Mum’s Flower Show Prizes


Mum's face was a picture! So many emotions crossed it in moments!

"Stevie, sweetheart," she said, with a tear running down her face, "That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in years! Oh darling -- could I say no -- of course not! What a super idea! How wonderful! Oh darling.....I'm so....!"

In moments, mum was on top of me, hugging and kissing me and loving me -- and I was trying to give back as much as I got!

Finally she pushed herself off me, stood up and held out her hand.

"Stevie, darling -- come inside. Let's get some of this sorted -- now. This is urgent. There are some problems to face but this is definitely worth some deep thoughts and consideration," she said, seriously.

Together we rose and, holding hands, we ambled into the lounge where we settled -- mum onto the settee and me into my 'office' chair, adjacent to my computer. (Yes -- I still preferred my old PC to my laptop)

Mum found a spare note pad and a pencil (to doodle with, I thought!) and she started the proceedings....

"Darling, when I saw your place I just fell in love with it -- it's so 'me'," she said, "But it's your home, not mine, so I wouldn't want to be in your way. But to be honest, since your dad died I've been stuck there on my own, in a place I don't really want to be and I've actually been thinking of selling up. I'm far too small for that big bungalow and I bet you feel the same on your own here but although I'd love to come and visit you, I couldn't just share it with you."

"Course we could share mum, I mean we get on so damn well, we're like brother and.....errrr" I said, grinding to a halt.

"Like brother and sister is what you were going to say -- and that's where it wouldn't work," said mum, "Because if I come here to live with you, I'd want us to be like husband and wife!"

I could scarcely believe my ears!

Mum was talking about us and incest!

"Stevie darling, you're absolutely right," continued mum, "We do get on really well together and now that your dad's gone, our two persons are each missing a part -- neither of us has a partner. But then, if we live together, one or other will eventually find a partner and that'll cause problems. Do you understand where I'm heading?"

I nodded my head as I tried to get my brain around mum's audacious plan.

"So why don't we become partners -- I mean partners in everything?" said mum, warming to her idea and managing to look remarkably coy about it, "We can't marry, so we could be partners....yes?"

"Partners in crime!" I cried, "I can't take you to bed and......"

"Fuck me?" said mum, jumping in, "You know you'd love to! I've seen the look in your face today and darling, I've also seen the effect my body seems to have on a certain part of yours!"

"Oh shit!" I groaned, "It's natural. I can't help it mum!"

"I don't want you to help it!" said mum happily, "So how about my proposal?"

It was all rushing along a bit too quickly for me -- well, actually a whole lot too quickly, so I dodged the answer and quickly tried to avoid the subject.

"Hah -- you just want to beat me at the Flower Show, don't you?" I said, hoping I'd get her off the subject.

"Nothing to do with it!" she said, seriously, "Just common sense. Too much room -- not enough people -- and not enough sex! You getting any these days?"

"Whhhh...!" I blustered, "Well, no, actually."

"Nor am I" said mum, completely deadpan.

"Ok. Fair enough then," I replied, "but why me? I thought you were planning on finding a toy boy?"

"I reckon I've found him!" said mum, looking straight at me.

"Duh -- why?" I 'clean' mind wasn't wanting to absorb the way the conversation was going again.

But mum was there and waiting.

"Why not?" said mum, raising her glass to me. "Stevie darling, I've loved you since the day you were born and now you're 26 and I'm 43 and I still love you."

"So.....? I still love you too," I answered.

"Well, I've lost my husband and you've 'lost' your wife and we both have needs, so you'll make a wonderful toy boy!?" she said, with a big silly grin on her face, "Am I that old? Am I so undesirable?"

This whole turn of events had completely thrown me because, despite my mum's obvious appeals, the thought of incest had never really crossed my mind. Yes -- the odd mental dream when I'd seen her nipples pointing at me and thinking how good it would be to suck on them, but never a serious thought about screwing her! My mind was too pure for my own good!

I'd suggested that mum come down and share with me -- originally expecting her to have the spare bedroom and perhaps build an annex for herself eventually. But here was mum saying instead that she wanted to share me too!

I was really gobsmacked and I really couldn't say anything coherent.

