(Author's Note: This is my first story I've submitted, testing the waters. Be kind : D )

The first time she saw him Ananda's whole body lit on fire. More importantly there lit a fire in her heart. He would become hers, no matter what.

It was a little tradition they'd set up, Ananda and her cousins. Every Saturday morning they'd hit up Denny's and then catch a matinee movie. Ananda was always close to them, they were more than cousins more than best friends more than sisters they were part of her.

And yet she was never like them. They were left-brained, ambitious women with goals and moral codes while she was a 'free spirit', a hedonist , who enjoyed every day and aspect of her life...or at least she tried to.

Their differences were also physical and very apparent. Jaelynn, was a child therapist and aspiring expert in that field. She was 5'4 with a long slender body, skin the color of peanut butter and just as smooth. She dressed like a Banana Republic model and left a trail of broken hearts behind her wherever she went. She refused to have 'pre-marital sex' and refused to get married until her practice was gaining some prestige.

All Ananda could do was laugh (never in front of Jae, though). She couldn't imagine waiting that long or even being so pre-occupied with success to where she thought this was acceptable. She never argued with Jae, only tempted her. She would drag her to swinger's clubs and any other naughty party Jae wouldn't be caught dead in.

Then there was Ruby. She had found the love of her life early on, in middle school, that is. Ruby and Truman dated since the seventh grade straight through high school. By eighteen Ruby was married, knocked up by twenty and now at twenty five she had two crumb snatchers that drained all her time and mental capacity.

Ananda guessed that having children young was a good thing. After having twins Ruby's body bounced back like a a rubber band. She was a little over 5'5 and had a small waist that flared to child bearing hips and a complexion a few shades lighter than Jaelyn's.

She was a housewife and took her job very seriously. Every phrase that spilled from her face was about her kids, her husband, or her household dynamics. Ananda loved Ruby but she honestly couldn't relate.

Ananda lived alone in a condo off Biscayne Boulevard. She was different from them in every way and she reveled in it. A self proclaimed bachelorette, she towered them with her 5'9 stature and had legs that went on for days.

Her skin was the color of melted chocolate and she put a lot into keeping it flawless. She wasn't slim like Jae or perfectly shaped like Ruby but she delighted in her body, from its every flaw to its every virtue. Besides, she never had any complaints.

As always, Ruby monopolized the conversation with talk of her family, while Jae issued advice, and Ananda comically commented on it all. They were right in the middle of Ruby's story about how she found the twins playing wedding when a ruckus sounded at the front of the restaurant.

Gales of male laughter floated through the air as a group of what Ananda could only call gods on earth walked into the restaurant. About seven of them with varying heights and all built like Adonis.

They were off duty firemen. They wore black dickies and gray polos with Miami-Dade Fire Department emblazoned on the back. The appreciative sighs were almost audible as they were escorted to a the breakfast counter near the kitchen. As they passed by, one man out of them all caught Ananda's eye.

He was the tallest of the group, with broad shoulders (Ananda had a thing for shoulders), and a friendly smile. His green eyes met with hers as he passed. Ananda's body screamed, "Mine!" In his eyes, in that brief moment, she knew he saw it.

Ananda didn't have a type, but if she did it would be him. He was one of those racially ambiguous guys with strong features, a square jaw, full lips and a shaved head. His skin was light tan which made his eyes shine.

Ananda's body called to him, her nipples puckered for him and her every breath was shallow. She knew that if he spoke, and his voice was that baritone that she loved so dearly, she wouldn't be able to contain herself. Even now her eyes hadn't left his. When he gazed her way she smiled at him unable to keep from flirting.

She wondered if he was Black or at least partially. Green eyes weren't uncommon on light skinned black men, or maybe he was Hispanic. She loved hispanic lovers, but it was also likely he could be white. She'd met quite a few white boys with tawny skin such as his.

'What did it matter?" She thought. She knew what she wanted from him and was excited at the mystery. If he was black he probably had a long dick, one that can reach places most men couldn't. If he was hispanic she knew he'd have a fat cock, one that would fill her completely. But if he were white it didn't matter how his cock measured up he would know exactly how to make her scream over and over.

The guy looked up at her with a burning she could only hope mimicked her own. A bolt of pure desire shot through her causing her to cross her legs.

