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So I left Sabine in the locker room. As I walked out, Jean was waiting for his friend. He smiled.

"Is everything OK?"

"She was not happy I was talking to you, but it is no problem. It happens a lot."

"Well, nice to meet you." We shook hands and smiled.

I went up to my room quickly. My hair was still wet, so I first combed it out using the blow dryer. Karl and Sabine had only seen my hair up, but for tonight I let it down. I have shoulder length natural honey blond hair.

I did not have the right kind of clothes for what I would normally wear to a night club as Sabine had described. With a limited selection, I chose a classic "little black dress". It was sleeveless, the hem was a couple of inches above the knee, and had a conservative neckline. It was tailored to be elegant rather than sexy, but I felt sexy in it as I was good shape.

My legs were tanned enough and the weather was warm enough that I did not need nylons. I had a black bra and panty set on this trip, a little fancier than my normal stuff. I put on some nice black heels.

I checked myself out in the mirror as I finished dressing and I was satisfied. I made my way to the lobby where Karl and Sabine were waiting.

Karl said, "Beth, you look great."

Sabine said, "I feel like you did when you first saw that girl by the pool."

I kissed Sabine first, and then Karl, "You two have made me so welcome, I am overwhelmed. And you two are a fantastic looking couple. Sabine, you can imagine how I feel with my tan lines when you are perfect. Sorry if I am overdressed, but I did not bring too much of a clothing selection other than for business. Anyway, Karl only likes my breasts anyway, but loves every part of you."

I think we were all teasing, but it was funny anyway.

We went outside to get a taxi; they wanted to go to something called the 'Nacht Café'. We all piled into the back seat, I got in first followed by Karl and Sabine. The ride only took about 15 minutes.

I said, "I want to thank you both, this was a very nice day."

"We enjoyed it too." They looked over and smiled.

It was a lovely night. The temperature had fallen. It was still warm but comfortable. We got to the club and paid a cover charge to get in.

It was a big place, maybe about 200 people. The place was dimly lit with spotlights and strobe lights. There were people of all ages, but on average it looked like people were about 20 – 35. Dress was all over the place, some in blue jeans, some men in suits and ties. Women were also dressed in all ways. Some had skimpy dresses, some in jeans and casual tops. Many of the people were attractive.

The club had a good sound system; it was loud, but not overly so. The sound was clean and they were playing American music. They also played some older songs, thankfully not much of the techno style which does not appeal to me much.

As we were making our way through the club, Karl and Sabine seemed to know a lot of people; couples, single men and women. Almost every meeting would include the European style light hug and cheek kiss. I could tell some were asking about me; Karl and Sabine would introduce me to some of them, I think when the person spoke some English.

We made it to a relatively empty space with a counter with some high stools. Sabine and I sat down while Karl went to get some drinks. He came back with a beer for himself; Sabine and I were drinking red wine.

The bar was full, but not overly crowded. You could walk around, but there were few empty tables to be seen. Maybe 25 people were dancing to the disco music.

We clinked glasses as Karl made a toast, "To good friends."

It was fun to watch the crowd. The music was loud, but you could talk if you either spoke loud or leaned in close. Sabine was pointing out different people, making some comment if she knew them. She would also point out particular women, sometimes complimenting their clothing or making some derogatory remark. Many of the people dancing were girls dancing with girls.

I got the impression Karl and Sabine wanted to dance, so I said, "You two go ahead, don't worry about me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, don't worry."

Sabine said, "OK, thank you, but your turn next."

I just smiled. I was enjoying watching the crowd; the dancing, also watching Sabine and Karl dance. They were looking at each other; it seemed obvious they were in love. I had mixed feelings; on the one hand I was intruding, on the other hand, they went out of their way to make me feel welcome. I did not completely understand the dynamic, but sometimes I over think the situation, so I thought it was best to just enjoy the evening.

A nice looking guy walked over to me while they were out dancing. He tried talking to me, but it was quickly clear he spoke no English and I did not speak enough German. We both smiled, but it was futile. He pointed to the dance floor, but I was not really ready for that.

