tagIncest/TabooMum's Date Ch. 03

Mum's Date Ch. 03


Two weeks passed following Robbie and Susan's adventure in London. They continued their relationship with Martin Lawless, Robbie's father, apparently oblivious to the whole affair.

It was on Friday that Robbie had his fantasy fulfilled by his step-mother. It was half term in the university and Professor Lawless was in his study correcting papers when Susan came in. "Oh Martin. It's half term. Can't you take a little rest?"

Martin looked up at his wife and adjusted his glasses. "I'm sorry, my dear. You're right. I should." He put the papers away and got up.

"Why don't you sit in your armchair in the living room and I'll bring you a whisky?"

"That sounds good dear. Thank you," and Professor Lawless kissed his wife's cheek and headed for the living room.

A few moments later Susan came in and handed Martin his drink as he rested in his favourite armchair. "Thank you, my dear," Martin sipped his drink and said, "Could you put a dash of water in?"

"Of course," responded Susan and left the room. When she returned a grateful Professor Lawless once again sipped his drink and eased back in his chair. Susan went behind him and began to gently massage his shoulders.

"Oh that feels so good, Susan," Martin said with tiredness setting in.

"You should relax more dear."

"Yes, I know. What would I do without you?" sighed Martin as his eyes began to get heavy. Finally he slumped in the chair and when Susan was satisfied he was fully asleep she hurried upstairs and changed. She returned to the study where her husband was apparently in a deep drug induced sleep. She adjusted two other chairs and went out to the hall and called Robbie who was upstairs in his room.

"Robbie, can you can down here? I have a little surprise for you," she said in an almost seductive tone.

"Be right with you Mum," responded the young man.

When Robbie descended the stairs he was both shocked and excited at his step-mother's appearance as she stood there in a grey business suit and skirt that was well above her knees and her long blonde hair was in a tight bun. This was topped off with her large round rimmed glasses.

"Wow, what's this?"

"Well, you do want your fantasy fulfilled, don't you? Follow me."

A puzzled Robbie obediently followed Susan into the living room. He became alarmed as he saw his father slumped in his armchair.

"Oh don't worry Robbie. Your dad will sleep for hours."

Susan sat in a chair and picked up a note pad. She beckoned Robbie to sit in the chair opposite. "Now why don't you tell Doctor Suzie what's on your mind," she said as she crossed her long smooth legs. As she did so, Robbie could see the edge of her stocking tops and lust started to develop inside him.

"Well Doctor Suzie," said Robbie as he relaxed in the chair. "It's like this. I've been having these feelings for my step-mother."

"What sort of feelings?" prompted Susan.

"Well..." Robbie paused.

"Go on," encouraged Susan.

"Well, she sexually arouses me every time I'm with her."

"Oh yes?" said Susan, pretending to sound shocked. "And have you, you know? Done it?"

"Several times."

Susan crossed her legs again. "Did you like it?"

"Oh yes, it was wonderful. I fulfilled her fantasy and she said she'd fulfil mine."

"What is your fantasy, Robbie?" asked Susan as she licked her lips in anticipation.

"I've always imagined her as well dressed professional lady and fucking her in front of my dad."

While this was Robbie's fantasy, Susan could feel herself getting aroused. She put her pad down. "And what you do to her Robbie?" panted Susan.

Robbie said nothing. He simply got up and approached his step-mother. "This," he said as he kissed her.

Susan put her arms around his neck and with one hand, Robbie began to slowly open her jacket and then her white blouse. His hand travelled up her short skirt and this excited Susan. As her blouse fell open to reveal her black lace low cut bra Robbie gently squeezed her breast through it.

"Uugh," she uttered in excitement and at the same time Robbie began to lick and suck Susan's neck. He slid the straps of her bra from her shoulders. Susan moved forward and he was able to unclip the garment. When it fell to the ground her large breasts sprang forth and Robbie began to lick and suck them in an alternate movement. Each of Robbie's actions brought moans of sheer delight from his step-mother. She, in turn, unbuttoned Robbie's shirt and after pulling it from his pants, he allowed it to join Susan's blouse and bra on the floor. After making his way to Susan's waist, he unzipped her skirt as she adjusted her arse to allow him to do so. This revealed her black lace knickers which he promptly removed.

