Murphy Ch. 02


He chuckled, "I don't know, I feel a little underdressed."

"That's the idea," She said leaning up to kiss him.

"Lipstick?" He said leaning back

"Smudge-proof" She answered kissing him lightly.

"Genius" He whispered against her lips before kissing her again. He pulled her close enjoying the smell and feel of her. She was all done up and he knew he shouldn't touch but that was what made it so exciting.

Ananda's phone went off. "That's him," She said pulling away to smile up at him. "You excited?" She asked.

"You can say that." He replied just wanting to kiss her more.

She chuckled "It's gonna be fun."

Ananda could see he was as nervous as a sinner in church. She wasn't sure why he was so nervous but she knew she wanted it to be because he saw it as a date, like she did. One could only hope. She linked her arm around Murphy's as they got in the elevator and headed down to the parking garage.

As the elevator opened Ananda's jaw dropped as the big luxury party van came into view. Secondly she notice G Frenzy, or Cole Gerris, and his entourage of well dressed rappers and body guards. Standing at five foot nine Cole was as tall as Ananda with a personality that could fill a room. His skin was oaken and he had a smile that melted hearts. Dressed in loose dark jeans he wore a light gray button down, a vest, expensive sneakers, diamond chain and black ray bans.

Ananda has seen him countless times during the process of planning the launch but that night he didn't look like the intelligent jokester that she had come to know. He looked like G Frenzy, famous rapper, producer, entrepreneur, and playboy.

Murphy didn't like this guy. He didn't like the way he pulled up his shades to eye Ananda, he didn't like the fact that he wore sunglasses in a parking garage at night. The guy walked up to his Nandy with his arms spread waiting for a hug. Ananda's grip on his arm loosened and she fell into his embrace. His hands were too low on her back for Murphy's comfort but chucked it up to his short stature.

"Nandy, you look sexy, girl" He commented. Ananda pulled away taking her place next to Murphy again.

"Thanks, you look great too. This is Murphy, he's my date." She said. It unnerved him that Ananda seemed unaware that this guy has been eye-fucking her since he saw her.

"Your date? I thought you were single, ready to mingle." He said not even sparing Murphy a glance.

"Yeah, well, the only one I'm mingling with tonight is Murphy." Ananda said throwing a mischievous smile in Murphy's direction. He smiled, more smug than he'd should have.

"Well, let me introduce to you my boys." He said walking over to his entourage.

Murphy put a hand around her waist as they followed Cole.

"This is Faizon, there's Queue and--"

"Wait wait, can you tell me names and not stage names" Ananda said. They all looked at her as if she grew horns. Cole laughed good naturedly.

"Okay, Thats George, Kyle, Derrick, Kenneth, Sean, and Robert but we all call him Bossman." He said pointing to each guy stopping at a guy Ananda could only assume was his body guard.

"Hey everyone" Ananda said while Murphy merely nodded his greeting.

"Okay let's get this party started right." Cole sang-songed.

"Let's get this party started quickly," Ananda sung back causing them to laugh and they all boarded the monstrous van.

The ride was short but far from uneventful. As soon as they got on the bus the music was blasted loud and bottles of champagne was being poured and spread around. The group spoke among themselves about their expectations and the people in their social group that both Ananda and Murphy weren't privy to. They sat in the corner of the bus taking in a scene that they'd only hear about on TMZ or something.

"Does this happen often, for you? Do you get to see this whole celebrity scene a lot?" Murphy asked close to her ear.

"Not really," She answered "I meet a lot of celebrity clients but this is a first. It's exciting isn't it?" Murphy agreed as they accepted glasses of champagne passed to them.

"I'm glad you came." Ananda whispered to him. It made him feel special, he was certain that he would look like coal next to G Frenzy's diamond studded lifestyle.

"Did you party a lot, back in the nineties." Ananda said causing Murphy to chuckle.

"Are you calling me old?" He asked.

"Your words not mine," She sipped her champagne as she waited for him to answer.

"Not as often as most people I knew. The nightclub wasn't, well isn't, my thing. I'd much rather take a girl to the museum or Dave and Busters."

"What about dancing and music? I thought you were Brazilian, they are party people." Ananda said smiling up at him.

"Yeah, a lot of Brazilian's are but not me."

"Will you dance with me tonight?" She asked in away that sounded like she wanted to do more than dance.

"All night long." He replied flirtatiously.

About two blocks from the venue a few of Cole's guys stopped a group of scantily dressed girls on the street and invited them onto the bus, doubling the occupants.Though, it was barely there the women were dressed to the nines in the latest club wear and they seemed to be women worth their salt but Ananda couldn't help but think of them as groupies. Each woman, in an array of ethnicities cleaved to a rapper. The bus pulled up to the venue where the velvet rope was set up and they all hopped out, separating like water and oil. Ananda hopped out first with Murphy on her heels, She was immediately blinded by flashing cameras which died when they realized she and Murphy weren't of a certain status. Nicki, Ananda's assistant project manager quickly found her and ushered her past the bouncers.

