Mum and Aunty Pauline


After we'd both come like this, we would embrace, sometimes sleep, and recover ready for a sexy fuck. One evening, during this recovery period, I got out of bed to use the loo and picked up my pants to slip on to walk to the bathroom. In the half-light, I mistakenly picked up aunty Pauline's black cotton knickers discarded on the floor in her haste to get into bed. I jokingly held them up in front of my groin, and she laughed as I walked towards the door. Aunty Pauline sat up in bed, and asked me to come over to her, then said 'go on darling, slip them on for me!' Her voice was serious, and so I obliged, detecting that there was something about this which she found arousing. I was absolutely right, and as soon as I'd pulled her ample panties up over my floppy cock, she grabbed me, pulled me onto the bed and stroked my bum and cock through the cotton material.

'I've always wanted to do this,' she said, and rubbed me frantically through the large pair of ladies' cotton panties. My cock was stiff for her in no time, and she pulled me down on top of her and without ceremony or foreplay, stuck my cock deeply into her wet cunt hole and ground her hips against me, all the time feeling my bum through her panties. As her cumshot approached, she urged me on, saying, 'that's it darling, just there, right just there, fuck it in me now, that's it, do it to aunty Pauline you fucking little cunt, do it in me, squirt off in me now, that's it, just there, now, now, fuck me in your girl's pants you dirty little fucker!'

She came off with such intensity that she was shouting at the top of her voice for me to come up her, and I couldn't help but oblige as the combination of wearing ladies' knickers, aunty Pauline's soft wet cunt around my prick and her use of foul language and sexual swear words proved to much to bear. I spunked it all off inside her fuck slot, and did so much that it ran out and down between her bum cheeks while I was still inside her.

When she'd finished off her cum, she was out of breath but smiling broadly, and said 'gosh, that was so rude darling, I've never cum that hard before, I think we'll need to do it that way again sometime! I hope you don't mind wearing my undies!'

One of my favourite times was when aunty Pauline let me watch her sitting on the loo, peeing into the bowl, her yellow stream pissing and splashing about into the toilet while she sat with her big legs wide apart to give me a good look. I put my hand down between her large thighs and let the piss splash over my hand and through my fingers, and when she had finished the last few drops, I brought my hand up to smell the aroma of her heavenly urine on my skin. I licked the drops off my fingers, and stopped her as she tried to wipe herself between her legs with tissue. 'Come with me,' I said, and led her, dripping, to the bedroom where I lay her down, opened her legs wide apart and sucked all the piss off her fleshy cunt and inner piss lips. I continued my licking and focused on her clitoris, still tasting the acidic joy of her recent piss. As I licked, she came to an intense climax, bucking her hips up and down against my mouth and tightly squeezing her nipples between her fingers. As she spunked off to her cum, she squirted out a last little bit of pee directly into my mouth which I loved, and which I happily swallowed down for her.

I met mum's boyfriend Ian several times, and occasionally we even went out for drinks and dinner as a foursome. On our return, we would go to the respective houses, Ian with mum and me with aunty Pauline. On one occasion, we had been out for dinner and returned after having had several drinks when mum said Ian had got an adult video with him, and invited us to watch it with them. We decided to go to aunty Pauline's house as she had two sofas in the lounge which would be more comfortable for four of us.

Aunty Pauline put the tape in the machine, and turned down the lights as mum and Ian settled on one sofa with us on the other. The action on film was great! I'd not really seen too many adult films, and this one was really very horny. It was about a man and his wife having foreplay and fucking while the cleaning maid went about her duties around them, eventually becoming involved in the action.

As we watched, my cock was straining at the front of my trousers, and aunty Pauline was shifting uncomfortably on the sofa, letting out little sighs of arousal at the very rude parts. Mum and Ian were alternately kissing and looking over at the screen, while hugging and gently caressing each other. Aunty Pauline's hand eventually found its way to my trousers and surreptitiously rubbed my cock through the material, and I gently brushed my fingers over her erect nipples as we watched. In a few moments, our caressing had become more urgent, and although we were conscious we were not alone, we were kissing passionately and my hand had wandered up aunty Pauline's skirt to rub her cunt area very hard through her tights and pants. She held her legs wide apart for me as I did so to allow me better access, and fumbled to undo my trousers to get at my prick. I risked a glance over to mum and Ian and saw they were doing exactly the same as us, but they were intently watching the sucking and fucking on the screen at the same time. Mum's skirt was up over her hips and her legs were wide apart revealing her overweight thighs and tan coloured stocking tops. Ian's hand was down inside mum's panties and I could see him wanking his finger side to side on her clitty as they both looked at the rude and dirty things being done on the screen.