"Well ok then, let's just share homes for now, at any rate and we'll see what comes next," mum added, obviously trying to defuse the situation for me, "I'll sell up and move down here -- the guest room's fine for now -- and we'll see how things develop, eh? And if it all goes pear-shaped then I'll find a house to buy down here perhaps and I'll move out."

"Well yeah....guess so....." I dithered.

Deep underneath I was also somewhat worried about the financial implications -- never mind about any other aspect, when mum spoke again.

"By the way, don't go worrying about the money, darling," she said, "everything I've got is all left to you, so if I go, you won't have to concern yourself with giving it back or anything....and I've got more than enough for my needs now."

"I -- I -- I don't.....I don't know what to say," I stumbled over my words.

"Oh for Christ's sake! Just say yes!" said mum, beaming, so I did!

In seconds she was in my lap and we were suddenly spinning round and round in my swivel chair and she was hugging me and I was hugging her and we were caressing and kissing and it was wonderful!

Except for my erection that rose as if on contact with mum -- as soon as she bounced onto my lap, he'd perked up and I had a hell of a job keeping him from making his presence known. It took ages for him to unwind too. That mother of mine had a fabulous body and if she hadn't been my mum -- well, I didn't want to think of the pleasures we could be having! Well, I did now, but I somehow managed to keep those thoughts to the back of my mind.

Over the next week or so we sorted most of the problems out. There would be way too much furniture so mum mentally picked some of her favourite bits to keep -- the rest would be disposed of or stored.

We contacted an Estate Agent to prepare the paperwork to sell her house and we contacted mum's solicitor to do the deeds -- and everything was fine.

And less than a month later mum was parking in my driveway again -- this time to stay for a lot longer than just a holiday, although we still had a lot of loose ends to clear up.

With the 'business' problems more or less sorted, mum now wanted to mark out her territory -- she quickly wanted a part of my garden for her own Flower Show efforts. Soon we'd marked off a decent chunk of the garden for her -- a sunny and well drained area, big enough for a greenhouse (which mum ordered immediately) and all in all, an ideal spot for her needs.

And almost before I'd had time to get back to my writing, she'd got the greenhouse up; the soil rotovated to a fine tilth -- and a shed delivered and erected. Mum didn't believe in wasting time!

Obviously this summer was a no-go for her Flower Show efforts -- but it was a time for her to organise her plants, seeds and other things for next year's I was doing too.

Relaxing one evening over a glass or several of wine, we looked ahead.

And mum started again....

"Are we going to enter the same things for the show?" she said. "Because if so, I don't want to push you into second place all the time! I don't want to make your efforts seem completely inferior!"

"Hah!" I replied, "You wish! I'll push you into second place!"

"Oh yes," said mum, "We'd better place side bets then. Prizes just for us. Lets see -- we'd better limit our home-prize entries to perhaps, hmmm, four categories. How about two vegetable entries, one fruit and one flower entries?"

"Yeaaaaah? Ok, if you say so," I answered, not yet getting hold of mum's plans entirely.

"I mean, obviously we can both enter as many categories at the show as we like and if we win or get beaten on those, it won't matter between us. But here at home, we'll award ourselves prizes on just those four individual entries -- ok?"

"Ah -- yes, ok," I said, "so what happens then?"

"Simple," she said, grinning widely, "If I beat you, you can do something for me -- if you beat me, I'll do something for you. Ok?"

"How do you mean?" I asked, still wondering just what her motives were.

"I think we've waited long enough darling. I think its time enough to move our relationship on a bit," she said, "So I intend to use the Flower Show as my starting post."

"For what?" I asked, curious as to where she was heading, without me thinking clearly......

"Sweetheart -- you and I are already living together, but without many of the benefits," said mum, smiling sweetly, "Because while I'm here, you're shy about bringing a girl home and with you here, I'd feel the same about a fella. So perhaps you and I can get a bit closer -- well, a lot closer actually."

Now I understood exactly where she was heading but inside, the illegality of incest kept getting in the way and I couldn't help but hedge round the subject of our intimacy. So I just couldn't answer, but mum stepped in and took up the reins again.

"Ok -- my idea is this. You're an eligible bachelor and I'm an eligible MILF -- aren't I?" she said, winking at me.

"How do you know that acronym?" I asked, feeling quite surprised.

