tagInterracial LoveMurphy Ch. 04

Murphy Ch. 04


(Author's Note: I'm often caught between making these chapters longer and getting them to you faster. Enjoy)


"What are we doing out here?" Jae asked when she arrived.

The night was a little chilly (by a Floridian native standard) and she was only wearing a wrap dress and sandals. She wrapped her arms around herself and leaned against her Audi Coupe. After the first five minutes she felt stupid. Delvin said jump and she said how high. She finally saw his black Land Rover irk into the parking lot and she sighed with relief. He hopped out looking as handsome as ever, with his mouth fixed in a perpetual smile and eyes deep and playful.

Delvin didn't answer the question that she asked. There was one thing he needed to do first. His steps were steady and determined. He reached her and pressed his lips to hers, his fingers disappearing into her hair. He deepened their kiss as she melted into him. She smelled of peaches and lilacs. His body pressed against hers until she moaned into his mouth. This was the first time he'd kissed her like he truly wanted to. Before had only been measured pecks, sweet and innocent.

"Like I said, sweeter than caramel." He whispered against her lips. He took her hand and tucked it in the crux of his elbow. "Let's go, we have to get there before the drunken people leave."

"Wait, what?!" Jae said, still reeling from their kiss.

"You'll see," He chuckled as he led her out of the parking lot.

They entered the Waffle House across the street and were greeted by a less than enthused group "hi" from the staff as they waited on the drunken patrons. It made sense, there was a night club down the street that closed at two am and it was currently around three. They paused at the door and Delvin threw a smile to Jae.

"Sit anywhere," a short round woman said as she passed them with an armful of plates.

"Who the hell put all these black things in my pancakes?!" A girl slurred loudly from the back corner of the restaurant.

"Pahh!" The guy with her laughed, "You wanted chocolate chip pancakes! Sit yo' drunk ass down!" The girl sat down shaking with uninhibited laughter.

"And so it begins..." Delvin said as he led them to an empty booth near the open kitchen.

"Why didn't you say you wanted to take me out?" Jae said as she sat down.

"Honestly, I didn't think you'd want to come here. You seem like a Seasons 52 kind of girl." Delvin handed her one of the laminated menus.

"What're you talking about, I've been here before. I've even been in her position a few times." Jae said with mock offense. She gestured to the drunken girl listing heavily on her boyfriend, laughing hysterically at some unheard joke.

"I'd seriously loved to meet drunk Jae. She seems like the life of the party."

"Get me near Ruby, Nandy and some liquor and you're sure to see her." She scoured the menu as a few moments of awkward silence passed. "So...why bring me here, now?" Jae asked after deciding what she wanted.

"Well, if I spend the night with a woman the least I can do is get her breakfast, right?" Delvin explained, his dark eyes twinkling.

"Well, aren't you charming?" She mocked.

"Very," he said, "As a matter of fact not only am I feeding you, you get a show as well." He gestured to the drunken group who was, for some unknown reason, toasting their glasses of orange juice and getting it all over the place. Jae and Delvin laughed.


The ride from the event seemed quiet to Ananda. She sat curled next to Murphy, his hand placed possessively on her knee. His expression was unreadable as he regarded the men in the luxe bus. They had beautiful women dangling from them, purring, cooing, and kissing them to the sound of R&B. His eyes found Cole. One girl was curled up beside him whispering in his ear and playing with the diamond chain hanging down his chest. The other sat on the other side pressing kisses to his neck and massaging his inner thigh.

Murphy couldn't believe she kissed him. He looked at Cole and could only see Nandy's body melting against him, he swear he could almost see red. He was getting ahead of him, could he truly trust some sleazy paparazzi over Nandy-his Nandy. If it happened, would she tell him? Why should she? He'd never made his intentions known. What were his intentions?

"Eeh-Er Eeh-Er, I see cranks going, what are you thinking about?" Nandy whispered to him

"Nothing," He said more cold than he'd meant it. "Nothing," he reiterated softly rubbing her knee. "Do you want to come over tonight?"

"Yes," Nandy replied quickly with her roguish smile, "I've never been there before."

"Cole!" Murphy called out. Cole's eyes darted first to Ananda then to Murphy. This irritated him. "Tell your driver to drop us off at 1580 3rd ave, and not Ananda's place."

