tagTransgender & CrossdressersMuscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 04

Muscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 04


Hey Everyone! Sorry that this took a while, I just wanted to try other projects. Speaking of which, this is going to be the last one in the series, just because I want to put a period on it for a while. Maybe I'll work on it again someday, but no time soon. So since this is the last one, I'm gonna try and go ham on this one. Sorry if this news is disappointing at all, but I wanna try and expand my stories a bit, and I don't want to just stick to futa anymore (Still gonna be in the realm of femdom though, so don't worry). I'll still be writing the usual pieces, but I just don't want my stories to get too samey. Anyway, I'll stop talking, enjoy the finale!


I didn't know what was going on with Jason, but this wasn't exactly hard to figure out. Either he's playing some kind of sick fucking joke on me, or that whore Ms. Jaffey is...Fuck it, I don't even want to think about the details. I knew he was going over too often, there's no goddamn way he's just doing work. Unbelievable, Jason that fucking scumbag.

I was mad, and justifiably so, I just received a fucking phone call from my boyfriend that ended with him screaming and moaning.

"Jesus even I've never heard of pussy that good before...Hell I don't think I've ever heard a guy scream like that before either... No! No, Ms. Jaffey is just some fucking whore who just knows how to grind her hips better, and Jason...Jason is just a scumbag who gets off to older women, that's all! She's not better than you, after you sort this shit out, Jason's gonna get sick of that hag within a week, and then beg to come back to you!"

My thoughts were raging with ego and anger. I wasn't about to have Jason stolen away by some horny milf who thinks she can get away with anything. I certainly wasn't about to have my fucking boyfriend think he can get away with stabbing me in the back either.

I genuinely loved Jason, but this was probably the first time in my life that I hated him this much.

I finally walked up to Ms. Jaffey's house in all of its monolithic pride.

"Rich, cocky, LA, bitch..." I grumbled to myself

I stalked up, and pounded on the doors angrily.


No answer.

I continued to pound on the door for another minute.


Some of the neighbors were looking through their windows in concern. I didn't even notice how loud I was though, I was fuming, I didn't care at all. I continued to punch the door until my hand was hurting. Finally, Ms. Jaffey, who I had assumed to have been a 5'6 cougar, opened the door as if she were expecting guests. I was in awe of her stature. Towering over me with pure muscle, she was wearing a tight black shirt and tight booty shorts. She was like a goddess. I wasn't about to let that get to me though, this bitch needs to know who's the real boss here.

"Well hello honey! You must be Jason's girlfriend, oh you must come in, I swear he doesn't stop talking about you!"

I wasn't buying into that fake veneer of kindness at all.

"Now you listen to me you homewrecker, you get Jason out here right now! Where is that bastard! JASON ARE YOU FUCKING HIDING FROM ME!?"

Despite my tone, Ms. Jaffey retained a calm and friendly demeanor.

"Oh no sweetie you have it all wrong I promise! Jason and I are good friends and nothing more, I'm sure he told you about the work he does for me?"

The way she came off made me think she was telling the truth, but I still didn't buy it.

"Yeah...I know but...I...I heard him over the phone! He was..."

Ms. Jaffey broke out into, almost hysterical, laughter.

"Oh my honey you have it all wrong! I wouldn't even touch Jason in that way, let alone make him scream so loudly!"

"Wait wha..."

"It's probably good you're here actually, he was calling you while doing some work in the kitchen, and then the poor guy cut his hand open with a knife!"

Jason was always squeamish around blood...

"Wait but I thought I heard him scream out, like, other stuff as well. I thought I heard mom or something."

Ms. Jaffey gave a confused look.

"I mean if that's what he screams when he's in pain then that's what you heard, but believe me I was reading in my bedroom, I had nothing to do with whatever you heard."

The sudden humiliation of my predicament dawned on me. I was standing outside this woman's house screaming like a maniac over some shit I thought I heard over the phone. I've been nothing but rude to this woman who clearly hasn't done anything wrong.

"Oh. Oh my god. I'm so sorry! I am so so sorry! I didn't mean to act like such a, god, such a bitch! If I disturbed you in anyway I am genuinely sorry!"

I was humiliated at the realization at what a paranoid idiot I was. Ms. Jaffey raised a hand to try and calm me down.