"Nein, danke." No thanks. I was not really trying to be standoffish, just that I did not really want to dance with him. The language problem was significant. He waved and smiled as he walked away.

I noticed Sabine and Karl were looking over and smiling, then talking to each other. They were enjoying my situation.

I finished my wine while they finished their dance and I ordered another round for all of us. I was enjoying the music and the crowd and just to sit for a while.

I was showing a lot of leg the way these bar stools stood with this dress and the way I had my legs crossed. I was glad again I had a nice tan, at least the parts that showed.

The music had switched to a slower sultry song. Sabine and Karl had started to walk back when they recognized the song and she pulled him back out to the dance floor. Again, it was really nice to see them looking at each other and talking while they danced close. Sabine had her hands around his shoulders and Karl had his arms wrapped around her lower back. At one point, they kissed deeply. Very sexy.

I did not want to stare at them, so I looked around the club. Lot's of people were drinking, talking, dancing, and looking to hook up with someone. I enjoyed my wine. To my surprise, I was not tired at all.

The song ended and Sabine and Karl walked back arm in arm.

Sabine came over and gave me a hug, "Did you miss us?"

"Yes, but I think you two would be better off by yourselves."

"No, no, no. We have each other all the time."

Karl said, "I will be back in a minute."

We nodded. Sabine and I behaved as women do; we were looking at the other girls in the club, discussing which ones we thought looked good and which did not. Girl stuff.

A song came up and Sabine stood up and took my hand, "Come on Beth."

I wasn't really enthusiastic, but it could be fun. I know it is common for girls to dance together, but it is not too common for me. I am an OK dancer, but Sabine was great. She had a lot of moves, the kind which attract a lot of attention. I enjoyed watching her during the song.

By the time we got back, Karl had come back with drinks. Sabine walked up and gave him a sensual kiss and he held his arm around her while we drank.

Some of their friends came up and talked. They introduced me to them, but it occurred fast and I could not keep up with the names. They were talking German, much too fast for me. One of the guys asked Sabine to dance, she followed quickly. Karl obviously had no problem as he had a smile as he watched.

He looked over at me, "Would you like to dance?"


He led me over. We went up close to Sabine and the other guy. Essentially we were dancing as a foursome. I got the impression that Karl and I were roughly the same – we could both dance, but it was not in the same league with Sabine and the new guy, who were both quite accomplished.

Another slow song came up. Sabine and the new fellow did not miss a beat. They were dancing close, but not extreme.

Karl looked at me with his hands open, "Shall we?"

I put my hands on his shoulders; he put his hands on my waist.

"I have really enjoyed meeting you Karl. You and Sabine have made me feel very comfortable. My best trip ever to Munich."

"You must let us know when you are coming back."

I saw Sabine was now dancing very close to her dance partner. Karl and I slipped into a similar mode. I rested my head on his shoulder; he put his arms around my back as we swayed to the music.

This position was not really conducive to talking, so we just enjoyed the song. Karl did move his hands slowly over my back as we danced. It felt very nice and did not seem extreme to me, especially when you considered how we had met and what we had experienced the last couple of days.

The song ended and I looked up at Karl. He leaned down and gave me a light kiss, "Thank you, Beth."

"My pleasure."

As the beat picked up again, we all walked back to the table. The bar had gotten more crowded. In fact, someone was now sitting on one of our bar stools. Karl sat down and Sabine was standing with her back to his chest. She motioned for me to sit.

"I'm going to stand for a little." I motioned if the 'new guy' wanted to sit.

They introduced us. His name was Martin. He could speak a little English, but not much. Sabine told me they had known each other for many years, having gone to school together. It came out that Karl, Sabine, Martin and some others in the place had all gone to the same school. Others in the bar were friends. I could not keep up, but I had the impression they knew perhaps 30 people in the club.

I wanted to use the ladies room and asked where it was. Sabine said, "I need to go too. I will show you."

As we made our way through the bar, it was not without stopping and talking to several people with some introductions. All very friendly.

I was brushing my hair out as I waited for Sabine to finish.