"He is such a beautiful young man, and if I didn't have my promise ring I'd be all over them," Jae was saying when Ananda finally rejoined the conversation.

"Aren't you too damn old for a promise ring?" Ruby said. Ananda and Ruby laughed at Jae's expensive.

Jae frowned, "You're never too old to promise to save yourself for your husband."

"Good thing you did," Ananda said. "You see that over there? That's too much man for you. You wouldn't know what to do with that."

Jae rolled her eyes as both Ruby and Ananda laughed. "Like it's rocket science. We all can't be the major flirt like you, Nandy," Jae muttered

"Ooh! I got upgraded. Last week I was a shameless fornicator." Ananda said causing Ruby to snicker and Jae to roll her eyes again. "Jae, how do you know Mr.Right isn't sitting right over there if you don't flirt with them?"

"She's afraid of becoming a shameless fornicator like someone at this table." Ruby said giggling.

"Oh! Oh! Alex, Who is....Ananda Rawlings?" Nandy joked

"Ding-ding-ding!" Ruby said and they both fell into laughter.

"You guys think you're so funny," Jae said. "Besides, I don't want a fireman for a husband. Its like being an army wife. You end up dreading the call telling you that you're husband is dead. No, thank you."

"Wow, way to look at the glass half full, Jae." Ruby said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Ananda waved over their waitress. When she finally came over she whispered her request then glanced at her guy. She smiled when she found him looking at her.

****** He'd seen that look before.

Murphy wasn't exceptionally handsome but he'd seen it before. The sex gaze. He'd gotten it from women who liked a man in uniform, women who liked tall men, and even from women who saw him as a goal or a conquest.

Yes, he's gotten that look. The look with a promise, only, most women who gave him that look couldn't cash the checks their eyes were writing.

This woman was different. Her gaze said, "I know what I want, how I want it, and you're the one who's gonna give it to me." Murphy felt himself reacting to this girl, this woman. He tried his damnedest not to. It was in his experience that women who gave that look wanted nothing but to look.

When his eyes met hers and she didn't look away, was when he knew that this woman was different. She never stopped looking at him she smiled at him, she had claimed him.

"I think you have a fan, Murph," James said beside him. That set his group off on jokes about Murphy being a virgin. It was a lie.

Murphy wasn't a virgin by any means but the guys teased him for never having a girl. The thing was, Murphy didn't want a girl, he didn't want a relationship, he just wanted sex and nothing but.

This also presented a problem. When it came to sex Murphy was a bit more uninhibited then most (and by a bit he meant a whole lot; he was a freak) and it was very hard to find a partner of the same caliber who also wanted no strings attached.

Murphy kept up with the teases, gales of laughter, and anecdotes that his group spouted, but his eyes always found that girl. She was beautiful with chocolate skin and a head full of curly hair that fell down her back. Her eyes were upturned, exotic and seem to know exactly what she did to him.

Murphy was so engrossed in simply enjoying looking at her that he jumped when the waitress and a few of her colleagues approached the group with armfuls of plates of pancakes. Enough for the men twice over. The problem was, they hadn't ordered yet.

"These are from the women over there," she said gesturing toward the seductress. "They said, You are their heroes and they wanted to thank you guys personally."

When Murphy turned to look at the woman who'd just bought a shit load of pancakes for him and his buddies he found her watching them with her smile. He smiled back and she winked before turning her gaze back to her friends.

"I say we show our gratitude." James said to the group of men. "I second that!" Matthew said and soon every one agreed.


"I think he got the message," Ananda thought to herself. His group began to gather themselves picking up plates of pancakes.

"What are they doing now?" Ruby leaned in and whispered. Ananda shrugged before flashing them a mischievous smile.

"What did you do?" Jae said.

"Oh don't look so scared, Jae. Im just making sure none of these guys are your Mr.Right by....personally interviewing them."

"Hey ladies," One of the men said coming over. He was one of the shorter black firemen with a charming smile. The fire men began pulling a few tables and chairs closer to Ananda and her cousins. The man Ananda had claimed as her own pulled up a chair next to her. She inhaled the clean smell of his cologne. Damn, she wanted to touch him.

"We wanted to thank you for the pancakes in person." One of the other men said throwing lascivious smiles at Jae, who suddenly became absorbed with her omelet.

