jack off. That you are now coming and that as you're coming, you are thinking about coming on me."

I can't take it anymore and I lean back in my chair, spread my legs, and rub my clit in a frenzy making myself come for a third time. And in my fantasy, I imagine you lying next to me, in candle light, running your hands up and down my body...creating a reality.

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