tagIncest/TabooMum's Relief

Mum's Relief


"Mum, I'm home," cried twenty-two year old Frank Stephens as he put his bicycle underneath the staircase having cycled from work at the electronics firm a mile away from his home in the town of Coopers Downs in West Sussex. It wasn't that he couldn't afford a car but he loved the exercise and kept fit. At six feet one he was tall and muscular.


Frank suddenly became aware that his mother had not responded. He went to the kitchen and found it empty. It was unusual because she would usually be there either doing or taking up his dinner. The car was outside so she couldn't be gone far.

This silence made Frank uneasy. It was a month since the explosion at the tyre factory that put his father Bill, in a coma. His mother Julie had been suffering bouts of depression since.

There was no sign of Julie downstairs so Frank headed upstairs to his parents bedroom hoping that he would find her resting. As he walked along the landing he heard strange noises coming from the bedroom. The door was slightly ajar and Frank peaked in. The sight he beheld was both a shock and a revelation.

It was a shock to see his mother naked on her bed using a dildo in her pussy and playing with her nipples with her other hand. It was a revelation because he never realised how sexy his mother really was. She may have been forty-four but he had seen porn with women of the same age and in Frank's opinion, his mother would give them a good run for their money. Added to this was Julie's moaning that made Frank extremely horny. He was mesmerised by this sight. He finally pulled himself away and gently closed the door. He slipped downstairs and prepared his dinner.


It was half an hour later that Julie descended the stairs and entered the kitchen. This time she was dressed in her nightdress and dressing gown. "Oh Frank. I'm so sorry. I had a headache and I must have fallen asleep."

"Don't stress yourself mum. It's been hard for you. I know that. Sit down and have some tea."

"Thank you son," she said as she took the mug from Frank.

"Did you see dad?"

Julie began to cry and Frank held her as she wept on his shoulder. "Oh Frank. The doctors said there's no change. It could be months, maybe years or perhaps never."

"Oh mum. Please don't upset yourself. The fact that there's no change means at least it's not worse. We have to hope. You have to hope and believe he will get better."

"Oh Frank. You're such a tower of strength. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I'm just stubborn mom. You're the strong one." Frank gave her a peck on her cheek and she drank her tea as he ate his dinner.


A few nights later Frank woke with a start. The reason became obvious as a flash of lightning lit up the room. This was followed by a corresponding clap of thunder. He tried to switch on his side lamp but the power was off. There was another flash and an even louder clap of thunder. This time he heard his mother panic as she screamed "Frank. Oh please Frank, help me."

Frank grabbed his torch from his side table and putting on his dressing gown made his was to his mother's bedroom.

"It's ok mum. I'm here. It's just a little thunder. It'll pass soon," he said soothingly as he held the stricken woman.

"Oh please, don't leave me alone. Please!" she begged almost screaming in the process.

"Alright mum. Take it easy. Move over," and Frank got into bed beside Julie.

Julie held him tightly and rested her head on his breast. She simply cried herself to sleep.

It was a strange situation for Frank. He had often cried himself to sleep on his mother's breast when he was very young. Now the roles were reversed. What was even more strange was the fact he had seen his mother naked and now he was sleeping with her though, there was no sex. Gradually, he too fell asleep.


It was only about half past six but it was already bright. Frank gently eased his mother from him and allowed her to finish her restful slumber. He went to the bathroom and showered. After dressing he returned with a tray and tapped gently at Julie's bedroom.

"Mom, are you awake?"

"Yes Frank," came the reply and he entered with the tray.

"There you go mom. Breakfast in bed."

"Oh, thank you sweetheart. Frank, I'm sorry about last night. I don't know what came over me."

"Hey, don't worry about it mum."

"Oh you're a good boy..."

Frank looked at his mother. "Mum? I'm twenty-two years old."

"Of course you are dear," she chuckled. "I'm sorry. I guess I just hate to see you grow so quickly."

That night Frank did something he never did before. He masturbated at the thought of fucking his naked mother.


On Friday morning Frank spoke to his mother. "You know mom, I've been wanting to try that new Italian restaurant down the road. Why don't we skip dinner and I'll treat you?"

"Are you asking your old mother out on a date?"

"You're not old and it's my prerogative. You can be my girl for the night."

"Thank you, kind sir," said Julie with a good humoured bow.

"I've got to get to work. Will you be alright?"

"Of course dear and thank you."


Frank was putting the finishing touches to his hair as he looked at himself in the mirror wearing his suit. He went to Julie's room. "Are you ready, mum?"

"I'll be ready in a moment," she replied.

Frank smiled as he went downstairs and waited.

After a few moments Julie descended the stairs. The sight Julie's cream blouse and navy knee length skirt stunned Frank.

"Wow mum. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you're out to seduce me."

"Frank!" she said reproachfully.

"Just kidding, mum," he said as he helped her with her coat.