Mum then stood up, turned her back to me, removed her skirt and slipped her knickers down her legs and off over her stiletto-heeled strappy shoes. As she did this, she bent forward giving me a perfect view of her hairy cunt lips and bum hole from behind, only a few inches away from my face! My cock sprang up even more and twitched in aunty Pauline's hand as she slowly wanked me up and down. Aunty Pauline put her face close to mine and whispered 'dirty little boy!'

Mum dropped her bra to let her giant saggy tits hang down to her large round belly, then sat back on the sofa opening her legs for Ian's attention. Ian knelt down on the floor between her legs and put his face right up between mum's fat thighs and started to lick and finger her cunt slot and clitty. Mum's hands went to her tits, where her fingers rubbed and tweaked her big, horny nipples. As mum watched the dirty video, Ian's licking and her fingering brought her ever close to her cumshot, and as aunty Pauline and I watched, she put her fingers to her mouth and licked some saliva onto her thumbs and fingers before returning the attention to her big nipples.

We heard her say to Ian 'do my bum hole for me' and Ian responded by wetting a finger with his own saliva and gently nudging the end of it against mum's dirty little brown opening below her cunt. With a finger in the entrance to her bum hole, her clit being tongue-wanked, and with the lubrication of her own spit on her nipples, the dirty fuck action on the screen sent mum over the edge into her cumshot, and with her stocking-clad legs held high in the air she moaned the arrival of a very noisy climax. Her hips bucked up and down against Ian's mouth, and she made loud guttural noises as she spunked her cum in Ian's mouth.

When mum had finished cumming off, she stood up, undressed Ian and without looking at aunty Pauline or me, pushed him down on the sofa, knelt down where Ian had been, and took his large cock into her mouth. At first she took as much in as she could, then pulled his foreskin all the way back and put the very end tip of his prick against her ruby-red lipstick-covered lips, and wanked his shaft with her hand. She gently opened her mouth just enough to let Ian's bell end between her lips just a touch, but concentrated most of her action on wanking him off up and down his stiff cock. Ian watched mum, then the video in turn, and soon he was stiffening his legs and holding mum's head between his hands as he shot off his load of dirty sperm against mum's lips and into her mouth. Some of it ran down mum's chin and dripped onto the sofa and the carpet, but most of it was greedily swallowed down by my filthy cock-sucking, dirty fat old bitch of a mother. She wiped the residual sperm off her mouth with her hand and licked it clean before returning to the sofa where she and Ian shared a big spermy kiss with open mouths.

During this performance, I couldn't take my eyes off mum as she had her big wet cunt licked out to a fantastic cum, and then as she milked Ian's young cock into her old mouth, taking all his filthy seed between her red lips and swallowing it down. Bizarrely, I was desperately jealous as they shared their sperm-kiss, licking and slopping the spunky cum between their lips and tongues. As I watched my mother and her young lover commit this final filthy act, my cock started to twitch uncontrollably in aunty Pauline's hand, and as I fingered her fleshy, wet old cunt with my hand inside her tights and panties, I shot my cumload all over my fuck-partner's skirt, tights and knickers, the spermy mess covering the nylon of her fat thighs and cunt area.

By now, only aunty Pauline was left without a climax of her own, so following Ian's example, I removed all of her clothes, sat her down to view the dirty fucking on the screen and licked her cunt from her bum hole up to her clitty, reached up with one hand to finger her nipples and used the fingers of the other to fiddle with her little brown bum hole. She soon came off, spunking her orgasm onto my tongue and lips as I pressed down hard into her clitty and pinched her right nipple hard between thumb and fore finger. The bitter-sweet pleasure of her cumshot and the nipple pain caused her to screw her eyes tightly closed and shout 'cunt!' at the moment of the first throb of her spunky cum.