"Honey. Please it's alright, I know what it's like. Your man is out eighty percent of the day working some random lady's pool. Trust me I know how suspicious that can seem. But I think he'd rather jump off a roof than lose out on all of you! Trust me, I get tired of hearing about you every day, he just doesn't stop!"

Ms. Jaffey smiled, and laughed, cooling off any tension left in the air.

This woman was so nice. Jesus I was being such an idiot. May as well check on Jason while I'm here though, god he must be scared shitless, me throwing a tantrum outside.

"Ms. Jaffey, once again I'm so sorry for disturbing you and the whole neighborhood. Jason's alright? He's not still hurt is he?"

"Heavens no, a bit of blood, but nothing a few stitches couldn't fix."

"Stitches? Oh god how bad was it?"

"Once again, nothing awful, just got a bit lightheaded, he's lying down right now, oh my! Where are my manners? You want to go and see him of course! Come on in sweetey, I'll take you to him."

I followed in Ms. Jaffey, still embarrassed from earlier.


"Get ready bitch, I'm cumming again! I told you your ass would be full of my thick cum today!"

Her cock tensed again, and we both screamed as we climaxed together. Like before, I collapsed, but this time Mommy caught me by the waist and pulled me into her, her cock still unloading hot cum inside me, and her cushion like breasts massaging me. She leaned into my ear, and whispered,

"That was really hot boy, but looks like your girlfriend heard you begging for Mommy's big dick. I think we're going to have visitors..."

My eyes shot open, Mommy smiled,

"What are you going to tell her honey? You think she'd like seeing what a slut you really are?"

I began to panic once again. Oh fuck, what was I gonna say to her?! She gets really fucking scary when she's mad. I scrambled to escape Ms. Jaffey's grasp.

"Hold on there baby, where are you going?"

Ms. Jaffey pulled me in closer, her softening cock still buried deep in my cum-filled ass.

"I-I need to get changed, I need to-I need to..."

"What? Tell her? You're gonna tell your little girlfriend who owns your ass now?"

"No! No, you know what, no!"

My attitude had changed suddenly, I yanked myself away from her grasp, her cock flopping out with thick cum following it. She let me go, and in turn made me fall on the floor. She simply stood up and leaned on the counter like she knew I was going to stay.

I stumbled and stood up, but just barely, with my knees shaking from the recent pounding I just took.

"This is a wake-up call if anything! I need to stop this, maybe I was begging for it earlier, but that doesn't make whatever this is okay! You leave me and my girlfriend alone, you go ahead and tell her what happened! Make sure to tell her everything though, like the part where you fucking blackmailed me!"

"That right? Even the part where you begged me for more as I split your ass apart with my dildo and my cock?"

"It's your word against mine, all I have to do is say that you forced me to say that shit on your phone!"

"Mhm." She smiled with utter smarm on her face.

"What? You don't believe me?"

"Not really, no." She slowly started walking toward me, her wide hips swaying, and her flaccid cock swaying with it.

"Baby, if you really wanted to do that you could have gone to the cops the first time I sent you those sweet memories on my phone. Not that I'd have cared, I mean look around you, you really think I couldn't just pay my bail? After that, I'd just find some other boy that's in need of a good fucking. No honey, I really don't believe you, because as soon as I stick my thick cock up that dirty little ass of yours..."

She pressed right against me, pushing her dick in my stomach, and holding my chin up to look at her evil grin.

"...Your attitude goes completely sideways. What I believe is that you were destined to be my bottom slut forever, and that you just needed a reason to explore those taboo desires of yours."

I tried to push her away, but she just tightened her grip on my chin.

"I never had taboo desires to begin with! I had a happy relationship! I never even considered that in bed once!"

She laughed.

"Of course you didn't sweetey, nobody does, they always need to have a reason to try. If anything I'd say I put you in a win-win relationship though. A relationship that you probably shouldn't pass up, otherwise you'll start to crave that missing feeling in your ass more and more until you do something stupid. Here's how I see it. You stay with me, you get the ultimate pleasure of your life, all day, every day. I get a place dump my cum whenever I want, and get worshipped like a queen. All I needed to do was give you a little push, and now..."

She wrapped her arms around me in a big bear hug, and began squeezing the air out of me. I clawed and fought my way out of her arms, but her grip was too tight, I only managed to slither up to my waist.

"...now, we're gonna go through the final step, getting rid of that nuisance of a fucking girlfriend of yours!"