"What do you think of this place?"

I told the truth, "Fantastic. I love the atmosphere, the music. All great. It looks like you know everyone in the place."

Sabine laughed, "This is unusual tonight that so many friends are here."

She then looked over at me, "I wonder if you would do Karl a favor?"

"Sure, what?"

"Well, many of our male friends have asked about you."

"Me?" I could feel it coming, they were going to try and set me up with one of his friends. If it was just to dance, I was willing, but if they had something else in mind, my brain was going 100 miles and hour, I would try and get out of there.

Sabine surprised me with the favor. "Karl was enjoying all the attention his friends were giving you. He was happy they were jealous he was there with two women."

I was trying to follow her angle, but now I was confused.

She continued, "Everyone here knows we are a couple, but we have not explained how we know you. We have just told them the truth, 'our new friend Beth'. Would you feel too uncomfortable playing along to give them the impression we are more than just friends, maybe acting romantically to him a little?"

I now followed where she was going, "You want to make his friend jealous?"


"Let me ask you an honest question. Are you comfortable with that? I have enjoyed meeting you both and I hope to see you again next time I come back. I would rather not do any of this if it is going to cause a problem."

"I would not be asking you this if it were a problem. Karl and I love each other. I think he would enjoy the little game."

"You haven't talked to him about this yet?" I was amazed.

"Not specifically. When we were dancing, I could tell he enjoyed the attention you were getting from his friends, especially when you turned one down for a dance, but then when you were dancing slow with Karl. He told me he enjoyed the dance, but also the looks from his friends."

"I am not sure about this to be honest. I guess it would be all right, but there are two conditions I will not negotiate."

She laughed, "OK, what?"

"The first is you must promise to tell me if you change your mind and get uncomfortable. Just say 'I think they are jealous enough.'"

"That is a good idea. I promise."

"Second, I don't exactly know how to go about doing this. I don't know you and Karl very well. You will need to help me."

Sabine said, "I am not sure I know what you mean."

"OK, I mean it will be better since they already know you are a couple if you participate too. Not just move off to the side and act like you are unhappy."

Sabine said, "You mean we should act like we are in ménage a trois?"

"I think it will be better if you want to make his friends jealous, don't you? I will watch how you act and then I can copy."

"You are right Beth. This is better."

I asked, "How much of this does Karl know?"

"Nothing so far, but I am sure he will be happy with the plan. I wanted to see if you would go along before I told him. It will be a good surprise."

The bar had filled even more. On our way back, we met still more people, and there were quite a few of their friends around Karl. He was sitting, but there were no other empty seats.

We walked back out to Karl. He had ordered some more drinks. I still had half a glass from before, but I quickly finished it. I was feeling good from the wine.

I could see Sabine filling Karl in on her little scheme. She was whispering in his ear and e had a big grin on his face. After a little while, he looked over directly at me and smiled. It was clear he was into Sabine's plan.

She came over to me, "Karl is thrilled with the plan. In fact, some of his friends asked about you while we were in the ladies room."

"The hardest part is getting started. How should we begin?"

Sabine said, "Just go over and kiss him, maybe stand with your back to him like I was before."

"What are you going to do?"

Sabine said, "For now, I am going to talk to his friends and act casual."

I took another drink; I was fully in control, but feeling good. Sometimes people will blame the alcohol, but it was a totally conscious decision as I walked over to Karl. His friends were close by, so I leaned in to talk.

"Are you sure this little game will not cause problems between you and Sabine? She said no, but I also need to hear it from you."

"I love her, I promise that will not change."

That was just what I needed to hear and I leaned over to give him a hug. Sabine's suggestion to stand with my back to his chest was too much too soon for me. However, we did embrace for more than just a little.

Karl was still sitting on his stool and I was standing to his side. After our hug, I kept my arm around his shoulder and he kept his hand around my waist. The stools were high, but in this position my head was a little higher than his.

Karl was talking with one of his friends in German. He introduced me. I could not follow all the conversation, but I got the strong impression the friend was asking if he and Sabine were still together. He confirmed they were.