After some time, mum and Ian went back to Mum's house and I went to bed with aunty Pauline. The next day I was up early and returned to mum's house to find mum still in bed and Ian already gone. I took mum a cup of tea and she sat up in bed drinking it, her bare breasts fully on display, as I sat on the bed talking to her about the previous night. She had enjoyed watching aunty Pauline and me wanking, licking and cumming off, and was so highly aroused by it that she and Ian had discussed the details during their fuck when they'd got to bed, each using filthy language to describe what they'd seen. We just talked, mum drank her tea, I looked at her ample, saggy tits and nipples, and we were generally very relaxed in each other's company. As I stood up to leave, I instinctively reached out and gently brushed one of mum's nipples with my fingers. She smiled, pushed her breasts out to meet my touch and I smiled in return and quietly left the room.

Later that day, mum was due to go to bed for her Sunday sleep before her night shift, and she came into the lounge where I was watching television. She had a VCR tape in her hand and she asked if I fancied watching the rest of Ian's film. I said OK, and she put the video in the player and wound the tape forward to where we'd seen the night before.

Mum was in the armchair and I was on the sofa next to her. As the video progressed, I was uncomfortably aroused, and I adjusted my position to allow my erection more comfort in my pants. Mum was watching the screen intently, and didn't move for quite some time. Eventually, she stood up, drew the curtains then lifted her large skirt and pulled her big knickers down her bare legs and took them off. She sat back in the armchair and continued to watch, then pulled the hem of her skirt up towards her waist, lifted her legs and placed one over each arm of the chair to expose her hairy cunt slot to my view. Without taking her eyes off the screen, she wet a finger with her saliva and used it to masturbate herself off on the clitoris.

Her hand wanked away side to side over her sensitive button, and her other hand went to her tits and pulled hard on her nipples through her jumper. While still watching the dirty fucking on the video, she took her left hand away from her nipples, licked the middle finger, reached down underneath the hand wanking and fiddling away on her cunt, and pressed herself hard on the bum hole. Her finger end penetrated her anus slightly and she started to shudder and buck her hips with an enormous orgasm which came in waves and waves through her body, causing her large tits and fat bum and legs to wobble as she came her spunk.

I watched intently with a giant stiff cock in my pants, slowly rubbing it through my trousers and pants, while my own mother sat in the armchair next to me masturbating herself off to a porn video. When she'd finished her cumshot, she casually pulled the hem of her skirt back down over her legs, stood up and came over to me with a box of tissues in her hand. She handed me the box and said 'go on, darling, you can do it if you like.'

I didn't move, but my eyes were drawn to her discarded knickers lying on the floor. Mum saw my gaze, and smiled as she lifted her panties and passed them to me saying 'Very well then, if you prefer -- that's OK with me.'

She sat down, watching me, and I took out my cock while watching the video and started to wank my cock and smell the sexual aroma of her freshly dampened panties. The gusset was soaked with her cunt juices and they smelt heavenly as I wanked my prick furiously. When I came, I looked at mum who was still watching me, smiling, and I quickly positioned her panties under my cock and caught all the sperm in the wide, damp gusset area. About five or six jets of sperm squirted out over her knickers, some of it escaping and running down my cock to wet the front of my trousers. When I'd finished blobbing my spunky load into the cunt of mum's knickers, I handed them back to her and she took them from me, still smiling her gentle, loving smile.

Before I left for Leeds, aunty Pauline and I agreed we needed to do something extra special to mark the occasion as it would be the last time we would fuck for some time, and possibly forever. In bed, we discussed at length the outrageous things we could do, and eventually I plucked up the courage to tell her something about which I'd fantasised many times in the last few months. When I told her my secret desire, aunty Pauline laughed and almost squealed out loud with mock outrage and excitement. I told her I wanted to watch another man fuck her and finish inside her so that I could go down there and lick her out afterwards.

As we talked, we developed a plan for mum's young boyfriend Ian to be the candidate, and so we decided to approach mum to see if they were up for it. If she wanted, we agreed mum could watch. In a couple of days time, aunty Pauline invited mum round for a drink and after a couple of glasses of wine, the conversation was steered towards the big question. Mum's was unsure at first, worried that Ian would go cold on her and take up with aunty Pauline instead, but after some reassurance and undertakings, mum agreed to discus it with Ian.

The following week-end, mum told aunty Pauline that Ian had agreed, and that they were so turned on when she asked him that they had to leave the ward and find a quiet space in the hospital laundry for a pants-off quickie to get their rocks off!

