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He almost missed her. It took a few seconds before she registered, a pale girl in Daisy Dukes and a light halter top, with her thumb out. Nothing short of crazy on this cold October night.

Billy Ray Thomas ("Zeus" to his friends) slammed on the brakes of his pickup truck, almost spinning over the cliff. He backed up cautiously and watched the girl walk brazenly toward him without even a hint of caution.

When she pulled even with the truck, Billy Ray rolled down the passenger side window and hollered, "Hi there, little lady! Kinda cold for that outfit, ain't it? Kinda dangerous too, hitchhiking on these deserted mountain roads. Never know who you gonna run into up here. Lucky it's me this time."

He pushed open the passenger door, and the girl climbed in, without saying a word. The soft moonlight gleamed on her rack, which rivaled Dolly Parton's in Billy Ray's estimation. He engaged the truck and pulled forward. He couldn't keep his mind off those hooters. He wanted to paw them so bad, he could taste it.

As if she were listening to his thoughts, the girl grabbed his right hand and placed it on her right tit, inside her halter.

At that moment. Billy Ray's Johnson sprang to full attention, like a Navy SEAL undergoing a surprise dress inspection. It began to throb as it had never throbbed before.

He looked over at the girl, but she was still still staring blankly ahead, with the darkest eyes he had ever seen. Like a shark's eyes. Dead.

Her face was indistinct, but she seemed to smile as her hand traveled across the seat and into Billy Ray's lap. She grabbed his throbbing cock with all her might, squeezing it, and Billy Ray could feel the precum as it was milked from his aching urethra, wetting his underwear.

She unzipped him, and his shaft sprang free in all its yearning glory. She slid her hand up and down its length, smiling at Billy Ray's gasps. Her pointed fingernails traveled up and down the skin of his dick and down to his balls. Billy Ray nearly ran off the road when she did that, but barely managed to keep the truck under control.

The girl lowered her mouth on him, and Billy Ray once again struggled to keep the truck on the pavement. Her tongue began to slide up and down his cock, and she rhythmically squeezed his balls in time with the plunging of her head.

Oh what he was going to do to this one! She reminded him of that whore the five of them had staked spread-eagled on the desert floor. The one they had used like a rag doll until Charlie Osgood mercifully drove the fifth spike into her left eye. The one with the purple streak in her hair.

He got even harder just thinking about it. He put his hand on the girl's naked back as she sucked him, then reached around to grab her magnificent right tit. He was getting very close. He looked down at her bobbing head and noticed one detail that he had hitherto somehow overlooked. The purple streak in her hair.

Just before he came, her razor teeth severed his cock, and the the girl vanished into thin air. Zeus came in a torrent. He watched in disbelief as the cum, urine and blood sprayed from the stump of what used to be his cock. In his distraction, he understandably failed to notice the 18-wheeler bearing down on him. But he was able to get a pretty good look at the metal rod that crashed through his windshield and punctured his left eye socket. Over and over again.


Charlie "Mercury" Osgood almost missed her. It took a few seconds before she registered, a pale girl in Daisy Dukes and a light halter top, with her thumb out. Nothing short of crazy on this cold November night.

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