"Why shouldn't I?" mum said, "Actually I found out because men would keep saying that word when I was around, so I found out on the internet. And I'm delighted I'm a MILF! And so, to finish what I started saying, I'd love you to fuck me. So I'm going to win the right to have you; I'll win it at the Flower Show!"

"Oh fuck!" I cried, swearing for the first time in ages, "Its incest -- we're not supposed to do that -- I can't."

"Oh come on -- get real!" said mum seriously, "What's wrong with us getting together? We're not after children and we'll be keeping it to ourselves -- so why ever not? What wrong with me? Or is it you?"

"Oh mum, I'll try to be honest so I'll say that I'd love to take you to bed and make love to you. I've pretended not to desire you, but really I've wanted to be able to do that for simply years. But its wrong, isn't it?"

"Oh for fuck sake!" said mum, "Are you horny, sweetheart?"

I just had to agree, especially as I could feel my penis stiffening.

"All the time?" she added and I nodded again.

"Well so am I!" she blasted, slapping her hands on her thighs, "And where are all the men? But I know where there is one -- right here, so why not make use of him! Unless you're not capable, of course?"

"Oh I'm capable all right," I said, "Just scared I'd be doing something wrong."

"What if I wasn't your mum? Bet you could take me to bed then?" mum ploughed on....

"Well yeah -- definitely," I replied innocently.

"In that case, kindly forget the mum bit and just remember that I'm a woman and that I need a man and I'd rather that man was you, so there!" said mum finally, standing up.

And then she was gone, leaving just a hint of her lovely female scent and me with a slowly -- very slowly, deflating cock.

My upbringing had always been strongly in favour of clean living all round. Sex was for married couples and certainly not for mothers and sons. My penis may well have risen each time mum brought her body into close quarters with mine but that was a natural male reaction....wasn't it?

Mum was wise thought and didn't keep pushing.

Her legal move took ages -- or at least it felt like it. The house wouldn't sell for a while and the solicitors took ages to do simple things, but at last mum was in the clear and was able to close down her old home life, both mentally and physically and join me for good. As I'd already said, mum had been living here with me almost from the first time we set all the plans in motion and then we'd been back up to her house to sort out her furniture and stuff and now most of the rest was legal crap really. Not our problem.....apart from the occasional legal letter from the solicitors and accountants telling mum how things were progressing. But now she was here -- end of that phase of her story.

By now it was late March and it was time to plant seeds of flowers and vegetables, and during the next few weeks, little green things were to be seen, popping up all around. Our benevolent climate was nice to us again this year and everything grew furiously.

And by July, with the Flower Show just weeks away, we were both ready.

We'd chosen our Flower Show entries and mum had picked four entries for us to complete against each other in -- namely our carrots, our cucumbers, our strawberries and our 'summer bedding planter' as the flower show brochure described it...."a tub (of specified dimensions) containing at least six varieties of bedding flowers".

Summer had arrived fairly quickly, after a latish spring and everything was now catching up as I perused my produce. Even if I didn't beat mum to everything, I'd be sure to win plenty of prizes as usual.

My carrots were beautiful -- long and fatly tapered....

My main crop potatoes would probably win -- I'd 'forced' them a bit and they were big, smooth and looked delicious.

My second crop of beetroot was going to be perfect -- smooth and nicely round with a good colour.

My tomatoes were coming on nicely and I'd be able to pick a nice rich red handful come the day.

My cucumbers were growing madly -- I'd be able to choose from several, when it was time.

I'd got a lovely crop of redcurrants that would win anywhere.

My summer bedding planter was simply awash with colour and growth -- I was actually proud of it!

And then I'd got more vegetables and flowers too...everything was growing madly.

Not to mention my jams and chutneys as well which I'd spent hours boiling and creating.

I kept well clear of mum's domain -- anyway, she was so busy there that I thought my presence would just be a nuisance.

She'd have her time cut out to beat me, I thought, although inside I kept on wondering.....'Did she really intend to beat me?'

Because over the winter months we'd become really, really good friends -- bosom buddies, one might say, and I found it hard to think of her coming over all hard and ultra-competitive.

Many a long winter evening we'd spent happily just chattering, playing cards or Scrabble together or doing what gardeners enjoy most in winter -- just poring over seed and plant catalogues, but despite our competitive spirits, we'd remained the best of friends.