Although it was only a few minutes' walk Frank decided to take his father's car. The meal was wonderful and Frank could tell that his mother enjoyed herself. It was the first time in weeks he had seen her so happy and that made him happy too. On the way home she laughed and joked.

When they got to the house Frank turned to his mother. "Can I get you a drink mum?"

"No thank you, sweetheart. I really am very tired." With that Julie kissed her son. He responded and it lasted longer than she wanted until she broke away and rushed upstairs to her room.


After several moments of thinking, Frank made his way upstairs and stood outside his mother's room. He could hear her sobbing. He tapped at her door and then entered. "Mum, what's wrong? Did I upset you?"

"Oh no Frank," she said apologetically. "It's not you. You're as good as your dad to me. There's just some things..." Julie trailed off.

"Some things I can't provide?" Frank finished the sentence for her.

"Oh, please Frank. Don't be upset."

"I'm not, mom. You're wrong though. I can provide everything," and with that, planted a deep passionate kiss on her moist red lips.

Frank began to slowly unbutton Julie's blouse.

"No Frank. We mustn't," said Julie in an ever weakening protest.

"Nothing is going to happen unless you want it, mom," he replied, as he continued to unbutton her blouse. Julie in turn, began to unbutton Frank's shirt.

Something inside Julie snapped as she saw her son's bare chest. His muscular physique was something women would die for. Certainly she would. At it's sight all her resistance collapsed and she submitted tamely.

Julie's plain white bra was exposed as she helped her son remove her blouse. When he motioned her onto her back again she made no protest as he unzipped her skirt. Indeed, she simply raised her arse to facilitate its quick removal. Her wonderful breasts bounced forward, much to Frank's delight, as he quickly unsnapped and removed Julie's bra. Finally and with a little help from Julie, Frank grabbed her white plain knickers and black tights and rolled them down.

Having stripped rapidly, Frank descended upon his mother and began to kiss her passionately. The gentle caressing of Frank's well toned skin against her own body excited Julie. She couldn't resist little moans as he moved around her.

The tingling sensation as he licked, sucked and nibbled her neck almost drove her wild. As Frank moved to Julie's breasts he began to suck and lick each nipple at alternate intervals. In between this he would lick rings around her breasts. His tongue would plunge deep below in the valley between them and come up the other side. Each tongue movement brought a loud moan of deep satisfaction from Julie. Julie's moaning continued as Frank worked his was down her slim waist. Gently spreading her long smooth legs, his tongue burrowed through her pussy lips and began to lash her clit.

"Uuugh," sighed Julie as he did so. Frank's expert tongue movement on Julie's clit totally overwhelmed her with excitement. Already her love juices were beginning to gather. For several seconds it stopped and there was almost an anticlimax for Julie. However Frank replaced his tongue with his large hardened cock, gently inserting it.

Slowly he began to pump. Each stroke was faster than the last. Julie's body corresponded and placing her hands on her son's bare hips, they settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. For Julie, weeks of pent up sexual frustration came together. She imagined her son was Bill twenty years earlier.

"Oh fuck me Frank. Fuck me hard," she yelled.

Frank, as if responding to the plea continued to pound hard. The friction caused their body heat to rise and this in turn made them perspire heavily. Their breathing too became deeper and desperate. Finally, they both orgasmed in unison. For Julie, the orgasm was of gigantic proportions. She had never orgasmed like this. The moment her juices and Frank's cum collided she gave a deep sigh of satisfaction.

"Oh thank you Frank. Thank you," she cried breathlessly. Frank too was breathless. For him, it had been the best sex he'd ever had. He smiled at his mother as she spoke and after a few moments both fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.


Frank woke first and headed for the shower. Hw went downstairs and began to prepare breakfast. He was just ready when Julie came into the kitchen dressed in her robe.

"Morning mum. You're just in time. Sit down and I'll serve it up."

"Frank, we have to talk."

"About what?"

"About last night."

Frank's expression changed.

"What about last night?"

"It should never have happened. I took advantage of you and I'm sorry."

Frank gave a slight laugh. "Don't be silly mum. What makes you think I didn't take advantage of you?"

"I'm your mother, Frank. I should have known better."

Frank put his arm around Julie. "Mum, you were in need. I just provided it. It was the best you had, wasn't it?"

"Frank, that's not the point. I'm you mother..."

"A mother I love very much and would do anything for to make her happy. I'm not replacing dad. I never would or could. I'm simply standing in to provide for you in all your needs. I believe he'd want that."

"But Frank, what would the neighbours think?"

"Nothing if you don't tell them. Besides it's none of their business."

Julie was silent. Her emotions were confused. One part told her it was wrong and the wonderful sensual feeling of her son's body excited her. She couldn't deny it.

"Look mum. Let's make a deal. I'll provide for you in all your needs until such time as dad is fully recovered and no one has to know. What do you say?"

"You don't mind?"

"Of course not," and with that kissed her cheek.

From that moment on Frank and his mother made love regularly. It continued even when Bill had recovered, with his clandestine approval.

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