"What pancakes?" Ruby said seemingly unaffected by the surplus of beautiful men that surrounded them.

"Oh, that was me," She said to Ruby then addressed the men. "You see, My cousins here are thinkers, but Im a doer. The sentiment was theirs while the gesture was mine."

Jae looked so small and uncomfortable around the men Ananda almost felt bad, almost being the operative word. It wasn't too long before the men's flirtatious remarks slowly brought Jae out of her shell. It took even less time for Ruby to grill them about how to effectively explain fire safety to a five year old.

While it seemed everyone else was engrossed in their discussions Murphy leaned over and whispered to Ananda. "What do they call you?"

"Trouble," She answered smiling mischievously.

Ananda's nipples tightened at the sound of his voice, it was that deep baritone that she'd hoped for. Bonus, his voice also had a hint of a rasp that left her skin riddled with goosebumps. "But you're cute so you can call me Nandy."

"Oh, but I like trouble so much better." he purred near her ear.

"So, is 'sexy' one of the requirements for being a fire fighter? Because I've never met a fireman that couldn't be described as sexy."

"Is that to say, you find my colleagues here attractive?" He said his eyes dropping down to her lips then back to her eyes.

"Of course," She said, "I wouldn't have sent pancakes if I didn't."

"I think I'm jealous," He flirted.

"Don't be, you're the one that I'm interested in."

"You're direct, I think I love that."

"Not direct, just honest. I want you." It seemed those three words were like magic as it successfully turned him on. He could feel his dick hardening and his mind fluttered with the things he could do to her.

As the meal went on, the three cousins really enjoyed themselves. They grew up in a family with mostly girls, so they enjoyed the sound of male laughter and the way they were so quick to joke with one another. For Nandy, it took super human willpower to keep the flirtatious barbs between her and Murphy at a PG-13 level.

She learned that he was born in St. Louis and moved to Miami when his parents split. She also learned that he kept his head shaved, not because he was balding but because he thought it made him look like a badass. He was right, it did, but Ananda still threw her head back and laughed at the reasoning.

"I'm not joking. Think about it, who are the baddest men in action movies today?"

"Umm....the guy from the new Bond movies? I dunno, you tell me."

Murphy laughed, "Bruce willis, bald, Jason Statham, bald. Hell, I'd even count Vin Diesel."

"Okay, I get your point. You do look like a bad ass, but, woman love to run their hands through a man's hair and just watch them shudder with ecstasy as they scratch their scalp."

"There's no difference," He said as he grabbed Nandy's hand and placed it at the nape of his neck.

Ananda's heart skipped a beat at his closeness. Where she normally played with the hair at the nape, there was nothing there. She found herself gazing into green eyes as she ran her fingers over his scalp. A look of pleasure entered his eyes as she ran her fingernails over the area she had just touched.

"Feels good?" she breathed barely over a whisper.

"Yeah," He growled back causing her nipple to harden.

"Oh! Its two. You guys the movie starts in fifteen minutes," Ruby, aka time keeper, said.

"I guess that's goodbye," Jae said to her little fan base of three firemen that sat next to her.THey all fell over themselves trying to get her number.

"Well, its been a pleasure meeting you." Ananda said her voice husky with need. She waved over the waitress for their bill. A look of confusion fell over Murphy's face when he figured that Ananda was serous about leaving so soon.

"So thats it?" He said, "All that flirting for nothing?" The waitress came with the bill and Ananda passed her her Amex to pay.

"I guess so," Ananda said, "I mean, I told you I wanted you. Short of me hopping in your lap and riding you here in the middle of Denny's there is nothing left for me to do. The ball's in your court."

With that her and her cousins stood making their way to the front counter to retrieve their charge cards. Murphy stared after her as what she said began to register. He watched as the waitress passed her a pen to sign the receipt and felt as if she were slipping between his fingers.

He quickly stood up and went to her.

"Can I borrow that pen?" He asked the waitress.

Murphy scribbled something down on a napkin, folded it neatly, then placed it in Ananda's palm, closing her fingers around it. He loved the look of glee on her face. He leaned in close, inhaling the soft sweet smell of her fruity perfume.