The bus erupted in hoots and Ananda smiled saucily toward Murphy. Cole nodded at Boss Man who stood to inform the bus driver. Murphy saw Cole glance longingly at his Nandy before returning to the woman on his lap, kissing her deeply. Murphy felt a little triumph at that moment. Cole may have kissed her but she was coming home with Murphy.

Something went wrong, but not very wrong, just a little wrong. Murphy wasn't giddy anymore like she was. He had a stern look on his face. Ananda resisted the urge to ask, she feared he would say that it's nothing and it was definitely something, but what was it? They pulled up to an apartment building. The parking garage was too low for the bus so they got out onto the street. Ananda said her good byes and Cole said he'd call. At that Murphy's grip on her tightened and he rushed them out of the van.

Something clicked, Murphy was jealous. This discovery more that excited her. He was feeling what she felt when she saw how close he and Ella had gotten. She smiled to herself, maybe he'd react like she did, with fast dirty sex (minus the fast part of course).

At first glance she liked his apartment. It was small and crowded, completely different from hers. His couch was big, plush and well used. She smiled. There was his big entertainment center that he loved. Speakers dotted his ceiling around the living room and many shelves of games and DVDs. It smelled warm, spicy and intrinsically male.

As Murphy closed and locked the door behind them she took to discovering his apartment. The living room was as big as her bedroom and she figured his bedroom is even smaller. There was a kitchen to the side that looked well used. There were a few pictures on the wall, people she'd never met. She wondered if she'd ever get to meet them. Would she ever be that important to Murphy? She found, framed, a diploma that read 'Murphy Borges graduate of Miami Dade College Fire Academy'.

"Fire Academy?" She couldn't help asking, "That's like a thing?"

She turned around to see Murphy arm's length away, face unreadable and eyes trained on the diploma in front of her. No, this seemed more serious than mere jealousy. Her stomach flopped. Could this be about that stupid kiss Cole planted on her. Did he know? Should she ask?

"Nandy?" His voice was deep and rumbled through her body like only his could. Something akin to fear swam through her.

"Yes?" She answered meekly.

He finally turned to look at her. His green eyes burned with unadulterated lust. His gaze seemed to smooth over her skin like a caress. Her breath caught in her chest and heat flushed her skin.

"Take off your clothes." He ordered in his deep baritone. Ananda's nipples puckered at the sound.

She reached behind her and slowly dragged down the zipper. The strap fell off her shoulder and Murphy drank in every inch of her chocolate skin. She pulled it down her chest releasing her breast. Pert dark nipples reached out toward Murphy causing his mouth to water to taste it.

The normal look of satisfaction that she wore when he reacted to her body wasn't there. In its stead her eyes burned with raw arousal and were tinged with worry. She continued undressing, her eyes never wavering from Murphy's. She pushed her dress past her hips and it pooled around her feet. There were a few thick moments of silence as he drank in her body. Her skin was a beautiful oaken shade and looked like spun silk. Her curls had fallen and her hair fell in frizzy waves down her shoulders, stopping just at her round breast with little chocolate nubs that looked back at him. Her waist dipped in then flared to wide hips and buried between two thick soft thighs was her hot waiting pussy sheathed by a tiny black silk thong. Murphy's hands itched to touch her.

He reached out grabbing the back of her neck and pulled her toward him. Murphy crushed his mouth to hers kissing her forcefully, his teeth clashed with hers and his tongue dipped inside her mouth. He was trying his best to claim her, and somehow make her his, but the thought of her kissing Cole made him see red. He couldn't stand the thought of her wrapping her arms around Cole like that first night they were together, showering him with her kisses. Ananda moaned into their kiss as warmth pooled between her legs. Her hands went around his waist and he pulled away.

"Nandy, I want you." He said breathlessly, "Even the way you look at me sometimes..."

"I'm yours," She said. She reached out for him again, kissing him. Murphy inhaled her scent and ran his hands over her body. He ran his hand up her back to the back of her neck. He fisted her hair at the nape pulling her gaze up toward his breaking their kiss.

"Did you...kiss Cole?" Murphy whispered.

"No," She replied. The look he gave her was mixed as if he didn't know what to believe. "I didn't Murph, I promise. I'll never disrespect you like that. You were my date!"Ananda stepped back feeling something cold ripple through her.

