tagIncest/TabooMum's Nylon Legs Turned Me On

Mum's Nylon Legs Turned Me On


My girlfriend, my first love had dumped me. Now 2 years later having got over it I never managed to get another girlfriend, probably because every time I went out I got so pissed and stoned that I couldn't talk.

It was a Saturday night; pissed and stoned as usual I headed home. Once home I collapsed on to the chair by the fire. I woke about an hour later and saw mum was home, drunk and sleeping on the couch.

Then I caught myself leering at her nylon legs, her skirt had rode up her thighs as she turned around far enough to see the darker panty bit of her pantyhose and a pair of what looked like black and purple frilly knickers.

Before long I had a total hard-on and I went over to the couch, I lifted mums smooth knit nylon feet up sat down and put her nylon feet on my bulge. I unzipped and pulled out my really solid cock leering lustfully at my mum's forbidden nylon legs and knickers, I rubbed her smooth feet on my pulsating cock and came within seconds my body jerked uncontrollably long after my sperm had spurted.

I felt guilty masturbating to mum's legs, but it only lasted for at least 10 minutes.

Before long my cock was hard again because mum had turned around onto her front and her skirt had ridden all the way up to her waist her ass was amazing. I then became daring, I took off my jeans and pants and went over to the couch. As I got really close my cock got solid, I stroked her nylon feet then smelled and licked them before moving up her slinky taboo legs, like the stairway to heaven her inner thigh so erotic.

The sensuous forbidden delight of feeling her legs and leering at her nylon clad taboo lower half got me masturbating again. I got one of her black 10 denier clad feet and moved it towards my balls, as I moved it up reaching my pulsating purple knob I came again even harder than the last one. My spunk sprayed all over her feet and legs.

After I realised that mum would wonder why she had spunk on her pantyhose I took them off her slowly. Instead of washing them I took them to bed tried them on and discovered the joys of having a fetish for pantyhose especially mum's pantyhose. You could smell her cunt wafted up my cock grew solid and exploded all night.

I went to sleep wearing mum's pantyhose and woke up still clad in them. Mum called to tell me breakfast was ready. I took off her pantyhose & went down for breakfast

I noticed her looking at me in a funny way at breakfast; she got up from her chair and headed for the toilet. She came back in and picked up the breakfast dishes and took them to the sink. It was then that I noticed her skirt had been tucked into the top of her skirt. I let my eyes wander all over my mum's ass. SHE HAD NO PANTIES ON just her bare ass. I leeringly stared at mum's ass and yet again my cock got hard, she seemed to be taking her time doing the dishes. Did she know I was getting hard leering at her forbidden legs and ass. Insanely I took my brick hard cock out and gave it about 10 pulls my spunk seemed to slowly erupt from my cock but when it did erupt it was like a volcano gushing and hot spewing down my leg. I quickly tucked my still throbbing monster back inside my pants and pulled my zip up whilst never taking my leering lustful eyes off my mum's smooth sexy forbidden ass, it was so hot.

I decided to tell her about her skirt, I said "Mum?" without turning round she said "What is it honey?"

Nervously I replied "You've tucked your skirt up into your tights and knickers, I can see your arse, and you've got a very sexy ass!"

Mum replied "You think your mummy has a nice arse?"

"YES!" I flustered

I looked up at her face to see her smiling slyly.

She left my room slowly and smoothing her tight skirt down over that sexy taboo ass

My cock got hard again but I let it go soft thinking that mum was deliberately teasing me but that in turn made it hard AGAIN!!

It wasn't long before she left for work and the urge to get her nylons on and other naughty stuff soon took over but that's another story.

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