He whispered, "If you ever have a fire that needs to be handled, call me and I'll personally take care of it."

The words sent shivers skittering down her back and the heat in his gaze made wetness pool between her thighs. She needed him.

He left her speechless and walked back to the table of his comrades. Ananda wondered if tonight was too soon to call him. She'd play it by ear.


It had been only two days after Murphy had met Ananda, but he was already wondering when she would call him. He tried to put it out his mind but that was a hard thing to do.That day they had an electrical fire to put out on Brickell Avenue and his mind wasn't in it. That was dangerous for both him and his men.

Nandy wasn't lying when she said she was trouble. Murphy's lips curled up in a smile recalling the women.

He hopped in his car after a long day shift and prepared to head home. Just as he merged onto to the 95 his cell rang and for the umpteenth time adrenaline coursed through him. Maybe it was her.


Ananda loved her job, she didn't do it for the success, prestige or fat paychecks it had the potential to bring her, she did it because it was fun. She was Project Manager at one of the biggest PR firms in Miami. Her specialty was product launches .

She was recently given the product launch for a new liquor owned by some rapper/entrepreneur. She had to present the idea tomorrow to this hotshot and for some odd reason she was on edge.

She was prepared, she was more than prepared. She just wanted everything to go smoothly, but that wasn't a guarantee. When she finally got home she was restless. She ate the dinner that she painstakingly prepared for herself, a dish she saw on Emeril. Now she was too restless to sit and watch her favorite movie, Pretty Woman.

She was pacing.

She knew what she wanted to do but she wasn't sure if she should. Nandy was no chicken, but when she called up Murphy she wanted it to be planned. She wanted to thoroughly seduce him, she wanted to bait him more. She could call any other guy in her little black book and they would all jump at her proposal, but ever since she met Murphy they all seemed so...inadequate.

Ananda grabbed her cell phone and hunkered down to call Murphy. Like Nola Darling in Spike Lee's movie, she had to have it and that meant tonight. After she made the call she already began to relax. Her restlessness was quickly being replaced by anticipation.


"5235 Andrews Avenue, The Mondrian, suite 2100. Murphy, I'm on fire" A women's voice drawled over the phone after Murphy said hello. Adrenaline poured into his veins as he quickly exited the highway prepared to turn around.

"I thought you'd never call," He growled back into the phone. "I'll be there in ten," He pressed on the gas once he re entered the highway and began to swerve between the cars, "make that five minutes."

"Cant wait," She said before the line went dead. Murphy smiled then licked his lips, he could almost taste her. His cock hardened in anticipation. He couldn't wait to find out what kind of lover she was.

Ananda looked over her collection of underwear and tried to figure out which set would drive Murphy wild. "Innocent or freaky?" She muttered.

She had showered quickly and threw on a tank and some undies. She checked the clock and found that she had more time than she anticipated. She decided to go through her lingerie to find the perfect pair. Now she had a dilemma.

Knock knock knock knock!

"Dilemma solved," Ananda thought as her stomach fluttered with nerves. She quickly shoved her lingerie in the nearest drawer and skipped to the door.

She stopped right in front of it and took a deep breath. She opened the door and all the composure that she had obtained with her deep breath fell to the floor as she took in the sight of Murphy in her door way.

He was so tall his frame filled the doorway. She took the time to welcome those broad shoulders back into her life. He had a hint of beard and a mischievous half smile. His square face and full lips came only second to the desire in his eyes, that made her act so suddenly.

Murphy loved the way the breath caught in her throat. She was freshly showered he could smell it on her skin. His mouth watered at the sight of her.

"Can I come in?" he asked smiling at her. As if she couldn't help herself her arms quickly wrapped around his neck and she crushed her body against his. Her mouth found his, and planted sweet kisses on his lips. Her lips were full and her scent made him dizzy. Murphy rubbed his hardening cock against her body as his hands wrapped around her.

Nandy pulled herself off of him. She didn't know what came over her. She needed to feel him, to taste him, and now that she had, she wanted so much more. Nandy grabbed him by the hand pulling him in.

Murphy kicked the door closed behind them while he pulled her back into his embrace, his lips descending on hers. He reveled in the way her body filled his hands. She wasn't skinny by any means of the word. Her body was full and soft and her skin was hot and silky.

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