Robbie spread Susan's long smooth legs, still encased in her black stockings and began to probe her trimmed pussy with his tongue. He drove past her pussy lips and proceeded to lash her clit.

"Oh fuck, Robbie. That's wonderful. Just wonderful," exclaimed Susan, gasping for breath.

When he was sure Susan was ready, Robbie withdrew his tongue and was about insert his huge hard cock when Susan cried out, "No, wait." She got on her knees. She took his cock and looked at it for a moment. "So big," she purred and placing it in her mouth she began to suck. Robbie held Susan's head and she began to bob up and down. Now it was Robbie's turn to moan. "Oh fuck, Doctor Suzie. That feels so good."

As Susan's pace increased Robbie could feel his orgasm starting to gather. Susan too, sensed that her step-son was close. She suddenly stopped went down on the carpeted floor, dragging Robbie with her.

Robbie pushed his cock deep inside Susan and began to pump. Susan's hands gripped his bare hips as his slow movement began to pick up speed with each stroke. Susan's body also began to react and they both eventually settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. They both moaned and breathed deeply. Their body heat caused them to perspire. Susan could feel her love juices gather. Robbie was also on the verge of orgasm. Both of them battled to make this sensation last as long as humanly possible. Eventually they orgasmed together, giving both a deep sense of sexual satisfaction.

After a few moments of lying naked on the floor together they got up and gathered their clothes. Susan placed the chairs back in their proper positions.

Robbie was amazed as he saw his father, whom he had forgotten about, still in deep slumber. They made their way upstairs. Robbie intended to head to his room and his en suite shower but Susan stopped him.

"Why don't you join me? I'll scrub your back if you scrub mine," she said with mischief in her voice. Robbie didn't have to be asked twice.


As the time went on Susan and Robbie's encounters became more intense and bolder. They even made love in Robbie's bedroom while Professor Lawless was in his study.

There was to be yet another strange twist to this relationship. It came just weeks before the summer break at university. Martin announced that the end of year social would be at the Coronation Hotel in Heston and that he was looking forward to taking Susan. He felt he had neglected her and wanted to try and make it up to her and reward her for her patience. The mention of the hotel that they had met accidentally on a blind date made Susan and Robbie blush.

It was Friday morning, the day of the social and Martin had just kissed Susan goodbye. He had just opened his car when suddenly he fell over. An anxious Susan rushed to her husband's side. "Martin, oh martin. Are you alright?"

"Yes, I thinks so," he replied, clearly with some distress.

"Can you stand?"

"Yes, I think so."

Martin left a yell of pain out as he tried to stand.

"Robbie!" cried Susan and Robbie came running downstairs.

"My God, what happened?"

"Your father fell over. I think he sprained his knee."

"Let's get him inside, mum and you can call the doctor."

When the doctor came out he turned to Susan. "He'll be alright Mrs Lawless. There's just a slight strain on his knee. A rest over the weekend will see him right."

"Thank you doctor," responded a relieved Susan as she led him to the door.

Susan and Robbie went into the bedroom where Martin was resting.

"I'm so sorry Susan. I won't be able go to the social."

"Oh that's alright dear. Don't worry about it. There will be other days. The priority is to get you well."

"I said I couldn't go but there's no reason why you and Robbie shouldn't go."

"What? Martin, we can't leave you here on your own."

"Nonsense. I'll be fine on my own." Martin turned to his son. "Robert, I want you to go with your mother enjoy yourselves."

"But dad..."

"Please son. Do it as another favour for your dad." Martin put a fistful of notes into his hand.

That evening Susan, dressed in a one piece green dress, kissed her husband as he rested in his armchair. "Are you sure about this dear? It doesn't feel right leaving you alone."

"Don't you fret, my dear. I want you to enjoy yourself."

Robbie came to his father. You're sure you will be alright dad?"

"Of course I will my boy and thank you."

As Robbie drove to Heston he had mixed feeling of both excitement and guilt. When her relayed them to Susan she expressed the same feelings. They were half way there when it suddenly darkened and the rain began to fall. By the time they got to the hotel it had turned into a storm.