The big day eventually arrived, and aunty Pauline looked fantastic, dressed in a grey woollen mini-dress, sheer, light-tan nylon tights and high heels to set off her long and ample legs. She wore heavily-applied make up -- blue eye shadow, lots of face powder and deep red lipstick. Her wavy light-brown hair fell beautifully to her shoulders and she looked stunning.

Mum and Ian arrived and we began by sitting outside in the last of the summer sun drinking crisp, dry white wine and talking about the summer we'd all had and the adventures we'd experienced. There was an air of finality about this, I was about to go off to Leeds university, and Ian wouldn't remain a junior houseman for ever, so would soon to be heading off to a new hospital somewhere.

Mum asked if we were all still OK with doing what we'd planned, and we responded positively which allowed Ian the right moment to lean towards aunty Pauline and kiss her on her beautiful ruby-red, slightly wrinkly lips. They sat in the sunlight and kissed passionately for a few moments, then Ian sat back, looked at aunty Pauline, told her she looked very beautiful, and put his hand to her breast to gently caress her through the soft, knitted woollen dress. The hem of aunty Pauline's short dress had ridden up so far we could see the darker tops of her tan-coloured tights on her ample thighs, and she took Ian's hand away from her breast and placed it down between her big thighs up underneath her dress. Her legs opened to expose her white cotton panties clearly visible through the sheer nylon tights up her mini-dress, and Ian moved his hand upwards across her big soft thighs to the cotton and nylon material stretched tightly across her cunt.

Mum suggested aunty Pauline and Ian go upstairs to the bedroom to continue their acquaintance and that she and I would join them in five or ten minutes time. They stood up and aunty Pauline took Ian by the hand and led him in through the kitchen door into the house. We stayed to finish our wine, and mum asked me why I wanted this to happen and whether I was really OK with it. I replied I wanted this to happen as my ultimate fantasy as it contained many of the elements of my true desire. There was the incestuous nature of my relationship with aunty Pauline, there were not one but two older and glamorous ladies present, I was to see my lover become defiled by another man, aunty Pauline was dressed in a short dress and erotic nylons and heels, and I was, for the first time and possibly the last, about to encounter another man's fresh sperm in the vagina of my own lover.

We continued to talk about the sexual things we both liked, about the time mum masturbated in front of me, and about the time I touched one of her nipples while she was in bed. After about 10 minutes, we decided to head upstairs to join aunty Pauline and Ian.

Aunty Pauline had set out two chairs side-by-side at the end of her large double bed, and as we walked in we saw Ian completely naked on the bed with a very large erection pointing up towards his belly button, and aunty Pauline at the side of him, on her back, dressed only in her tights, knickers and shoes. Her long legs were bent at the knee and her thighs were as wide apart as they'd go. Ian lay on his left side with his right hand down inside aunty Pauline's tights and panties, fingering away at her fleshy cunt slot, while she caressed Ian's back with one hand and fingered her left nipple with the other. All the time they kissed passionately, their saliva visibly glistening on their lips and tongue. Ian was thrusting his pelvis back and forth to rub the sensitive underside of his cock against the nylon tights stretched across aunty Pauline's hips.

Mum and I sat and watched, and I was mesmerised by the sight we saw. I was aroused and jealous at the same time, but couldn't take my gaze off the couple in front of us -- a young man about to fuck the cunt of a much older lady right in front of my eyes.

Aunty Pauline broke away from their kiss and whispered she was about to cum, so Ian took his hand away from inside her panties and said 'all in good time...'.

He knelt up on the bed to undo aunty Pauline's strappy high-heels, then slowly rolled her nylon tights and panties down her lovely legs and discarded them on the floor. Aunty Pauline took hold of Ian's penis, opened her legs and pulled him down on top of her. In one movement, she'd guided his cock deeply into her very wet and slippery cunt hole until it was right inside her up to his balls. She drew her knees up towards her chest and Ian adopted a kneeling position, with his knees either side of aunty Pauline's big hips and bottom. This gave him a view of his cock going into her hairy slot and her clitty being pulled down toward his penis on the in-strokes. He played with aunty Pauline's large pendulous breasts and gently stroked her nipples with the palms of his hands and his fingers as he continued to pump her dirty fat old cunt hole with his rigid prick.

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