"He kissed me." She admitted solemnly. She hazarded a look and saw anger flash in his eyes. "I stopped it, Murphy. I walked away; you're the only one that I want."

"He kissed you?" Murphy said his voice rough with anger. "I could kill him."

"Murph, he was drunk and grateful that I saved his ass. He's going to explain it away, he has to." She said.

Murphy sat down on the couch, his face was unreadable once again. "Why should he?"

"Because he's business and you're..." She didn't know what to say. What was he to her?

"I'm what?" He asked looking at her.

"You're mine," As the words left her mouth something deeper than lust, deeper than anything she'd ever felt, vibrated through her. "There is nothing Cole can do to change that. No amount of money, fame, or anything like that that will make me want him over you. It was a stupid drunken kiss."

Murphy ran a hand over his scalp then looked at Nandy. He thought over what she had said. Murphy was a man and he knew exactly what Cole was thinking. He knew Cole wanted Nandy and he knew that he's going to do whatever he could to get her. The question was should he believe that Ananda truly wouldn't fall for him and his glitz. She'd never seemed like the girl to be blinded by the sparkle of diamonds and cameras but now he didn't know what to believe.

"Were you ever going to tell me?" He asked.

"Eventually," she answered softly. She sat down on the couch next to him as her emotions boiled to the top. "Tonight was supposed to be perfect. I didn't want to ruin it." She wrung her hands.

"We've never been on a date, you know." She said throwing him a glance and a sad smile. "I was going to deal with it later, so we can have tonight. I guess I fucked that up, didn't I?" She stood up to grab her dress.

"Wait," He said stopping her in her tracks. "C'mere, on my lap," He commanded. She straddled his lap and placed a soft kiss on his lips bracing her hands on his chest. Murphy grabbed her hips and pulled her against the bulge in his pants, grinding against her. Her pussy throbbed in response. With every twist of her hip, her breast swayed in front of him, dancing for him. He latched onto a small dark nipple and rolled it on his tongue. It audibly popped from his mouth and he latched onto the next sucking harder. Ananda moaned, running a hand up the back of his neck and raking her finger nails slightly across his nape.

Ananda pulled back, she quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his shoulders. She ran her hands over the warm skin on his chest as her body moved against him of its own accord. Her hands moved quickly down his body to his jeans, smoothly unbuckling his belt and pants. She looked up to see his gaze piercing through her. His gaze alone was enough to make her body flush with heat.

He pulled her off of him swiftly and stood before her stark naked like a golden Adonis. His muscles coiled and stretched under his tan skin. His cock was thick and heavy and bobbed with his every motion.

"Murphy," She crooned yearning for him to get closer to her.

"Shh, you're going to do whatever I want. You owe me." Murphy growled, he gave her a heated grin. His voice caressed her skin causing her nipples to tighten painfully. Ananda was excited yet anxious of what he had stewing in his mind.

"Up," He growled. In the next second she was on her feet gazing at him like a melting ice cream cone, she'd want nothing more than to run her tongue over him. He led her to the back of the chair, dragging out every moment.

"Hands on the couch," He ordered. She complied as her arousal mixed with her anticipation and yearning. In the next moment he was behind her gripping her hips as he pressed his thick member to her ass. He buried his face in her hair and inhaled as he slowly reveled in the feel of his skin on hers. He slowly slid his hands up her body, taking handfuls of her breast and tempting her nipples with his fingertips.

"Don't move your hands unless I allow you to, do you understand?" He growled next to her ear sending shivers down her spine.

"Murphy," came her reply as she rubbed herself against his cock like a cat in heat. His fingertips clamped down swiftly on her sensitive nipples causing a ripple of pleasure and pain to sear her body. She hissed in response.

"Answer me," He ordered, not letting go.

"Yes," She hissed. When she answered he let go of her nipples rubbing away the sting until they were hard little pebbles once more. One of his hands trailed her body, over her belly then between her legs.

"Open up for me," He groaned into her ear. She obliged letting his fingers touch her lower lips. His hands teased her clit as his tongue glided up her neck and down. Never had she needed this man so much. He lightly smacked her clit causing her to squirm against him. His hand shot to her hips stilling her movements.

"Don't move," He grunted. The next instant he pulled away. "Hands up in the air," He commanded.