Robbie drove up to the hotel door to allow his step-mother out and he then parked the car. The night was enjoyable for them both. Just as they were about to leave Robbie's phone rang. It was his father urging him not to travel back in the storm. "But dad, I'll be alright. We can't leave you overnight on your own."

"Please Robert. I'd rest easy knowing you and your mother are safe."

"Well if you're sure..."

"I insist on it, Robert."

So not to betray their intentions, Robbie booked a suite with separate bedrooms. Neither of them could believe their luck as they ascended the stairs. Robbie put the key of the room on the side table and for a brief moment stared at his step-mother in her green dress. They both moved forward and sheer lust overwhelmed them as they began passionately kissing. Robbie moved his hand around to Susan's back and began to pull down the long zipper, still kissing with passion as he did so.

As soon as her dress loosened Susan allowed the garment to slide freely from her shoulders to the floor, revealing her red lace low cut bra and matching knickers. This was complemented by a red garter belt, something she never wore.

The sight excited Robbie beyond anything he ever thought was possible as he swiftly stripped and pushed Susan onto the bed.

He gently mounted her, having peeled away her sexy underwear and after a prolonged kissing session, made his way to her wonderful breasts and began to lick and suck them alternatively. This in turn brought moaning of sexual gratitude from Susan.

"Uuuugh," she moaned in a slow soft sigh. She couldn't help herself. Her step-son knew just how to excite her and she just loved his gentle touch. She was willing to do anything.

Robbie licked and sucked Susan's right breast and then descended to the chasm between her breasts with his tongue as his step-mother's moans became louder and more excited. He repeated his actions on her left breast and then travelled down her slim waist.

"Oh Robbie, you're so wonderful," moaned Susan.

"Oh fuck," she cried as Robbie's tongue drove through Susan's pussy lips and began to lash her clit with expertise. It made Susan shudder with delight as he did so.

Robbie swiftly replaced his tongue with his huge cock, easing it into her vagina and began to pound. His movement, slow at first, accelerated with each stroke. Gradually Susan's body reacted positively to her step-son's movement as they both settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. As they reached the point of no return their breathing became deeper and deeper until at last, Susan's love juices began to flow and as they collided with Robbie's cum they both sighed with relief and sexual satisfaction.

Susan rested on her stepson's bare chest. "Oh Robbie. Thank you, thank you. You're such a wonderful young man," she said breathlessly.

Robbie kissed her on the forehead. "Thanks mum. You're quite a girl yourself."

Exhausted, they both fell rapidly asleep.


Susan felt the heat of the early morning sun as she slowly woke. As her arm groped at the emptiness beside her she became alarmed and opened her eyes.

"Good morning," said a smiling Robbie as he sat fully dressed on the bed. "Why don't you get showered and dressed and we'll meet in the dining room for breakfast. I phoned dad to tell him we'll be home in about an hour and a half.

"Must we?" moaned Susan.

"Yes, now come on I'll wait for you in the lobby."

On the way home, Susan, despite her disappointment, was very happy. It was a strange feeling because she did love Martin and yet it was his son that really fulfilled her. This, in turn, gave her a little pang of guilt. That guilt would soon surface as events took a dramatic turn.


It was early September and the university had just started back from the summer break. Robbie was in one of his lectures when there was a knock at the class door and Professor Jameson, head of the faculty, walked in. He turned to Professor Rawlings and apologised. He then turned to Robbie. "Could you come with me, Mr Lawless," he said solemnly.

Robbie knew this wasn't good and he dashed out the door. They both headed for Professor Lawless' classroom. Professor Jameson restrained Robbie as he reached the door. "Robert, I must tell you now. Your father has suffered a heart attack. He hasn't much time. Do you understand?"

Robbie nodded as he comprehended what the Professor was conveying.

In the empty classroom a stricken Martin Lawless was on the floor resting up against the wall. The college nurse was kneeling beside him with her stethscope on his chest.


Martin looked up and waved his hand to come beside him. "Well, this is it my boy. I love you, Robert."

"I love you too dad," responded Robbie as the tears streamed down his eyes.

"Tell your mother I love her." Then Martin pulled his son closer and whispered something in his ear. Robbie blushed and was also in shock after hearing what his father had just told him.