But the memory of what she'd said lingered. Had she really intended to go through with what she'd said? Did she really want me to screw her? I almost wanted to scratch my entries so she'd win and I'd find out the truth.

Little did I know!

August arrived and with it the village Flower Show. Mum was bustling around, and I was too, both of us 'secretly' conveying boxes of vegetables, plants and produce to the village hall. The worst thing was that every time I looked at mum, she smiled that 'I've won' look....and she was probably right! I loved her to bits and she was my mother and was sacred to me but that didn't give her the right to beat me!

Our efforts were soon on display in the huge marquee set out on the playing field. All the entrants could look around before the crowds were let in and I was frankly well impressed with my mum's displays -- she'd done really well. But then I wasn't a judge.... And then we were all ushered out so that the real judges could do their thing.

A few hours later and I knew how well she'd done. She'd done VERY WELL!

Gold -- gold -- gold -- one after another! And just one silver.

I looked at my offerings. Silver -- silver -- silver -- and one lonely gold! Damn! Every entry we'd fought over but one had turned to gold for mum!

On the bigger scene however, between us we'd pretty well wiped the board. I also won the shield for the most points awarded overall, so by the time we returned home we were quite well oiled and despite my mum having beaten me quite thoroughly, I was in a happy enough mood. We cracked open a bottle of wine to continue our celebrations and then decided, since it was getting on a bit now, that we'd better get ready for bed before we drank too much -- so we did.

"So.....that was good," began mum as we reconvened in the lounge. We plonked ourselves down on the settee and opened and started on our next bottle, "I beat you, didn't I? No don't answer that!"

Mum's hand moved onto my thigh and she began to gently run her hand up and down my leg.

"I thought your carrots were lovely, especially that middle one!" said mum suggestively but happily, "and as for the cucumbers -- well, what can I say! I never thought I'd be saying that I'd got a bigger one than you!"

We chuckled together about that, enjoying our successes.

"I'm annoyed about your strawberries though," she added, "How did you beat me?"

I just smiled and grinned at her.

"Now, let's see how this works then. I won three of our golds, didn't I?" said mum happily, "so I get three prizes. And I'll let you have that other one, darling -- but only after I've had my prizes. Ok?"

Mum's hand was still on my thigh, although nearer my groin now than before.

"Yeahhhhh, ok, suppose so," I said, wondering where she was going with her hand.

"Good -- that's fine then," said mum, her hand now rubbing my thigh a bit harder....

"So -- now then, let's get things organised -- are you still game to take me to bed?" she asked me with a big grin on her face.

And the grin was because her hand on my leg had caused a reaction; one that I was still trying to mentally subdue -- but one which gave me away completely. My erection was so hard in my jeans that I couldn't even hide it, let alone suppress it..

"I can't, mum, its wrong!" I said, although wondering why my brain kept trotting out those idiotic ideas......because whatever my brain said, my body was all in favour, as evidenced by the rising of my erection!

"Ok my Stevie -- don't worry darling. I understand your concern but in that case, my rules take over. You agreed, so there!" said mum, now standing up, "And if you won't take the initiative then I'll have to. So my first prize is that we both take our clothes off!"

"Whhhaaaatttt?" I blustered, my mind having been intent on trying to keep my incest-bound cock from stiffening.

"You agreed that you'd do what I wanted if I won, so that's my first one. So prize number one -- get 'em off! Come on -- I'm going to take mine off too!"

Mum was at a disadvantage -- or an advantage -- and was naked in moments -- her dressing gown, her brief negligee top and panties all hitting the floor remarkably quickly.

I think I was mentally numbed by the wine because I just stood up and stripped as well. My pyjama shorts and jacket soon slid from me -- and there we were, facing each other -- naked as the day we were born. The only major difference -- my cock, which hadn't been anywhere near so large then or when mum had last seen it, which had massively increased in size and had quickly risen in salute!

"Hey!" said mum, her eyes fixed on my groin, "That looks interesting!"

"Can't help it," I said, pushing my cock down with my hand, "He comes up too easily."

Mum laughed. "Whenever there's a female body around, it seems. Especially mine, I think. I've noticed him -- he seems to love me," she said, "But does he really want me?"

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