G Frenzy and his guard was the next out stopping for pictures and autographs from the people behind the velvet rope. Then Cole's crew came out, followed by their women.

"Did you do all of this?" Murphy asked in awe as they entered the space, already milling with people.

"I planned it it, Nicholas, or Nicki, he executed it." Ananda answered delighted that he liked it.

The room was huge with white drapery everywhere. There was a huge volcano at the far wall just behind the DJ. The bar was to the right, it was long and had at least eight bartenders. The VIP section was a balcony off to the left, well equipped with its own small bar and plenty of theme appropriate furniture.

"Ananda you have to go and try the cocktail that Raphaela made for the event, its amazing and I'm sure you'll get lit brighter than the Northern lights." NIcholas said taking them to the VIP balcony.

"Sounds like my kinda drink" She said. "Nicki, are you sure you've got things under control?"

"Girl, yes," He said " This isn't my first rodeo. Go enjoy yourself with el joven hermoso" He said the last in spanish.

"Okay," She giggled "but you call me if you need anything." Ananda called after him as he left.

"El joven hermoso? handsome?" He asked close to her ear

"That's you, papi," She said "Come on lemme introduce you to Raphaela. She is this amazing mixologists and in charge of making the signature drink for this launch."

The two made their way to the small bar in the VIP section. It was visibly stocked with top shelf liquors with the new Tequila Vesuvius being at the forefront. There were quite a few people milling around the bar but the woman behind it seemed to man in expertly. "Ella! You got a sec?" Ananda called as she found a seat at the bar. Murphy stood next to her.

"All the time in the world." She teased handing a guy four drinks before walking over. "Who is this beautiful man here." Raphaela said eyeing Murphy.

"This is Murphy." Ananda said not minding the look she gave him. She understood it completely. Murphy was sexy as fuck.

"Murphy your...." Ella said.

"My date, " Ananda answered with a small smile. Raphaela was older than Ananda and treated her like a little sister. She was long and exotic, she had shining hazel eyes and confidence that made Ananda look like Jae.

"Now, I know you guys are dying to taste my new concoction with the Vesuvius but I am warning you its gonna burn like Satan's spunk, you're best bet is to shoot it first."

"Satan's spunk?" Murphy asked as Raphaela poured them shots. Raphaela looked into Murphy's eyes admiring the glint of mischief there.

"What can I say? She has a colorful vocabulary. I thought it was cultural with Latin people." Ananda said

"I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure you're whole perception of Latin people is based on stereotypes." Murphy said chuckling.

"Actually, my whole perception of Latin people is based on a mix of Raphaela and Nicki."

"Less talking more drinking, mama." Ella said passing them shots. "To getting laid tonight."

They all said their cheers and drank. The Tequila made her eyes and throat burn for a few minutes. She clamped them shut to recover. When she opened them it was to see the vampy gaze Raphaela threw at Murphy. Ananda's hackles raised a little but she knew a jealous...whatever she was to Murphy, was not cute.

"How was it Murph?" She asked pulling him closer to her by his hand.

"Not bad." He said not seeming too phased by the strength of that shot.

Raphaela had already went to making two cocktails. It was in a martini glass mixed with something that gave it a rheumy yellow color and topped with whip cream into a little pyramid.

"It looks cool." Ananda said.

"Yep, Its supposed to be like the Volcano Vesuvius, the whip cream is the ash." She explained setting the drinks down in front of them.

The drink was sweet and citrusy and yet it burned going down like only tequila can. Murphy was quickly draining his and had a little whip cream left on his nose when he was done. Ananda reached up and wiped it off and licked it off her fingers.

"So, is Murphy your boyfriend?" Raphaela asked after witnessing the scene. If there was one thing Raphaela was, she was determined.

It was how Nandy got it, Raphaela more than rubbed off on her. She practically molded Ananda into the fierce woman she was today. Raphaela couldn't deny she wanted Murphy, and looking at him with Ananda she could tell he was too much man for her. He hadn't even unleashed his full sexual prowess on her. Ella could tell from the way he walked with pent up energy, the way he hovered around Ananda like he was afraid to scare her off.

Raphaela knew that with her, he wouldn't have to hold back anything. Ananda was a little girl in big girl shoes while Raphaela was a woman. She didn't want to hurt her protege Nandy but she wanted what she wanted.

"Murphy is...mine," Ananda said chuckling. She recognized the determination in Raphaela's eyes. Once was an accident, twice a choice, and three times was a pattern. She meant to have Murphy. Ella, was dear friend. Nandy's known her since college but she'd be damned if she'd allow this broad to have Murphy.

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