A moment later Professor Martin Lawless took a deep breath. It was his last.

Robbie closed his father's eyes and then stood up. "My God, what am I going to tell mum?"

"The truth, Robert. We can only tell them the truth," responded Professor Jameson philosophically.

Robbie drove home, having declined Professor Jameson's offer of being driven. As he approached the door it opened and Susan stood there. "Robbie, why are you home so early?"

Robbie's silence told her everything. "Oh my God, your father!"

Robbie grabbed her before she collapsed and carried her inside. He put her on the settee and handed her a glass of brandy. "Here, sip this."

Susan did so. "Oh Robbie, what have we done?"

Robbie looked at his distressed step-mother. "I know you don't understand this mum, but all is not as it seems."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not sure what I mean yet mum, but I think we will find the answers in the study."

"The study? Robbie, you're not making any sense."

"Just follow me and all will be revealed."

Upset and puzzled Susan obeyed her step-son and followed him to the study.

Robbie sat in the large leather chair and began to grope underneath the desk.

"What are you looking for?"

"A key, ah, got it," responded Robbie as he pulled it from the tape and opened the middle drawer of the desk. There was a large envelope containing some DVDs and a letter addressed to Susan. Robbie handed it to her.

Susan opened it and read it. Her jaw almost hit the floor in shock. "Oh my God, Robbie. You're father knew about us all the time."

"What does he say?"

Susan said nothing. She just handed Robbie the letter and her began to read it out loud.

My dearest Susan,

As you are reading this letter I have passed on. I love you Susan just as I loved Robert. You need not have any regrets or remorse my dear. You see, Doctor Stevens told me about a year ago that me heart was weak and I could no longer fulfil my duties to you. That is why I planned that both you and Robert would get closer. Even your trips to London were orchestrated by me. The DVDs will verify this. It was the only way I could fulfil my own needs. Even the trip to Heston was my idea. After all, I did recover rapidly from my knee injury. I have to hand it to you Susan that Doctor Suzie act in the living room was fantastic. You don't know how hard it was not to give myself away. I'm amazed I didn't die there and then. No regrets now my dear. I do hope you and Robert will be happy together.

Your loving husband,


Ps. There's some great footage on the DVDs.

Susan looked at Robbie in shock. "Robbie, I put enough dope in his drink to knock out an elephant. How could he have stayed awake?"

Robbie released a roar of laughter. "Oh mum. I told you he was a genius. He knew us both better than we know ourselves. He anticipated what you were about to do and switched the drink somehow I wonder what's on the DVDs?"

"I dread to think," replied Susan.

They both went to the living room and inserted one of the DVDs. The film was clearly recorded in Robbie's bedroom as both were naked on his bed and the throes of passionate sex.

"Oh my God. In my own bedroom."

They played another DVD and this time the scene was the London hotel where Susan seduced her step-son in her school uniform.

"How could your dad guessed we'd be there?"

"He had a lot of friends and former students. My guess is he was tipped off and he set it up while we were in the lobby. His contact probably thought he was trying to catch you out. Remember we were only a short distance from home."

"That crafty man."

"Yes. Here we were making love regularly hoping not to be caught only to be entertaining him. Who would believe that mum?" laughed Robbie.


It was the evening of the funeral and last of the guests had left the house. Despite the sadness of his father's death Robbie arranged for a party to celebrate Professor Lawless's life. He knew this was what his father would have wanted. Susan slumped in the armchair in the living room and kicked off her heels. Robbie came in and kneeling beside her he began to massage her aching legs. "How about an early night, Suzie?"

"That sounds like a great idea Robbie," and they both made their way upstairs. Halfway up the stairs Susan unzipped her black one piece dress, allowing it to slide down and to Robbie's amazement and delight he realised Susan was wearing just a black lace low cut bra with matching skimpy knickers and black stockings. He looked at his step-mother inquisitively, as his hard on grew. "Anticipation darling, anticipation," she said smiling. That night Susan and Robbie made love as if for the first time.

Eventually Robbie achieved his degree and lectured at the same university. To the outside world Susan and Robbie were widow and step-son. For Robbie and Susan however, it was to be much more intimate for many more years, just as Professor Lawless had intended.

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