I kicked and struggled as best I could, she simply slung me on her shoulder and brought me upstairs. She threw me on the bed and locked the door. I got up to try and see if I could make a run for it anywhere, she simply grabbed me by the throat and shoved me back onto the bed. She leaped on top of me, enveloping me in her sweaty body, her pungest musk filling my nostrils. Then she grabbed me by the face, and made me look into her eyes.

"You stay put! If I see you try anymore shit I'll take you outside and fuck you until your girlfriend gets here to see!"

She climbed off of me and went into the bathroom to grab a bottle of a mysterious clear liquid. She came back with it, and began to thoroughly rub her cock with it. Her cock was glossy with whatever she had coated it in, practically dripping with the liquid.

"Now this honey, is a little agent of my own design. All you need to do is lick it off, and when you wake up, everything's gonna get sorted out, and everything will be the way it should be."

"No..." I said nervously, backing myself up against the bed in defense.

She snorted, and began briskly walking toward me. In terror of what she was trying to fill my mouth with, I began to kick and thrash. It was no use, she pinned my arms down with her giant legs, and easily slipped her cock into my mouth.

The flavor was pleasantly sweet like fruit candy. As she shoved her length in and out of my mouth, I realized what she had coated her cock in. It was a sleeping agent, meant to be ingested through the mouth. My consciousness was beginning to fade out. The only thing I saw was Ms. Jaffey's bronzed abs going back and forth, mashing against my face. Her gargantuan ballsack slowly pressing into my chin. Her arms keeping my head in place, while she made me suck her fat cock.

"Shhh, yeah, that's it Jason, sleep now. Let Mommy put you to sleep, shhhhh, shhhhhhh..."

She beckoned me as she slowly forced her length in and out of my stretched throat.

The last shush echoed through my head as I faded out of consciousness. This obviously wasn't the first time that I was drugged by Ms. Jaffey, as relaxed as my body was, my mind was in a panic knowing that when I woke up I was bound to be tied in leather straps, or cuffed to the ceiling with a dildo buried in my ass. It was within minutes that I passed out.

While I slept, Ms. Jaffey pulled her cock out of my mouth. Sweet talking me as I slept underneath her crotch.

"Mmmf, you're just so cute when you sleep baby, I just wanna...No, not yet, we gotta save the show for your girlfriend."

As if on cue, Ms. Jaffey heard angry pounding outside of her door.

"Hmph, perfect timing."

Ms. Jaffey carried my limp body down to the basement, and quickly got dressed.


I followed Ms. Jaffey into her house, blissfully unaware. I was more distracted by Ms. Jaffey herself. Jason had always told me she was certainly different looking than most women. Jesus he wasn't kidding. Her monolithic stature, her boobs the size of fully inflated balloons (That might even be an understatement), and a natural ass any woman would die to have. If I had to cheat on my spouse with anyone, It'd probably be her. I was talking myself back into the jealous state I had achieved earlier. I tried to break out of it for the sake of manners.

"He's right down here honey."

Ms. Jaffey pointed to the basement.

"The basement?"

Ms. Jaffey chuckled innocently at my observation.

"A lot sketchier than it seems I promise. We have a spare bed in the basement, can't have him bleeding on my sheets."

"Makes sense."

I opened the door to the basement and walked down the tiled steps to an ugly looking concrete room. Where I saw Jason. Unconscious. Face-down, cuffed and gagged, on a black metal cube in the middle of the room. Before I could say anything I felt a sharp pain in my neck, and then I was knocked out.


I woke up to a familiar feeling of binding. My hands were cuffed, and I couldn't breathe through my mouth, it was stuffed with a ball gag. I rolled my eyes, knowing the procedure, I was gonna get my ass torn apart all over again. I heard Ms. Jaffey's loud, booming, footsteps as she slowly came downstairs. She was completely naked, in her same hot pink latex panties. The pink barely containing the giant and tan, flaccid member.

She slowly walked over to me, this time I wasn't chained up to anything, my hands were just cuffed. I assume it was because she knew, that I knew, that I wasn't going anywhere. Her tits bounced with every step. Her tan skin wrapped tightly around the mass of muscle that was her. She licked her plump lips as she looked down at me in my humiliating position.

"Awake are we honey? Good. Today's going to be a real special session for us boy. You see I brought in a guest for us to watch."