She did so, anticipation building in her and making her nipples tighten painfully. Murphy slipped between her and the couch, leaning back against it as he buried his face in her bosom. He licked every inch of skin and rolled her tight nipples over his tongue. Murphy loved the way she trembled almost begging for his dick. If that was what she wanted that was what he'd give her.

"On your knees, sweetheart, show me how much you want it." He growled softly.

Nandy didn't hesitate; she kneeled down eye leveled to his member and laved the head with her tongue. She heard him hiss and she continued on pressing him slowly into her mouth. She pressed her tongue against his shaft, reveling in its heat and the salty taste of pre cum. She slowly took him into her mouth then back, bobbing slowly on his cock. Murphy began to growl and press his cock into her mouth further and further. Nandy picked up speed causing him to murmur, "Sua boca esta enlouquecendo."

She had no clue as to what it meant but it turned her on. His hands delved into her hair and he pumped into her mouth moaning beautifully in Portuguese. Nandy's body lit up with need, she let her hand fall between her legs to touch herself.

"Uh-uh" He said pulling her mouth off of him. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to her feet.

She was once more eye to eye to him. "Murphy, please fuck me," She whispered with a hooded look, "I want to feel you inside of me, so hot and thick. My body is yours, Murphy, take it."

"Shh," He said gently. He once again put her hands on the back of the chair and demanded they stay there. He bent her over spreading her legs all the while trailing kisses down her back. She could feel him rubbing the head of his cock on her clit causing a delicious shiver to run through her body.

Just before Nandy could moan for him, Murphy pushed into her slick hole.

"Oh fuck," Nandy gasped as he continued to press into her, filling her. He'd normally wait for her to adjust to his girth; Murphy reared back and plunged in with a satisfied grunt. Nandy's knees almost buckled and her breath caught in her chest. He began to pump into her, slowly at first then gradually picking up speed. He leaned down to press kisses to the heated skin of her back. The feel of him inside her was so exquisite she leaned back into his strokes sending him deeper into her hole. The sound of their moans and slick skin slapping together filled the air and pushed their arousal to new heights.

Ananda's body began to shudder in the telltale sign of her impending orgasm. Murphy chose that moment to pull away causing Nandy growl in frustration. Nandy actually growled, she didn't growl. What was this man doing to her? She heard him chuckle with mischief. She straightened, taking her hands off the couch, ready to take from Murphy what she wanted.

In a voice that was firm and commanding without shouting he said, "What did I say?" He slapped her ass sending a shock of pleasure-pain through her.

"Now, I'll have to show you what happens when you defy me. Hands on the couch."

She complied, filled with longing, anticipation

and a little fear. His hands dipped between her legs, stroking her slowly, intently. His fingers slid slowly through her folds following the path to her small puckered button. Ananda gasped as she realized where his thoughts were taking them. She was no anal virgin but it wasn't something she did often or with just anyone. The first time she was madly in love with him, the second, third and fourth times she was flat out wasted.

Her heart sped up as she questioned whether or not she'd allow this to continue. She slowly let out a breath, her body said yes but her mind said, wait let's think about this. All the while Murphy's hands stroked her spreading her wetness between her cheeks. His finger slowly dived into her tight hole as his lips kissed a hot trail down her neck. She tensed with her un-assurance.

"Calm down, Gostosa." He whispered, "Your body is mine, and I plan to take it."

She let out a shaky breath and tried to relax. Murphy's free hand wrapped around her to find her clit and rubbed it in slow agonizing motions. When her muscles where finally lax enough, his finger continued its voyage into her ass. He plunged in then out slowly a couple times before adding a second finger.

Nandy finally became accustomed to the sensation, mewling softly at his ministrations. Murphy removed his hands placing his cock head at her entrance. His nudged at her opening as his other hand picked up its rhythm against her clit. He slowly pushed in causing Nandy to grip the cushions of the couch.

He growled his pleasure in her ear when he'd managed to fit the tip of his cock inside, pausing there for Nandy's benefit. When he felt her relax around him he continued inch by agonizing inch. He noted the heave of Nandy's breath and the moans of both pain and pleasure that she emitted. He smiled to himself. She was fiery and not afraid to go for what she wanted but it turned him on immensely to see her succumb to him. He'd finally pushed in to the hilt and felt her hole spasm deliciously around him.

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