It was funny, the friend was clearly confused by Karl's answer as his arm was around me and my hand was over his shoulder. He squeezed me a little closer.

I looked over at Sabine. She was talking with a couple, but she was also watching and gave me a little wink.

Karl looked up at me and smiled. He was not obvious about it, but the way he looked and the way his hand on my waist pulled me closer, I could tell he wanted to kiss me. I leaned over and our lips met. He opened his lips and I did the same. Even in the first few seconds it was clear he was a good kisser. His lips were soft and he was gentle. I responded in kind, moving my head closer. Karl's hand moved a little higher on my back as he pulled me even closer. We must have kissed for perhaps 20 seconds.

As we separated, he whispered, "Thank you."

Sabine continued her conversation but smiled.

I reached over for my wine glass and finished it. This was preplanned, but still I felt a little lightheaded. It was no big deal for two people to kiss in a place like this, but knowing people were watching us was a little nerve wracking.

Sabine came over, "Thank you Beth. So what do you think?"

I think she was referring to our plan, but I responded, "Wow, Karl is a good kisser."

She laughed at that. "I know."

She leaned over and kissed him too. I can only imagine what his friends were thinking. Karl was such a ham. I was still on his right side with his arm around me, now Sabine was on his left side with his other arm around her.

Sabine looked over at me and leaned forward. I knew she wanted to kiss me. We kissed, but it was for a shorter time than when I kissed Karl. I have been with women, but it had only been a couple of times in my life and it had been ages ago. In this case, even though it was a short kiss, it was clear Sabine was a good kisser too.

Karl stood up and offered me his seat. Actually it felt good to sit for a minute. A lot had been going on and I was a little lightheaded. I was now in between Karl and Sabine, but she walked over as before and started talking to some of the people. I was confident people had noticed our little show.

Karl leaned his head down, "Beth, I really appreciate you playing along. I told Sabine that I was enjoying their reaction, but I also enjoyed our kiss."

"Me too. To tell the truth, as long as you and Sabine are comfortable, I am rather enjoying our little game."


Without much delay, he leaned over and kissed me again. We both opened our lips as before, but this time our tongues explored each other a little more. He was standing on my right side; I had my arm around his waist. As we kissed, I could feel his forearm rubbing against my breast. Nothing obvious, but I felt it. His hand moved up higher on my side, but his arm still was rubbing against my breast.

He lifted his head, "That was nice." I smiled.

We toasted again, both of us draining our glasses. We were looking intently at each other, but quiet. Karl attracted a waitress and ordered another round. I looked around. No one was staring, but I did notice a smile or two directed our way. Sabine was now about 15 feet away talking, but I caught her wink at me. She was still good with everything. I realized I could not rely on them to control things; it was going to be up to me to set some limits.

More drinks came. I sat so that my left leg was on top crossed over toward Karl. I mentioned before this kind of chair and this dress exposed a lot of leg. Not sleazy, but definitely a lot.

I was watching the dance floor. Sabine was back out with the same guy as before. She was really into the music; again lots of good moves. I had my right arm around Karl's waist as he was talking to someone with his arm on my shoulder.

After the song, Sabine came over to us, "How are you doing?"

I responded, "Great. So how is our plan working? Are they jealous?"

I had directed my question at Sabine, but instead Karl replied, "Are you kidding, I think three of the guys had heart attacks and died."

He was laughing as he said it. Sabine and I looked at each other and smiled.

Sabine said, "I think Karl has forgotten about his friends."

She leaned up and kissed him hard and then whispered something to him.

Karl responded, "I love you my darling. Thank you for allowing me some fun."

Sabine leaned up and said something else to Karl. As they kissed again, he was running his hands all over her ass.

Karl came up gasping for air laughing. "I need to sit down."

I responded, "I have been sitting long enough, your turn."

We did our little musical chairs. Sabine and I left to go to the ladies room again. She waited for me.

"I think Karl is in heaven. Thank you. Part of this is to let him have fun so his friend's think he is some kind of hero. The other part is by me not being jealous, it draws us closer. So you see I am being selfish."

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