A guest?

Ms. Jaffey grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up onto my feet. I turned to see my girlfriend tied to a metal chair across from me. She was just starting to wake up too.

"Oh looks like both of us are awake now."

Her eyes shot open and looked around in a panic, her screams muffled by duct tape across her mouth. Her panicked eyes suddenly shot to me, gagged and bound with Ms. Jaffey's hand on my shoulder. Ms. Jaffey pushed me down slightly, signaling me to sit down. I would protest but what could I do in this situation? I sat down, I looked into my girlfriends eyes, as if speaking to her with my expression that just read, "I'm so sorry".

Ms. Jaffey walked towards her.

"See honey, what you heard over the phone was exactly what you thought it was...well, sorry, not exactly"

She grabbed her penis that was crammed into her panties. My girlfriend reared her head away from it in disgust.

"If you didn't put two and two together by now...Jason and I have been getting real intimate together. I didn't know that someone, a boy his age especially, could be so..."

She breathed in with lust, and rubbed her cock through her panties while talking,

"...mmm, submissive. See I've been turning his ass inside out now for at least a few weeks, filling up his tight hole with my cum..."

She pulled her cock out and started lightly stroking it with one hand, getting it harder and harder, my girlfriend began to panic and tear up, looking at me in shame, unable to accept the truth.

"...fucking him raw until his eyes are rolled all the way back, and seeing him beg and scream for more until I bust in him so much it's leaking out of him for days. My big cock was made for his tight little butthole. I want him. I want him really bad honey. You really hit the jackpot with Jason here. That ass of his never wears out, if anything I think it just keeps getting tighter."

Ms. Jaffey continued to stroke herself casually, as she walked around my girlfriend like prey. She leaned in behind her and kept talking.

"I bet he never told you did he? How much he loves getting his filled with Mommy cock. He can't get enough of it, can you Jason?"

I frantically shook my head no, trying to plead my innocence.

"No? Well that's not right. Because I think I have something that would say otherwise."

She walked over to a laptop at one end of the room that was hooked up to a projector. The projector started to play the same dreaded video that she threatened me with before. The point of view shot of her giant cock going in and out of my butthole. Me screaming for more, begging her, calling her my Mommy. Everything she said in one video clip. I looked down in shame, I couldn't stand to look at my girlfriend. The loud thwapping sounds of the video were like torture. Every loud slap of her balls against mine, a cruel reminder of my newfound position. Every time I begged in the video was another moment of regret.

"Oh, I love this video, I jack myself off to it every night when your little boyfriend's sweet ass is away from my dick. See the way he begs me for it? Look how hard I'm pounding away at his ass, those slaps were echoing through the whole house. That was us on an average day though. Why in fact, while you were on the phone with my slut, I was tearing his ass apart with my cock and a dildo, making him scream. Didn't you hear him call me Mommy then? That's right, that's because he knows who owns his ass."

My girlfriend was crying, tears streaming out of her eyes, she was angrily screaming through the cloth in her mouth.

"What? You having something to say honey? Go ahead."

Ms. Jaffey released her gag.

"You bitch! Why?! Why are you doing this?! Let me go! Let both of us go! That isn't my Jason!"

"Why? That's a silly question. So you'll get the message, the only thing stopping me from completely owning my new toy is you. I want you to break up with him, leave us alone, and let me have him all to myself. Also, he isn't YOUR Jason, if you truly want to own him, all you have to do is treat him like the little slut he is. I did, and look at how much he loves me now."

"You fucking sadist! I'm not letting you have him! I know Jason, and you forced him to do that didn't you! Jason would never intentionally stab me in the fucking back!"

"Intentionally? Oh no of course not, but intentional or no, he's never going to feel the same pleasure from you like he has from me. Even if this never came to light, eventually he'd just break up with you and come crawling back to me. They always do honey."

"You're wrong!"

"Am I now? How about this, if I can make your boyfriend cum within five minutes, you break up with him, and you leave him with me. If he stays strong and manages to last a single second above that time limit, I'll let both of you go on living happy lives together, even though that'll just be a farce."

"Fine! Jason! Don't let her control you! I love you! We love each other! We've been together for so long, don't let it go to waste on this sadistic cunt!"

"Quite the mouth on her. Alright baby, stand up, let's show your little girlfriend who you really want fucking you every night."

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